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  • Traditional Agent vs On-line Agent - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    line agent will produce a buyer quicker deliver better service or expose the vendor s property to a wider audience I can only talk about our stats down here at Bradleys covering the South West of the country where only just over half of our buyers come to us via on line routes the other half come by a complete mixture of routes which include walking through our front door in the very first place Anybody who has been watching Under Offer Estate Agents on the Job has seen how we operate at Bradleys and whilst the hair cutting howling and coffee carrying was put on for the TV the reaction to our service has been to see what a great service we deliver and the extra mile Lewis has gone to get the right result for our customers This is no exception and this is why both Lewis and Bradleys have great allAgents rankings which helps us tremendously to win new instructions My question is how does an on line agent begin to match that quality of service or result when they are missing out on about half of the buyers How can they ever get the best price for the customer in the shortest time when they don t have the access to all of the buyers How can they ever deliver the service and support that is so very clearly being delivered by most of the agents featured in the current BBC2 documentary The argument of the on line agent is wholly fee related and everyone in life understands you get what you pay for If you want a whole job done properly professionally and successfully go to a well established agent who has the experience in that area and the track record to back up their

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/traditional-agent-v-on-line-agent (2016-02-12)
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  • Land sales across the South West accelerate in 2014 - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    News Land sales across the South West accelerate in 2014 Tweet Thu 01 May 2014 Part of the diverse range of services Bradleys Estate Agents offer is a land sales and advice service aimed at the land owner looking to maximise the value of their asset It seems no surprise that with the Government relying on a house building boom to largely improve the economy that house builders have targeted an increase in their business but need land as a starting point The Government has relaxed certain planning laws in order to bring this land forward and whist we as a company have agreed sales on over 2million of land this in April these sales have been the result of a minimum of two years hard work in the planning process This is an acute problem in land provision generally not only in the South West but also nationally Whilst there may be more land being promoted for development local authorities have not scaled up their planning departments to cope with the additional work Whilst sales of land for development have accelerated in 2014 it may be doubtful whether this will continue into 2015 with a backlog of planning permissions awaiting decision and the average time to prepare and issue an application and reach a decision still taking well in excess of 16 months quicker if selling a single plot Whilst the route from taking a piece of land without planning through the planning process to an ultimate sale may be torturous the end result is worthwhile Bradleys Estate Agents are able to advise on this route There are many options available which will allow a land owner to realise the full potential of their asset without having to pay for planning permission in the first place If this is

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/land-sales-across-the-south-west-accelerate-in-2014 (2016-02-12)
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  • What is the best way to search for a property? - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    The larger portal brands are well known and also have a vast range of properties available however rather than waiting for an overnight synchronisation to a portal website why not visit our own website At www bradleys estate agents co uk we update instantly and we don t just list properties but we also give local information about the area including market conditions as well as the range of services that are available we can offer that will help with your move There is more property information on our own website such as full screen size images as well as videos on many properties Newspapers are less commonly used as the sole method of searching for a property and are probably more commonly used in habit and as a point of interest than anything else By using newspapers you can get a general feel for prices and of course the agents in any given town but offer only limited information Visiting estate agency offices in your chosen search area will not only provide you with a selection of properties but also the local knowledge that will be invaluable to you during your search The real benefit in my opinion is the rapport you are able to build with the estate agents Unfortunately I do hear I wasn t even greeted in one estate agency office but I can assure you that Bradleys the best estate agents and our highly professional staff want to know what you are looking for and why you are looking in a given area This helps us understand your reason for the move and be able to find you the right property taking into consideration your requirements and the aspirations behind your move It is quite simply top quality customer service and traditional estate agency I

