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  • E mail we shall include links Return to MRC of Scotland Return to MRC index Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland Teams Aberdeen MRT Arran MRT Arrochar MRT Assynt MRT Borders SAR Unit Braemar MRT Cairngorm MRT Dundonell MRT Galloway MRT Glencoe MRT Glenelg MRT Glenmore Lodge MRT Killin MRT Kintail MRT Lochaber MRT Lomond MRT Moffat MRT Ochils MRT RAF Kinloss MRT RAF Leuchars Skye MRT Strathclyde MRT Tayside MRT

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  • Bluedome - First Aid Courses for Outdoor Professionals
    Mountain Outdoor First Aid Expedition Overseas First Aid First Aid in the Workplace They are the leading provider of such courses in the South West of England and operate in all areas of the UK and overseas They have the record for the most Northerly First Aid course which is delivered in Svalbard High Arctic All their courses are delivered by experienced outdoor practitioners who are all members of rescue teams or have expedition experience of 10 years or more The courses on offer Adventure First Aid s Mountain Outdoor First Aid course What will I learn A practical approach to First Aid in the environment you work and lead groups in Course Content Recognition and monitoring vital signs Fracture management with improvised splinting Accident procedure the Systems approach Head Neck and Ppinal injury management Safe Airway Management techniques Chest and abdominal injury management CPR for Urban locations Remote issues covered as well Pelvic and thigh injury management Control of major bleeding and treatment for shock Hypo Hyper thermia Burns 4 5 hours of Outdoor scenarios covering mountain outdoor or Water and outdoor or darkness and indoor issues relating to casualty management and team management Course Duration 2 days 16 hours Assessment Continuous tick sheet assessment Expedition and Overseas Travel First Aid This course is suitable for people who are going on remote expeditions or travelling overseas during a gap year Q What will I learn A The full mountain and outdoor course syllabus an extra day of issues relating to expeditons and overseas travel Course Content as per Mountain and Outdoor plus Bugs bites and stings Malaria to snake bites Crisis management planning Altitude problems Insurance and medical evacuations Cold injuries Frost nip to bite Remote medical assistance Bowel disorders Pre trip planning Improvised casualty handling First aid and

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  • Bluedome - Overseas Expedition Leading
    it is the National Governing Body Awards that are the priority with a degree being a nice to have award And where do all these students go after they have completed the degree courses Certainly with talking with other employers over the past few years we are getting a decline in Instructor applications These degree courses are a big con Students are being told that these will get them into Management positions What rubbish Anyone in the Industry fully realizes that these Senior Positions are filled by people coming through the ranks who have the NGB Awards relevant What use is someone with a degree in Outdoor Education but without say a climbing qualification Young people are being sold the degree courses and they attract them using outdoor activities Then once students enrol they have what 12 hours of lessons a week and have to get out in their spare time to get the outdoor qualifications In the recent week there has been much annoyance from within the Education Department of the value of the A level system Perhaps these concerns should also encompass certain Degree courses Who writes the syllabuses to these Degree Courses Is the Industry conferred with as to what elements should be included Where do these students go after completing these courses As quoted in their marketing spiel Employment opportunities in the outdoor industry range from Activity Instructors to managing adventure centres both in the UK and abroad Duchy College Cornwall The course aims to develop critical reflective practitioners with a wide ranging choice of careers in local government the outdoors sport and leisure industries This may range from outdoor recreation and centre management or outdoor leadership youth work or developmental training Buckinghampshire University A joint honours degree in outdoor recreation will equip students with management

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  • Bluedome - Overseas Expedition Leading
    it is fully supported and they receive a small salary for the role but it is understood that the Assistant is shadowing the Expedition Leader to learn the ropes and eventually hope to be promoted to Expedition Leader for the following season Quest Overseas leaders go through a selection and interview day as well as two training weekends before they leave the UK to lead a team Once on the ground they receive in country training and have time to acclimatise and meet local project partners before their team arrives All flights insurance and on the ground expenses are covered with a generous wage received on completion of the project In return for this the leaders are expected to be highly organised professional capable of managing budgets sympathetic to young peoples needs capable of working with the local project partners and charities speak the local language where appropriate and inspire the volunteers to achieve the aims of the expedition As a Leader you could find yourself managing the construction of a school on the slopes of Kilimanjaro organising football matches for a stream of Peruvian shanty town kids building sand dams to prevent further drought and famine occurring in the poorest parts of Kenya walking a puma while it rehabilitates after being rescued from an illegal trader planting hundreds of trees to counteract deforestation damage in the Amazon basin or simply listening to a volunteer who may be homesick It is however important to stress that things can go wrong A volunteer can fall and snap a leg another could get badly burnt a serious emotional problem might crop up your team may be involved in a bus crash hijacking or armed robbery or someone may just have their documents stolen It is essential for you to consider your capabilities

