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  • 2012 February
    there is the chance of a few issues occurring these could be the customer paying 2 broadband providers while the switchover is taking place losing an internet connection for up to a week the wrong line being switched or even customers being switched without their knowledge or consent to do so It is estimated that around 130 000 households per year have their lines being taken over by mistake while up to 520 000 are victims of slamming this is where the consumers service is changed without their knowledge or consent to do so Currently any landline service changes are handled by the new provider and this is also the case for any bundled services such as landline and broadband However broadband services alone tend to be handled in a different way they require the consumer to contact their current broadband provider and request a MAC code this code is then given to the new broadband provider who can then sort changing the broadband Ofcoms plans are for broadband switches to be handled by the new provider too and for a third party verification process to take place to give the OK before a switch is finalised this would require consumers to confirm that they are after switching broadband providers and reduce or stop and lines being taken over by accident or for any slamming to take place Placing the onus on the new provider to make the transfer quick and easy is the logical method the company losing the customer has no incentive to make it straightforward for an existing customer to leave and move to a rival broadband provider where as the new provider is after getting the new customer on their network as quickly and painlessly as possible Filed under News Tags Change broadband provider Ofcom to change broadband switching process Author Mark 10 37 am Comments 0 February 6 2012 Virgin Media 100Mb broadband rollout to be completed by Spring Virgin Medias upgrade to it s network to offer customers it s 100Mb fibre broadband is ahead of schedule with 10 million UK homes already able to receive the service Virgin Media had originally aimed to have covered it s full network with the speed upgrade and offering 100Mb to all it s customers by mid 2012 however they are ahead of schedule and now expect to have completed the rollout by Spring this year instead and will mean that around 26 million UK homes will be able to access the 100Mb broadband speeds on offer by Virgin Media As we reported last month read here Virgin Media were at least doubling the broadband speeds customers received other than those on the 100Mb service who will receive an upgrade to 120Mb and so those customers on the 50Mb offering currently will see their speeds double to the 100Mb service on offer this is being done over the next 18 months for Virgin Media customers Jon James the executive director of broadband at Virgin Media said Soon

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  • 2012 January
    put down to a routing hardware fault For anyone who is still experiencing problems with their service the advice is to turn your router modem off for 5 minutes and try again The Virgin Media service status page says If you experienced a loss of internet connection between 5pm and 8pm on Tues 17th January we experienced a national outage during this time which is now resolved If you have still not been able to reconnect please try powering down your router for 5 minutes and then turn back on and this should re establish your connection Virgin Media apologise for any inconvenience caused Filed under News Tags Virgin Media outage Author Mark 1 16 pm Comments 1 January 17 2012 Virgin Media apologise over sending 120Mb broadband emails to wrong customers Virgin Media have had to apologise to some customers over sending out emails to some of their customers they shouldn t have done which was saying that the customers would be receiving 120Mb broadband even though some of the recipients were those on the lower speed broadband packages which wouldn t be receiving those speeds Last week Virgin Media announced Virgin Media to double fibre broadband speeds for customers that they would be doubling the broadband speed that they would be giving to many of their customers and also upgrading those on their headline package from 100Mb to 120Mb broadband speeds Virgin were obviously keen to let their customers know about these free broadband speed upgrades they would be receiving but unfortunately the headline 120Mb broadband package upgrade email was sent to more than just the customers who would be eligible for it which prompted Virgin Media to have to send out a second email explaining their error to some customers which they blamed on gremlins in their email system Ultimately those customers who received the email by mistake shouldn t have too much to complain about as they will be having their broadband speeds at least doubled Also good news for those on the Virgin Media 50Mb package they will in fact also be being upgraded to the 120Mb deal which will see a huge 70Mb broadband speed increase for them Virgin Media have also signed up Usain Bolt to feature in their latest advertising campaigns about Virgin Medias Keep Up broadband speeds campaign Virgin regularly top broadband speed test results charts Update Just an update as we didn t make part of this news precise enough and spotted by one of our readers we didn t point out that those Virgin Media customers who are on ADSL connections will not see any speed increases It is only those customers who are on Virgin Media s own cable network that will receive the broadband speed upgrades Filed under Fibre broadband Tags Virgin Media Virgin Media double broadband speeds Virgin media sign Usain Bolt Author Mark 3 02 pm Comments 1 January 11 2012 Virgin Media to double fibre broadband speeds for customers Virgin Media are to double

