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  • Virgin Media launch 50Mb fibre broadband
    Media have today officially launched their 50Mb broadband service to the UK It was no secret that this was coming and we expect a huge song and dance to be made from Virgin Media about it as this puts them head and shoulders ahead of most other UK broadband providers in terms of broadband speeds this is possible as Virgin Media is based on Fibre Optic cable and not copper wires like is provided by BT Wholesale to most other UK broadband providers The new 50Mb broadband service will be known as XXL and will cost 51 for just the broadband If you take the Broadband and the Phone double package it will cost 35 although there is also 11 a month for a Virgin phone line For anyone wanting to order this new package there is currently availability to areas in Scotland the Midlands and South London and by the end of 2008 it should be available to around 40 of the network The remaining 12 6 million homes covered by Virgin Media can expect to receive coverage from the end of December to Summer 2009 There will also be a 50 activation fee to get the XXL package

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/news/151208-292 (2016-02-10)
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  • BT shareholders may want to stall on Fibre broadband rollout
    it Some BT shareholders want BT to keep it s money in the bank as apposed to spending it on a Fibre roll out that will cost BT 1 5bn over the next few years With the credit crunch here many investors are feeling a bit nervous and are wanting BT to take the safe option which isn t good news for UK broadband users who get their services via the BT Wholesale network Fibre Broadband is widely known as the next step that the UK needs to take for it s next generation broadband because it will offer much faster speeds and much larger usage Ian Livingston the BT Chief Executive has once again said that Ofcom UK communications regulator must allow BT more scope to make a proper return on it s investment otherwise it might not be in their shareholders interests to pay out for such a large investment especially in the current financial climate It will be the charge to the other ISPs who will want to use the BT network that BT want to be able to make more money from which in turn will mean other ISPs fibre broadband deals to customers will cost

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/news/191108-287 (2016-02-10)
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  • Broadband Speed Test Checker
    simple test that can work out your broadband connection speed It will give you an idea at how fast your broadband is performing by doing a download and upload broadband speed test Use our free broadband speed test to check your broadband speed How broadband speed tests work is they require you to stop performing any other tasks on your computer that may use your broadband connection this is to help give a more accurate reading because if you are downloading a file already then your broadband connection cannot use it s full resources giving you an accurate reading on the broadband speed test Once you have stopped any Internet activity on the computer you can start the broadband speed test this is usually done by clicking a button to start the test a file will then be downloaded and the speed in which it is downloaded will be used to work out your broadband speed After this an upload test is performed to work out the speed your broadband connection uploads information at the upload is usually much slower than the download because most people download information form the Internet as opposed to uploading A speed test is good

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/broadband-speed-test.php (2016-02-10)
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  • What does ADSL stand for
    Vodafone Mobile Broadband Pay as you Go Mobile Broadband Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband MiFi Fibre Broadband Business Broadband Business Broadband Providers Broadband Guide Beginners Wireless Broadband Change Broadband Providers Broadband Speeds 24Mb Broadband ADSL2 50Mb Broadband 100Mb Broadband Broadband Broadband Guide What is ADSL ADSL stands for A symmetric D igital S ubscriber L ine Basically what this means is that as it is Asymmetric it is able to send

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/adsl-definition.php (2016-02-10)
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  • Dial up internet
    Broadband Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband MiFi Fibre Broadband Business Broadband Business Broadband Providers Broadband Guide Beginners Wireless Broadband Change Broadband Providers Broadband Speeds 24Mb Broadband ADSL2 50Mb Broadband 100Mb Broadband Broadband Broadband Guide Dial Up Internet Dial Up Internet was the standard that most people used when the internet started out Dial Up Internet no longer gets more users signing up for it compared to broadband as the costs of broadband have dropped huge amounts over the last few years Also the benefits of getting broadband completely outweigh those of using dial up Internet access Dial up Internet connects to the Internet through a standard modem that can connect at a top speed of 56Kbps standard broadband is 10 times faster than this and with many broadband providers offering 1mb and 2mb broadband you can connect to the Internet at up to 40 times faster than dial up Internet With dial up Internet the modem uses the same part of the telephone line that is used to make voice calls so the Internet and telephone cannot both be used at the same time Dial Up Internet is very slow compared to broadband it take s approximately 2 minutes 41 seconds

