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  • 2012 October
    state aid to help make it one of the digital leaders to the tune of 10 million from the pot of 150 million set aside from the Government to create these digital leader cities there is now likely to be a delay on the money being received or if it will even be cancelled depending on the outcome from the BT Virgin Media complaints Some might look at the situation as BT Virgin Media as just looking out for themselves and not at the greater benefit to the public or businesses with some areas now potentially going to miss out on being connected to a fibre network if the complaints get upheld however on the other hand both Virgin BT may just want more clarity on the exact places that Birmingham City Council want to place the fibre network so that it does not overlap where they already have covered themselves Councillor James McKay said The city has worked in a very positive and collaborative way with them over the last few years to help inform and develop our business case and we are surprised that they have now chosen to appeal at such a late stage We developed a robust State Aid case based heavily on evidence that Virgin Media and others provided to us that clearly demonstrates a strong market failure We have proven that it is an imperfect market and have presented to the Commission a case that the majority of SMEs in Digbeth Eastside and The Jewellery Quarter areas cannot receive affordable high speed broadband A spokesperson for Virgin Media said We fully support the Urban Broadband Fund and government ambitions to bring superfast broadband to areas not currently served by existing fibre networks So it s disappointing that Birmingham City Council has put forward a scheme which is not in the interests of local people and we believe as a result the European Commission has made a decision based on inaccurate and misleading information which could waste public money Depending on the outcome of this case could see other cases arise in other cities too such as Manchester Filed under Fibre broadband News Tags Birmingham fibre broadband BT Virgin Media launch complaint over Birmingham councils broadband plans Fibre optic broadband Birmingham Author Mark 10 21 am Comments 0 October 12 2012 Broadband Stakeholder Group give their views on the future of UK superfast broadband The Broadband Stakeholder Group has released it s predictions for UK broadband growth in the UK and how they see the take up of superfast fibre optic broadband to be taken up by consumers In the report they recognise the ambitious plans by the UK government to have over 90 of homes and businesses in the UK to have access to superfast broadband broadband of 25Mb or above going forward over the coming years however the predict the take up of the superfast broadband services to not be as great as the likes of BT and Virgin Media will likely be

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  • 2012 September
    still via copper lines that the broadband will be delivered It is thought that BT will upgrade the main areas to ADSL2 in Spring next year to help deliver the faster broadband speeds to the islanders Currently the islanders use microwave radio links and these will be kept in place as a back up Filed under News Tags Orkney broadband Scottish Highlands broadband Shetland broadband Author Mark 1 40 pm Comments 0 September 17 2012 BT set to win 40m fibre contract in Suffolk having already secured Norfolk BT look set to secure a 40 million contract to roll out fibre broadband to Suffolk as the only other bidder for the contract Fujitsu pulled out of the race BT is set also to become the confirmed bidder for a similar deal in Norfolk which will see them as the first local authority to choose the partner they want to improve their broadband internet access with funds from the Governments Broadband Delivery UK BDUK scheme The Better Broadband for Norfolk campaign should hopefully see more than 80 of the county s homes and businesses have access to superfast broadband by June 2015 which is double the amount who would receive it without the extra government funds the remaining homes would also see the minimum broadband connection they receive being 2Mb The council have already got 15 million of the BDUK funds available to them to match the 15 million they have made available for the project too BT themselves put forward 9 3 million capital contribution towards the cost of installing the new broadband infrastructure It is expected that around 49 of properties will be able to access broadband speeds of between 50 and 100Mb and a further 6 able to receive speeds over 100Mb The Suffolk county council worked alongside the Norfolk county council on their bids despite officially being separate so it is likely that if BT get s one contract then they are likely to also get the other contract It is increasingly showing that BT are getting the favour on most of the BDUK funding schemes with Fujitsu having previously pulled out of bidding in other areas to deliver superfast broadband such as Cumbria read here Filed under Fibre broadband News Tags BDUK BT set to win 40m fibre contract in Suffolk having already secured Norfolk East Anglis superfast broadband Fibre broadband Norfolk fibre broadband Suffolk Suffolk fibre broadband Author Mark 12 31 pm Comments 0 September 10 2012 Less red tape for BT s superfast fibre broadband cabinets The new Culture Secretary Maria Miller has jumped straight in to her new role by unveiling plans to cut the red tape around the deployment of new street side cabinets used to deliver superfast broadband Currently the roll out of superfast broadband is being slowed up by the planning system but in changes that Mrs Miller is hoping to get through will cut out these problems Her new plans will see a number of changes designed to speed