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  • 2011 December
    technology The extra exchanges that have been listed will cover around 1 8 million homes and businesses with most of them being connected with FTTC Fibre To The Cabinet with most of them hopefully being connected during 2012 Currently there are around 6 million premises in the UK that have access to fibre broadband via BT s BT Infinity network and once all the exchanges on the current list and these new exchanges have all been enabled it will see BT having hit 80 of their target coverage of two thirds coverage across the UK by 2014 BT have already brought forward the date by a year for when they hope to achieve their two thirds coverage by and along with this they also announced not long ago read here that they will be doubling their main 40Mb fibre broadband product to 80Mb next year too BT s headline full fibre product limited availability will also be increased from 110Mb to a whopping 300Mb in early 2012 too this is a huge difference that the current average broadband speed test result of 6 8Mb that the UK currently has Unfortunately most of the UK will be connected by FTTC the current 40Mb one and not the full FTTH Fibre To The Home that will see the up to 300Mb speeds Although BT are investing 2 5bn in their fibre network to cover two thirds of the UK they do believe that with extra investment and funding that around 90 of the UK could be covered with fibre broadband This requires some of the money from the BDUK Broadband Delivery UK scheme to help BT roll out fibre that bit further The full list of the 178 exchanges that BT have announced can be viewed at www btplc com Filed under Fibre broadband News Tags BT add further 178 exchanges to fibre broadband roll out BT Openreach BT Openreach fibre broadband deployment Fibre broadband Author Mark 3 50 pm Comments 0 December 9 2011 90 with fibre broadband in 5 or 6 years according to BT top man 90 of the UK should have fibre broadband connections in 5 to 6 years according to BT s main man David Cameron visited BT s Adastral Park research HQ near to Ipswich where they were told by BT s Chief Executive Ian Livingstone that fibre optic broadband could be available to 90 of homes and businesses within 5 to 6 years BT are currently aiming to have two thirds of the country connected to its fibre network in just 3 years time by the end of 2014 However the final push will be a time consuming and expensive for BT hence why it could be up to 6 years before there is 90 coverage with fibre broadband BT are investing 2 5bn in its fibre network to upgrade from copper wires to fibre optic cable The majority of connections people will receive will be FTTC Fibre To The Cabinet as apposed to full

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  • 2011 November
    broadband connections The Technology expert at uSwitch Ernest Doku said It really is surprising just how much broadband speeds fluctuate at different times of the day with drop offs of almost 70 in some areas of the UK Not many internet users enjoy the maximum headline broadband speeds offered by providers and certainly not during the working week This research may help to shed some light on why many bewildered consumers who believe they ve signed up to a certain broadband speed never actually feel like their connection is fast enough The problem of slower broadband speeds has been exacerbated by changes in the way people use the internet with far more people downloading music and watching TV programmes online inevitably putting more strain on the network Evesham in Worcestershire was the area that topped the charts for the widest variation in broadband speeds with the morning speed between 7 9am averaging 15 5Mb and the evening speed between 7 9pm down to just 4 9Mb More people streaming music and live TV online in the evening are huge factors for the slowing down of broadband connections in the evening as faster more reliable broadband speeds have been made available there has also seen an increasing use and demand for more bandwidth hungry applications such as for the BBC iPlayer to give consumers what they want to watch on demand Looking to the future it is clear that the fibre broadband deployment across the UK is vital in making sure that consumers will continue to be able to use the internet at peak hours without interruption Filed under Broadband Speeds Tags Broadband rush hour broadband slower in the evening broadband speed test Broadband speeds slow in the evening broadband rush hour slowest time of day to use broadband Author Mark 10 21 am Comments 1 November 14 2011 O2 launch 4G mobile broadband trial in London O2 are today launching the first 4G LTE Long Term Evolution network trial in London and will offer people in the capital access to the new super fast mobile network Around 1 000 people will be invited to partake in the trial this includes business staff at John Lewis The 4G network itself is made up of over 25 4G sites across London stretching from Hyde Park to the O2 in Greenwich it will also cover key areas which include Canary Wharf Soho Westminster South Bank Kings Cross Over 40 square kilometers is the combined coverage area The trial is due to last for 9 months between now and Summer 2012 with the trialists being provided with Samsung B3730 mobile broadband dongles there are currently no 4G compatible phones which are capable of broadband speeds up to 150Mb According to the Guardian newspaper it is expected that broadband speeds of between 25Mb 50Mb are likely to be