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  • 2013 June
    in Hertforshire is 16Mb with 9 5 of premises there receiving less than 2Mb speeds Buckinghamshire has an average broadband speed of 12 4Mb and 11 6 of premises receiving less than 2Mb Filed under Fibre broadband Tags BDUK Buckinghamshire fibre broadband Fibre broadband Hertfordshire fibre broadband Author Mark 9 14 am Comments 0 June 18 2013 Sky offer free broadband for Sky Sports customers Sky have gone back on the offensive to lure broadband customers to them as they go in a toe to toe battle with rival broadband provider BT by offering 12 months free broadband for Sky Sports subscribers BT Broadband started this latest battle by offering BT Broadband customers free viewing of it s new BT Sport TV channels that will have 38 live Premier League games available that won t be available on Sky Sky have now countered this offer and switched it round a bit and are offering customers who pay for a Sky Sports TV package free Sky Broadband Unlimited for a year or 6 months free superfast Sky Fibre broadband which usually costs 20 per month 14 50 monthly line rental will still be charged Those who take Sky Sports TV package will receive Sky Sports 1 2 Sky Sports News and Sky Sports F1 The good news for existing Sky Sports customers is that the deal is available for both new and existing Sky Sports customers Sky are obviously trying very hard to make sure that few of their current broadband subscriber base make the switch to BT Broadband and that also they can maybe try and lure some of BT s customers over to the Sky side Filed under Home Broadband Tags Free Sky Broadband Free Sky Broadband with Sky Sports Sky Broadband Sky Sports Author Mark 3 24 pm Comments 0 June 11 2013 Governments high speed rural broadband is a train crash waiting to happen The roll out of high speed broadband to rural areas has been described as a train crash waiting to happen with rumours that BT could be charging up to 80 mark up on the price they are putting on installing rural broadband infrastructure The government is to spend around 1 billion to help fund the roll out of high speed broadband to around 12 million UK homes half the money has been made available in the BDUK Broadband Delivery UK fund with the rest coming from council tax bills The government are committed to providing high speed broadband to these rural areas that BT themselves don t find financially viable to roll out to themselves however there has been much criticism that as BT are the only company bidding for the government funds now that Fujitsu pulled out meaning that there is no competition to BT to bring prices down or to allow councils to compare what they are paying in comparison to others This has led to reports that BT are charging up to 80 mark up on the price it costs

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  • 2013 May
    free Premier League games for 12 months Sky won t want any more O2 broadband customers jumping ship and going to BT rather than staying for the migration over to Sky The offer existing O2 Broadband customers are to receive we believe is the Entertainment Extra service which comes with 48 HD channels plus a broadband unlimited package with both of these being free for 12 months There will still be a monthly line rental of 14 50 per month or 119 40 if paid upfront which is an extra saving of 50 In total the offer is set to save customers 468 based on it s current charge of 39 per month excluding the line rental And customers who do sign up for it will then have to decide after 12 months if they wish to stay on the package or move to another broadband provider It is thought that existing O2 Broadband customers will receive a mail shot in the most with a unique reference number to call up with to claim the offer and so it will be worth keeping an eye out for for any existing O2 Broadband customer who fancies taking up the offer Filed under Home Broadband Tags O2 Broadband Sky Broadband Sky buy O2 broadband Sky offer O2 Broadband customers free Sky TV and free broadband Author Mark 10 55 am Comments 0 May 17 2013 EE to provide 4G Internet at Glastonbury Festival EE are to provide 4G internet access at Glastonbury Festival this year which makes it the first time a dedicated 4G network has been made available at a UK festival Glastonbury which takes place at Worthy Farm in Somerset is always bringing new technologies for festival goers and with social networking now such a huge part of many users day to day lives 4G internet at Glastonbury is sure to be a big hit for many even if it will mean mobile phone batteries getting run down even quicker Along with the 4G access EE will also be increasing 2G and 3G network coverage around the Glastonbury Festival too There will also be two EE Recharge tents on site for festival goers to charge their mobile phones up at however as always there will