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  • The Blackcurrant Foundation
    look no further than our home grown number one superfruit blackcurrants info blackcurrantfoundation co uk Buy British Blackcurrants Research indicates that the British mini marvel can aid the risk of heart disease Read more A scientific study reveals that blackcurrants prevent muscle damage Read more Find out how to make this delicious blackcurrant cheesecake Click here for recipe A compound found in blackcurrants may help asthma Read more Home The

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  • The Blackcurrant Foundation - The Blackcurrant
    five hundred years and been used by herbalists since the middle ages to treat bladder stones liver disorders and blended into syrups for coughs and lung ailments amongst other illnesses Varieties grown and bred in the British Isles are particularly rich and dark in colour so possessing a high content of anthocyanins which in turn promote antioxidant activity Blackcurrants also contain more Vitamin C than any other natural food source as well as containing high concentrations of the beneficial nutrients of Potassium Magnesium Iron Calcium Vitamins A and B amongst others Emerging and existing research is now proving that blackcurrants can help in a number of common and important health areas including Cardiovascular Ageing and Brain Function Urinary Tract Health Vision History Find out all about the history of the no 1 superfruit and how it is grown and harvested MORE Harvesting Up until the 1970 s or in some cases the 1980 s blackcurrants were picked by hand into buckets which were then transferred into trays in the field loaded onto pallets and then onto open sided lorries MORE Growing Guide For The Commercial Market Guide For The Home Enthusiast MORE Varieties Variety breeding and selection in the British

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  • The Blackcurrant Foundation - Recipes | Breakfast
    recipes which we have created to help get you started Apple Blackcurrant jam Chocolate and Blackcurrant torte Lemon thyme and Blackcurrant crème brulee Lime and Blackcurrant cheesecake Blackcurrant Pavlova Blackcurrant Ice Cream Blackcurrant energy bar Blackcurrant Pear and Apple lolly

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  • The Blackcurrant Foundation - Nutrition & Health
    are an important part of the rainbow brimming with health promoting antioxidants called anthocyanins which give them their distinctive dark purple colour The darker the blackcurrant the more anthocyanins it contains and the better it is for you British blackcurrants are grown especially for their lovely deep colour making them extra good for you Blackcurrants are especially rich in Vitamin C containing more than three times as much as an orange They can even help prevent joint inflammation eyestrain and urinary infections Explore the links below to discover how eating blackcurrants can help keep you healthy Health Benefits Of Blackcurrants Thanks to the high levels of anthocyanins and Vitamin C two types of important disease fighting antioxidants blackcurrants have been suggested by scientific research to have many health benefits in promoting health and preventing diseases Vitamin C is an essential nutrient required for the body s normal functions and the antioxidant polyphenols in blackcurrants particularly anthocyanins may help in maintaining cardiovascular health ageing and brain health urinary tract health and healthy vision What Are Free Radicals And Antioxidants Antioxidants in blackcurrants are good for you because they help fight against free radicals entering the body Free radicals are very reactive potentially damaging substances which are formed as a by product of the normal maintenance processes carried out by the body a bit like undesirable fumes being a by product of running your car Free radicals also enter our bodies from a number of other sources such as cigarette smoke air pollution and radiation Bibliography Ref 12 Damage to body tissues by free radicals is called oxidative damage The body has evolved its own defence systems to inactivate free radicals exposure to more free radicals than the body s antioxidant defence system can cope with is believed to be a factor

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  • The Blackcurrant Foundation - FAQs
    out more information about the wheel and the research behind it What makes British blackcurrants think they are the Number 1 Superfruit The term superfruit has lost credibility due to unsupported use Dr Derek Stewart and his team at the SCRI have undertaken a review of the credible scientific literature from all over the world focussed on the interactions between health disease fruit and its components As a result the blackcurrant comes out well top in many respects The results can be seen on the superfruit wheel that has been created based on these findings It allows you to compare selected fruits More information can be found at www superfruits org How has this been quantified what makes them a Superfruit We believe that to be deemed a superfruit it must be substantiated and one credible way of doing this is by showing scientifically credible health benefits In this case we have used peer reviewed referenced scientific papers More information can be found at www superfruits org What research has been carried out We have spent some time analysing the existing scientific literature in many highly regarded scientific journals and collated their broad conclusions on a comparative health benefit basis More information can be found at www superfruits org Who carried out the research The research was independently carried out by the Scottish Crop Research Institute SCRI How recently was the research carried out The data is current and up to date However it should be noted that these comparisons are only valid between fruits represented here As more fruit are added the relative health benefits of the fruit may change Similarly as new biomedical research emerges the relative health benefits of the fruit may change Are they an independent research body or are they funded If so by who

    Original URL path: http://www.blackcurrantfoundation.co.uk/faqs.html (2016-04-26)
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  • The Blackcurrant Foundation - Press
    compile your feature on blackcurrants but please do not hesitate to contact our press office with any enquiries you may have Cirkle Sam Edgley 44 0 1494 681 136 sam edgley cirkle com The Spiral 1 Wycombe End Beaconsfield BUCKS HP9 1LZ Express Online July Blackcurrants and stress Horticulture Week 14th July Trade release Woman Home July Issue Handbag May Health Boosting Foods The Grocer 13th July News Blackcurrants Zest

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  • The Blackcurrant Foundation - Ribena & The Blackcurrant Foundadtion
    and delicious taste The Blackcurrant Foundation has been working with many of the growers families and much of their expertise has been passed down to them from their parents and grandparents it really is a family business spanning three generations Home grown tastes best There are around 150 types of blackcurrants across the world but only 10 special varieties are used to give Ribena its distinctive flavour that we all

    Original URL path: http://www.blackcurrantfoundation.co.uk/ribena.html (2016-04-26)
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