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  • Bluedome - L’Estartit and the Ille de Medes - Roses -Santa Susanna
    developement in the hills that overlook the town is also tightly controlled It is on my list for a return visit Many hotels offer facilities for scuba divers in addition to the accommodation Drying rooms and storage for gear is available and many offer transport to the dive boats moored in the modern L Estartit marina If you are not a diver or do not enjoy other watersports then the choice of things to do includes golf tennis walking cycling and boat trips along the spectacular Montgri coastline If this all sounds a little too much then just stretch out on the L Estartit beach and enjoy the sun Roses Sadly Roses was just a flying visit as we sped through to catch a boat which took us up the coast to a beach party I did have time to see some fairly advanced freefall parachuting Roses has a famous skysport school The place is a a fairly large town with a big marina and a large commercial harbour I think that it would merit a return trip to explore the place further Santa Susanna this was yet another facet of Catalunia and when we arrived I was a little unsure about what we would find Santa Susanna is between Blanes and Pineda de Mar and the town is bisected by the coastal railway The accommodation is wide ranging and runs from private villas to campsites with a range of hotels in between Most of the tourist accommodation is made up of three star hotels and we stayed at the Hotel Florida Park Rooms were good and mine had a great view of the hotel pool The promenade has been extensively developed and is a smart affair with modern shops and cafes to the right of our hotel and a

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  • Bluedome - windsurfing on the costa brava
    are the thermic winds that are developed between the land and sea temperature changes In the southern part of the Gulf of Roses it is so predictable that you cam almost set your watch by it Toni Castellar is the centre manager for the Club Mistral windsurf centre on the Balliena beach and he told us about the way the centre operates The onshore wind conditions make windsurfing in the afternoon a real pleasure and the wind speed can allow the experts to really show off Club Mistral have a wide range of windsurf equipment for hire It is all new every season and is aimed at the beginner or slightly experienced windsurfer if you want radical or extreme equipment I suggest that you bring your own The Balliena beach also caters for kite surfing and all the other water based speed activities The beach is very sensibly sectioned off to create safe areas for families and swimmers leaving the windsurfers and kitesurfers to play in their own sections of beach and water Club Mistral have their own section of beach and also provide a beach watch during their training and operating sessions Most beaches do not have lifeguards so

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  • Bluedome - kitesurfing on the Costa Brava
    of the beach completly deserted The empty space allows you to concentrate on control and technique without looking out for swimmers and sunbathers The pull from a kitesurfing rig is impressive and a little bit frightening The lift generated can pull a heavy man into the air with ease and there have been incidences of kitesurfers flying for long periods by mistake Physical strength is not a key requirement as your body weight is supported by the harness and the connecting lines The kite is controlled using a series of four control lines two for each side of the canopy The kite can be rigged for a variety of wind conditions or surfing styles by attaching the lines to give a more agressive angle of attack into the wind Training can be interesting The images show the student in his third lesson of ten trying to control the kite on land then in the water and finally a session with a board The teacher is trying to allow the student to develop the correct way of powering and slowing the kite it all looks simple until the kite starts pulling and then it all looks rather exciting The distance that

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  • Bluedome - Sea Kayak Costa Brava
    Medes islands is from the peace and quiet of a kayak The cormorants skim the water in front of your boat and seem to have no fear of people The huge colony of Yellow Leg Gulls are always noisy and they wheel and call in large numbers over the island Keep your eyes open for the rare visitors such as peregrine falcons They nest on the sea cliffs on the mainland and use the bird population of the Medes as a flying larder The Estacio Nautica operate a beginners course of four hours duratrion and you can also try the advanced skills course that is three hours long Guided tours along the coastline are a great way to explore the regions seas and the centre can arrange a guide to take you to some of the hidden coves and inlets along the Montgri Caves are also available to the paddler across on the Medes islands but might need a guide to discover them Santa Susanna Estacio Nautica also supply sea kayaks and single and double sit on s The sea state is a little different at Santa Susanna and there is good fun to be had watching the kayakers getting

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  • Bluedome - Sailing on the Cosat Brava
    called Raquero similar to a Mirror dinghy The larger boats which are used for yacht training are the popular J24 class The courses run from three hour introduction courses to the full range of training required to achieve recognised sailing qualifications The training system in place is the one operated by the Catalan Sailing Federation and the qualifications are accepted throughout the sailing world All the boats are maintained to a high standard and all the instructors have the top qualifications required for sail training Add in the wondefrul weather reliable wind conditions fantastic coastline lovely harbours and the amazing food there can be few places in Europe to match L Estartit The Estacio Nautica Santa Susanna offers a different range of sailing choices Due to the location of the centre the sailing is based around beach launched dinghies and the thrilling Hobie Cats If there was ever a way of getting a buzz out of sailing the Hobie Cat must be it The design is a world beater and the boats are fast and safe in the right hands The ability to plane onto one hull gives the crew a great ride and the fact that they can launch from and then sail back onto a beach makes the Hobie a good choice for sailing centres The Hobie has a lot of design features that make it a good boat for sailing centres Firstly the mainsail does not have a boom The boom is a mean piece of metal that supports the foot of the sail and can be vicious if it catches your head when tacking or jibing Being hit by the boom of a small boat can be very painful so the main danger for novice sailors has been removed from the Hobie The platform for the

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  • Bluedome - scuba diving L'estartit and Medes
    or certificates The centre operates 2 day open water courses for beginners and also offers more advanced open water coures including first aid rescue cave diving and underwater orientation and navigation For the advanced student the centre can take you through the training to achieve professional standard divemaster and divemaster instructor levels The dive areas used by the L Estartit Estacio Nautica are only a 20 minute boat ride from

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  • Bluedome
    as Caernarfon and even had the cheek to ask if they could start from there but they got the predictable answer However they planned to leave the boat up in Scotland for the summer cruising season so will probably join as a non competing team Everyone has gone to great efforts to make the start and there have been a few crews ringing round to find last minute replacements Team Reflex who won last year as team Tactix have replaced David Hawkins with Brendan Bolland who may not be such a good rower but is one of the countries top mountain endurance runners Angus Ryan one of the 2 South African runners on Sunsail IRPS flew over especially for the race only arriving 2 days ago The same boat only made it as far as a rock in the Menai Strait last year but are determined to go all the way this time The support crews have been working hard too none more so than the team with the Scout Fellowship group The Exiles on the yacht Leopard Clipper They have a big support team and a trailer with a strange craft on now called The Toast Rack a sort of catamaran with hoops The support crew are lead by Alan Rand who grew up at Lymington where all Tilmanís boats were fitted out As a lad he remembers going to Tilman s talks watching the spotty black and white films and the talk given by the quiet gruff man with the square jaw This is one of several yachts with members of the same family aboard brother and sister Tasmin and William Rand are on the crew They also have the youngest competitor 19 year old Kim Collinson on board Their yacht is one of 3 Reflex 38 s

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  • Helly Hansen 2000 Three Peaks Yacht Race - Barmouth
    briefing This is Becky s first Three Peaks and she looks as though she intends to make an impression Clipper Ventures long with the two other Reflex 38 s are likely to have a race of their own S tormcruisers crew discuss their damaged mast at the crew briefing Stormcruiser is motoring to a local yard for an engineers inspection before they decide how to get her home to Inverkip

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