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/what-is-the-best-way-to-search-for-a-property (2016-02-12)
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  • The Lewis Effect - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    have total confidence in Lewis professionalism and I knew his true character and good heart would shine through He is totally devoted to his role as Manager of our St Thomas Branch and is exceptionally proud of his allAgents ranking both nationally and within Bradleys Lewis has taken on board my philosophy that the way to succeed is to work hard and give a good service he does both of those things in abundance and that is why he is so successful We aim to care for and support our staff and we all treat each other like family at Bradleys which will become clear in future episodes where I gave full access to the cameras to attend 1 1 Meetings Managers Area Meetings and whole of company functions so we are going to lay Bradleys bare to the nation to see what really does go on behind the scenes as well as on the coal face In previous blogs I have discussed the new technology we have put in place Well that was in the nick of time as it has all been put to good use with increased business resulting from our increased profile from national exposure In particular our Customer Services have noticed an increase in on line enquiries which they answer right up to 10 00 at night and they have been able to take overflow calls to ensure all calls from the surge in business are getting answered and actioned properly One quote about Under Offer was Lewis was in danger of changing people s impression of estate agents I am hopeful that by the end of the series we will have achieved that by demonstrating not only why we are ranked so highly on the allAgents tables but also that we are decent people

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/the-lewis-effect (2016-02-12)
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  • Q&A with Bradleys own Lewis Rossiter - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    involved in their own story as well as the day job Betty liked the sound of Lewis the most and came to Exeter to carry out a screen test At this stage Betty still hadn t won the contract to produce the program for the BBC so Lewis contributed to their success in securing the contract for them The cameras followed Lewis for six months and I gave them full access to all of Bradleys meetings and social functions in addition to the daily routines in one of our Exeter offices At this point I had signed away all editorial control of what was used or discarded so I had to be confident that everything would be up to our normal high standard and that we would avoid any embarrassing incidents So that is how Bradleys became involved Below is an exclusive interview for the Bradleys Blog with Lewis Rossiter the star of the show for an insight into the person and his life on and off camera Q When being filmed was first put to you how did you feel A It was a mixture of excitement and trepidation I really wanted to do the series but was very aware that it was a big risk in terms of how I could be portrayed and in turn could be detrimental to Bradleys Q Were you worried at any time you might slip up and say or do something detrimental on National TV A All the time However as time went on the guard came down and felt more relaxed and less self aware Ultimately I made a conscious decision to just be myself and let the chips fall where they may Q Did you have any concerns about dealing with any customers that might be unhappy and have to do that on National TV A Not really I am very proud of my allAgents reviews and current top ten ranking which proves that I deliver the very highest standard of customer care I work for a company which above all else puts customer s needs first so unhappy customers are fortunately very rare Q How did the rest of your team and family feel about you opening yourself up to the whole country and potentially impacting on them as well A I think the team found it overwhelming and stressful but I never gave them the chance to opt out In terms of my family my Wife was adamant she did not want to be filmed and I just told her she was Jools Oliver and would be in the background Q What are you hoping will be the effect on your business career of this program A They say there is no such thing as bad publicity I hope I come across hardworking and dedicated to what I do but also I hope it reflects well on Bradleys I have had a fantastic two years with Bradleys and I am looking forward to a long career with them

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/qa-with-lewis-rossiter (2016-02-12)
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  • Is 2014 the year of the Holiday Home Buyer? - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    the last ten years heralding the return in larger numbers of the Holiday Home Buyer On analysis it seems the following factors have all come together to make this the trend for the housing market in the South West for 2014 1 As can be seen from many published property articles this year the property market is on the move with transaction volumes returning to those of a more normal market place 2 We cannot deny the two speed economy in the UK with London and the South East operating within its own heightened economic bubble and therefore there are many buyers in the market with spare cash to spend on an investment or for a bolt hole in their busy working lives The South West is attracting this interest 3 Early indications suggest interest for holiday home investment is being registered from those with a pension pot who are no longer shackled by having to invest in a poor return annuity changed by The Budget and can be more creative with their investment 4 There has been a natural build up of demand from those buyers seeking the holiday home dream over the time period of the recession who for the first time feel confident in moving forward to make that purchase they were not confident to do during the recession Demand from such buyers is catered for in the South West by a wide variety of homes from coastal holiday apartments holiday lodges within holiday parks or the second hand market generally Location is the key factor however and many developers are planning for this resurgence An example of such a development that will cater for those seeking an investment for retirement or as a holiday home can be seen at The Cove at Fishcombe Brixham where 34

