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  • Brace's Bakery - Frequently asked questions
    a loaf of good volume and texture Incorrect levels of salt can affect the bread in a number of ways Too little salt allows excess yeast fermentation resulting in large and variable sized loaves Too much salt slows the yeast activity resulting in small loaves Incorrect salt levels also affects the structure of the crumb and colour of the crust Back to Top 4 Why is Calcium Propionate added to bread Calcium Propionate is a mould inhibitor which delays the rate of mould growth thus maintaining the shelf life of the bread Back to Top 5 What are Flour Treatment Agents These are used to ensure good loaf volume and improve the crumb structure softness and colour Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid E300 is the most common flour treatment agent used in bread making Back to Top 6 Which bread is best for toasting All Brace s products are good for toasting but our White Wholemeal and Brown 800g and even our Half Loaves are ideal as they are square cut and ideal for the toaster Brace s XXX pink wrapper is our thickest square shaped loaf and makes doorstop toast scrumptious Back to Top 7 How should I store my bread to maintain its freshness The ideal place for storing bread is in a cool dark place the bread bin Storing it in the fridge speeds up the staling process Back to Top 8 Can I freeze Brace s bread Yes Brace s bread can be frozen for up to 3 months ideally on the day of purchase It is best to defrost the bread naturally but it can be toasted from frozen Back to Top 9 What are Welsh cakes Welsh cakes are traditionally made from a sweet mix baked on a hotplate until golden brown and then sprinkled with sugar delicious with a cup of tea Welsh cakes have been a teatime favourite in Wales for centuries eaten regularly in farmhouses and cottages alike and leftovers given to the miners in their tocyn lunchbox Back to Top 10 I am confused for years we have been told that bread is a low fat healthy food but recently I have been told that it is fattening What is the truth Bread is an excellent source of complex carbohydrate which nutritionists recommend make up at least 50 of our total daily calorie intake Bread particularly wholemeal is a good source of fibre and other vitamins and minerals Bread itself is not fattening but the butter and sandwich filling added often is A way of increasing the nutritional benefit would be to use thicker slices of bread and reducing the amount of butter spread and mayonnaise or using low fat alternatives You could also choose low fat sandwich fillings and bulk up on the salad ingredients Back to Top 11 Is Wholemeal bread better than White White bread is not bad for you but wholemeal bread has greater nutritional benefits While white bread has less fibre minerals and B vitamins

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  • Brace's Bakery - Environmental Management Policy
    areas for improvement thus reducing our impact on the environment Brace s Bakery Limited is fully committed to ensure that we Comply with all relevant legislation and other requirements Manage our energy consumption to minimise the direct emission of greenhouse gases Manage our waste and recycling streams appropriately and accordingly prevent pollution occurring as a result of our activities Continuously improve our environmental performance by understanding how our business impacts

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  • Brace's Bakery - History & mission
    the Blackwood area from a small bakery at Pontllanfraith with a loan from his family While he continued to work at the Colliery his family helped to develop the bakery business Following the horrific mining disaster in 1905 which claimed the lives of 31 men George did not return to work at the Colliery but instead devoted his time to developing the business However the time he spent at the Colliery remained close to his heart and when he built a house next to the bakery he called it Cambrian House The office block at Croespenmaen bakery has also been named Cambrian House in memory of the miners who lost their lives George Brace had five sons and two daughters each of whom he encouraged to open their own bakery in the surrounding valleys George s brother William Brace was a miners activist who fought for many causes including a successful bid for miners to win the right to get paid for small coal By the 1900s he had become the first Liberal Labour MP and persuaded the owner of Oakdale Colliery Tredegar Iron and Coal Company to hand the franchise of the bakery in the village over to George

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  • Brace's Bakery - Brace's culture
    time and money the family sees the benefit of return and opportunities to gain the rewards due to successful planning Much of the success of Brace s has been based upon its people training and investment Retaining good staff is extremely important to Brace s and to this end the company is accredited with Investors in People certification Brace s invest heavily in training programmes regularly giving staff the opportunity to develop their potential and achieve recognised qualifications The Brace family actively encourage a caring compassionate and fun environment for staff to work in In 2004 Brace s opened a second fully automated bakery at Pen y fan Crumlin to support the growing production demands at Croespenmaen bakery Pen y fan boasts the state of the art machinery which produces 6 000 loaves per hour In 2011 Brace s bought an established bakery site in Rogerstone Newport increasing our production capacity and continuing our commitment to supporting the local community Continued investment is high on the Brace s family agenda with company profits being put back into the business to ensure the high standard is maintained Brace s are keen to support the local communities with sponsorships donations or attending

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  • Brace's Bakery - Company overview
    is now in it s fourth generation with Mark Jonathan and their father Colin still taking a very active role in the business The business is run by CEO Scott Richardson who has been with the company since 1999 He is supported by the Board of Directors and overseen by the Brace s family Colin Brace OBE Colin joined the business in 1946 when he was demobbed at the end of the 2nd world war Colin took control of the business in 1974 following the death of his father Ernest Mark Brace Mark joined the family business in 1976 He became a major shareholder in 1986 Jonathan Brace Jonathan joined the family business in 1984 and became a major shareholder in 1986 Today Brace s have three bakeries a state of the art bread plant bakery at Pen y fan producing 6 000 loaves per hour Croespenmaen bakery producing bread fruit loaf and Welsh cakes and also a third bakery at Rogerstone Newport Brace s distribution area covers south south west Wales and the south south west of England Supply of Brace s products are made to all the major multiples including Tesco Asda Sainsbury and Morrisons and many smaller

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  • Brace's Bakery - TV advertising
    TV advertising Store locator Bread through the centuries Sponsorship Ben Llewellin Brace s Historic Rally Car Links Privacy policy Contact us TV advertising The following are videos which can be downloaded by clicking on the links below They both require

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  • Brace's Bakery - Store locator
    culture Company overview Vacancies News TV advertising Store locator Find a store Bread through the centuries Sponsorship Ben Llewellin Brace s Historic Rally Car Links Privacy policy Contact us Stores main page Brace s supply products to all of the major retailers and smaller independent stores in South and Mid Wales and the South South West of England More and more stores are regularly requesting delivery of Brace s bread

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  • Brace's Bakery - Bread through the centuries
    c 55 BC Rome invaded Britain and brought with them the technology the had developed for flour milling and bread production c 600 AD The Persians invented the windmill However it was another 600 years before the such structures appeared in Europe c 1066 AD Hair sieves were introduced to help sift the bran from flour leading to finer white bread 1191 AD The first recorded windmill in Britain was built at Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk 1202 AD King John of England introduced the first laws in Britain to govern the price of bread and the permitted profit margins 1266 AD The Assize of Bread was introduced where a council sat to regulate the weight and price of loaves If a baker broke the rules set out he could be pilloried and banned from baking for life 1666 AD The Great Fire of London said to have been started in Pudding Lane by a baker totally destroyed the capital 1709 AD A new Act replaced the Assize of 1266 giving magistrates the power to control the type weight and price of loaves 1783 AD The first recorded chain of bakery shops were set up by Christopher Potter of Westminster 1815 AD The first Corn Laws were passed to protect British wheat growers and a duty was levied on imported wheat 1826 AD Wholemeal bread was first said to be healthier than white bread 1846 AD With a crisis in domestic wheat production and large groups of the population near to starvation the Corn Laws were repealed and the duty on imported wheat was lifted 1887 AD The National Association of Master Bakers was formed 1930 AD The introduction of commercial bread slicers for use in large bakeries was made and by 1933 approximately 80 of the bread sold in

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