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  • Bristol Singles - Bristol Culture
    use of plasticine and stop motion animation particularly in such well loved features like Wallace and Gromit Chicken Run and Morph If you are interested in Bristol s history a good place to visit would be the Bristol Industrial Museum which has fascinating exhibitions on the city s various modes of transportation over the years as well as Bristol s part in the slave trade Located at the Princes Wharf the museum also houses a magnificent collection of steam powered vehicles Set amid Georgian architecture the beautiful Clifton Shopping Arcade is a showcase of local art and crafts The awe inspiring Clifton Suspension Bridge is another imposing example of Bristol s cultural history It was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel Bristol s most famous adopted son This pioneer of engineering and architecture had many great contributions to the cultural landscape many of which can still be seen today Brunel is the same engineer responsible for several tourist sights and monuments around the city centre including the Great Western Railway that linked Bristol and London in the 1830s and two of the first steamships built in Bristol the SS Great Western and the SS Great Britain which can still be viewed at the dry docks The SS Great Britain has the unique distinction of being the first iron propeller driven ship in the world Brunel is only one of the many notable Bristolians who have contributed much culture and history of the city and of the world John Cabot is another such pioneer In 1497 he sailed from Bristol to Newfoundland on a historic journey Also known as Giovanni Caboto this Italian navigator and explorer is credited as one of the first early modern Europeans to discover the North American mainland Today many of Bristol s streets have Newfoundland in their

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  • Bristol Singles - Bristol Dating Venues
    you the Bristol Active Social Club and the Bristol and Bath IVC In addition Bristol has many supper clubs and rotary clubs that you might want to give a whirl For a fun date in a venue of class and elegance Babushka on Whiteladies Road is the place to visit The venue offers several games that couples can enjoy together such as arcade machines and table football There are deep and comfortable sofas in the bar area where you can snuggle and whisper in each other s ears The menu lists several bar snacks and a many fine delights For those certified party animals looking for a place that mirrors their mood Bristol s many bars may be just what the doctor ordered There s always a bar to satisfy what you crave for whether you want to party in casual jeans or designer wear Several chic and modern bars and restaurants line Clifton and Southville and there are also a few traditional establishments around For students and the younger crowd head to Baldwin Street and Broad Street right in the heart of Bristol s city centre to hangout with your generation Nowadays one of the hottest clubs in the city is 139 North Street Yes that s the name of the club and not just its address A brainchild of club mogul Andy McCarthy this club has won two of the region s prestigious Venue of the Year awards It succeeds other famous Bristol clubs such as The Farm and Cadbury House At 139 North Street resident DJs always have the place jumping with their hot tunes It s an excellent venue for getting your fill of pizza and beer Meanwhile if you enjoy a venue with a sizzling hot DJ check out Arc on Broad Street where many

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  • Bristol Singles - Bristol Live Music, Clubbing & Comedy
    similar vein much like the other Fiddlers pubs that are scattered all over the UK Fiddlers also hosts the best bands from the local indie scene One of the premier party places in Bristol is the Bierkeller on All Saints Street and it boasts of its very own oompah band The scene here can get pretty wild and uninhibited The regular rounds of leg kicking and table dancing always elevate the fun factor a notch or two higher On the other hand if your taste in music runs towards the more sedate the ideal venue for you is the Bristol Concert Orchestra the largest community orchestra group in the city They specialize in jazz classical and modern shows You can catch any of their regular concerts at St Georges Church and at St Alban s Church in Westbury Meanwhile if your dancing feet are beginning to itch it might be time for some hard clubbing There are many exciting venues at the city centre that will give you what you desire The Cooler on Park Street has something special going on almost every night depending on which band is in the house Giant Robot puts on a killer show of rave and dance music while Klub Kute holds sway every Saturday with the best in British and American indie The Cooler also has a popular gay night when Wonky is onstage The award winning Elbow Room on Park Street is famous for its stable of superstar DJs and rising young talents Here you can simply relax and chill out or shoot some pool The Elbow Room also serves some of the heartiest meals in the city centre If chic is your thing Fuchsia on Nelson Street is the place to visit and it s where the city s beautiful people

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  • Bristol Singles - Bristol Museums & Art Galleries
    Great George Street is an authentic house dating back to those long gone days and it allows visitors to step back in time The house has its own dark history revolving around a tale of inequality and the travails of the slave Pero in whose honour a nearby bridge is named There are many original features still in the house and a year round program of exhibits that are regularly changed and updated There are also many educational activities for children to help them to better understand this turbulent period in the city s history One sure sign that the house is the genuine article is the fact that it has been prominently featured in quite a few BBC period dramas The Kings Weston Roman Villa at Long Cross takes visitors back even further in time to the third century AD when the villa was built This excellent example of a Roman villa features its own bathing suite and living quarters as well as elegant mosaic flooring It provides a clear idea of how the old Romans lived The Royal West of England Academy located at Clifton is renowned for its support for various artists from all over the world numbering in the thousands since the academy first opened its doors in 1844 The Royal West of England Academy is one of only five such Royal Academies of Art The Ginger Gallery on Hotwell Road is a unique venue whose offerings are completely different from anything else the city has to offer This contemporary gallery has a year round series of exhibitions that can only be described as eclectic and includes exhibits on ceramics jewellery and sculpture In stark contrast to the Ginger Gallery the Saha Gallery on Waterloo Street offers visitors exactly what they would expect in a modern

