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  • Bad Land: Road to Fury film review | Blueprint: Review
    May 3 2015 Film Reviews Reviews Director Jake Paltrow Screenplay Jake Paltrow Starring Kodi Smit McPhee Nicholas Hoult Michael Shannon Elle Fanning Country USA Running Time 100 min Year 2015 BBFC Certificate 15 Sometime in the future the world has been left barren and dry The population is but a tiny fraction of its former size and water is the most valuable commodity Ernest Holm Shannon is a farmer and courier transporting goods to the workers drilling for water for the government and lives with his son Jerome Smit McPhee and daughter Mary Fanning and occasionally visits his hospitalised wife When the family donkey the sole reason Ernest is able to maintain his job has to be put down Ernest is forced to buy a new mechanical quadrupedal carrier outbidding his daughter s boyfriend Flem Hoult which changes the family s life forever There are some films that seem content to capitalise on the success of others I don t mean by following trends or similar themes but by portraying the films as being very related to something coming out soon right down to giving it a similar name in the way that The Asylum does with films like Transmorphers Take Bad Land Road to Fury for example It was originally called Young Ones but the name was changed to presumably draw similarities to the impending Mad Max Fury Road which is also set in a dusty desolate wasteland and also counts Nicholas Hoult amongst its principal cast However in selling Bad Land as something akin to Mad Max the marketing department have set themselves up for a big old fall because aside from a surplus of soil and a lack of liquid the two films couldn t be any more different For starters not a great deal actually happens in Bad Land It s not an action packed summer tentpole movie and that s OK This is a drama about a struggling family and the limits people will go to secure happiness for themselves and others it just happens to be set in a post apocalyptic drought ridden world Therein lies the problem You see when this kind of a world is set up it should be utilised more than for the low key story on offer here It s heavy on the visuals and the minimalist futuristic choices but severely lacking in characters and actual plot to drive it along Sure the robotic donkey or Mechass as I took to calling it was nice and the fan phone design was something I hadn t seen before and elements of the plot were interesting in terms of how you d live in a world without water blowing clothes clean washing dishes with sand but there was little to grab the attention and hold it My main draw to watching the film was Michael Shannon He is easily one of my favourite actors working today and I appreciate when he s not lumbered with a standard villain role as in

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  • Bad Timing | Blueprint: Review
    Haiku Review December 15 admin December 12 2015 Featured Features Haiku Review Competition Win Aferim on DVD David Brook December 8 2015 Competitions Featured Features Competitions Gates of Video Hell Haiku Review Interviews Short Films Weekend of Trash Home Reviews Book Reviews Film Reviews Game Reviews Short Films Soundtrack Reviews TV Reviews Podcasts Blueprint Review Spoiler Podcast Features Competitions Gates of Video Hell Haiku Review Interviews Short Films Weekend of Trash Home Reviews Film Reviews Bad Timing Jay Cluitt February 19 2015 Film Reviews Reviews Director Nicolas Roeg Screenplay Yale Udoff Starring Art Garfunkel Theresa Russell Harvey Keitel Denholm Elliott Producer Jeremy Thomas Tim Van Rellim Country UK Running Time 123 min Year 1980 BBFC Certificate 18 A girl is rushed to hospital in Vienna after an apparent suicide attempt Accompanying her is a man whose relationship with her is unclear and is unaided by his standoffish demeanour towards the police Through flashbacks it becomes clear that the man named Alex Art Garfunkel is in a relationship with the woman Milena Theresa Russell but that their relationship is strained by her marriage to an older man Denholm Elliott who may be a spy Alex is investigating It is up to Inspector Netusil Harvey Keitel to try and sort the whole mess out and ascertain whether Alex had a hand in Milena s predicament Nicolas Roeg has a habit of casting unconventional actors in lead roles for his movies primarily from the music industry Think Jagger in Performance or Bowie in The Man Who Fell To Earth both of which paid off by providing very unique performances from artists known for being very emotive and extroverted on stage Art Garfunkel of Simon and Garfunkel fame has significantly less of a reputation of this showmanship and as such this makes him a far better choice for playing the reserved aloof distant Alex an American psychiatrist in a foreign land unexpectedly being pursued by a much younger woman and thrown into a world he doesn t fully comprehend Along with casting unconventional leads Roeg also has an eye for taking tried and tested film genres and spinning them on their heads Here he takes elements of spy movies whodunnit thrillers and sensual romantic dramas and mashes them together with flashbacks a limited narrative and a scene involving an exotic dancer writhing and jumping on a large net suspended over the audience I m not necessarily a fan of what Roeg tends to produce but I can at least appreciate that he s producing something unique that you couldn t get from anyone else My issue is that it s very easy to get lost because story wise a lot of leaps need to be made with few clues to help you along and seeing as the greatest aspect I often look for in films is the storytelling you can possibly understand why I might find some of Roeg s work frustrating The use of flashbacks is what makes it most confusing especially when

