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  • The Blackcurrant Foundation - About Us
    every year Bred especially for their deep purple colour which indicates a high level of anthocyanins important disease fighting antioxidants British blackcurrants are a deliciously healthy addition to recipes The British Blackcurrant Foundation has been established by British growers to raise widespread awareness of the mini superfruit hero and encourage people to take full advantage Jo Hilditch Chairman Click here to find out more about Jo Anthony Snell Board Member

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  • The Blackcurrant Foundation - Contact Us
    County Postcode Question Press submit to send your question to the Blackcurrant Foundation Alternatively use the following e mail address to compose your own e mail info blackcurrantfoundation co uk If you have a PR or media enquiry please contact This section should contain all you need to help you compile your feature on blackcurrants but please do not hesitate to contact our press office with any enquiries you may

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  • The Blackcurrant Foundation - Press | Latest News
    of the fruit was found to slow down cholesterol accumulation in the cells associated with hardening of the arteries Furthermore blackcurrant consumption increased the levels of some of the bodies protective enzymes and antioxidant systems Professor Michael Aviram who led the team involved in the study says To find such a high level of antioxidants packed into this super little berry is an exciting and significant breakthrough in heart health The blackcurrant is so easy to enjoy and therefore the perfect way to protect ourselves from nasty free radicals which we so regularly consume from pollution Further research to support the heart health benefits of blackcurrant consumption has been highlighted in a recent publication by a group of German and Spanish scientists In this study participants were given a high energy meal containing huge amounts of cream and sugar followed by a blackcurrant rich or a blackcurrant free smoothie Consumption of the Blackcurrant enriched smoothie resulted in a reduced uptake of the complex fats triacylglycerols TAG in the blood post meal The reduction of fatty acids indicates yet another beneficial effect of the blackcurrant as high blood TAG levels are associated with an increased risk of arterial inflammation and degenerative heart disease progression Blackcurrants are traditionally rich in health promoting antioxidants called anthocyanins which give the fruit their distinctive dark purple colour The darker the blackcurrant the more anthocyanins it contains so ultimately the better it is for you British blackcurrants are grown and bred especially for their deep colour making them extra good for you Whilst British blackcurrants can only be found fresh during their season due to start imminently in July their health benefits can be reaped all year round Whether it be blackcurrant juices cordials yoghurts or frozen fruit they still contain the same widespread array of

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  • The Blackcurrant Foundation - Press | Latest News
    s immune defences and increasing the risk of muscle damage Researchers uncovered that the compounds found in blackcurrants had the potential to minimise muscle damage modulate inflammation and even enhance the body s natural defences against disease The study led by Dr Roger Hurst at New Zealand Institute for Plant Food Research examined untrained subjects undergoing moderate exercise The results showed that those who took the blackcurrant extract exhibited reduced signs of oxidative stress and muscle damage and modulated inflammation It has been shown that moderate regular exercise boosts natural immunity and in this study the changes to inflammation indicate the blackcurrant extract enhances this effect The positive link between blackcurrants and exercise has been previously highlighted in studies in Japan where scientists evaluated the blackcurrants ability to reduce inflammation in muscle groups related to sustained keyboard typing This research flagged the potential of blackcurrants to reduce lactic acid build up in muscles during exercise Results have indicated that the compound responsible for providing these results is likely to be the flavonoids within blackcurrants antioxidants including anthocyanins which give blackcurrants their brilliant black red colour Dr Derek Stewart of the Scottish Crop Research Institute commented This initiative is exciting in

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  • The Blackcurrant Foundation - Recipes
    a 20cm non stick springform tin base lined with baking parchment Cooking Instructions 1 Preheat the oven to 150C fan 140C gas 1 2 Place the blackcurrants 75g sugar and 1 tablespoon of water in a small saucepan and heat gently for 4 5 minutes stirring occasionally until the fruit is soft but retains it s shape and is sitting in a pool of syrup 3 Transfer half the blackcurrants to a sieve with most of the juice and press through a sieve into a bowl discarding the solids in the sieve 4 Set aside both the pan of remaining blackcurrants and bowl of puree and leave to cool until needed 5 Place the biscuits in a food processor and pulse until crushed Add the butter and process again until combined 6 Press the crumb mixture over the base and refrigerate until needed 7 To make the filling beat the cream cheese gently until smooth then slowly add the sour cream remaining 200g sugar eggs lime juice and zest The mixture should now be smooth and thick 8 Scatter the blackcurrants evenly from the pan over the crumb base and pour the cream cheese filling on top Add drops of

    Original URL path: http://www.blackcurrantfoundation.co.uk/recipes_lime_blackcurrant.html (2016-04-26)
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  • The Blackcurrant Foundation - Press | Latest News
    by which this may occur The researchers identified that the component epigallocatechin a known antioxidant and a major component of proanthocyanidins found in blackcurrants reduced inflammation in the lung tissue Dr Roger Hurst a spokesman involved in the study at the Plant and Food Research Company says Epigallocatechin completely controls the inflammation It brings the inflammation to an appropriate level so that the cells are behaving normally again which is quite amazing to us Their preliminary results now published in a major scientific journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research suggest epigallocatechin may have the ability to work with the body to fight its own natural defence mechanism in order to suppress long term lung inflammation The study shows that epigallocatechin found in blackcurrants works in conjunction with other natural immune responses that occur at the same time to reduce inflammation To find natural compounds that potentially reduce lung inflammation and complement the body s own immune response is an exciting breakthrough says Dr Hurst Should we discover more about how this actually works we may eventually develop foods containing these compounds that could provide more natural alternatives to assist conventional drug treatments for asthma and even other allergic reactions Jo

    Original URL path: http://www.blackcurrantfoundation.co.uk/newsItem.html?id=43 (2016-04-26)
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  • The Blackcurrant Foundation - Education
    learning about the programme and learn lots of new and important information about British blackcurrants Already designed your blackcurrant superhero Competition now closed Many thanks to all who entered our competition and sent in a blackcurrant superhero design We received an outstanding number of entries all of which were of a very high standard and were extremely creative in helping to bring the superfruit hero to life The competition has now closed and after much deliberation the winning design has been selected We are now proud to introduce to you our very own Purple Power Man Look out for his guest appearances across the website very soon National Schools Partnership Click the NSP logo below to view the resources on the National Schools Partnership s website and view lesson plans for teachers Whilst the competition may have closed the educational materials can still be used in the classroom or at home and are available for download below Furthermore the blackcurrant superhero design is still available to download and colour in to your heart s content without the competition element Blackcurrant Flyer Get a family sized boost from blackcurrants Try our mouth watering smoothie recipe MORE KS1 Year 2 activity sheet

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