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  • A Budget for Homes - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    smaller house builders which is very good news for us at Bradleys as we specialise in helping the small to medium size builder by providing them with specialist services normally only associated with the big national companies Even more help has been provided with a Right to Build scheme to help individuals who want to build their own home The Help To Buy 2 scheme was not extended but will still run until the end of 2016 as originally planned for help to buy second hand homes This is all excellent news it will further aid the recovery and with the extra homes being built will lessen the chances of a price bubble by increasing the supply in line with the demand The Budget headline was the change to pension regulations which is again excellent news for property Now that you don t have to purchase a poorly performing annuity upon your retirement people will look for alternatives and an obvious choice is property It is very likely that an investment property will be within the reach of most pension pay outs and that property will be a great investment with increasing value and a better rate of return than the annuities previously on offer Clearly with something so important as where to invest your pension fund you will need the services of a very trust worthy and reputable estate agent who cannot only sell you a property but also advise you honestly on the best type of investment depending on if you are looking to maximise your investment for growth or yield or combination of both This is where we come in at Bradleys we can offer expert help with every element of buying the correct investment and then letting it to provide you with the maximum return and

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  • Deposit Protection – How Much?? - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    Within 50 Miles Close More News Deposit Protection How Much Tweet Fri 21 Mar 2014 I returned after a week away from the office well not emails to find on my desk the renewal notice for Bradleys Membership of the TDS the government approved deposit protection scheme It was a good job I had already sat down as the bill was huge but then I thought actually our membership now protects about 1600 Tenant deposits to the value of 1 2 Million at any one time It is when I looked at the number of disputes that were referred to the TDS Independent Case Examiner that it was confirmed that Bradleys were involved in only 1 25 of deposits sent to TDS pending a dispute and less than 1 went on to be resolved by adjudication You will understand why that in this day and age when we are all looking for value for money I felt this it is a lot of money for a service rarely used in full Of course our membership of an approved scheme is required by law and provides complete peace of mind to both Tenants and their Landlords that in the event of an irreconcilable dispute there is access to a completely independent arbitrator to pass a sound award judgment Where we do get value from TDS however is from an excellent source of staff training and helpful advice in unusual circumstances that can often arise in administering deposits back to tenants or awards to Landlords The real unsung heroes in all of this though are my Property Management Vacate Team in Head office This team are dedicated to ensuring the right and fair result for all parties at the end of a tenancy It is their commitment and tenacity that ensures that

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/deposit-protection-how-much (2016-02-12)
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  • Can you keep up! - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    11 weeks of last year new instructions coming to the market are up 8 3 whilst sales agreed are up 32 Abortive sales are down 1 and completions are up 34 What does this all mean It means that the market is improving and Bradleys are performing well It also means that we could run short of stock so more new instructions are needed Perhaps if you are thinking of selling or even on the market with another agent who has not produced the result you wanted give Bradleys a call Either contact your local office or contact our Customer Services Department to take advantage of our free valuation offer Send them an email to request a free valuation customerservices beagroup co uk there is nothing to lose but everything to gain You can contact us right up to 10 00 in the evening as we are working when it is convenient for you That s fresh isn t it Still not sure then read what our past customers have all said about us at the Estate Agents review site allAgents co uk Other things going on include the launch of our cutting edge new website is now just days away Video content will feature highly as will full screen photos and even presenter led video tours To have an early peek at the video content search for Bradleys on YouTube I have had confirmation this morning that the programme the BBC have been making about Estate Agents is due to come to our screens in April Check out the BBC press release at http www bbc co uk mediacentre latestnews 2014 under offer html I haven t seen any of the content but I am sure it will be fascinating and will provide a great insight to those involved

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  • Why I am backing the Buy to Let Market - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    bleak prospect of an under performing pension plan At that time having sold my estate agency business I decided to invest in something tangible which led me to my decision to purchase a portfolio of property to rent out Fast forward to 2014 and comparing my traditional pension plan performance yes I have kept up the payments and my property portfolio performance it is very clear to me which of the pension provisions has performed to my expectations yes you ve guessed it my rentals portfolio Looking forward again it seems obvious to me the time is now right to add to my property portfolio for three main reasons To explain Being a bit of a stats nerd back in 1999 having reviewed house price trends since 1960 it was clear at that time that an exaggerated house price increase trend was overdue The housing market record between 2000 and 2007 is well documented Looking back at this graph and bringing this up to date we may be back to a similar starting point as in 2000 On the income front I believe there is still an overdue rebalance of the property market despite the Help to Buy schemes low interest rates etc The volume of rental occupation versus home ownership is set to grow for the foreseeable future My third point is that having come through a disruptive finance based recession where big question marks have been placed on the financial services industries I feel I am better served with an investment I can touch and feel such as bricks and mortar rather than a paper based investment that can be traded around the world and be at the mercy of middle men each taking their cut at each turn Hindsight is a wonderful thing and no doubt in