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/dial-up-internet.php (2016-02-10)
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  • Unlimited broadband bandwidth usage broadband deals
    14 99 AOL 2MB Unlimited 14 99 Tiscali 2MB Unlimited 14 99 Toucan 512KB Unlimited 14 99 UK Online 2MB Unlimited 14 99 V21 512KB Unlimited 14 99 O2 20MB Unlimited 15 00 Toucan 1MB Unlimited 15 99 Clara 2MB Unlimited 16 99 Toucan 2MB Unlimited 16 99 Be 10MB Unlimited 17 00 Nitrex 512KB Unlimited 17 00 O2 20MB Unlimited 17 50 Discount DSL 512KB Unlimited 17 61 Tesco 512KB Unlimited 17 97 KeConnect 2MB Unlimited 17 99 Tiscali 8MB Unlimited 17 99 V21 1MB Unlimited 17 99 Zen 256KB Unlimited 17 99 Virgin Media 30Mb Unlimited 18 50 Discount DSL 1MB Unlimited 18 79 EFH Broadband 2MB Unlimited 18 99 Firefly Internet 256KB Unlimited 18 99 Tesco 1MB Unlimited 19 97 Breathe 512KB Unlimited 19 99 Homecall 1MB Unlimited 19 99 KeConnect 512KB Unlimited 19 99 UK Online 8MB Unlimited 19 99 Post Office 8MB Unlimited 20 95 Virgin Media 10Mb Unlimited 21 00 Gconnect 250KB Unlimited 21 44 Fair Broadband 512KB Unlimited 21 73 Be 16MB Unlimited 22 00 O2 20MB Unlimited 22 50 Ace Internet 2MB Unlimited 23 44 Discount DSL 2MB Unlimited 23 49 Firefly Internet 512KB Unlimited 23 99 Bulldog 16MB Unlimited 24 50 InterViVo 2MB Unlimited 24 50 Beaming 2MB Unlimited 24 95 NDO 512KB Unlimited 24 95 ADSL4Less 1MB Unlimited 24 99 Broadband4u 512KB Unlimited 24 99 Homecall 1MB Unlimited 24 99 Homecall 2MB Unlimited 24 99 Onetel 2MB Unlimited 24 99 Gconnect 512KB Unlimited 24 99 UK Online 16MB Unlimited 24 99 EFH Broadband 8MB Unlimited 24 99 Virgin Media 50Mb Unlimited 25 00 Interdart 512KB Unlimited 25 85 Breathe 1MB Unlimited 25 99 Be 16MB Unlimited 27 00 ADSL4Less 8MB Unlimited 27 99 V21 2MB Unlimited 27 99 Orange 8MB Unlimited 27 99 Virgin Media 30Mb Unlimited 28 50 Merula

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/unlimited-bandwidth.php (2016-02-10)
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  • What are broadband fair usage policys
    Broadband 100Mb Broadband Broadband Broadband Guide What is a broadband fair usage policy Although many broadband providers claim to offer unlimited broadband downloads some in fact do have fair usage policys that they can use to implement restrictions on users who they consider to use excessive bandwidth In most cases the use of P2P Peer to Peer file sharing programs is a large factor in excessive bandwidth use as others can transfer files form your computer to theirs and vice versa If you are a very high bandwidth user then it is worth checking the full terms of contract when you take up a broadband contract as although some do state they have unlimited broadband in reality that is not sometimes the whole truth You may find if you are a very high bandwidth user that your broadband provider may have a few options that they might take The most drastic being that they could ask you to leave and stop using their service Other options that they might implement is to restrict your broadband access This can be in the form of reducing the speed your broadband runs at at peak times and also possibly if you use P2P

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/fair-usage-policy.php (2016-02-10)
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  • Computer & Internet Security
    ADSL2 50Mb Broadband 100Mb Broadband Broadband Internet Security Guide Keep your computer safe when using the internet Broadband security Our general overview guide to security of your computer Virus protection Computer virus protection A guide to virus protection for your computer Anti Virus software Which anti virus software should you get a guide to getting anti virus software protection for your computer Signs of a computer virus A list of

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/security.php (2016-02-10)
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