be huge queues for the use of these EE are one of the official sponsors of this years Glastonbury Festival Spencer McHugh the Brand Manager at EE said As the UK s biggest and only superfast 4G network we re uniquely placed to use our technological expertise to help make the Glastonbury experience even better for those on site from producing the feature packed official app for the festival providing hundreds of charging points on site in our Recharge tents through to ensuring festival goers can upload and share all their festival photos and videos to social networking sites at superfast speeds Filed under Mobile Broadband News Tags 4G 4GEE EE Glastonbury Festival Glastonbury Festival 4G internet Author Mark 2 27 pm Comments 0 May

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  • 2013 April
    com Author Mark 11 02 am Comments 0 April 16 2013 2Gb Fibre broadband launched in Tokyo A 2Gb fibre broadband service has gone live in Tokyo for a lucky few who live close to So net Entertainment a Japanese ISP who are part owned 58 2 by Sony Not only will the 2Gb service offer fibre broadband download speeds most of us can only dream of but the upload speeds will also be a massive 1Gb too The service is called light Nuro and used a Gigabit capable Passive Optics Networks GPON fibre network and is available for 33 per month which is the same price as BT charge for their Unlimited BT Infinity 1 package with line rental which offers speeds up to 38Mb As much as we can look on and be envious of the 2Gb fibre broadband the users who can get it won t be able to make much use of the full benefit of it at present due to limitations with their home computers systems networks and wireless Filed under Broadband Speeds Fibre broadband Tags 2Gb broadband 2Gb fibre broadband Fibre broadbanf Author Mark 1 58 pm Comments 0 Virgin Media introduce new traffic management restrictions Virgin Media have introduced a new traffic management policy for those on fibre connections of 30Mb or faster and which for heavy users will require a bit of studying to see how it will affect them and how to make best use of their Virgin broadband connection The traffic management time has been changed to just 1 time during the day now which is 4pm 11pm on weekdays and 11am 11pm on weekends with users who do exceed their allowance over a 1 hour period able to get back to their full speed within 1 hour rather than the 5 hours restriction that was previously in place providing that they don t exceed a further allowance during the restriction hour if they do then there will be further throttling of their speed for an extra 2 hour period Virgin claim that less than 5 of users will be affected by the restrictions Below are the limitations and restrictions for the new Virgin Media fair use traffic management plan Each package has a different 1 hour threshold the faster the package the greater this threshold is and if this is exceeded then the broadband speed will be reduced by 30 for 1 hour If in this 2nd hour the user continues heavy use and exceeds a further threshold then the broadband speed will be reduced once again so it will then be running at 40 of it s maximum The same applies for uploads too although if the 1 hour threshold is exceeded then the reduction for the following hour will be a 60 reduction in upload speeds and then 75 if the user continues to exceed in the second hour As an example if a user on the XL30 package with Virgin exceeds 2750MB in 1 hour then they will have their speed reduced by 30 for 1 hour and providing they don t go over the 2 Hour Threshold of 3500MB so and extra 750Mb in hour 2 they will then go back to their full speed however if they do use up more than the extra 750MB to take them over the 3500MB for the 2 hour threshold then they will have their speed reduced to 40 of their maximum If the user continues to exceed limits then they could find that for the traffic management period they are in that they stay restricted Filed under News Tags Virgin Media Virgin Media fair use policy Virgin Media restrictions Virgin Media traffic mangement Author Mark 11 33 am Comments 0 April 11 2013 38 claim Internet more important than water heating Having internet access go down would be more stressful for 38 of people than losing basic utilities such as water heating or if their TV stopped working with 27 saying they couldn t live without an internet connection according to a recent survey done with London commuters The study asked 1 000 London commuters which service going down would cause them the most stress with 38 saying that losing other utilities such as water would be preferable than losing their internet access 32 said that they would be most worried if they had no water and just 18 said a lack of heating would be the cause of the most stress to them A year ago when a similar study was done it was 17 of people said that they could not live