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  • 2012 August
    average UK broadband speed has risen by 20 to 9Mb in the last 6 months as superfast broadband in the UK starts to gain in popularity According to Ofcom report here who now run a broadband speed test study every 6 months in the UK between November 2011 and May 2012 the average UK broadband speed rose from 7 6Mb to 9Mb The speed increase has been helped by the inclusion of the Virgin Media up to 60Mb superfast broadband package and also BT Infinity 2 up to 76Mb broadband service which now sees more and more customers slowly switching to the superfast broadband speeds being made available Ofcom started their broadband speed surveys back in November 2008 with the average UK fixed line broadband speed then standing at 3 6Mb in just 3 and a half years we have seen those average broadband speed increase by 2 ½ times to todays current speeds The move to superfast broadband deals and faster connections is partly down to customers making the switch themselves but also we have seen the likes of Virgin Media upgrade customers to faster broadband speeds automatically at no extra cost The number of UK households with superfast broadband connections these are deals which are advertised as having an up to speed of 30Mb or above has increased to 8 by May 2012 this is up from just 5 6 months previously and from just 2 1 year ago The report compared the broadband speeds of 12 broadband providers to find hwo their packages delivered at different time periods during the day overall as expected with the fastest broadband speeds was Virgin Media s up to 100Mb service which delivered on average between 85 7Mb and 90 9Mb over 24 hours the maximum speed it achieved was actually 103 2Mb Below is the Ofcom table for the broadband speeds achieved by the 12 broadband providers tested Filed under Broadband Speeds Tags Average UK broadband speeds rise to 9Mb Broadband Speeds Ofcom broadband speeds UK broadband speeds Author Mark 9 27 am Comments 0 August 13 2012 Hong Kong top fastest peak broadband speeds Hong Kong are the new leaders in terms of broadband speeds globally after they topped the latest State Of The Internet report charts and knocking South Korea down a place for the highest average peak connection speed for both fixed line and mobile broadband In the latest State of the Internet report done by Akamai shows that in the last quarter Hong Kong have hit the top spot with an average peak connection speed of 49 2Mb relegating South Korea to second spot with 47 8Mb To round off the top 3 that was again dominated by Asian countries we saw Japan take the third spot with an average peak broadband speed of 39 5Mb To take the top spot Hong Kong recorded a 7 1 rise in their highest average speed on the previous quarter and a huge 25 year on year rise however

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  • 2012 July
    Comments 1 July 11 2012 Fujitsu pull out of bidding for Cumbria broadband funds leaving just BT Japanese tech firm Fujitsu have pulled out of bidding for the superfast broadband delivery in Cumbria leaving only BT left to bid for the funds Fujitsu believe they need to be able to reach 1 million customers for it to make economic sense for them to invest they need this number to be then able to market their network to the likes of Virgin Media The governments Broadband Delivery UK scheme was set up to help fund the deployment of high speed broadband networks in rural areas of the country There has been lots of criticism about the funding process for BDUK funds by other providers as it is just BT Fujitsu who were whittled down to be able to put in tenders for the funds from an original 9 suppliers who had started out wanting to be involved Fujitsu themselves have only bid for 2 areas so far Cumbria which they have subsequently pulled out from and North Yorkshire which is expected to see BT win the funds for anyway In June Cumbria Country Council rejected bids from both BT Fujitsu and gave them until September this year to provide a better proposal for BT are now sitting in a far prettier position since they are left as the only contender for the contract now which is expected to be worth around 40 million when private investment has also been accounted for too Filed under News Tags BDUK Broadband Delivery UK BT left to bid for Cumbria broadband Cumbria broadband Fujitsu looking to build UK fibre network Fujitsu pull out of Cumbria broadband Author Mark 1 59 pm Comments 0 July 5 2012 Good night for Plusnet B4RN at the ISPA Awards 2012 The 2012 ISPA Awards saw Plusnet win the top award of best consumer