    Original URL path: http://blueprintreview.co.uk/2015/02/bad-timing/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Predestination | Blueprint: Review
    Starring Ethan Hawke Sarah Snook Noah Taylor Producer Michael Burton Gary Hamilton Matt Kennedy Paddy McDonald Tim McGahan Michael Spierig James M Vernon Country Australia Running Time 97 min Year 2015 BBFC Certificate 15 In 1981 time travel was created allowing specially recruited agents to travel up to 53 years into the past One such agent known as The Barkeep Ethan Hawke is trying to catch a terrorist The Fizzle Bomber and is sent to recruit a newcomer to the ranks to assist but they turn out to have a very unique story to tell Ethan Hawke is an actor whose work can be easily classified into two categories He s perhaps most known for his critically acclaimed projects with director Richard Linklater with whom Hawke has so far made at least seven films garnering the actor with three Oscar nominations two joint ones for Screenplay duties on Before Sunset and Before Midnight and most recently as a Supporting Actor in 2014 s Boyhood However in between Linklater joints Hawke has been known to dabble in low budget projects that have resulted in less well regarded fare such as The Purge Daybreakers and of course Getaway co starring Selena Gomez in a Razzie nominated performance Noticing that Linklater s name wasn t attached to this project I could probably be forgiven for not expecting something overly stellar from a film with pretty much only one recognisable actor although I m a fan of Noah Taylor who crops up for a little bit as Hawke s boss I went in with low expectations anticipating having to eke out the minutest glimmer of positives when it came to writing a review but I m overjoyed to say that this wasn t just good it s pretty damn great with an excellent ever twisting story wonderful performances and thought provoking predicaments Now it s time for the caveats I m a time travel fan and I ve not seen many such films that I haven t enjoyed I even liked Timecop although I haven t been anywhere near the sequel The Berlin Decision because that hasn t received such a shining reputation That being said for a time travel film there isn t actually a great deal of hopping around the years in Predestination In fact we don t even see any calendar skipping until about halfway through the film That s because the focus here is on the two main characters in particular Jane played by relative newcomer Sarah Snook who has to put in a detailed and very varied performance If you hadn t noticed this is the kind of film where it would be very easy to give away spoilers so I m not going into the plot any more than I have to I went in blind and it s best for you to as well Snook is terrific in a role that if more people see it will set her on course to becoming a great success and

    Original URL path: http://blueprintreview.co.uk/2015/02/predestination/ (2016-04-26)
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  • The Lady Vanishes | Blueprint: Review
    the snows to clear so they can catch the train the next morning One such guest is Iris Margaret Lockwood a much travelled young woman heading back to England to meet and wed her fiancé She befriends an elderly women travelling alone by the name of Miss Froy Dame May Whitty a governess who has been in Europe for a number of years and is now regretfully heading home Amongst the other passengers are a rude clarinet player named Gilbert Michael Redgrave an adulterous couple attempting to hide their situation Cecil Parker and Linden Travers and two cricket obsessed Englishmen Naunton Wayne and Basil Radford Before the train sets off Iris suffers a blow to the head from a falling potted plant Miss Froy cares for her on the train but after Iris takes a short nap she awakes to find Miss Froy has disappeared and everyone else on the train denies her existence Something is definitely amiss either Iris head injury is causing her to be delusional or there s a far greater conspiracy at hand I m coming straight out of the gate and saying I absolutely loved this movie Loved it All of it Every bit It s fantastic far better than I d hoped It probably helps that I love a good mystery something that will keep me guessing until the end and for some reason I m more drawn to the ones that occur in limited situations with a restricted number of suspects such as on a moving train perhaps This is very much a combination of Murder on the Orient Express meets Flightplan but is far greater than the sum of those mediocre parts and the mystery here survives my tight scrutiny and even though I could see exactly where it was going once all the puzzle pieces had been outlined I remained gripped because it all became less about the how and more about the why The film starts off relatively slowly taking far more time to actually get onto the train than I d initially anticipated but this gave more time to set up the characters and relationships particularly between Iris and Gilbert who start off entirely on the wrong foot when she attempts to get him thrown out of the hotel for his late night clarinet playing and folk dancing but end up working together to solve the mystery once the train journey gets under way Gilbert is a thoroughly annoying character and it s clear Redgrave relishes playing him having a grand time with every one liner and snarky comment He s the kind of guy who doesn t let a bout of fisticuffs stop him from making a pithy remark and whilst he initially comes off as brash and detestable he eventually warms into someone you don t mind being around Similarly Lockwood s Iris is at times a little icy but over the course of the film she goes through a great deal particularly thinking she is going