without an internet connection just 1 year on and this figure now stands at 27 and so it goes to show in 1 year how the internet has continued to grow in importance and integrate itself into peoples everyday life Access to the internet is now seen as an essential everyday utility for many people with many people expecting top be able to access it as and when they want especially with the popularity of smart phones and also now even faster mobile broadband being deployed such as 4G internet Both peoples personal and also business lives in many cases revolve around suing the internet with many businesses relying on it a great deal Just 4 of those asked said that they did not need the internet at all The study was commission by Infosecurity Europe with Claire Sellick from the company saying Having internet connection is part and parcel of our everyday lives becoming more important than even heat and water at home which does seem phenomenal but shows just how dependent we are on the internet Considering that so much information now passes over the internet both in our private and corporate lives now more than ever it s important to consider how you access this information and how you go about protecting your most sensitive data Filed under News Tags broadband importance Author Mark 12 35 pm Comments 0 April

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  • 2013 March
    of properties in the village also made a generous contribution to the fund which when tallied up amounted to 59 575 Residents pledges ranged from 100 to 1 500 per household with the pledges needing to be paid up by the weekend The local telephone exchange to Binfield is 2 miles away in Caversham which is on the list for BT to deploy fibre too however it is unknown if BT would have deployed the fibre to the 2 cabinets in Binfield off their own back without the funding from the residents With broadband speed test s for the area only hitting around just 1Mb the residents have been stuck in the broadband slow lane for too long however the residents are optimistic that they will soon be very much surfing with super fast fibre optic broadband speeds of up to 60Mb Filed under News Tags Binfield broadband money raising for broadband Oxfordshire village raise 60000 for fibre optic broadband Author Mark 11 06 am Comments 0 March 13 2013 1 years Half price broadband from Plusnet Plusnet broadband are offering new customers half price broadband for a full year if they sign up to a broadband and phone package by the 11th April 2013 The 1 month offer started on the 12th March 2013 and will run until the 11th April 2013 and only customers who order their service between these dates will be able to take up the half price offer The makes the Plusnet Essentials Broadband and calls package cost just 2 99 per month from 5 99 for 12 months plus the standard 13 99 monthly line rental More savings can be made for customers who pay for their 12 months line rental upfront as it then works out the equivalent of 10 49 per month This means that customers can take out the 12 month essentials broadband and calls package which offers 10Gb monthly usage with up to 16Mb speeds free wireless router free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines for a total of 161 76 The same package taken by paying line rental monthly and not in the half price offer period would costs 239 76 so a huge 76 more for the year The Unlimited broadband and calls package is down to 4 99 per month for 12 months and comes with unlimited broadband usage and speeds up to 16Mb the Essentials Fibre Broadband and calls is half price to 7 99 for 6 months with 40GB monthly usage and up to 38Mb speeds the Unlimited Fibre broadband and calls is down to 9 99 for 6 months and offers unlimited monthly usage and up to 76Mb speeds Customers are able to sign up online via the broadband page on the Plusnet site or by quoting the offer12 promotional code Sign up at Plus net Filed under News Offers Tags 1 years Half price broadband from Plusnet Broadband offer Half price broadband Author Mark 3 41 pm Comments 0 March 7 2013

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  • 2013 February
    according the estimates from Ofcom and once each winning bidder has been assigned their part of the spectrum and it all being signed off and license fees paid consumers can expect to start seeing 4G internet services from more mobile operators from Spring or early Summer 2013 Filed under Mobile Broadband Tags 4G 4G auction 4G Internet 4G mobile broadband 4G Mobile broadband auction raises just 2 3 billion Author Mark 11 57 am Comments 0 February 7 2013 BT chosen to supply superfast broadband to Northamptonshire Superfast broadband for Northamptonshire is set to be made a reality as the county council choose BT as their preferred supplier to bring them into the broadband fast lane As part of the plans Northamptonshire County