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  • UK Broadband and Mobile Broadband news
    broadband prices after claims that they were charging rivals too much for use of their network In May last year TalkTalk complained to Ofcom that BT were abusing their dominant position when setting prices for wholesale fibre optic broadband and now a report in the Financial Times claims that the communications regulator will launch a consultation into the price s of BT s wholesale fibre optic pricing which is to be done before the end of May Redburn Partners who are an equities partner told the Financial Times that We think Ofcom s margin squeeze test could reduce BT wholesale fibre prices by at least 2 per month initially with ongoing monitoring potentially leading to further cuts BT are naturally not going to be pleased with Ofcom doing their investigation especially if it does result in Ofcom agreeing with TalkTalk s complaints and making BT Openreach reduce the wholesale prices if charges competitors for access to its fibre network Filed under News Tags BT Openreach Fibre optic wholesale prices Ofcom Author Mark 8 17 am Comments 0 April 2 2014 BT in monopoly position over rural broadband contracts BT have been left in a monopoly position over the rollout of rural broadband across the country that has been part funded by 1 2 billion of public funds according to a report by the Public Accounts Committee PAC The Broadband Delivery UK BDUK scheme was set up by the government to help fund the rollout of fibre optic broadband to rural areas where it was not financially viable for BT Virgin Media or other providers to roll out to with just their own money The 1 2 billion BDUK pot of money to help with the roll out to these rural areas has in effect just been sent in the direction of BT as they are the only provider to have won any contracts The report by PAC initially raised concerns over the way the contracts were being awarded back in 2013 at this point 26 contracts for BDUK schemes had been awarded to BT since then the other 18 contracts that have been put out to tender have also gone in the direction of BT too Initially there were nine suppliers who were looking to bid for the BDUK funds but most of these dropped out and left the only real remaining one as Fujitsu however they themselves had pretty much given up too which left BT to clear up all the contracts Another issue is the secrecy surrounding the contracts BT stipulated that there was non discloser agreements in place so councils could not talk to each other to see if they were receiving a good deal or not this then makes it likely that more tax payers money will have gone to BT than perhaps needed to if there had been more openness surrounding existing contracts in place The other issue raised by PAC was that the broadband maps lacked detail which made it hard for other organisations to see where exactly BT would be rolling their fibre network out to and this hindered other schemes coming in to potentially fill in the gaps or offer faster speeds They have said that the government needs to work with local organisations to make these broadband maps able to be searched down to post codes to help make it clearer where exactly will and won t be covered Filed under Fibre broadband News Tags BDUK Broadband Delivery UK BT Broadband BT monopoly Author Mark 10 14 am Comments 0 March 27 2014 BT Broadband receive most complaints BT has for the first time topped the complaints chart for broadband services in a report compiled by Ofcom and it will have been a double blow for them as their big rivals Virgin Media received the fewest complaints Ofcom are the communications regulator and they report down all the complaints that they receive for broadband telephone mobile phones and pay TV It was the first time that BT has been the most complained about broadband provider as a proportion of their customer base and it was the twelfth quarterly report produced by Ofcom BT received an average of 0 32 complaints per 1 000 or 32 complaints per 100 000 customers during Q4 2013 followed by EE with 0 29 and then TalkTalk with 0 21 The industry average was 0 17 and there was only Sky 0 08 and Virgin Media 0 07 who were below the industry average BT s complains in general related to service faults and the way that complaints were handled The positive side to this is that this figure is down from Q3 2013 when they received 0 41 complaints per 1000 Previous to Q4 2013 it was EE who had topped the charts for the previous 5 quarters with 0 45 per 1 000 in Q3 2013 and so again the positive side to this is that this meant that they had improved by reducing their complaints down to 0 29 per 1 000 in the 3 months that followed What should be noted is that only the big broadband providers who have a market share of 4 or above and receive more than 30 complaints a month are included so just because some of the smaller ISPs are not included in the report does not necessarily mean they don t get complained about very much Virgin Media will have been pleased to continue their usual good record of very few complaints even more so they will be enjoying the fact that BT Broadband their big rival in the fibre broadband sector were the most complained about how long before we see this as another marketing stick being used by Virgin to beat BT with Filed under News Tags BT Broadband complaints BT most complained about broadband provider Ofcom Virgin Media least broadband complaints Author Mark 11 59 am Comments 0 March 24 2014 Which say Broadband speeds should be guaranteed Broadband providers are being

