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  • 2014 February
    In previous reports and studies the government believe that for every 1 invested in the BDUK scheme that 20 will be delivered back to the UK economy by 2014 Along with this there is also expected to be many tens of thousands of new jobs created because of this in rural areas Filed under Fibre broadband News Tags BDUK Rural broadband 250m rural broadband fund Author Mark 11 02 am Comments 0 February 20 2014 Newcastle to become Super Connected City in 150m scheme Newcastle is to become one of the first super connected cities in the UK with the benefits to the area s economy set to be boosted by 150m by becoming so Newcastle City Council are to use government money to help with their Go Digital Newcastle scheme that will aim to have 97 of the city able to access superfast fibre optic broadband by Summer 2015 Around 9 million of public funds are to be used with BT investing 1 89m the Council investing 970 000 plus 970 000 from the Government s Broadband Delivery UK BDUK Other funds come from the Governments Super Connected Cities Programme Along with the availability of superfast broadband there will also be free wi fi provided in the city centre and also on the Metro also businesses can claim vouchers worth up to 3 000 to help them get connected too For more details about the scheme visit www godigitalnewcastle co uk Filed under News Tags Newcastle superfast broadband Super Connected cities Author Mark 11 03 am Comments 0 February 18 2014 Go Ape invest 30 000 in faster broadband Go Ape the tree top adventure company has had to shell out 30 000 to bring superfast fibre optic broadband to their new offices The company has moved to the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds which is close to its original base however due to the fact that the network infrastructure in that area was out dated it means that they had to invest 30 000 into bringing faster broadband to the offices which their boss says will help create 100 jobs this year Mr Mayhew the Go Ape boss also feared that rural locations may lose out on new jobs with fast growing companies moving into cities where they can have faster internet connections already there ready for them rather than keeping in their rural locations where extra investment such as what Go Ape have had to do will be required He said It is an incredible frustration and it really holds back the rural economy It funnels all the job creation into Cambridge and Norwich jobs that would otherwise be spread more evenly Go Ape managed to get the faster broadband for 30 000 this is substantially lower than the 105 000 that they were quoted from one broadband provider Filed under News Tags Fibre optic broadband Go Ape private investment in fibre optic broadband Author Mark 11 05 am Comments 0 February 7 2014 New BT Broadband

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  • 2014 January
    rights to screen 38 live Premier League football games and also won exclusive rights to a number of other sporting events Filed under Home Broadband Tags Sky and Vodafone to join up Vodafone and Sky broadband Author Mark 11 39 am Comments 0 EE Brightbox broadband router security risk EE is to push out a security update to its home broadband users after a researcher managed to find a security problem with EE routers that allowed him to remote access people s routers and gather more important and sensitive information The problem affects EE customers who have the Brightbox 1 or 2 routers which is likely to be any EE customer who has signed up to them since early 2012 or for older customers who may have upgraded their router to one of the Brightbox routers Scott Helme was the person who discovered the security issue before writing up about the security flaw on his blog What he discovered is that if he could get the WiFi password of one of the routers then he was able to access much more sensitive information such as the EE account holders account password which he believed would give him enough information to get as far as cancelling a customer s broadband In his blog post Mr Helme said It became apparent that the device leaks access to all kinds of sensitive data to clients on the network and there s also the possibility to exploit this remotely It discloses the password of the EE account holder so I can call EE and pass account security leaving me in a position to go as far as cancelling someone else s broadband package altogether In this blog I m going to cover the various weaknesses present in the EE BrightBox and demonstrate how they can be exploited According to the BBC who have also ran the story they estimate that there will be around 350 000 EE customers who will be affected and be in need of the upgrade which EE say will be sent out automatically by the end of the month The best thing for EE customers who have a Brightbox 1 or 2 to do is to make sure that they don t give out their WiFi password and to be very vigilant that they don t get caught out by a phishing attack getting them to hand over any personal information or passwords Filed under Home Broadband Tags Brightbox security risk EE EE Broadband EE Router security risk Scott Helme Author Mark 10 14 am Comments 0 January 15 2014 10 million to reach final 5 with superfast broadband A 10 million fund from the government to help get superfast broadband to the predicted 5 of the country that will not be covered by the existing Broadband Delivery UK BDUK funded programme has had more details revealed about it today The fund was originally announced in December by The Department of Culture Media and Sport DCMS and today they have