the average expected however when the 4G is rolled out nationally the average speed is expected to drop to between 10Mb 15Mb this is still faster than the current UK average broadband sped of around 7Mb 4G uses the same signal space as analogue TV signals because of this the whole network can t be turned on until all analogue TV signals have been fully turned off and the auction for the spectrum has taken place currently scheduled for around 2013 O2 have reportedly spent 500 million upgrading its network this year and probably similar next year to make more of its network to run 4G Another impressive stat as to how much 4G is likely to benefit mobile broadband is that the 25 masts that O2 have installed in London for this trial are able to carry more data that O2 s entire 3G network nationally can 4G is also hopefully going to be a saviour for some areas where fibre broadband isn t going to be rolled out to so they too can benefit from faster broadband speeds There are currently no 4G phones available and in future anyone wanting to connect to a 4G network will need to have a 4G enabled phone that is why those people trialing the 4G network in London have been given mobile broadband dongles that will be able to fit into laptops and tablet computers The Chief Executive Officer for O2 Ronan Dunne said Today s launch of the UK s first 4G London trial network demonstrates our commitment to delivering 4G to our customers at the earliest opportunity The work we are doing now will lay the foundations for our commercial 4G network when it launches in the UK Filed under Mobile Broadband Tags 02 4G mobile broadband 4G 4G network trial London 4G O2 launch 4G mobile broadband trial in London O2 mobile broadband O2 trial 4G network Author Mark 11 26 am Comments 0 November 9 2011 Super Spade speeds up BT fibre broadband deployment BT are managing to roll out fibre broadband even faster and save themselves money by the use of a new extra sharp super spade The new spade has an extra sharp edge which makes it possible for it to cut through tarmac and remove blockages during the fibre installation process Previously a separate civil engineering team would have been required to come to dig up pathways Having the new spade has meant that fibre installations can now be done in just two days rather than a week thus saving time and speeding up the fibre roll out process and also saving money There are a few other innovations that BT are also using to help speed up fibre broadband deployment which includes the trialing of a polymer based plinth for the base of the street side cabinets Previously the cabinets were secured down with concrete in the bottom this either required wet cement to be poured in which takes time to set or if pre cast concrete was used it required extra workers and machinery to lift and move the concrete block The new Polymer plinths are pre formed and

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  • 2011 October
    17 am Comments 0 October 20 2011 Derry first city to get full FTTC coverage The first city in the UK Ireland to be fully upgraded to Fibre broadband is Derry in Northern Ireland Every BT street cabinet in Derry has now been upgraded to FTTC Fibre To The Cabinet and now means that around 40 000 homes and businesses will be able to use the new fibre broadband service It is probably little co incidence that Londonderry was high up on BT s list of places to get fibre broadband fully installed to as BT are one of the main sponsors of Derry for 2013 when they become the UK City of Culture FTTC will offer users in Derry up to 40Mb broadband speeds with this likely to increase to up to 80Mb next year when BT increases the available broadband speeds across its fibre network Colm O Neil the BT Chief Executive in Northern Ireland told this to the BBC There is different pricing and we have done it on an open access basis It is a more expensive product than your standard broadband product but for that you would potentially get 10 50 times increase in speed This city on the north west coast of Ireland right on the edge of Europe now has access to speeds and connectivity better than people in Hong Kong Tokyo London or New York That is an important message for the business community to understand Derry first city to get full FTTC coverag Customers in Derry won t get an automatic switch0over to the fibre broadband this is because prices are currently around 30 more expensive than standard broadband connections but as Mr O Neil pointed out there are much larger speed increases available for the extra you will be paying Despite BT being one of the partners for Derry s 2013 UK City of Culture this does not mean that the fibre broadband is only available via BT Infinity Other Broadband providers will be able to offer services through the new fibre network Filed under Fibre broadband News Tags 2013 UK City of Culture Derry first city to get full FTTC Derry first city to get full FTTC coverage Londonderry fibre broadband Author Mark 9 28 am Comments 0 October 14 2011 Rats chew through Virgin Media s broadband cable An outage of Virgin Media broadband TV and home phone services on Monday in parts of Scotland was caused by rats chewing through fibre optic cable according to Virgin Media Hundreds of customers in east Scotland were affected as the rats had chewed through the underground cables Virgin Media engineers managed to fix the problem by Monday evening but the rats came back and chewed through them again on Tuesday afternoon meaning that services went down again The engineers once again came out and sorted the problem with a spokesperson for the company saying We ve now put additional measures in place to prevent further damage to our cables to