Council aim to have 90 of premises in the county to have access to superfast broadband speeds 24Mb and above by the end of 2015 These broadband speeds will be made available through the Superfast Northamptonshire project which will deploy make Next Generation Access NGA Their plans don t just stop at 90 coverage though as they do want to achieve 100 coverage by the end of 2017 to give them full NGA coverage they also want to have higher speeds available too by this time The Northamptonshire County Council will be receiving funding from the Broadband Delivery UK BDUK funds set aside by the government to help fund the roll out of NGA across the country They are set to receive 4 08 million of funding from the BDUK with the county council having to match this amount too Councillor Andre Gonzalez De Savage the county council cabinet member for infrastructure and public protection said I m delighted that our plan to deliver superfast broadband throughout the county has reached this very significant stage This will have huge advantages for Northamptonshire as it will allow the county to be a strong competitor in the global digital economy and allow everyone to have access to new and improved services that are increasingly available online The decision to choose BT as the supplier is subject to approval and will be put forward at a meeting on Wednesday February 13th to be decided Filed under Fibre broadband News Tags BT chosen to supply superfast broadband to Northamptonshire Fibre broadband Northamptonshire Northamptonshire broadband Author Mark 9 43 am Comments 0 February 4 2013 BT unlimited broadband now totally unlimited BT broadband is to go properly unlimited as they have removed all fair use policies and data restrictions associated with their BT broadband packages other than their entry level packages This means that BT Broadband users can now get fully unlimited broadband via the copper network for just 16 per month or via BT Infinity fibre network for 23 per month with speeds up to 38Mb or 26 per month for those who want the 76Mb broadband speeds Not only are BT making these packages unlimited but they have also announced the launch of BT Cloud which is a new online

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  • 2013 January
    homes in the place of the HS2 rail line already have superfast broadband access available to them however the extra capacity that another fibre link would bring would undoubtedly add capacity and speed to connections Simon Burns the Transport Minister said HS2 is far more than a new railway line it is a national infrastructure project that will bring places and people closer together while creating jobs and driving growth Construction of HS2 gives us the perfect opportunity to explore how we can make it easier for even more people to benefit from ultra fast broadband and potentially deliver improvements to the provision of other utility services including water and electricity Filed under News Tags fibre broadband alongside HS2 rail link High speed rail link HS2 rail link Author Mark 1 41 pm Comments 0 January 18 2013 Virgin Media wins Best Broadband Provider uSwitch award Virgin Media topped the awards to win Best Broadband Provider along with 3 other categories in the uSwitch com Broadband Awards 2013 The uSwitch com Broadband Awards 2013 took place at Circus in London s Covent Garden with the awards being decided based on customer votes and also speed test data from uSwitch Virgin Media got the most converted award of the Best Broadband Provider they also scooped the Fastest Home Broadband Best WiFi Service and Best Broadband Innovation The Fastest Home Broadband award was not much of a surprise with Virgin Media having by far the fastest broadband network widely available at the moment add to that their doubling of speeds back in March last year there are even more customers who are getting super fast speeds on their fibre broadband network The Best WiFi service and Best Broadband Innovation awards were won due to their deployment of the UK s first underground WiFi network for the London Underground BT won Best Customer Rated Fibre Broadband Best Broadband TV Home Phone and also Best Home Broadband Phone Plusnet who are owned by BT won the Best Customer Rated Home Broadband due to their excellent customer service and great range of packages The Fastest Mobile Broadband award was won by Three while Sky scooped the Best Customer Service Best Technical Support Most Recommended Broadband and the Best Pay TV awards The remaining 2 other awards were won by TalkTalk for Best Value Home Broadband and by Orange for Best Customer Benefits Filed under News Tags uswitch awards 2013 uSwitch com broadband awards Virgin Media wins Best Broadband Provider uSwitch award Author Mark 1 27 pm Comments 1 January 14 2013 39m for faster broadband in Welsh schools Welsh schools are to get faster broadband speeds after money from the Welsh Government has been pledged to help give the schools world class broadband connections by next year The First Minister Carwyn Jones said that 39m is to be invested in faster broadband services for schools in Wales 27m will be initially handed out between local authorities to upgrade the internet connections in their schools Other