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  • 2013 December
    is a much harder task What is perhaps slightly more interesting is the estimate number of fibre broadband FTTx lines is actually 12 lower than originally estimated Point Topic now thinks there will be 9 4 million fibre optic lines by the end of 2016 The belief is that by 2020 there will be 20 million FTTx subscribers and more than 23 million superfast households in the UK Filed under Home Broadband News Tags 2016 broadband estimates Point Topic UK broadband predictions Author Mark 2 59 pm Comments 0 December 9 2013 100 million available for SMEs for Super Connected Cities The Super Connected Cities scheme is now launched meaning mall businesses can claim up to 3 000 to help with the funding of faster or better broadband The scheme is backed with a 100 million pot of money from the government and is currently open to 10 cities across the UK with a further 12 being included in early 2014 The 10 cities that the scheme is available today are Belfast Salford Portsmouth Cardiff Derby Bristol Edinburgh Newport London and Manchester What the Super Connected Cities programme does is allow small and medium enterprise businesses SMEs to apply for grant of up to 3 000 each to help cover the cost of installing better and faster broadband connections which will mean that they can then offer customers a faster and better service The hopeful knock on effect of this is that more jobs will also be created by these businesses due to the improved productivity that they will be hopefully able to offer and also because of the extra productivity then companies will hopefully also be able to deal more internationally with other countries too David Cameron the Prime Minister said Up to 3 000 of broadband vouchers for small business in these cities is not only a massive boost for growth in the UK but also has the potential to bring China to Cardiff Brazil to Bristol and the Emirates to Edinburgh in an increased export market The grants available are for between 250 3 000 but this is to help cover any installation or upgrade to a service that is capable of delivering broadband at 30Mb or higher The monthly line rental charges from then on will have to be covered by the businesses SMEs can check if they can apply by going to the www connectionvouchers co uk website there Filed under Business Broadband News Author Mark 4 43 pm Comments 0 December 3 2013 Virgin Media offers new customers 100 credit Virgin Media are offering new customers who sign up online for their broadband phone or a broadband bundle packages an extra bonus in the form of 50 or 100 credit on their account depending on which package they take out The extra bonus is running alongside existing offers such as the 6 months reduced price already in place and free installation too and will be available until the 10th December 2013 providing customers take

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  • 2013 November
    rights to the Champions League football from 2015 which is to cost them 900m Filed under Fibre broadband News Tags BDUK BT fibre broadband Government claim fibre broadband spending will return 20 for every 1 spent Government investment in next generation broadband Author Mark 11 01 am Comments 0 November 12 2013 Virgin Media to boost fibre broadband speeds to 152Mb Virgin Media are set to up their fastest fibre broadband speeds to an ultrafast 152Mb this is double the fastest widely available broadband speeds on offer from broadband providers who use the BT Broadband network Currently broadband providers using BT s network can only claim to offer up to 76Mb BT Infinity 2 on the whole as this is what is available for the majority of premises connected with fibre on it as BT are connecting the majority of premises with FTTC Fibre To The Cabinet and there is relatively few in comparison having full FTTH Fibre To The Home The 152Mb broadband speeds for Virgin customers will be available to all the 12 5 million homes across the country that are in areas served by Virgin Media s fibre optic cable network These speed increases mean that at 152Mb a user could download a HD movie in less than 4 minutes and a full music album in just 4 seconds The real benefit of the extra speed will be for when there are numerous people in a household all connecting to the internet connection for different things and they will all be able to still connect quickly and easily for their own needs It isn t all great news for Virgin Media customers though as Virgin have also announced that the costs to customers will rise by on average 6 7 from February 2014 but Virgin will hope that the speed boosts customers are to receive should help soften the blow and customers on existing broadband packages would see their speeds increased by at least 20Mb Customers will be written to by Virgin Media to inform them of the price rises Tom Mockridge Virgin Media chief executive officer said As people connect more things simultaneously to the internet more often they need powerful broadband with the bandwidth to deliver a great experience for everyone in the home That connection is what we deliver with our unrivalled network We are boosting speeds again and ensuring our customers can get even more value from their Virgin Media subscription Our top speed will be twice as fast as BT and all the others reliant on their old copper telephony infrastructure as we extend our lead as Britain s ultrafast broadband provider Filed under Fibre broadband Tags 152Mb 152Mb fibre broadband Fibre optic broadband Virgin Media Virgin Media fibre broadband Author Mark 12 36 pm Comments 0 November 11 2013 BT get exclusive Champions League football for 900m from 2015 BT are expected to entice more customers to signing up for its BT Fibre broadband now they have won the exclusive rights