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  • 2011 September
    based on actual broadband speed test s that are carried out by consumers A minimum of 10 speed tests per post code had to have been done before they were considered to be included in the report Filed under Broadband Speeds Tags broadband speed test BT Broadband slowets broadband streer Author Sheri 9 27 am Comments 0 September 16 2011 Fibre broadband mobile broadband roll out is too slow Fibre optic broadband and mobile broadband networks is taking too long according to the culture secretary Jeremy Hunt Mr Hunt believes that the UK is in danger of falling behind the rest of Europe by taking too long to get things sorted He liked the problems to how we dealth with our railways by saying We need to ensure we do not make the same mistake in broadband that we made in railways building our high speed network 45 years after the French and 62 years after the Japanese PIA physical infrastructure access has to be sorted out and quickly in a way that allows fair competition with different providers able to invest in our broadband infrastructure The price that BT wants to charge rivals for access to their underground ducts and telephone poles so that they can install or lay their own fibre network are due this month but it is likely to be a case that the prices will be disputed by BT s rivals as too high which will then again delay the process of more fibre being laid in the UK This could then delay the process by up to a year before Ofcom comes in with making a decision Currently we have Fujitsu looking to create a 2bn fibre network across the UK but they are after 500m of funds from the government that have been put aside to help roll out next generation broadband to rural areas Along with his thoughts on fixed line fibre broadband Mr Hunt also said how he wanted the mobile phone operators to work together and put aside any competitive differences with the forthcoming 4G spectrum auction so as to not have that delayed any further Mobile data is increasing at an astonishing rate and so the 4G network capacity is in great need it is predicted that by 2015 the volume of mobile data is set to increase 26 fold Currently Vodafone and O2 have space spectrum while Three and Everything Everywhere Orange T Mobile are jointly owned are in desperate need for extra capacity Mr Hunt said Sweden completed their auction in 2009 Germany last year Italy is doing theirs this week and France will finish theirs this year Mobile phone operators must put aside competitive differences and work together in their common and our national interest to make this happen Filed under Fibre broadband News Tags 4G auction Fibre broadband mobile broadband roll out is too slow Fibre optic broadband Fibre optic broadband roll out Mobile Broadband Author Mark 2 53 pm Comments 0 September 12 2011 BT trying to create fibre monopoly according to TalkTalk boss BT are trying to create a fibre monopoly according to the commercial boss of TalkTalk David Goldie has claimed that BT is trying to regain the monopoly position that it lost many years ago and fears that Britain will be left with a second class infrastructure that falls behind that of other developed nations BT are investing 2 5 billion in their fibre network BT Infinity which will cover two thirds of the UK by 2015 Most of those connected to it will be via FTTC Fibre To The Cabinet which means that from the streetside cabinet the standard copper wires are used for the rest of the distance to the house Only around 4 million homes will be connected with full fibre broadband FTTH Fibre To The Home which can offer even faster speeds BT are bidding for 360m worth of government subsidy to help get fibre into rural areas however the Japanese electronic giant Fujitsu are also after this money and some more so that they can bring their 1Gbit fibre technology to around 5 million homes in rural Britain over the next 5 years Fujitsu are after 500m to help fund their 2bn project that has already had promises from Virgin Media TalkTalk to be customers of the network should Fujitsu manage to get the money to do it as it will help create a competitor edge to BT Fujitsu however need BT to lower the prices for access and rent of their telephone ducts and poles so that they can install their own fibre It is thought that Fujitsu want BT to half it s prices but this could prove a sticking point Goldie also said Right now BT knows what its costs are but nobody else does I look at it from the point of view of the taxpayer and the market and none of them is well served by having a bidding process that favours one party BT s is a mother knows best approach I don t think they are building the right infrastructure for Britain The Chief Executive of BT Openreach Olivia Garfield said BT has provided reciprocal wholesale access to its fibre network from the outset This allows other operators to piggyback off our investment while encouraging competition and the take up of fibre services to thrive We ve also volunteered to provide additional forms of wholesale access via our ducts and poles We expect to announce revised pricing for such access shortly Looking at the issue from BT s side they will argue that they are already investing 2 5bn into rolling out fibre across the country and also need to make a return on their investment It is likely that Ofcom will be the ones who have to come in to help make agreement on both sides Filed under Fibre broadband Tags BT fibre monopoly Fibre broadband Author Mark 12 40 pm Comments 0 September 9 2011 Virgin Media

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  • 2011 August