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/why-i-am-backing-the-buy-to-let-market (2016-02-12)
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  • March is the Golden Month - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    12 Mar 2014 I have been saying all year that the time to buy is now The market is rising and mortgages are both cheap and available There is a demand for property and there is still a choice with our offices still carrying good stocks of property for sale One of our Senior Mortgage Advisors summed it up perfectly yesterday when he said that March is the Golden Month in addition to the things I have already stated he pointed out that new MMR come into effect next month where mortgage applications will be judged on affordability more than just straight income criteria This will involve more checking and analysis of the person and their spending habits in addition to their income and he thought that inevitably mortgages will take longer to process and become more difficult to obtain There is still time to buy and get your mortgage in place before the new legislation comes in so don t delay Right now buying a property is the best thing to do and it will never be this affordable or accessible again I am certainly aware that the buyers down here in the South West know that as sales have risen steeply in March This is a great opportunity for anyone thinking of selling because the buyers are about they are serious and in a position to buy If you are thinking of selling and would like to take advantage of Bradleys free valuation offer then email our Customer Services Department at customerservices beagroup co uk and they will be pleased to book an appointment for you with your local office Bradleys have 33 Offices spanning between Taunton and Penzance so can help you where ever you are based If you want to know more about Bradleys before booking

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/march-is-the-golden-month (2016-02-12)
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  • Help to Buy is working! - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    the current scheme designed to help the property market back on its feet I personally am very grateful for their help as all that have been involved in the property market over the past 7 years know it has been a tough time I know the buyers in the South West where wages can be lower and prices higher are now able to buy who previously had no hope what so ever are even more grateful so we should all congratulate the Government on an excellent piece of work There is no doubt that the scheme is just a short term fix and the longer term repair to the UK property market must come in the form of building more homes I can only assume that if the politicians have understood that requirement and will be working towards that as the long term goal It s a pretty basic supply and demand equation if there are more buyers than houses then the prices will be driven up and the shorter the supply the higher the prices will go If the Government really want to control the market to maintain it at a sustainable level them more homes are going to be needed over the next few years at a faster rate than we have ever seen before Stamp Duty used to be an irritation to buyers but at its current rates it is now a serious consideration for buyers and certainly does prevent some buyers from buying the property they could otherwise have afforded If the Government are serious about helping the market then they should also lift price of exempt from stamp duty to 200K Again here in the South West where our prices tend to be driven up by second home owners it would be a relief to

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/help-to-buy-is-working (2016-02-12)
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  • The time is right and the time is now! - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    will quickly calculate that it is generally cheaper to buy than to rent and you will eventually in 25 years time end up with a property where you do not have to pay either a mortgage or rent I have said before this year that mortgages are incredibly cheap and available property is starting to move up and will be a sound investment over the coming years There is confidence back in the market and Mark Carney has again said he will hold on to interest rates even if unemployment goes below 7 It really doesn t get any better than this and if you are thinking of selling to move up in the market then now is the time as there is a good supply of buyers and the longer you delay the jump the wider the gap in price will become as the increase stretches the prices in a rising market To be sure of getting the right price and achieving a sale make sure you use an agent with a good track record Thanks to allAgents co uk it is easy to identify who to trust with your most expensive asset and also who can make it happen for you At this point you will see by looking at allAgents co uk that Bradleys are ranked 3rd out of over 12 000 agents in the country for delivering customer service Remember always use an agent others have been happy with they will have certainly valued the property correctly in the first place to enable the deal to be done If you over price an instruction it will go stale and you will end up having to reduce your price whilst the type of property you wanted to trade up to will have increased and possibly moved out

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/the-time-is-right-and-the-time-is-now (2016-02-12)
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  • Pain relief for property repairs - Bradleys Estate Agents | Property for sale in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset
    Land Search Radius Within 1 4 Mile Within 1 2 Mile Within 1 Mile Within 2 Miles Within 5 Miles Within 10 Miles Within 15 Miles Within 20 Miles Within 50 Miles Close More News Pain relief for property repairs Tweet Wed 05 Mar 2014 After my Maintenance Team within Bradleys Property Management were overrun with calls during the past spell of unrelenting weather I felt I had to streamline the system I therefore turned to technology yet again to help the team manage the high volumes of maintenance issues that resulted from the horrendous storms Bradleys now operate an online maintenance repairs and issue reporting system for the Rentals Properties under their Management assisted by a web solution from Fixflo Providing a simple system that enables tenants to report their issue the picture based diagnostic system prompts users to provide accurate information ensuring a complete report with a full description and options for photographs These reports are then relayed to both landlord and contractor Nothing is missed Tenants can also log a problem in up to 40 different languages which will be accurately translated in the report received by the maintenance team The whole process is far more efficient and enables delivery of faster repairs All of this is not to say that Emergencies cannot be reported in a conventional manner Of course it is very important that urgent issues are attended to very quickly if they are of a nature that would be of danger to life or of imminent peril to the structure of the property As I have over many years I will continue to employ the most up to date systems and processes to continually improve the service we provide to our clients Next Tenant pre referencing Watch this space Have a look for yourself

    Original URL path: http://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/articles/pain-relief-for-property-repairs (2016-02-12)
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