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  • Dentist Brighton. Cosmetic Dentists in BN1, Brighton
    New patients for Private Denplan and NHS treatment are all welcome Learn more about our cosmetic dentistry treatments including teeth whitening porcelain veneers white fillings dental implants and much more We provide complete smile makeovers to improve your confidence making you look and feel younger Call us on 01273 779377 Copyright Brighton White Dental Studio All rights reserved Last Update February 2016 Dental Marketing Website Design Cosmetic Dentist Brighton Cosmetic

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  • Brighton Dentists. Cosmetic Dentists in Brighton BN1. Dental Practice.
    better your appearance this is WISH based But in order to enhance your appearance you must achieve and maintain basic health The two go hand in hand At Brighton White Dental Studio we bring both dental pieces together We are focused on dental services that make a difference in your life our dental studio provides full service with highly skilled professionals offering a wide range of dental treatments with state of the art techniques We always try to deal with the reasons that may have stopped you from accomplishing your goal before so that this time you will be able to receive all the benefits of treatment For many patients fear is a real issue our objective is in making your dental visits as free from discomfort as possible Cost is another factor that affects many of our patients so we try to keep our costs within reason considering the increases in materials and new technologies Financial arrangements can be made No one wants to endure the embarrassment of missing teeth bleeding gums or bad breath If you are serious about improving your smile it is well worth your time to have a consultation with us You have a nothing

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  • Dentist Brighton. Cosmetic, restorative, preventive dentists in BN1, Brighton
    children scale and polish bad breath gum disease decay detection and mouth cancer screening services We also have expertise and special interests in oral surgery for extractions root canal therapy for infections and sedation is available for nervous patients Our facial rejuvation experts remove wrinkles frowns and lines on the face to make you look and feel younger Copyright Brighton White Dental Studio All rights reserved Last Update February 2016

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  • Brighton Dentists. Cosmetic Dentists in BN1, Brighton
    dental treatment Would you recommend the clinic Yes I will be contacting them in 6 months for my check up appointment Would you return for further treatment Yes If I needed it Very professional service Michelle Very good Were you pleased with the treatment Very good Kind and friendly staff Would you recommend the clinic Yes Convenient location and reasonable prices Would you return for further treatment Yes John Brilliant Were you pleased with the treatment As a man we don t like to admit that we are scared of anything but I am really terrified of the dentist I saw Dr Arash Jafari and he was brilliant I didn t feel stupid and he understood my fears Would you recommend the clinic Yes If your a dental phobic patient GO TO THIS CLINIC Would you return for further treatment Definitely Tony I would recommend this clinic Were you pleased with the treatment I have tried about 5 dentists in the past 12 months and Brighton White are the only dentist who I could get an emergency appointment with Would you recommend the clinic Yes The dentist treated me like a person and not a number Would you return for

    Original URL path: http://www.brightonwhite.co.uk/testimonials.html (2016-02-11)
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  • Brighton Dentists. Affordable and quality dentistry. BN1, Brighton
    an interest free yearly plan Download our price list here Price List Diagnostics Cosmetic check up 35 OPG 35 Small x ray each 5 Photographs Patient copy 65 Study Model 50 Waxed up Models per tooth 25 Periodontal Hygienist Services Gum Specialist Consultation 130 Gum Specialist treatment surgery POA after a Initial consultation Hygienist appointment 53 Hygienist 1hour 106 Gum treatment per session 250 Airflow polish with calculus removed 69 Restorations White fillings 1 surface From 100 White Filling 2 surfaces From 120 White Fillings 3 surfaces From 140 White Fillings V Large From 160 Silver fillings From 85 Surgical Treatment Surgical XLA per tooth From 160 Surgical XLA Wisdom tooth From 250 Apicectomy From 250 Root Canal Therapy Front tooth 350 Pre molar 350 Molar 400 Crown and Bridge Full Ceramic Crown per tooth 550 Full Gold per tooth 450 Porcelain Bonded Precious 450 Porcelain Bonded Non precious 375 Bridge per tooth 450 Bridge Ceramic per tooth 550 Re cementation Crown or Inlay 65 Re cementation Bridge Maryland 65 Veneer per tooth 450 Porcelain Onlay 425 Composite Onlay 300 Gold Onlay 350 Dentures Full Acrylic top or bottom From 450 Partial Acrylic From 450 Valplast Partial Denture From 650 Chrome metal denture From 800 Addition to Denture From 50 Denture Reline 90 Denture Repair 50 Tooth coloured clasp 60 Prophylaxis Fissure sealants per tooth 45 Fluoride application 20 Mouth guard Clear 120 Mouth guard Coloured 120 Night guard top or bottom 120 Whitening Home Kit with Bleaching trays 295 Zoom in chair Whitening inc Airflow Take home bleaching trays 550 Bleaching trays replacement 100 Peroxide syringe 10ml 29 99 Implants Implant consultation Free T C s Apply Implant and restoration per tooth From 1450 Lower Over denture POA Upper Over denture POA Full upper or lower implants POA Sinus

