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  • Bluedome - RYA Sailing Qualifications
    of courier and should not be confused with that of instructor For more details contact the CCPR at Francis House Francis Street London SW1P 1DE Tel 0171 828 3163 Permanent Instruction The majority of permanent jobs in dinghy instruction are at a senior level as Chief Instructors at professional sailing schools or as staff at local authority centres Posts at centres run by local education authorities are likely to require formal teaching qualifications in addition to RYA and other governing body awards The people who are in most demand for such centres are those with qualifications in a number of watersports and or outdoor activities Vacancies are advertised regularly in the BlueDome jobs section either in the Instructors section or under Watersports Anyone considering a career in teaching dinghy sailing canoeing windsurfing climbing and other outdoor activities would be well advised to consider formal training as a teacher specialising in PE or possibly outdoor education Colleges offering courses in this field include Bangor Normal College Bedford College of Higher Education Charlotte Mason College of Education Ambleside Cumbria Jordanhill College of Education Edinburgh Moray House College of Education Edinburgh Dunfermline College of Physical Education Crewe and Alsager College of Higher Education Charter and Private Yachts Crews The main qualification is enthusiasm though it helps to have a trade such as electrician boat builder or engineer Crews are not highly paid but most potential skippers have worked as crew on larger vessels to gain experience Engineers have to be qualified Details of courses for marine trade can be obtained from the BMF Hostesses have to presentable and enthusiastic Skippers and Mates Skippers and mates usually require qualifications A Yachtmaster Offshore with a Commercial Endorsement is the normal minimum though a Yachtmaster Ocean Commercial is preferable For commercial yachts larger than 24m you require a Class 4 or Class 5 qualification Briefly this involves the RYA Yachtmaster Commercial qualification and other modules such as firefighting Skippers on large private yachts can earn good wages but the owners are looking for exceptional management skills ability to run the yacht and crew efficiently and to sail it to any port on time The job is part skipper and part hotel manager An ability to speak several languages is an advantage Details of RYA certificates and commercial endorsement are available from the RYA Flotilla sailing Flotilla Staff Flotilla companies operate fleets of yachts usually in the Mediterranean which are used for the April October season They employ skippers engineers and hostesses usually on a seasonal basis Flotilla staff have to ensure that the clients have a safe and pleasant yachting holiday The flotilla skipper s role is that of group courier ensuring that the flotilla moves smoothly from port to port The role of the engineer is to familiarise clients with their boats and then solve any immediate mechanical problems during the cruise The hostess has to manage the social programme of the flotilla including parties and barbecues In addition he or she provides liaison with

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  • Bluedome - Cycling Leader Qualification
    2 Leader Award provides the opportunity for leaders to take groups into true mountain biking terrain technical and non technical riding over the vast majority of the U K and Ireland You will be trained and developed by enthusiastic and experienced instructors who work from your existing ability in a location providing superb mountain biking combined with great venue facilities Once qualified you are recognised throughout the U K and Ireland as having achieved competence at a high level of mountain bike leadership The National Mountain Bike Leader Awards are the UK s most widely recognised vocational qualifications within mountain biking The British Cycling Federation the National Governing Body for mountain biking in the U K has endorsed the scheme It is also approved by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority and Local Authority Outdoor Education Advisors as being the most suitable set of qualifications for mountain bike leading in the U K To take groups mountain biking there is no better training or qualification Qualification Information The Level 2 training course for the National Mountain Bike Leader Award Scheme is specifically designed to provide the information and help develop the experience required to lead groups in Level 2 terrain and be subsequently assessed as a Level 2 Leader The Level 2 Award enables leaders to prove their competence in leading groups in Level 2 terrain Candidates may go on to a Level 1 assessment after this course if it is more appropriate for their needs Level 2 Terrain Level 2 terrain covers the riding for the vast majority of the U K and Ireland It includes technical Level 2 and non technical Level 1 riding in areas less than 600m high or 2 5km from a telephone Course content includes General Ride preparation Equipment Codes of conduct access and conservation