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  • Broadband Watchdog • Index page
    Broadband Switching Posts relating to changing broadband providers Moderator Wardy 80 Topics 95 Posts Last post by jjclark10 Tue Dec 07 2010 4 49 pm Mobile Broadband Got any questions relating to Mobile Broadband setting it up running speeds etc then post them up in here 0 Topics 0 Posts No posts Login Username Password Log me on automatically each visit Who is online In total there are 2 users

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  • Broadband and phone packages - Dual Play
    are basically a combination of a home telephone service and also a broadband connection provided by the same provider also known as Dual Play Most broadband providers only supply a broadband deal and not also offer telephone services there are however a few companies who can offer you alternative telephone services and broadband deals as a complete deal Telephone Broadband Provider TalkTalk Virgin Media Tiscali One of the main reason why people choose to move to a different telephone provider is the cost aspect if you find that you are paying more than you would like for your telephone services then there are other telephone providers who could maybe offer you a cheaper service and save on your bills There are a number of alternative telephone and broadband package providers such as HomeChoice HomeCall TalkTalk OneTel Virgin Media and Tiscali Reasons to change to a combined broadband and telephone provider are that if you do take a combined telephone and broadband deal then you may make even more savings than if you just took one of the services available It can also make managing bills easier as you may just be billed once a month instead of receiving bills for 2 separate services Also you can get Quad play services from Virgin Media that combines broadband telephone and television Frequently Asked Questions FAQ s If I change telephone provider do I keep the same telephone number Yes when or if you change telephone provider you can keep the same telephone number There is something to be aware of though providers such as OneTel or TalkTalk use the same telephone line as your current telephone supplier so there is no need to do anything your telephone number will stay the same with you not having to do a thing If you

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  • Triple Play - broadband internet, television and telephone
    Broadband ADSL2 50Mb Broadband 100Mb Broadband Broadband Broadband Providers Triple Play services Triple Play services are where you have broadband telephone and television packages all together Triple play services are popular to consumers because they can receive their broadband internet telephone and television from the same provider so they receive just 1 bill for all 3 services and not lots of separate bills Not only this but buying all the

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  • Karoo Broadband - www.karoo.co.uk
    Broadband Broadband Providers Karoo Broadband Karoo Broadband Broadband Provider URL Telephone www karoo co uk Visit Karoo 01482 602300 Broadband Deal Broadband Speed Cost per month Bandwidth Length Months Offer Lite 20Mb 12 99 2GB 12 30 setup Mid 20Mb 16 99 10GB 12 Free setup free router 5 delivery Pro 20Mb 29 99 75GB 12 Free setup wireless router 5 delivery The Karoo broadband packages come with free anti

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  • 4D Internet Broadband - www.4dinternet.co.uk
    Guide Beginners Wireless Broadband Change Broadband Providers Broadband Speeds 24Mb Broadband ADSL2 50Mb Broadband 100Mb Broadband Broadband Broadband Providers 4D Internet Broadband 4D Internet Broadband Broadband Provider URL Telephone www 4dinternet co uk Visit 4D Internet No articles yet Why not be the first to submit one Broadband Deal Broadband Speed Cost per month Bandwidth Length Months Offer Average User Ratings out of 10 Service Support Value 7 8 out

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  • KeConnect Broadband - www.keconnectgroup.co.uk
    keconnectgroup co uk Visit KeConnect 0845 050 6050 Broadband Deal Broadband Speed Cost per month Bandwidth Length Months Offer Evenings Weekends 2MB 17 99 Unlimited 12 47 activation Broadband only available evenings weekends HOME 500 512KB 19 99 Unlimited 12 28 99 activation ADSL MAX Home 8MB 24 99 20 12 47 99 activation HOME 1000 1MB 29 99 Unlimited 12 28 99 activation HOME 2000 2MB 34 99 Unlimited

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  • Ace Internet Broadband - www.ace-internet.co.uk
    Broadband 100Mb Broadband Broadband Broadband Providers Ace Internet Broadband Ace Internet Broadband Broadband Provider URL Telephone www ace internet co uk Visit Ace Internet 08456 388 955 Broadband Deal Broadband Speed Cost per month Bandwidth Length Months Offer ADSLMAX 2000 Home 2MB 23 44 Unlimited 3 ADSLMAX 8000 Home 8MB 35 19 Unlimited 3 Ace Internet offer a real no download limit broadband with no hidden fair usage policy Average

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