fixed broadband while Broadband for the Rural North B4RN won the Internet Hero award The event which took place earlier this week saw 14 awards available even if 1 award was for Internet Villain for various different categories in this now annual ISPA Award ceremony that is into it s 14th year There were 2 new categories added to this years bill these were the Customer choice award and the Best New ISP as the size and scope of this award ceremony grows in importance The main award the big ISPs would be after winning was the Best Consumer Fixed Broadband award and this went to the BT owned company Plusnet Plusnet were awarded this award because the judge were impressed by Plusnet s flexibility good range of services value for money 10 day cancellation and per configured routers It was also a great night for B4RN Broadband for the Rural North who picked up the Internet Hero award due to their work in bringing high speed internet into remote rural communities and setting an example for other remote rural communities to look at doing the

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  • 2012 June
    difference between a user being able to stream video flawlessly and having buffers and delays Filed under Broadband Speeds Tags Poor internet set ups could be losing 4mb speed for 500000 people in the UK proper internet set up Slow broadband Slow broadband caused by bad broadband set ups up to 4mb being lost on broadband connection Author Mark 9 19 am Comments 0 June 19 2012 Internet Hero Internet Villain finalists announced for the 2012 ISPAs The ISPA Awards have now had the Internet Hero and Internet Villain finalists announced ready for the 2012 awards which are taking place on the 3rd July The ISPAs are the UK Internet industry awards and have been running since 1999 and were set up to find the best in the Internet industry and acknowledge innovation and best practice This year the 5 finalists for the Internet Hero award are Broadband for the Rural North B4RN for bringing high speed internet into remote rural communities setting an example for others to follow Ofcom for its independent assessment of the website blocking measures in the DEA which they found to be neither practical nor desirable and trivial to circumvent Reg Bailey for his government review into childhood sexualisation which found that giving parents and carers an active choice over what content is suitable for children and young people is preferable to default content filtering Foreign Secretary Rt Hon William Hague MP for recognising at the London Cyber Conference that the future internet must be without government control or censorship where innovation and competition flourish and investment and enterprise are rewarded Court of Justice of the European Union for its verdict on the Scarlet Sabam case which found that an injunction requiring a complicated and costly filter for copyright infringing material would not strike a fair balance between the right to protect intellectual property and the right to conduct business On the other side of the coin is the Internet Villain category and there are 4 runners in this category The International Telecommunications Union for its internet governance land grab which could lead to a less open and free internet controlled by governments in a top down manner Karel De Gucht and Directorate General Trade for pushing IPR enforcement standards through ACTA and disregarding the concerns from EU citizens and European Parliament in relation to the threats against fundamental rights U S Representative Lamar S Smith for introducing SOPA an ill thought out draconian piece of legislation that would have stifled innovation and free speech online Goldeneye International for following in the dubious footsteps of previous speculative invoicing by demanding 700 in damages from account holders who had allegedly downloaded copyright infringing material relying solely on IP matching and claiming that bill payers were liable for any infringement The 2012 ISPA Awards are taking place at the Park Lane Sheraton Hotel in London at 7 30pm on the 3rd July Filed under News Tags 2012 ISPAs Internet Hero award 2012 Internet Villain award 2012 Author

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  • 2012 May
    when they run a broadband speed test they find their actual speed is far below this this is why Ofcom brought in the voluntary code to help make sure customers were given more accurate estimates of the broadband speed they would receive before they signed up for a broadband deal Filed under Broadband Speeds Tags Advertising of broadband speeds Broadband speed advertising Broadband Speeds Author Mark 9 01 am Comments 0 May 15 2012 Study finds broadband speeds are on average 40 slower than advertised Broadband speeds in Britain are 42 slower than are advertised on average according to a survey done by The Guardian The Guardian newspaper ran a 3 day survey asking readers to fill out what broadband speed they were advertised to be on and what the actual broadband speed they received was by running a broadband speed test The results were that on average customers were paying for 12Mb broadband but receiving 7Mb a difference of 42 From the study they also found that Sky Customers