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  • 2013 October
    track on how the internet is developing globally not just with broadband speeds but also to find out how users browse the internet and gather other data such as where attacks originate from Globally the average broadband speed was 3 3Mb for Q2 2013 which marked a 5 2 increase on Q1 and a 9 2 increase year on year With the extensive roll out of fibre broadband across the UK it made for some quite impressive results we showed an 11 rise from Q1 and a staggering 48 rises year on year to bring the average UK broadband speed test result in at 8 4Mb Still topping the charts was South Korea with an average broadband speed of 13 3Mb this was actually a 6 4 decline on the previous year but still keeps them ahead of Japan who have an average of 12Mb broadband speeds The global average for peak broadband connection speeds is probably just as if not a more interesting figure to keep an eye on too this helps show the possible internet connection capacity that countries have Globally the peak average for Q2 2013 only rose 0 1 from Q1 and 17 year on year up to 18 9Mb However leading the way was Hong Kong with a blistering 65 1Mb followed by South Korea with 53 3Mb and then Japan with 48 8Mb What we hope to see and have said for a few years now is that the UK should start to rise quite ell up the global broadband speed test charts as the continued fibre optic broadband rollout across the UK continues and with more and more consumers switching to fibre the average speeds for the UK should also continue to rise Filed under Broadband Speeds News Tags Akamai Average broadband speeds broadband speed test State Of The Internet Author Mark 1 54 pm Comments 0 October 15 2013 Scottish people leave the Highlands for better broadband Poor broadband connections in rural Scotland is seeing people move out of rural areas to try and get better and faster broadband connections In a Rural Affairs Committee meeting the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment in the Scottish Government Richard Lochhead said While you have traditional conversations about people leaving rural communities due to lack of access to higher education affordable housing or employment now there is an added factor where there is not good connectivity that can also lead to rural depopulation The Highlands and Islands Enterprise is expecting to achieve 84 broadband coverage by 2016 but to extend this to even more places then more funding will be required For Scotland as a whole it is expected that BT is going to achieve around 95 coverage based on what they have achieved in Cornwall and elsewhere however it is still going to be the Highlands and Islands which are going to be the struggle due to how remote they are Filed under News Tags Broadband in Scotland Scottish Highlands broadband Author

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  • 2013 September
    November 2012 results as they claimed that the March 2013 results were not available when the advert was made and that they used the figure for the national average ADSL broadband speed of 6Mb The ASA responded that BT did not stipulate that they were making their comparison with ADSL but instead broadband which includes fibre optic connections rather than just the standard copper connections associated with ADSL and so they were wrong to base their 8 x faster speed for their BT Infinity product on the 6Mb speed BT Infinity does get speeds up to 76Mb but BT had based their calculations on the average broadband speed being 6Mb which meant that their Infinity service only needed to achieve a minimum average of 48Mb when in reality it still achieved between 60 70Mb however they did not clarify in the advert what they were comparing against clearly enough The ASA concluded that The ad must not appear again in its current form We told BT to base their speed claims on the most up to date data and to present qualifications clearly in future Filed under Fibre broadband News Tags ASA tells BT to stop 8 x faster BT Infinity advert BT Infinity advert Author Mark 10 11 am Comments 0 September 9 2013 Sky use Toy Story characters in latest fibre broadband advert Sky Broadbands latest advert has the characters from Disney Pixars Toy Story as the lead roles as Sky push their superfast fibre broadband packages A number of the Toy Story characters feature in the 50 second long advert including Woody Buzz and Jesse the advert also ties in with the new 30 minute Toy Story Of Terror TV special that will premiere on Sky Movies Disney in October this year The advert shows the struggle of an interent connection with their current provider and shows the Toy Story Of Terror being watched online stop with buffering before it was suggested by the Toy Story aliens that Sky fibre broadband services could be the answer The Sky Fibre Unlimited package is available at the moment for 10 per month for 6 months plus line rental at 14 50 per month and then the monthly price rises to its standard price of 20 per month The Sky Fibre Unlimited offers up to 38Mb fibre optic broadband speeds View the new Toy Story Sky Fibre Broadband advert below Filed under Fibre broadband Home Broadband Tags Sky broadband advert Sky fibre broadband Toy Story Of Terror Toy Story Sky broadband Author Mark 12 46 pm Comments 0 September 2 2013 Broadband Providers asked to create database of pirating customers Broadband providers in the UK are being asked to keep a database of customers who are illegally downloading films music and books which could ultimately be used to help prosecute any repeat offenders The big broadband providers including BT BSkyB TalkTalk and Virgin Media have been asked to sign a voluntary code by the BPI and British Video Association to

