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  • Clothing and Accessories | Brixton Cycles
    is hardcore cyclists They ride in all weathers at all times of the year all over the city country world We can t afford to stock things that don t work Anything we stock has to pass the Brixton Cycles Customer test What that means is we don t sell cheap tat that breaks in five minutes and we don t sell the eye wateringly expensive products aimed at the lifestyle market If it s on our shelves you can bet it s durable reliable and good value for money We ve got the locks and lights you ll need to start commuting We ve got the mudguards and comfortable waterproof clothing you ll need to keep on commuting through the winter We ve got the racks and panniers you ll want on tour If racing is your bag we ve got the fancy disco slippers you ll want to impress at the cafe on Sunday morning and the itsy bitsy teeny weeny seat packs you ll need to carry your energy bar and CO2 inflator thingy We sell the clip on mudguards and gloves that mountain bikers will appreciate Brompton afficionados will appreciate the kit we flog to make

    Original URL path: http://www.brixtoncycles.co.uk/clothing-and-accessories (2016-02-15)
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  • Lighting | Brixton Cycles
    These are the kind which are adequate for making your presence apparent to other road users but if you often ride in places with no street lighting you ll want something brighter like the rechargeables or dynamo lights USB Rechargeable Lights We stock Lezyne USB lights high powered rechargable right from your computer They re dazzling if pointed straight ahead so aim them down at the road to help you see upcoming potholes They start from 30 Dynamo Systems Keep losing your battery lights Mates or family keep borrowing them long term We love a hub dynamo system You never leave home without them and they re bright enough to make SUV s pull out of your way We sell the Shimano dynamo hubs and Busch Muller lights Get us to build you a wheel with your choice of rim or choose a prebuilt Shimano Mavic option Let us worry about the installation and cabling Prices from around 200 installed Yes they re spendy but they dont cost the earth We dont bother with cheaper bottle systems that attempt to run on the side of your tyre We loathe the way they let you down We prefer lights that hold

    Original URL path: http://www.brixtoncycles.co.uk/lighting (2016-02-15)
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  • Locks | Brixton Cycles
    and take it inside with you We sell security equipment from Abus Kryptonite Pitlock and Pinhead As a rule your locks should cost at least 10 of the value of the bike Spending more is even better will reduce the risk of theft The most basic point of comparison among locks is the Sold Secure rating Bronze Silver or Gold Within London you ll need at least one lock with the Silver rating or better Some people recommend using two locks of at least that level of security while others get away with using just one and a lower quality cable See our longer article on bike security D Locks The preferred choice of the Co Op what most insurance companies recommend Generally they offer the best security to cost ratio and they re easy to carry mounted to the bike frame We sell them in the most common size length and a range of toughness levels Extra long shackles mean more reach to the object you re locking to but they can offer more space for a thief to get a lever in to pry the lock open so we only sell those by special order D locks are like people the smaller they are the harder they are to break If your wheels tyres frame are skinny enough and you re willing to scout out objects thin yet strong enough to lock to mini D locks are a good option Chains Cables This category covers a wide range of strengths and weights Cheap chains and cables are not so difficult to cut They serve best as secondary security eg for locking a front wheel or saddle while the D lock secures the frame and rear wheel If you really need the flexibility and are willing to bear the

    Original URL path: http://www.brixtoncycles.co.uk/locks (2016-02-15)
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  • Luggage, Load Carrying & Trailers | Brixton Cycles
    Tubus we have a variety of racks for mounting panniers rack packs baskets or just a newspaper The less expensive ones are made from aluminium and are light and reasonably durable the more expensive ones are made from tubular steel like a classic bicycle frame only smaller are reasonably light very durable and come with extended warranties to cover you during your extended world tour Panniers Ortlieb Mr Ortlieb designed his panniers after he got home from a wet and bedraggled British cycling holiday They re just about the most durably waterproof luggage a person can buy We favour the ones with the roll top closure there are two types City and Classic in two sizes the smaller Front Roller designed for mounting to a front rack but will fit on the back and the larger Back Roller The City model is just as waterproof but lacks interior pockets and has less sophisticated closure straps costs less and we sell them singly The Classic has the features the other model lacks is available in more colours but only as a matching pair The Back Roller Classic remains the most popular variation Bar bags seat packs Bar bags mount to your handlebars and are very handy while touring giving you storage you can access without getting off the bike The Ortliebs have a quick release mount and you can attach a waterproof map holder on top You ll see the smaller seat packs mounted to speedy road bikes on club runs carrying a handful of bare essentials The larger classic canvas bags from Carradice are normally to be found hanging from a Brooks saddle carrying a tool roll a day s worth of food and some extra clothing Trailers We have flatbed trailers from Carry Freedom ready for mounting a variety

