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  • Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband
    Pay Monthly mobile broadband who may need broadband access throughout a month but don t want to be fixed to a long contract Pay Monthly mobile broadband offers 30 days mobile broadband availability with one payment There will be a usage limit on the data transfer offered so if you are likely to go over this you should check out the potential costs An alternative to Pay monthly mobile broadband

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  • MiFi
    connection How a MiFi device works is by connecting to a mobile broadband network and then acting as a wireless router it makes available the internet connection to a number of devices The devices that want to connect to the MiFi device usually have to be within a close ish radius within 10 meters The name is a made from M obile W iFi MiFi The term MiFi is actually a trademarked name by the company Novatel Wireless who were the company who developed MiFi and use the strap line Intelligent Mobile Hotspots MiFi is a brilliant new development that will be popular and help make the use of mobile broadband grow even more The actual MiFi device is a credit card sized device that is able to offer 4 hours of active use off a single charge Up to 5 wireless enabled devices can connect to it to use the mobile broadband network that is available through the wireless connection It works in much the same way as wireless routers in the home work but it does not require it to be plugged into an electrical socket or be connected to the telephone line as it gets its connection

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/mifi.php (2016-02-10)
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  • Business broadband
    extra for business broadband but the support you are offered if you need it will be substantially better Also with Business broadband you may receive larger bandwidth usage levels than standard home broadband and also get reduced contention ratios compared to standard home broadband With broadband availability increasing across the UK the option to allow workers to work from home has started to take off The ability of workers to work from home can create a much better work life balance with traveling times and transport costs reduced or completely stopped A huge advantage with business broadband is also the option with many to allow home workers to connect to the offices network from so files can be shared easily and work done from home meaning that employees can work from home which can mean reduced costs in the office and a more productive work force in many cases So if you want to allow workers to work from home then this is a very viable option Business broadband also gives you the option of making VoIP calls Voice over Internet Protocol that can work out much cheaper than standard telephone calls and especially long distance calls money can be

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/business-broadband.php (2016-02-10)
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  • Business Broadband Providers
    Vodafone Mobile Broadband Pay as you Go Mobile Broadband Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband MiFi Fibre Broadband Business Broadband Business Broadband Providers Broadband Guide Beginners Wireless Broadband Change Broadband Providers Broadband Speeds 24Mb Broadband ADSL2 50Mb Broadband 100Mb Broadband Broadband Business Broadband Providers We have gathered the Business broadband providers deals and offers where to find them and also contact numbers should you need help or need to phone them Broadband

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/business-broadband-providers.php (2016-02-10)
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  • Broadband help guide, set up & troubleshooting
    broadband Do you need a BT line for broadband What does ADSL stand for What does SDSL stand for ADSL2 Even faster broadband with speed up to 24mb Fibre To The Home FTTH is Fibre Optic Cable from the telephone exchange to the Home and allows broadband speed of 100Mb and can be installed to replace existing copper wires Fibre broadband is what is considered to be the Next Generation of Broadband Length of broadband contract Pay as you go broadband How to check broadband availability Broadband Checker Check the availability of broadband in your area or for your specific house Find my IP Address Check to see what IP Address your computer is currently using Online Gaming WiFi Max Can I use internet telephone together Voip Voice over Internet Protocol Find out about the new way to make voice calls over the Internet Broadband Security Ways to keep your computer safe while using broadband Do I need broadband Can you use a dial up modem for broadband What speed broadband to get How fast do you actually want your broadband to be Check out our guide for different broadband speeds you can also use our broadband speed tester tool to see what broadband speed you get What is a modem Broadband bandwidth usage limits What are usage limits with broadband Broadband Fair usage policy How fair usage policy s could slow or affect your unlimited broadband connection What is broadband TV IPTV Internet Protocol Television Broadband Radio Find out about Internet radio and how it works Dial up Internet Moving House If you are moving house find out how to transfer your broadband Upgrading broadband What to do if you want to upgrade your broadband deal or how to get a free upgrade Cancel broadband Find out how to

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/broadband-guide.php (2016-02-10)
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  • What is broadband
    people with information that most won t find useful or interesting For starters the best thing is to say what Broadband actually is Broadband is also known as ADSL and got it s name from the term broad bandwidth It is basically a medium that is able to transmit and receive much larger frequencies and data Broadband allows users to connect and use the internet and use the telephone simultaneously on the same telephone line so both can be used at the same time without interrupting the other With dial up Internet this was not able to be achieved as both the telephone and the dial up Internet were using the same part of the telephone line for the data With broadband the telephone data and Internet data can be separated by using a microfilter splitter so the data can be channeled to the correct location To use broadband your telephone exchange needs to have been enabled you also need to be within about 3 5 miles from the exchange for your broadband to work also You can check your broadband availability to check if your line is enabled for free online and it only takes a minute Lets start at your computer Your computer will be connected to a broadband modem or a router if you want to connect more than 1 computer From the router you will plug into a micro filter used to split the telephone and broadband connections The micro filter has 2 sockets one of the cable going to the modem router and one that the telephone jack plugs into The microfilter is then plugged into the telephone socket In it s simplest form that is all you are likely to physically see within your home office for your broadband connection When you set up

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/what-is-broadband.php (2016-02-10)
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  • Wireless broadband
    router modem that is getting the information This means that you no longer have to be sat at a computer terminal to have access to the Internet you can be sat in the garden or any house in the room providing there is coverage available and connect wirelessly to the Internet Obviously to use wireless broadband you will need some slightly different equipment to allow wireless such as a wireless router The real big benefit to wireless broadband is that you can quite often find a wireless connection in coffee shops airport lounges hotels and many other places This for many can mean that work or tasks may be able to be done when originally they wouldn t be able to be done All the person needs is a wireless device and they should be able to connect and use the Internet as normal As was mentioned above you need to have some different hardware and equipment to use wireless broadband A standard modem or router will not work and you need to get a wireless router modem so that it is able to transmit the data to your wireless device Also you might need to also get a wireless

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/wireless-broadband.php (2016-02-10)
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  • Change broadband providers, how to change broadband
    UK broadband providers have signed up to a code of practice that they use to help with customers who might change broadband providers It is aimed at reducing and ideally making there no downtime to your broadband service in the switch over of broadband providers What you need to do when you want to change broadband providers is get a MAC code The MAC code stands for Migration Authority Code and you can request of from your current broadband provider What is important to remember is to make sure that you DO NOT CANCEL your current broadband provider when you get this MAC code as this could result in your phone being disconnected from broadband and you not having continuous broadband access until a new broadband provider has been selected and they have gone through and set up your account Once you have you MAC code you need to give this to your new broadband provider when you are signing up from this they can then organize the migration of services to avoid any loss of service between the switch They should also make sure your old broadband provider stops billing you once the switch has taken place but you should make sure this happens so you don t get billed from 2 broadband providers When you contact your broadband provider and ask them for your MAC code you may well find that your broadband provider may try and make things difficult for you and trying to get you to stay with their service Hopefully this will not be the case and as with most businesses they don t want to lose customers If you do find it difficult and you are definitely going to change then just be firm and tell them you want the MAC code Here at

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/change-broadband-provider.php (2016-02-10)
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