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  • Bluedome - Getting an Interview
    the qualified Instructors gone Time and time again I get candidates applying who have completed one of these so called College Courses preparing students for the Industry Finding they only have their BCU 2 Star etc It shocks me that after completing a 2 year course these students do not hold anywhere near the desired skills and qualifications to get a job in the industry Now before all College Lecturers Instructors are in uproar and start writing in complaining there are exceptions to this I have over the years had some excellent ex students We run an adult course training people to work in the Industry and I would say that over 40 of the students are disgruntled College students young adults who have been completely let down by these Colleges They have been told one thing at recruitment but the courses never come up with the so called goods Instead the Colleges continue in coning young adults into Further Education promising them one thing and delivering another Oh what a great attraction Come and do a course that you spend one or two days participating in outdoor pursuits Who can blame the students We all wish these courses were about when we were younger Surely within 2 years these colleges can get them through some of the necessary qualifications Obviously not Am I asking for too higher qualifications There was a time when we were looking for people with a minimum of SPA and BCU Level 2 Coach Now due to the desperately low number of enquiries I have even had to lower this standard What is the point in Colleges advertising and recruiting to these courses if they do not give them the necessary skills qualifications to take that step into the Industry These young people end up

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  • Bluedome - Getting an Interview
    If you are really having a toil then get someone to help Don t lose faith at this stage keep trying Be brief but accurate Don t write pages of detailed descriptions about any previous posts or qualifications they simply will not be read The best rule is to keep your CV to two sides of single A4 sheet of paper If you are supplied with a form to fill in by the employer don t over run the space for your replies A good instructor will or rather should have good communication skills Get this across in your CV If you have other skills in addition to your outdoor ones make sure you get them onto your CV Good all round abilities numeracy literacy other languages and computer skills will all help to make you a more attractive employee Always be honest There is no point telling an employer that you have this or that qualification when you don t Even if they do not check with the qualifying body you will soon be seen to be lacking If you say you can lead E4 but really struggle with HVS then say so One day someone might want to see that fearless and impressive lead Further points for job seekers As a new starter the employer will be looking for several key skills or abilities enthusiam willingness to learn good interpersonal skills even temprament sense of humour essential Miss out on one of these and you could be looking elsewhere for that job Experience and logbook records are important to your new employer If you have a logbok full of days at the same crag it will look a lot less attractive when compared to someones logbook who has been piling in lots of different experiences Try and work

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  • Bluedome
    meant the bike the boots the hills When a car was obtained then Scotland and Wales became easy targets of my visits to the outdoors My career proper in the outdoors such as it was came about thanks to the financial crash in the late Thatcher years My business had to close or I would have gone bust and I found myself unemployed with few prospects A year off seemed like a good idea and a series of extended trips to the hills began My interest in climbing was also fuelled and I began regular visits to a new climbing wall After the occasional cup of tea with the owners I was asked to consider working for them Firstly to help develop a climbing shop and then secondly to assist with group supervison After all those years working at something or other I had stumbled onto what I really wanted to work in the outdoor industry doing something I loved During my time there I discovered that life is not about grafting for money Money has its place but it is often the worst reason in the world for doing something What is important is to have a sense of satisfaction and contentment at a job well done Sometimes the job would mean hours cleaning climbing holds ready to be used again or helping a beginner learn how to tie in and belay or to see a disabled young person find out that they can do something extreme when everyone has said they can t The work took me into contact with some of the greats of the outdoors and some of the very ordinary people from talented young people from private schools to working with young offenders who were trying to deal with their own difficulties The most satisfying work came from assisting Manchester School for the Deaf and working with groups of disabled young people from Bridge College in Stockport After working at the centre for 6 years I was Headhunted and moved to the outdoor trade and at the same time started to plan an outdoors web site The job was with a leading UK based distributor of outdoor equipment and allowed me to enter another level of the industry Sponsorship and donations of equipment brought me to meet Sir Chris Bonington and Doug Scott Mountain Rescue also became an interest and I managed to film photograph and fly with both the RAF and Navy rescue services The job gave me the chance to look at all levels of the industry from the designers and maunufacturers to the sales and marketing and retailing sectors When all the pieces came together I found that producing BlueDome let me tap in to all the experiences Taking a break at Slippery Stones Bridge close to Ladybower BlueDome is now my main activity and I find that every day brings something new It may be an email from a reader asking for assistance or the chance to read a new book

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  • Bluedome - Climbing and Walking Qualifications
    Mountain Leader Training Board Mountain Leader Training Board and the Northern Ireland Mountain Training Board Full contact details are in the useful links section All people wishing to undertake training under the regional boards must be a member of their regional Mountaineering Council or be a member of a club that is affiliated to one Please note that if you just want to go hillwalking or climbing for your own interests then membership of any of these organisations is not required The whole thing is overseen by the United Kingdom Mountain Training Board which was established in 1991 to co ordinate the operations of the various regions The UKMTB is also tasked with the maintanance of standards and with international representation of the work of the UK s mountain training establishments How to start Assuming that you are a member of an affiliated club or an individual member of one the councils your first step is to register with your regional training board They will issue you with a logbook and a registration number All training is experience based and takes into account the type of walking or climbing you undertake and in what circumstances you use the outdoors You

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