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/is-2014-the-year-of-the-holiday-home-buyer (2016-02-12)
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  • At Bradleys the computer says yes! - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    may have been lost when offices were already dealing with high levels of business that is in addition to dealing with 2 500 on line enquiries every month We have been upgrading all of our computers and last week saw the final lightning fast machine installed in the final office Another mammoth task completed and another enhancement to be able to deliver a better service At Bradleys the computers say yes We are being featured in a BBC2 show on Estate Agents which will be aired for the first time on Wednesday the 9th April at 8 00 Please see an extract from the Radio Times below for an idea of what the programme will be about Under Offer Estate Agents on the Job About to hit the screens It would have been easy to make this series a lot less kind A different production company or a different channel might have gone for the jugular and made the world of estate agents look naff it wouldn t be hard to play to our preconceptions of divs in tight suits making a fast buck But Under Offer is more interesting than that Take Exeter estate agent Lewis I m like a David Brent esque manager he announces We see him in his car shrieking along to a Muse song trying a bit too hard to bond with his underlings and debating whether to call his new son Finlay or Finley or maybe Stryder And yet in the end he s likeable and his efforts make a real difference to a young mum moving house So because the series empathises with its characters rather than stitching them up we care Well you may find you care rather less for Mayfair based Gary who comes across as a grandiose creep but he s documentary gold About this programme 1 6 New series Documentary offering an insight into the UK s varied property market following estate agents around the nation as they go about their daily work Gary Hersham is in charge of selling a 39million town house complete with eight bathrooms private gym and cinema in Mayfair west London while it s a very different world for Lynne Blaney in Spennymoor Co Durham where houses can start at auction for 1 In Exeter novice agent Lewis Rossiter is trying to balance the needs of his pregnant wife with a demanding client and veteran Dave Simms deals with two couples competing for the same Birmingham bungalow Francis Marshall says What will be really interesting for the British viewing public will be their ability to see how they judge these agents on screen and then compare them with their allAgents ranking My bet is that the public perception will match the allAgents ranking which will further enhance the reason why every agent should care about what their customers think about them and make sure that customer service is the number one priority See the Bradleys reviews and ranking on the Estate Agents review site

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/at-bradleys-the-computers-say-yes (2016-02-12)
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  • Why consider a career with Bradleys? - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    Min 1 bed 2 beds 3 beds 4 beds 5 beds Search Type Auction Commercial Development Land Search Radius Within 1 4 Mile Within 1 2 Mile Within 1 Mile Within 2 Miles Within 5 Miles Within 10 Miles Within 15 Miles Within 20 Miles Within 50 Miles Close More News Why consider a career with Bradleys Tweet Fri 28 Mar 2014 Having worked in the estate agency industry since 1986 I was a small child when I started I have seen lots of changes with the way the property market has evolved and staff have had to adapt to those changes In 1988 as fast as we listed property it sold Then in August of that year with the removal of dual tax relief on mortgages and a rise in interest rates things halted abruptly Staff had to cease being order takers and revert to being sales people 28 years later the business still needs staff with the ability to adapt like a chameleon being a sales and lettings guru giving the best Customer Service offering a shoulder to cry on having brilliant communication skills and recognising the customer s needs and wants almost before they realise it themselves Working for Bradleys means working with a company that values its staff no one is ever just a number and that shows in our staff retention rate A lot of us have been around for a very long time Agency is not a something for the faint hearted or for anyone who wants a 9 5 Monday to Friday job it is a vocation to be passionate about and if you think that might be you click on the link to see where it takes you View our current available positions now Alison Wright Bradleys Personnel Manager x In other

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/why-consider-a-career-with-bradleys (2016-02-12)
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