    Original URL path: http://blueprintreview.co.uk/2015/01/lady-vanishes/ (2016-04-26)
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  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) | Blueprint: Review
    re all missing out on however is a hugely influential incredibly well made and utterly iconic slice of cinema which just happens to be about a family of psychopathic cannibals and their chain saw wielding son The film does a truly terrific job of not just creeping you out but always changing the manner in which it s creepy often unexpectedly whilst always increasing the level of terror without ever going into silliness It opens with shots of decaying corpses rotten hands and heads teeth and what used to be eyes So far so horrific Next the weirdness comes in the form of a decidedly off kilter hitch hiker Edwin Neal with his fascination for head cheese don t ask and a penchant for blade wielding However when the teens encounter the house nearby to their destination well that s when you really need to watch out The iconic villain of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre franchise is Leatherface Gunnar Hansen a giant hulking chain saw wielding brute and I believe this entire iconic status can be derived back from his very first appearance which comes completely out of nowhere surprising an unfortunate house explorer with a mallet to the head and an abruptly slammed metal door His second encounter involves a rather unfortunate soul left dangling from a meat hook and it just gets worse from there What the character of Jerry encounters when he goes in search of his friends still makes me jump despite knowing full well what is coming and it s this level of unexpected left turns that I was referring to earlier It s worth noting that most of what I ve said so far and a great deal of the horrific acts to follow are for the most part implied I m pretty sure we never actually see the piercing of flesh in any scene especially not with a chain saw With the hook we see a few shots of the big shiny evil hook waiting for someone s back to become its new best friend we see Leatherface picking up said lucky soul and then we see them dangling in the air screaming Later when some heavy duty chain sawing comes into play the shots are almost entirely shot from the weapon pointing up at the killer There s splashes of blood sure but the act of cutting That s all in your head Apparently director Tobe Hooper has been told on many occasions that his special effects in the film are incredible to which he replies that there aren t any he doesn t show anything It s true and it s amazing If there s an area for improvement it s in the characterisation of the five teenagers The antagonists are very memorable each with their distinct personalities traits and roles but the heroes are just another batch of chain saw fodder only deviated in memory by their method of dispatch Granted the archetypes set up here have formed a

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  • Fading Gigolo | Blueprint: Review
    Brook January 4 2016 Featured Features 2 Comment Haiku Review December 15 admin December 12 2015 Featured Features Haiku Review Competition Win Aferim on DVD David Brook December 8 2015 Competitions Featured Features Competitions Gates of Video Hell Haiku Review Interviews Short Films Weekend of Trash Home Reviews Book Reviews Film Reviews Game Reviews Short Films Soundtrack Reviews TV Reviews Podcasts Blueprint Review Spoiler Podcast Features Competitions Gates of Video Hell Haiku Review Interviews Short Films Weekend of Trash Home Reviews Film Reviews Fading Gigolo Jay Cluitt September 29 2014 Film Reviews Reviews Director John Turturro Screenplay John Turturro Producers Bill Block James Debbs Scott Ferguson Paul Hanson Jeffrey Kusama Hinte Anton Lessine Sasha Shapiro Bart Walker Starring John Turturro Woody Allen Vanessa Paradis Liev Schreiber Sharon Stone Sofia Vergara Bob Balaban Year 2014 Country USA BBFC Certification 15 Duration 89 min In New York s Jewish Quarter Murray a failing bookshop owner Allen needs money When his dermatologist Stone mentions she and her friend Vergara have always wanted a ménage a trois Murray sees an opportunity he recruits his florist and general odd job man friend Fioravante Turturro to become a gigolo and soon the money comes pouring in Do you ever watch a film and think it was made purely so those involved could enact what is occurring on screen Most recent Adam Sandler films seem to be a thinly veiled excuse for the guy to bring his mates with him to a tropical locale and get paid to go an idea they presumably stole from Couples Retreat Here writer director star John Turturro has managed to create multiple situations wherein he gets to kiss dance with and generally have a great deal of fun with the likes of Sharon Stone Vanessa Paradis and Sofía Vergara all of which must have been incredibly difficult days on set I m sure I can t say I blame the guy and I may be viewing this film a little too cynically but I couldn t shake the feeling that Turturro came up with the idea of Hey why don t I play a pimp to the most beautiful women that will let me kiss them before he thought about structuring a compelling narrative around the concept You see the premise is more than a little daft I don t just mean the notion that Sofía Vergara has difficulties finding a man her only criteria is that he be tall and not too attractive in which case I m 6 3 and have been told I look like Al Gore on a roller coaster so whenever you re ready Miss Vergara I ll be waiting over here No it s more than that The way Murray and Fior fall so effortlessly into the pimping game plus the lack of any real obstacles on their mission all feels false not to mention the silly sub plot involves Live Schreiber s local law enforcer who has something of a long standing crush on

