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  • Earnings from Home - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    summer He was inspired by the programme A place in the country which featured a home with yurts on site for sale It showed the different types of construction of yurts and their price range and he was led to believe it was very popular and a great income generator This type of posh camping or Glamping as it can be known is not for a man like myself who embraces the outdoor life in Bear Grylls style well in my dreams but I can see it would rather suit my wife Either way there is no doubt that the idea of a home and income is very appealing to many people Firstly of course there is attraction of additional income This may permit some to give up their job altogether and embrace that lifestyle change for which many hanker I have friends in North Devon who run a very successful and profitable business surrounded by one bedroom holiday units They say that the degree to which you look to maximise the earning potential is usually governed by the size of your mortgage or expenditure but in their experience it is certainly not for someone who is seeking a quiet life The best owners are ones that relish meeting new people and are actively interested in members of the public so you can see why it would suit many estate agents The owner s involvement depends on the number and size of units available It would be usual to have occupation of a main house with the letting units in close proximity One example of this type of property that we currently have for sale at Bradleys is an existing multi award winning luxury holiday hamlet comprising a Grade II Listed 4 Bed Farmhouse and five boutique style luxury barn

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  • Not quite Kevin Costner! - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    witnessed Lewis wishing he was Kevin Costner so as a little bit of fun here s what that could have looked like We saw the ladies at Shaldon show another side of the business and give a more balanced view of life at Bradleys and finally we all saw our Bradleys End of year Awards and Christmas Party at our very own Head Office Overall I was thrilled with the exposure the series gave Bradleys and whilst the TV production company picked some of the content for Lewis to be entertaining TV not the other 99 of the time when he is an incredibly hard working professional to gain the results for our customers he still came over as sincere likeable and showed he would go the extra mile to make it happen for the customers Katherine showed herself to be the ultimate professional and demonstrated why her office was crowned Office Of The Year 2013 The whole Bradleys team deserve credit because it wasn t easy having the cameras around the business for half a year and when they came into our meetings everyone conducted themselves with good grace Then there were the unexpected spin offs The businesses and other services in and around Bradleys all received good airtime The Developer of Regatta Court in Exmouth Our Exeter Mortgage Advisor Neil Carr and allAgents review site all gained good national exposure every time Lewis was filmed at his desk Then there was Subway builders names on vehicles and what a great advert for Crows Nest in Shaldon that certainly marketed that property pretty widely So what next for the star of the show Lewis is writing a weekly column for the Western Morning News he was on Radio Devon last weekend and is also on track for a record

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/not-quite-kevin-costner (2016-02-12)
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  • Is your agent ready for business? - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    property just to try to win your instructions Is the best agent the one who quotes the cheapest fee Again very rarely correct You may have seen the recent TV program about Estate Agents on BBC2 Bradleys were featured in that series and it very clearly showed the difference between an agent that goes the extra mile to find a buyer and get the best price and the agent that lists instructions on the portals and waits to see if the phone will ring When choosing an agent make sure they have good regional coverage so they will be able to attract a large number of buyers Single office firms in one location just cannot cast their net wide enough Bradleys currently have just short of 20 000 active applicants looking to buy or rent in Devon Cornwall and Somerset with a further 90 000 that have elected to receive our weekly updates to stay in touch with the market Before instructing an agent ask them how many genuine live applicants they will be able to contact to try to find you a buyer A recent example of the power of modern marketing is Bradleys Helston are offering for sale Tresidder a 4 bedroom detached art deco home situated at Mullion with spectacular sea views Tresidder had a presenter led video as part of our marketing and when this property was emailed out one of the recipients was someone living in Hong Kong who was travelling to the UK to buy a cliff top property Upon receipt of the emailed details which contained the link to the video the applicant was interested and made an appointment to view Bradleys collected the applicant from Newquay airport and returned him after the viewing Estate agency is a changing game and only the

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/is-your-agent-ready-for-business (2016-02-12)
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  • Tour de Bradleys Q&A - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    I was diagnosed with a Pituitary tumour which came as rather a shock having had a five year period of feeling generally unwell and struggling really to find out the cause of these feelings Once the diagnosis had been made the transition from feeling generally very unwell to complete recovery and feeling normal again was such a relief I really felt that I had to do something for this unknown condition The Pituitary Foundation are mainly an information and promotional charity that help people with pituitary conditions their main aim is to raise awareness of the many conditions that are linked to the pituitary gland which sits just beneath your brain They are a small charity but do a fantastic job and really need the support and help so that they are able to help people who have been undiagnosed like I was for many years and raise awareness of some of the conditions that are linked So when does the charity ride start and how can we help with donations I start at the Taunton office on Saturday 21st June and I will be cycling to Exmouth and Sidmouth and eventually to Head Office on day one and then on day two I head out from Exmouth to Exeter and then to Crediton Okehampton Bovey Tracey and finishing in Buckfastleigh then so on for the rest of the week until I complete my challenge Donations if you go to the charity web site Just Giving and type in Richard Greetham you will see the Tour de Bradleys link then if you click donate the rest is fairly straightforward However if you go into any of our 33 Bradleys offices they have a Pituitary Foundation collection tin and will be happy to collect your donation Is it just you alone