    for all 25m homes in the country by 2015 and 90 of the country to be with superfast broadband this is classed as 24Mb or above The funding from the government is coming from the money that was left from the digital TV switchover BT are putting in for many of the contracts to roll out to these rural areas and providing the government backs each of the council contracts BT says that they will match the money put forward by the government and they would also expect that the councils to do the same BT themselves are currently investing 2 5bn in rolling out their fibre broadband network across the UK which for most homes will be via FTTC Fibre To The Cabinet and will offer speeds up to 40Mb Users can check the speed of their internet connection by running a broadband speed test Filed under Home Broadband News Tags Government funding of universal broadband Rural broadband 530m government money to help bring broadband to rural areas Author Mark 11 35 am Comments 1 August 12 2011 UK riots affect broadband installations The recent riots in the UK is likely to mean that thousands of broadband and landline installations that are scheduled to be done by BT engineers are likely to be postponed due to the riots in the UK In certain areas there is restricted access either by the police or the fire service due to the riots also BT are also restricting other places where it believes there is a potential risk to their engineers BT will also be prioritising repair jobs ahead of new installations and upgrades until service can resume to normal In a statement from BT Openreach they said There has been some impact on the service we are able to provide our customers including missed appointments where our engineers have been unable to access affected areas In these exceptional circumstances it may be necessary in certain areas to focus our restricted resources on repair rather than provision to ensure you have service It is estimated that between 500 1000 jobs per day will be left outstanding with many needing to be re booked back in to be done Filed under News Tags BT stop broadband installations in areas affected by UK riots UK riots uk riots affect broadband installations Author Mark 10 52 am Comments 0 August 10 2011 Virgin Media to stop their broadband services in Westminster Virgin Media are to pull out of offering its services in Westminster London from January next year as it is unable to upgrade the network to deliver it s next generation broadband and TV services The move comes because Virgin Media said that the infrastructure in place is not able to cope with the superfast 100Mb broadband the company is rolling out Although in the main Virgin Media use it s own network to deliver it s broadband in the instance of Westminster they actually use BT s infrastructure and they are unable to

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  • 2011 July
    Osborne and will come out of the 530m broadband pot that has been set aside to roll out universal broadband of at least 2Mb across the UK and also to provide superfast broadband with the UK government aiming to have full coverage of a minimum of 2Mb broadband across the country by 2015 he funding announcement came only a day after Ofcom said that at least 12 out of the 22 council areas in Wales were classed as areas with a poor start of broadband provision Rachel Evans the regional director of the Countryside Alliance in Wales said This announcement comes not before time Rural communities are increasingly being forced to depend on the internet for the survival of their businesses A reliable broadband network is a necessity if these communities are going to weather the recent financial troubles Filed under News Tags UK Government give Wales 57m for Superfast broadband universal broadband Welsh broadband Author Mark 10 15 am Comments 0 July 8 2011 Broadband could be delivered by FM radio spectrum FM radio waves could be used to provide broadband to rural areas according to Ofcom the Communications regulator Doing this would be similar to other trials which are taking place in the Isle of Bute in Scotland also also around Cambridge where white space which is available in the TV spectrum is being used to deliver broadband With the TV digital switchover due to be complete in the UK by 2012 this means there will be the chance to make use of this part of the spectrum Using the radio waves could work out as an ideal solution to providing broadband in rural and remote areas as radio waves are available in both high and low frequency means that in the case of low frequency these will work well in buildings as other frequencies can t pass through buildings as easily However although the potential to use the radio waves is an option it is unlikely that we will see a large scale roll out of it as the government still have not announced a date where radio signals will all be switched form analogue to digital in much the same way we have done with the TV signals Ed Richards the Chief Executive at Ofcom said Spectrum is a resource that is in huge demand fuelled by the recent explosion in smart phones and other wireless technologies However there is only a limited amount of it to go around which means we need to start thinking more creatively about how it is used White space devices could offer the creative solution we are looking for Filed under Home Broadband Tags Radio to deliver broadband Radio waves to deliver broadband Rural broadband white space broadband trials Author Mark 10 55 am Comments 0 July 7 2011 Broadband twice as expensive slower in rural areas Poorer people and those living in rural areas are paying more for broadband and receiving slower speeds according to figures released yesterday In

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