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  • Bluedome - BCU paddling and canoeing information
    commitments to coaches and Centres While the foremost of these are its quality assurance programme and centre approval programme and workshops it also seeks regular feedback from all involved in the provision of coaching awards via a range of effective feedback forms from coaches to centres and from centres to BCU Coaching UK and monitoring visits and phone calls The BCU Coaching UK Quality Assurance Programme and the Centre Approval Programme and workshops provide a direct mechanism for centres and coach educators to be monitored and measured against the UK standard Obtaining a qualification for the coaching of paddlesport The system of qualifications for the coaching of Paddlesports is agreed jointly by the four Associations Coaching Panels that make up BCU Coaching UK the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland the Scottish Canoe Association the Welsh Canoe Association and the English Coaching Panel Achieving an award is straight forward However Paddlesport is a diverse sport and the wide range of tests and qualifications needed to service its many different facets can make things appear complicated All is explained however in the following pages and as such you are advised to read carefully the various syllabi and procedures required to achieve your goal Having decided what sort of discipline you are interested in and wish to coach it is necessary to gain the experience and ability required to pass the entry level star test and additional award pre requisites Attaining these indicates that you have sufficient personal experience to respond to the requirements of the course and the qualification A star test can be undertaken locally by arrangement with an assessor Your nearest Coaching Organiser whose name and address is available from the BCU or national association can put you in touch or you may prefer to attend one of the many advertised courses The BCU and national association yearbooks being a good reference source when trying to identify local courses or a list of courses can be downloaded here Star tests can be undertaken by anyone but the minimum age to attend a training course for a qualification to coach paddlesport is 16 and you need to be 18 to act independently as a coach under the aegis of the BCU It is also necessary to become a BCU or national association member The courses are numerous and are available throughout the country Again the BCU and national association yearbooks are useful in identifying specific courses Their costs varies largely dependent upon whether they are being run by volunteers or at an activities centre with full board and lodging included It is merely a matter of ensuring that the required prerequisites have been obtained and the central registration procedures as outlined in Central Registration Candidate Notes and Advice CG019 have been completed and that you have then identified a suitable course date and venue If attending courses in England or Wales you will need to have registered your intention to attend a course with the BCU or your national association and

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  • Bluedome - Navigation training for the outdoors
    of the NNAS is composed of people from a wide range of related outdoor organisations AALA MLTB commercial providers and BOF Hopefully they will steer the NNAS towards becoming the National Governing body for this essential skill If you have any doubts about your skills in this area then get in touch with the NNAS providers in our courses section and seriously consider taking some training Marine Navigation Sailing does not suffer from the same lack of recognised qualifications that land navigation does The Royal Yachting Association has developed a range of training courses that will turn you into a skilled navigator All RYA training takes into account your ability to use charts tide tables plotting instruments and simple mathematics to steer a safe course Because of the serious nature of taking to the seas the information provided to a navigator is aimed at the skipper of a supertanker as well as the lesuire sailor Chart information is updated on a regular basis and the charts themselves contain so much data that a seperate chart chart no 5011 is actually a large A4 book of all the various symbols that can appear on admiralty charts Navigation at sea brings into play elements which may have little or no concern to the land based navigator Tides rise and fall they are also under the effect of the winds and weather Your vessel will perform differently under varying types of sailing conditions and you need to understand and apply corrections for all manner of magnetic influences The best way to begin is to look at the current Day Skipper courses both shore based and practical Most providers will want you to undertake both courses The shore based can often be done at evening class and is intensive in it s navigation and