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  • 2012 December
    be charged by BT Openreach to allow them to use their fibre network The more exciting news for those who want full fibre broadband access is that BT have released initial indicative pricing that will be charged for anyone who wants to upgrade from a FTTC Fibre To The Cabinet broadband connection to a full FTTP connection Providing that the premises is served by a GEA FTTC Generic Ethernet Access over Fibre to the Cabinet then the upgrade to full fibre will be available to purchase it is expected that small and medium sized businesses will be the main customers who will want to take advantage of the faster speed available The pricing of installing FTTP to a premises has not been fully finalised yet but BT have released some figures to give us an idea Bearing in mind that the price charged to a customer will vary depending on the distance they are from their cabinet The figures BT released were that on average premises are around 500m away from their exchange which would mean a charge of 1 000 plus a 500 installation fee for the service Those closer than 500m will be charged less and those further away will be charged more although we do not have any extra figures to indicate what the distance markers and charges are going to be It is worth noting that the cost to BT will be significantly more than the price charged for one customer however once BT have done the initial work to bring the FTTP on Demand to the specific area for one customer they won t then have the extra charges needed to allow others in the same area to upgrade an connect to it All users who do want to upgrade after the first person has

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  • 2012 November
    27 am Comments 0 November 8 2012 Fastest street for broadband is over 500 times faster than the slowest The difference in broadband speeds between the slowest street in Britain and the fastest street is over 500 times Cromarty Road in Stamford Lincolnshire has an average broadband speed of just 0 132Mb which is a whopping 537 times slower than the residents of Willowfield in Telford who have an average of 70 9Mb and making it the fastest street in the UK The broadband speed test study which has been done by uSwitch over the past 6 months has measured and recorded the broadband speeds from all those who take the speed test and has enough data to work out the average for each street The staggering difference in speed can be seen with what a resident in each of the 2 streets are able to achieve In the slowest street of Cromart Road it would take 25 hours and 15 minutes to download a 2 hour film and 1 hour 41 minutes to download an album However in Willowfield who are in the fast lane it would take just 2 minutes 49 seconds for them to download the same film and just 11 seconds for them to get the same album Top 10 slowest street in Britain for broadband Top 10 fastest streets in Britain for broadband Julia Stent from uSwitch said The massive discrepancy between the fastest and slowest streets in Britain shows what the Government is up against in its fight to drag Britain into the broadband fast lane These results show just how ambitious it is being in its bid to overtake the rest of Europe and haul Britain in line with the likes of South Korea and Singapore by bringing super fast broadband to 90 of the UK Rural parts of Britain in particular are still experiencing broadband speeds so slow that they might as well have no broadband at all The slowest speeds have a huge increase to make to reach the minimum 2Mb broadband speeds that the government want for everyone to achieve as a basic slowest broadband speed It is these areas that need to most investment to help bring them further towards the average broadband speed of 9Mb according to Ofcom that the UK currently has Anyone wanting to test the speed of the internet connection can do so by using a broadband speed test Filed under Broadband Speeds Author Mark 12 43 pm Comments 0 November 1 2012 BSkyB become 3rd largest broadband provider in the UK BSkyB has become the third largest broadband provider in the UK in the last quarter and passing TalkTalk During the last quarter BSkyB added 102 000 new broadband customers for the 3 months ending September 2012 which is a rise of 618 000 over the past 12 months BSkyB total broadband customers base now stands at 4 1 million which is still a bit behind BT Retail who have 6 44 million broadband

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