    Original URL path: http://www.brixtoncycles.co.uk/luggage (2016-02-15)
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  • Skateboards | Brixton Cycles
    Trailers Skateboards Surly Skateboards Mogdog surfing Brixton Beach Longboards slalom boards street boards vert boards and cruisers we sell them all We sell complete boards but we also sell decks trucks bushings wheels bearing hardware grip tape and risers so you can custom build your board Additionally we stock a varied amount of hardware to get you rolling again Prices and availability fluctuate constantly so for current information give us

    Original URL path: http://www.brixtoncycles.co.uk/skateboards (2016-02-15)
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  • Surly | Brixton Cycles
    why Practical comfortable versatile durable Components chosen for compatibility and flexibility Colours chosen to annoy the fashionable for everything else there is The Cross Check It might be the only bike you ll need There are some other options if you have more particular requirements For quitting your job and seeing the world we have the Long Haul Trucker Disc Trucker Ogre and Troll These are also great choices if

    Original URL path: http://www.brixtoncycles.co.uk/surly (2016-02-15)
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  • Bike Security | Brixton Cycles
    with power tools and have an entire bike stand away in minutes Many bikes are the inspiration for house breaking and this is just as likely to be the fate of a quality bike as street crime High on the list of incident black spots are shared hallways the guy upstairs with dreadful taste in music might not be as paraniod about closing the front door on your bike as you are Just leaving your bike in the back in the garden doesn t stop the athletic thief moving mountains to get at it Location You have the new lock but where s safest place to lock up near your regular haunts Unfortunately all those lovely bike racks supplied by the council Railtrack or Tescos have great appeal to the dark forces of bike thievery it s quite possible to methodically strip a bike of desired equipment whilst appearing to be innocently adjusting the saddle height Hiding the bike in dark out of the way places obviously isn t the answer either so where can we lock up with any peace of mind The depressing answer is nowhere bikes go from the back of police stations and locked offices and factories One suggestion although not risk free does limit the capability of opportunist and pro alike The restriction of pedestrians in our city brings miles of roadside railings and many major roads have a central reservation and railings If these can be reached relatively safely they make excellent bike stands Great care obviously needs to be taken in the midst of traffic and bikes need to be secure enough not to fall into the lane Local ne r do wells have informed us that if a bike can be pulled away from the railing while still locked the frame can be used as a lever and twisted to break the lock Lorries mount pavements with disastrous consequences not least the risk of a flattened wheel due to careless parking so this strategy needs thoughtfulness if not a little courage The upside is that a thief is obvious in the exposed position at great risk if attempting to force a lock with bulky tools and the pro is deterred if they cannot park their vehicle close by Strategy So your bike is secured with the very best D lock cable it s parked in a bright and busy environment that thieves find difficult to access but what does the bike look like Out of your collection of bikes is it the one that suits the demands of this particular journey Many cyclists simply never carry a lock as their bike is far too dear to them to leave in the rain let alone to the interests of the nosy if not mischievous This philosophy dictates a bike friendliness not often witnessed in businesses and public institutions afterall it s hard enough to find bike shops willing to let you and your bike in you can bring your bike into our shop

    Original URL path: http://www.brixtoncycles.co.uk/bike-security (2016-02-15)
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  • Cycle Clothing | Brixton Cycles
    a number of reasons The cut is more comfortable as it takes into account the riding position Cycling tops require lower backs because you are leaning forward and sleeves need to be extra long because your arms are stretched out Shorts and leggings need to come up high to keep your kidneys warm Legs need to be stretchy or baggy so your knees can move Windproof material keeps you warm Wind chills you especially if you are wet As you cycle you create your own wind Waterproof clothing keeps you dry from the outside Breathable clothing keeps you dry from the inside Showerproof clothing will not keep you as dry for as long as waterproof clothing Some fabrics especially synthetics dry relatively quickly This is useful as you may have to put the same clothes on to cycle home after work Normal clothes can suffer badly when used regularly for cycling especially shoes It s more economical to buy cycling specific clothing and not destroy your normal clothes if you cycle a lot Bright colours can make you more visible although not necessarily more attractive A Fabric Glossary Gore Tex this fabric is waterproof breathable and windproof It is good value for money although relatively expensive Clothes made of Gore Tex are very warm as the heat created by your body when cycling cannot easily escape So you don t usually need as many clothes underneath too many bulky layers also affect breathability Gore Tex can be washed in your machine using Grangers fabric wash The outer layer of waterproofing can be reactivated by tumble drying the garment at a warm setting Lycra life on earth without lycra is impossible to imagine Different weights are available thicker lycra is more comfortable more durable blocks more wind and is more expensive

    Original URL path: http://www.brixtoncycles.co.uk/content/cycle-clothing (2016-02-15)
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