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  • Electra Glide in Blue | Blueprint: Review
    DVD David Brook December 8 2015 Competitions Featured Features Competitions Gates of Video Hell Haiku Review Interviews Short Films Weekend of Trash Home Reviews Book Reviews Film Reviews Game Reviews Short Films Soundtrack Reviews TV Reviews Podcasts Blueprint Review Spoiler Podcast Features Competitions Gates of Video Hell Haiku Review Interviews Short Films Weekend of Trash Home Reviews Film Reviews Electra Glide in Blue Jay Cluitt September 21 2014 Film Reviews Reviews Director James William Guerico Screenplay Robert Boris Rupert Hitzig Producers James William Guerico Rupert Hitzig Starring Robert Blake Billy Green Bush Mitchell Ryan Jeannine Riley Elisha Cook Jr Year 1973 Country USA BBFC Certification 18 Duration 114 min John Wintergreen Blake dreams of being a detective but for now is stuck on a motorcycle beat as his short stature is literally looked down upon by his superiors However when he makes a breakthrough pointing out that an apparent suicide is more likely to be something more suspicious John is given the opportunity to work alongside brilliant detective Harve Poole Ryan It s not uncommon when watching a film to think it would work well as part of a double bill with another feature What s less common however is for a film to only work in such a context This is the case here as I believe that without seeing 1969 s Easy Rider it would be extremely difficult to fully grasp what Electra Glide in Blue is doing as it feels like a direct response to Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda s film despite arriving four years later It s not just that they both deal predominantly with motorcyclists it s more that they both seem to tell the same story from different viewpoints Easy Rider saw Hopper and Fonda travelling from L A to New Orleans to try and find America read hippies whereas Electra takes the perspective of the motorcycle cops out to stop or at least investigate any meandering vagrant types such as hippies and bikers who could potentially pose a threat to their regimented way of living The fact that the two films come to the same conclusion and that there s even a scene where John is performing target practice on a still taken from the movie really cements this home in an entirely not too subtle manner Despite the suicide homicide investigation this is far from being a traditional whodunnit This is more about John finding his place in the world or even if he has one His dreams of becoming a detective are all but dashed once he meets and spends more than a few minutes with the film s highlight Mitchell Ryan s Harve Poole Poole is the epitome of blowhards waxing on philosophically with such quotes as The night is talking to us sit down and listen or My religion is myself When I talk to myself I talk to the whole world and right now the whole world is answering me He s delusional to the point of

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  • Jay Cluitt | Blueprint: Review - Part 2
    Featured Podcasts Spoiler Podcast Spoiler Episode 9 Mad Max Fury Road Andy Goulding March 26 2016 Featured Podcasts Spoiler Podcast Spoiler Episode 8 Dumbo Andy Goulding March 12 2016 Featured Podcasts Spoiler Podcast Spoiler Episode 7 This is England 90 Andy Goulding March 1 2016 Featured Podcasts Spoiler Podcast Blueprint on the LAMBcast Roll Your Own Top 5 David Brook February 15 2016 Featured Podcasts Blueprint on the LAMBcast Best Movies of 2015 David Brook January 7 2016 Featured Podcasts Blueprint on the LAMBcast Star Wars The Force Awakens David Brook December 22 2015 Featured Podcasts Spoiler Episode 6 Melancholia Andy Goulding December 4 2015 Featured Podcasts Spoiler Podcast Blueprint Review Spoiler Podcast Features Recent Haiku Review April 16 admin April 11 2016 Featured Features Haiku Review 4 5 Trash A VHS Festival Justin Richards March 27 2016 Featured Features Reviews 4 5 Interview with Amber Fares Katy Vans March 3 2016 Featured Features Interviews Haiku Review February 16 admin March 3 2016 Featured Features Haiku Review Competition Win Last Shift on DVD David Brook January 18 2016 Competitions Featured Features Interview with Steve Oram admin January 11 2016 Featured Features Interviews Our Favourite Films of 2015 David Brook January 4 2016 Featured Features 2 Comment Haiku Review December 15 admin December 12 2015 Featured Features Haiku Review Competition Win Aferim on DVD David Brook December 8 2015 Competitions Featured Features Competitions Gates of Video Hell Haiku Review Interviews Short Films Weekend of Trash Home Reviews Book Reviews Film Reviews Game Reviews Short Films Soundtrack Reviews TV Reviews Podcasts Blueprint Review Spoiler Podcast Features Competitions Gates of Video Hell Haiku Review Interviews Short Films Weekend of Trash Author Jay Cluitt Jay Cluitt Killing Season Jay Cluitt August 18 2014 Film Reviews Reviews Jay Cluitt reviews the De Niro vs Travolta

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