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  • 2013 August
    will become a reality before too long it would allow business travellers to do even more work and check emails while they are flying and also holiday makers could stream their own movies such as through Netflix or use Facebook One of the most common things now that passengers do once a plane lands is turn their mobile phones on straight away to receive their emails and get back connected with the world The ofcom consultation can be read at ofcom org uk Filed under Mobile Broadband Tags airplane broadband internet Broadband on planes Author Mark 4 25 pm Comments 0 August 14 2013 Switching broadband set to be made easier Switching broadband provider or telephone provider is set to become much easier and hopefully more seamless with proposed changes by Ofcom to the way these switches take place Currently if a customer wants to change broadband provider they have to contact their existing broadband provider and then start the process to move with them however this has in the past caused delays and problems for customers as it is not overly in the ISPs interest to make it easy for a customer to leave their service However under the new rules that Ofcom are hoping to get sorted the customer will only need to contact the broadband provider that they want to move to and then this provider will deal with sorting out the move and since it is in the new providers interest to get new customers on board as quickly as possible it will likely mean that there are less delays or problems to deal with It should be noted that these rules for the telephone and broadband switching are only going to be applicable to people using the Openreach copper network This will include fixed telephone landline and broadband customers that use copper into the home so that will be for users on standard copper broadband and also those using Fibre To The Cabinet FTTC as this also uses copper cable into the home Also to help protect customers from falling foul of slamming which is where a provider will deliberately move a customer without their consent providers will be required to keep a record of every customers consent for a switch Ofcom have left their proposals open for consulting until October 2nd 2013 It is then hoped that the details will be finalised by the early part of 2014 and be implemented fully within a year of that Anyone wanting to respond can do so direct at Ofcom org uk Filed under Home Broadband News Tags Change broadband provider switch broadband Switching broadband set to be made easier Author Mark 11 38 am Comments 0 August 8 2013 Broadband speeds continue to get faster but Urban Rural divide widens Ofcom have compiled their latest results for average UK residential broadband speeds and we notice yet another nice average speed increase for the UK however the worrying statistic is the city and rural divide on broadband

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  • 2013 July
    broadband Ultrafast broadband Author Mark 10 31 am Comments 0 July 11 2013 Ofcom looking to get broadband prices even lower Broadband and telephone bills could reduce even more if proposals from Ofcom go ahead that will see further reductions in the wholesale rental prices that BT Openreach charge to rival suppliers who use their network Currently rival providers pay up to 93 27 per year to rent the copper wires that are used to bring telephone and broadband services to around three quarters of UK homes but Ofcom is hoping for consumers to see real price reductions with their proposals which could see line rental charges reduced for customers The actual proposed price changes would be set to run for 3 years and be linked to inflation Ofcom ar elooking for them to start next year on the 1st April 2014 and run until 31st March 2017 The price changes take in fully unbundles lines shared unbundled lines and wholesale line rental The suggested pricing changes are as follows Fully unbundled lines the regulated wholesale price for this service today is 84 26 per year Under Ofcom s proposals this will fall in real terms by between CPI 0 and CPI 6 every year Shared unbundled lines the regulated wholesale price today is 9 75 per year Under Ofcom s proposals this will fall in real terms by between CPI 8 and CPI 12 every year Wholesale line rental the regulated wholesale price today is 93 27 per year Under Ofcom s proposals this will fall in real terms by between CPI 2 and CPI 8 every year It should be noted that these reductions are only set to be for BT s copper network and not their new superfast fibre optic broadband network that is currently undergoing a nationwide deployment Line rental charges are what bump up many monthly costs with broadband and phone packages For example currently people can take out Plus net broadband and phone half price off for 2 99 per month for 12 months but on top of this there is then a 14 50 monhtly line rental charge Filed under News Tags BT Openreach lower broadband prices Ofcom Ofcom looking to get broadband prices even lower wholesale broadband Author Mark 12 36 pm Comments 0 July 9 2013 264m investment in fibre broadband for Scotland High speed fibre optic broadband is to come to more rural parts of Scotland after a contract between the Scottish Government and BT was signed that will see an investment of 264m The project will help bring fibre optic broadband to 85 of Scottish properties by the end of 2015 and up to 95 by the end of 2017 with the initial priority being given to small and medium sized businesses in rural areas The huge 264m investment has been made up from various difference sources BT 106 7m Broadband Delivery UK BDUK 50m local authorities 50 7m 27 of the 32 local authorities in Scotland have contributed

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