appeared to be fairing the worst with an average of 12Mb broadband being paid for but just 4 8Mb on average being received a huge 60 gap Virgin Media customers were showing a 41 gap receiving 17 1Mb instead of their advertised 30Mb although still averaging the highest broadband speeds BT were who fared the best with advertised broadband speeds at 8Mb and actual broadband speed being received of 6Mb only a 25 gap Plusnet who BT also own were similarly showing just a 27 gap A Virgin Media spokesperson told The Guardian Virgin Media has long argued for greater clarity in broadband advertising and while the changes in April were long overdue yet welcome we ve seen ISPs continue to hide behind generic terms or catch all claims We are committed to continuing to lead this industry which is why we only advertise speeds that our customers can reasonably expect to actually receive Ofcom s independent and comprehensive research consistently shows we deliver what we say with our 30Mb service actually providing almost 31Mb on average That s not to say we are complacent We continue to deliver the UK s fastest widely available broadband and we re in the process of boosting speeds for customers with our doubling upgrade and the introduction of 120Mb Virgin Media now delivers superfast broadband as standard to millions of UK homes and we ve raised expectations of what consumers deserve from their ISP The survey was done on The Guardian website with 3 000 visitors filling it out over the 3 days Filed under Broadband Speeds Tags advertised broadband slower than received broadband broadband speed test Study finds broadband speeds are on average 40 slower than advertised Author Mark 8 59 am Comments 0 May 11 2012 BT reach 10 million premises with fibre broadband ahead of schedule BT are ahead of schedule for the rolling out of their fibre broadband network They already have a fibre broadband service available to 10 million premises across the UK which is way ahead of their initial target date BT had originally planned on reaching the 10 million premises mark for fibre broadband by the end of 2012 so they are around 7 months ahead of plan and are aiming to have around two thirds of the UK covered by the end of 2014 Most of these fibre connections are via FTTC Fibre To The Cabinet which currently offers those who are using it speeds up to 80Mb Take up of the service is currently at around half a million and there are more than 60 other ISPs that are offering services or trialling the services via BT Wholesale BT s Chief Executive Ian Livingstone said Our engineers have worked tirelessly this past year and BT has made a real commitment to the UK s infrastructure Rolling out fibre is no easy task and so to have passed ten million premises in such a short time is fantastic Our roll out is one of the fastest in the world and our engineers deserve lots of credit In Northern Ireland BT have had lots of positive news having fibre rolled out to 89 of homes and businesses thanks in huge part to the partnership BT has with the Department of Trade Enterprise and Investment BT believe that the success they have had in Northern Ireland can be replicated in the UK mainland by using the Broadband Delivery UK BDUK funds BT have been bidding to get these funds to help fund furthe rrollout of fibre broadband across the country Filed under Fibre broadband Tags BT fibre broadband BT reach 10 million premises with fibre broadband ahead of schedule Author Mark 2 09 pm Comments 0 May 9 2012 British broadband is lagging behind the rest of the world The former BT Chief technology officer Peter Cochrane has warned that the UK could be frozen out in the race for high speed broadband In Briton the internet helps generate more money online than any other G20 nation but despite this we are still lagging behind other countries when it comes to high speed broadband connections Last week the Akamai report into the State Of The Internet found the UK down in 16th place for fastest broadband speeds in Europe and even further down on the world rankings It also showed that for the final quarter of 2011 that the average broadband speed test in the UK actually dropped from 5 1Mb to 4 9Mb Peter Cochrane the former BT chief technology officer said this to The Guardian Britain is being frozen out of the next industrial revolution In terms of broadband the UK is at the back of the pack We re beaten by almost every other European country and Asia leaves us for dust Despite the investment that BT the UK government are putting in to fibre optic broadband it is believed by many not to be sufficient when you compare it to other countries The

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  • 2012 April