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  • Bluedome - Archery Leader Qualification
    Leader Award is to teach potentional instructors the safe provision of archery at an introductory level Although the course covers shooting skills the primary aim is to enable you to teach small groups in a safe manner If you enjoy the sport and progress to become an archer yourself then so much the better The information here is derived from GNAS sources including club and regional sources The key factor with many training courses is the safety of the participants and Archery is a good example of where this is very important Although the bows used for beginner training may of low draweight they can still deliver an arrow with enough speed and force to cause serious injury The GNAS Archery Leader course is aimed at learning about the sport gaining the skills to shoot safely and to have some fun at the same time As a candidate the Archery Leader course is aimed at making you capable enough as an archer to demonstrate the techniques employed and to give you the skills to supervise a group safely The breakdown of the course is listed below and derives from the web site of leading coach Philip van Buren a link to his website is at the foot of the section Archery Leader Course Units Unit A General Candidates will gain knowledge of 1 all safety observances and rules 2 alternative range layouts with regard to public and participant safety 3 suitable rounds for beginners and juniors 4 various forms of archery 5 various incentives schemes Unit B Shooting Candidates will learn how to hit the target consistently at up to 20 yards using basic Bare Bow Freestyle methods Unit C Teaching and improving Candidates will be able to 1 teach basic Bare Bow style 2 teach basic Freestyle 3 improve

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  • Bluedome - First Aid for the outdoors
    Aid Regulations 1981 Successful students receive certificates to show they are qualified to be First Aiders in the workplace outdoors or indoors for the next three years Q What will I learn A The knowledge and confidence to deal with any First Aid emergency Course Content Dealing with accidents and illness Treatment of a heart attack Using a First Aid kit Control of bleeding Simple record keeping Burns and scalds Resuscitation Poisoning Treatment of an unconscious casualty Fractures Choking Shock Course Duration 4 days Assessment Multiple choice question paper and practical skills test Insurance Eligible to join St John Ambulance insurance scheme after completion Combined Lifesaver Lifeserver Plus This course is suitable for people who want a sound knowledge of First Aid Successful students receive certificates from St John Ambulance valid for the next three years Q What will I learn A First Aid skills to handle a number of emergency situations Course Content Incident Management Anaphylaxis Casualty Management Hypoglycaemia Priorities of First Aid Internal and external bleeding Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation adult Burns and Scalds Control of bleeding Poisoning Shock Amputations Heart Attack Injuries to muscles joints and bones Fainting Course Duration 16 hours Assessment Continuous assessment by trainer Insurance

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  • Crystal Lakes and Mountains Slovenia Slideshow
    first previous next last 27 of 27

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  • Bluedome
    not too difficult route When we reached the telegraphique station it was already gone ten and we knew we d made a late start It didn t deter us and by 11 30 we were kitted up roped and ready A natural order of progression followed suit and I felt with the slightly higher experience at least with climbing and rope work that I should be responsible to take the lead We emerged from the ice tunnel at the end of the South Piton half blinded from the flashes from Japanese tourist groups To the tourists we must of given a real sense of bravado the way they posed with us for photos and pestered us with questions Embarrased and slightly annoyed we pushed out through the gate and let all the frustrations lift away with perfect snow conditions as we plodded down the sharp decent ridge Leading down the slope I passed by a guy who appeared to be a guide with his second or client following and looking near total exhaustion I stopped and stepped down off the ridge onto the sheer side of the snow slope He acknowledged us warmly as they passed by with the client hardly raising his head The ground eased and the caution we d exercised on the exposed part of the ridge lifted from us We ditched slow plod for a speedy glissade down the gentle soft snow embankment down to the glacier proper cutting ten minutes from the difficulty Continuing our walk across the glacier was so memorable We stopped and took off our crampons they balled up too frequently and quickly crossed the glacier until just short of the climbers hut We d made up good time and at half twelve we were stood at the base of the magnificent rising snow slope which led up to the start of Cosmic Arete I felt that Chris was feeling the altitude going slower then he normally seemed to I felt fantastic barely noticing the thin air at 3800m odd for me to have the stamina I thought We front pointed up the slope to an apex in a ridge where the first rock section started I quickly led off whilst Chris secured himself into the belay Finding the rock difficult and cumbersome with all my winter kit and a weighty pack on my back majorly changed perspective on alpine climbing The difficulty probably being only Vdiff was very awkward and found myself lurching up the rock and throwing myself at big granite cracks hoping I wouldn t topple out backwards I scratched my new watch which ed me right off and I tucked it away safely into the chest pouch on my salo s Chris followed up and led through on easier rock and secured another belay at the beginning of another mixed section We moved on further both quite enjoying the change of the ordinary scenery we were used to on Dartmoor just a bit of a change eh The

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