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  • Dentist Brighton. Cosmetic Dentists in BN1, Brighton.
    the right to charge for failure to keep an appointment or for cancellation at short notice Opening Hours Mon 9am 1pm 2pm 6pm Tues 9am 1pm 2pm 6pm Wed 9am 1pm 2pm 6pm Thurs 9am 1pm 2pm 6pm Fri 9am 1pm 2pm 5pm Sat Closed Closed Copyright Brighton White Dental Studio All rights reserved Last Update February 2016 Dental Marketing Website Design by Dental Focus Web Design Cosmetic Dentist Brighton

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  • Dentists Brighton - Teeth Straightening Brighton, BN1
    less mild crowding situations we can place a tiny adjuster in the middle of the appliance which pushes the side teeth out fractionally This creates a few millimetres spacing at the front so the teeth can jostle into position How do I know it will work Before we start we can create 3D computerised models of your teeth as they are now and how they will look after treatment From this a plan is created to show us exactly how much we have to adjust the appliance and the teeth We go through all this with you first to make sure you are happy with the result we have How long does it take Making and fitting the aligner takes two short appointments a couple of weeks apart followed by 15 minute check ups and adjustments every two or three weeks Great results can be achieved in as little as 8 to 16 weeks depending on how crowded the teeth are Does it hurt As the aligner starts to put pressure on the teeth a small number of patients report some mild tooth tenderness and take Ibuprofen for the first week or so Like anything foreign to your mouth it may cause you to salivate more than usual for 24 to 48 hours and could affect your speech for 7 to 10 days The appliance is more bulky than invisible braces and does bulk out the upper lip slightly but should be completely comfortable Is the Inman Aligner new Patients have been treated with Inman Aligners since 2000 In the United States approximately 450 to 500 new patients are prescribed treatment with Inman Aligners every month Is the Inman Aligner comparable to Invisalign No the Inman Aligner is used for treating the top and bottom front teeth only Invisalign can

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  • Brighton Dentists. Teeth whitening, whiter teeth in BN1, Brighton.
    We also provide you with personalize whitening trays and two Zoom whitening syringes for you to use at home to keep your teeth white Impressions for take home trays can be taken on a previous appointment or on the day of your in chair whitening procedure You should allow 2 hours for the treatment Can Zoom Cause Sensitivity Zoom does not induce sensitivity in patients whom have no hypersensitivity issues however those who already have sensitivity may suffer as normal Please note that the potassium nitrate solution and ACP relief gel which are applied all throughout the entire procedure will help reduce this and may eliminate it completely Do I alter the intensity setting for different patients No the high setting is always used in the EU these settings are for other countries who can use higher strengths of gel which may cause sensitivity Why do we Offer a take home portion to Zoom The take home portion of zoom is designed to further enhance the results you will gain in the chair and to deliver exceptional whitening results 2 syringes of Zoom 6 Hydrogen peroxide gel are supplied that can be worn immediately after Zoom These offer 6 dual arch applications of zoom one syringe increment equates to one lower or upper tray application and is only worn for half an hour for optimum results This means that patients can wear twice a day for 3 days post zoom to rapidly enhance their chairside result How long will the Zoom results last Depending on patient lifestyle and diet this cannot accurately be ascertained however Zoom is safe to have as often as patients wish and with regular Zoom Day White or Night White top up tray sessions in between the patient can keep maintaining their results You will be

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