    as the other deals will be phased out Adam Brown the John Lewis Telecoms Manager said This move complements the range of services and products we offer over 80 per cent of all our consumer electronics sales are WiFi enabled and we know our customers want the same honest and trustworthy experience from their internet provision as they would expect from any product they buy from us John Lewis broadband gives customers an upfront and transparent price on a range of broadband and phone packages with no hidden terms and conditions a simple 12 month contract with no hidden catches and the excellent customer service that we are renowned for Filed under Home Broadband News Tags John Lewis broadband johnlewisbroadband com Author Mark 10 13 am Comments 0 April 18 2012 BT Infinity unbeatable adverts pulled by the ASA BT have been told they can t run a series of commercials and advertising again that claimed that their BT Infinity fibre broadband was unbeatable The ASA Advertising Standards Authority upheld 4 complaints made about the BT adverts that appears on TV in the press and online after agreeing that the adverts were misleading Virgin Media along with 3 other complainants raised 4 points for concern over BT s advertising which included Share photos and videos at unbeatable speeds Do more online with three times faster fibre optic broadband and Share music photos and videos at unbeatable speeds Four times faster broadband Only from BT The complaint with these particular points was that it was misleading customers in to thinking they could receive the four times faster broadband in all areas which is not the case Also BT said that the unbeatable speeds they were on about were upload speeds and not download however the ASA concluded that the advertising was mis leading as there was no evidence that BT s download speeds were unbeatable as the advertising did not make it clear it was relating to upload speeds The full report and findings of the report can be viewed at www asa org uk Filed under News Tags asa BT Infinity BT Infinity advertising Author Mark 3 25 pm Comments 0 April 11 2012 BT Infinity broadband speeds to double to 76Mb from tomorrow BT fibre broadband speeds are set to double from tomorrow with download speeds set to be boosted to up to 76Mb It is not only BT Infinity customers who will benefit from the broadband speed increases but fibre broadband customers who have their fibre broadband connection with another broadband provider who uses BT s wholesale fibre broadband network will also be able to get the speed increase providing their broadband provider make them available TalkTalk for an example have already been accepting pre orders for the new faster services that will be available BT Infinity 2 customers will see the download speeds just about double up to 76Mb and upload speeds up to 19Mb those on BT Infinity 1 will see their download speeds stay at

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  • 2012 March
    of BT s market power being so great in the UK The new prices imposed are as follows Fully Unbundled line where a rival communications provider has installed their own equipment and take control of the BT line previously cost 91 50 per year and this has been reduced to 87 41 per year Part unbundled line where a rival provider only supplies the broadband was 14 70 and has been reduced to 11 92 per year Wholesale line rental where a rival communications provider can offer telephone services by renting the lines from BT Openreach previously cost 103 68 per year has been reduced to 98 81 per year The new prices will come into effect on 1st April 2012 However despite Ofcom having had their new prices approved it is thought that BT could make an appeal against the price reductions with BT claiming that they need to make a decent return on their investment to be able to continue investing in their infrastructure in the future Filed under News Tags BT Openreach BT Wholesale price reductions Ofcom Wholesale telephone and broadband price reductions Author Mark 12 14 pm Comments 0 March 7 2012 Orange Broadband package now comes with inclusive mobile phone calls Orange have launched what they claim is the first broadband package that offers customers calls to mobile phones included The new package is the Orange Broadband and Anytime Mobile Calls which costs 20 per month plus 13 50 line rental Orange Mobile customers receive 5 per month discount For this users get unlimited broadband unlimited UK anytime calls 1 000 minutes fair use policy plus 1 000 minutes March 2012 offer of calls to UK mobiles For the month of March the inclusive mobile calls has been doubled for 12 months for those who sign up before the end of March anyone who signs up after March will receive 500 minutes per month Along with the included broadband and calls is a free Bright Box wireless router and McAfee Antivirus Plus 2012 with parental controls free for a year which is worth 49 99 Another online exclusive for those who sign up online is that they will receive 60 of M S vouchers too The broadband speed customers can expect is up to 20Mb for those who are on an Orange unbundled exchange or up to 8Mb for those not on Orange Broadband network areas The Director of Marketing Proposition at Orange Broadband Sylvain Thevenot said We all enjoy the comfort of using our home phone to chat but sometime a fear of costs can prevent us from contacting friends and family when they re out and about So we ve decided to offer Brits peace of mind and take home phone calling to the next level by creating the UK s first home phone package that meets customers calling needs This comes after Orange point to a YouGov survey that found that 29 of Brits won t call a mobile from their home

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