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  • Bristol Singles - Dining in Bristol
    Bristol sits Chandlers Restaurant a large and chic venue that is renowned for its a la carte menu and superb carvery If you and your loved one enjoy great style The Restaurant Valentino on Westbury on Trym is the place to visit Its decor is simple but supremely stylish and ideal for a romantic date The food here is always fresh and is inspired by the cuisine of Southern Italy For a taste of French cuisine Milton s on Stock Lane is an excellent choice Regarded as one of the best French restaurants n Langford Milton s boasts of an intimate atmosphere in both its private dining rooms and galleried dining area It s also a great venue for large groups and for special functions Meanwhile for al fresco dining visit The Shoots Floating Bar Restaurant on Hotwells Road This venue is moored just across the SS Great Britain and makes for an unconventional yet romantic dining spot complete with fabulous meals and enticing scenery Now if a taste for something different is more your style Bristol also has a number of unique restaurants that can provide you with a dining experience to remember Casa Mexicana on Zetland Road is renowned for its spicy foods well stocked menu and lively party atmosphere If you re planning a rousing night on the town Casa Mexicana is a great place to kick off the evening s festivities For tapas lovers Quartier Vert on Whiteladies Road is one of the most popular places in town Its bar is quite popular and so its excellent Spanish dishes as well as its wide array of dips and dippers Another superb place for tapas is The Olive Shed on Princes Wharf and it offers a more intimate setting and a breath0 taking view across the docklands

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  • Bristol Singles - Bristol Sports
    Centre is a great place for a grand time on the slopes Skiing neophytes can also visit Avon to take lessons For people who love the sea and water sports there are a number of excellent places in Bristol which can guarantee you a whole day of fun and adventure Foremost of these places is the Portishead Yacht and Sailing Club on Bolton Road one of the country s leading sailing clubs Not so keen on sailing The Portishead Yacht and Sailing Club features a roster of trained professionals who specialize in teaching the basics of selling to couples and entire families The Avon County Rowing Club is perhaps one the region s oldest and most prestigious rowing clubs It was built over a century ago at Saltford and caters to guests of all ages and abilities Training is available to all visitors as well as to coaches and umpires In just a few short lessons even a beginner can learn to perfect some masterstrokes Bristol is also filled with swimming pools galore which are run by the local council of by independent businessmen It also houses venues for trout fishing such as the Bristol Water Fisheries on Stoke Hill in Woodford Lodge It s equipped with special boats for the handicapped Speaking of the handicapped the Bristol Ability Sports Club is a special centre that offers a wide range of sports activities for disabled people Highly qualified coaches are on hand to lend their support The Club is located at St Paul s Community Sports Academy on Newfoundland Road When it comes to sports the most popular sport around is still football and there are plenty of venues to cheer for the home team or even to get in on the action The city has two main professional football

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  • Bristol Singles - History of Bristol
    York It boasted of a population of 15 20 000 However the onset of the plague known as the Black Death in 1348 49 decimated Bristol s population with the number of inhabitants dwindling to a mere 10 12 000 during most of the 15th and 16th centuries In 1542 the Diocese of Bristol was established and the Abbey of St Augustine was transformed into the Bristol Cathedral For all intents and purposes this means that the town of Bristol had achieved city status A Civil War broke out in the city in the 1640s and residents had to endure occupation by the Royalist military occupation as well as a plague The 17th century marked another period of renewed growth for Bristol especially with the rise of England s American colonies and the expansion of England s role in the slave trade in America during the 18th century Though very few African slaves were actually brought to England Bristol as well as Liverpool became a major transit point for the slave trade From 1700 to 1807 an estimated 2 000 slaving ships were fitted for travel at Bristol carrying about half a million Africans bound for slavery in America One remnant of those days that is still around is the Seven Stars pub where slave trade abolitionist Thomas Clarkson gathered information to support his cause It was also around this time that Bristol fishermen who had been fishing at the Grand Banks of Newfoundland for years began to settle this island permanently By the early 19th century Bristol s economic growth had slowed and was surpassed by the flourishing new manufacturing centres of the North and Midlands The reasons for this included growing competition from Liverpool the war with France in 1793 which disrupted the flow of Bristol s maritime

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  • Bristol Singles - Theatre & Dance in Bristol
    to aspiring artists and singers even to you should you be so inclined Finally if you enjoy watching youngsters in youth theatre or in summer schools and drama clubs the Attic Fusion Theatre is just what the doctor ordered It s a fabulous place to give your talented child a taste of the theatre Meanwhile for lovers of dance and aspiring dancers Bristol has something for you too Whether you re the type who wants to hit the stage and put your best foot forward or if you d rather sit back and enjoy the work of the masters you ll find what you re looking for in Bristol At the heart of the dance scene is the Bristol Dance Centre where opportunities are a plenty for the talented and strong of heart Located on Jacobs Wells Road the Bristol Dance Centre has produced many of today s leading contemporary dancers It offers you a wide array of dance courses that cater to beginners professionals and those who want to learn advanced dancing skills The Centre will teach you how to develop confidence in your own choreography You can study ballet or contemporary dance or simply how to move to the music to stay fit and active There are also courses on jazz swing flamenco and an eclectic range of dances to choose from If you want to re live the glory days of your youth during the 1950s and 1960s the Elmgrove Centre and its Lindy Hop classes offers you the ideal venue to do so The place is always filled with the music and dances of your time For the more experienced duos an advanced course at Hoppin Mad will help tweak your moves and give you some new steps to make you the star of any dance

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