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/tour-de-bradleys-qa (2016-02-12)
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  • BBC 2, 8pm. Dont miss us! - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    probably given the fairest insight to the industry ever produced whilst it has to be accepted that the majority of the agents featured are all slightly more interesting than the normal estate agent They have to be or else everyone would just switch off We at Bradleys have been quite heavily featured and tonight we see the run in to our end of year awards and will Lewis be successful in any of them The cameras were given access to our end of year awards and Christmas party and I just hope that all is portrayed as it really was We have seen that through editing it is so easy to portray something in a very different light Lewis was followed by a TV crew for a large part of the 6 month filming period which in the end is condensed down to about an hour of air time and that hour is what is good for ratings I think most of the agents featured come over well as hard working in their own particular market place What the programme really shows is the massive diversity of the market place and how it is essential to have an expert in the particular field How about for series 2 the agents are asked to swap offices for a week Who would like to see Gary at and eviction in Dagenham Would that make good TV Things we learnt thought the experience would be to stick to what we do and how we do it not to do a few extra things requested by the camera man Doing it again I would also pay a lot more attention to backgrounds allAgents received good publicity through the poster on the wall behind Lewis head where we are proud of our allAgents ranking and

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/under-offer-estate-agents-on-the-job (2016-02-12)
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  • Bradleys a Tenant friendly Letting Agent - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    been making huge strides to ensure their fees are entirely fair and completely transparent to prospective Tenants In his latest move Lyndon Bent who oversees Bradleys Lettings Business is putting the final touches to a Pre Referencing system in conjunction with independent reference agency Van Mildert which enables a Tenant to apply for a property and obtain an initial pass of the necessary financial checks before they have even parted with a penny in Agents fees This system is totally unique and exclusive to Bradleys in the South West and means that a prospective tenant failing their initial reference will not be left out of pocket The discussion that appears to have been adopted by Politicians is being debated without any clear understanding of the service that property rental agents provide to Tenants It would of course be a travesty if decisions on reform were made on misinformation Part of the argument is that a buyer of a property does not pay agents fees so why should a tenant The reality is that a buyer does indeed pay for the legal services to be undertaken by a solicitor and for a surveyor to check the condition of the property In a tenancy this is the role undertaken by the estate agent prior to a landlord and tenant entering into a contract It is possible the uninitiated will not see this as obvious however within Bradleys there is a clear distinction between the teams of staff in the local branch offices who conduct the rental valuations marketing and viewings would then pass on the relevant information to Bradleys Rentals Management department This dedicated Management team based in Bradleys head office conducts the pre move in legal compliance including Deposit registration as well as drawing up of contracts The notion this process

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/bradleys-a-tenant-friendly-letting-agent (2016-02-12)
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  • Wake up and smell the coffee! - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    a Carpe Diem man Either way there is no doubt that coffee has entered the British way of life with a vengeance and coffee shops continue to do a roaring trade throughout the UK You only have to look at the number of new ones opening on high streets near you to see the potential there is money to be made in running them if you have the imagination and the energy In Exeter Coffee 1 opened last year close to our offices and others that have recently opened include both national chains and independents In general we can see that they have proved to be recession proof on the basis that everyone needs to eat and drink Perhaps despite UKIP s protestations we are also all becoming more European in our outlook and find it preferable to sit outside well summer is approaching and drink coffee and talk about our day or have meetings rather than in our homes or offices Coffee is also available in many more locations now My younger brother when he was in Swansea in the early 80s proved to be well ahead of his time when he set up a book shop with a café It did close down shortly afterwards I suspect mainly due to his sandwich making and the very nasty instant coffee but the idea was sound and now of course common in many outlets including Costa Coffee Waterstones combination My brother moved on to harder drinks and now runs a vineyard in Winkleigh producing a very good rosé by all accounts So coffee shops and cafés have come through the recession intact mainly thanks to the hard work of their proprietors We are also seeing many more come on to the market now in the same way as other businesses

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee (2016-02-12)
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  • What’s next in technology for Agents? - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    the Industry We had the good fortune to spend the previous evening with the speakers and our highly regarded host Peter Knight of The Property Academy so we could gain an insight into some of the interesting subject matters that face the estate agency industry in the future Of course much of it is not new to me as I have been involved with software systems for estate agency since the early 80 s and it was with much excitement from my team and I that we were able to launch the newest and latest generation Bradleys website at the end of March embracing some of the latest web technology A project that I started over a year ago and that I am extremely proud of However although a very far cry from some of the early websites I initiated for my company it is only really scraping the surface of what is soon going to be available to us as a result of the pace of technology change we are experiencing at the moment For example James Dearsly an independent technology consultant demonstrated an amazing mobile phone app that enables you to point your phone camera at an empty development site of new homes or offices and you will get an Augmented Reality image of what the development is going to be like and a breakdown of the individual units within the development This reflects my desire to always provide our clients with information they need to make informed decisions on what they are looking for when buying from our agency Susan Hallam a speaker who is a specialist in internet agency gave us plenty of ideas as to how we can make our website more prominent to provide information as quickly and efficiently as possible Dan Hare a

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/whats-next-in-technology-for-agents (2016-02-12)
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