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  • 2010 October
    Spending Review Residents in North Yorkshire Cumbria Hertfordshire and the Highlands are the lucky benefactors of the funding which was announced yesterday by the Chancellor George Osborne in his Spending Review These rural areas were considered commercially un viable and this scheme looks to trial superfast broadband in them The project will be done over the next 4 years with 300 million of the funds coming from the pot left over from the digital TV switch over from the BBC license fee It is expected that around 2 million households will benefit from the project which is being run by the government organisation called Broadband Delivery UK The same organisation have been given the responsibility of making sure that everyone in the UK has access to broadband by 2012 and high speed fibre broadband to the majority of the country by 2017 BT are spending 2 5bn on their own fibre optic network that will be available to around 66 of the country by the time it is complete Virgin Media also have coverage with their fibre network of around 50 but there will still be areas that are missing out where it does not work out financially viable for BT to roll out this next generation network to Next generation mobile broadband spectrums will be auctioned in 2011 or 2012 this will mean more access to mobile broadband and with at least 500Mhz of public sector airwaves being released over the next 10 years this gives plenty of scope to improve mobile broadband reach Filed under Fibre broadband Tags fibre broadband in rural areas Rural fibre broadband Rural Next generation network 530 million investment in fibre broadband for rural areas Author Mark 11 04 am Comments 0 October 20 2010 100Mb fibre broadband from BT next year BT Openreach are to launch a 110Mb fibre broadband from March 2011 as part of their Generic Ethernet Access Fibre To The Premises GEA FTTP products The news of this 110Mb fibre broadband from BT is probably not that far linked to the fact that Virgin Media are to launch their own 100Mb fibre broadband by the end of this year When you consider that BT had originally been planning on offering a 100Mb fibre broadband package to it s new fibre broadband network anyway it would seem that upping this by just 10Mb more than Virgin Media could be done so they can advertise at offering the fastest fibre broadband in the country come next year A spokesman for BT said that Communications providers advertising 100Mbps that s exactly what consumers are going to get You re going to get 100Mbps it s not an up to service However this speed is not expected to be available 24 hours a day in times where the network is flooded a prioritised 20Mb speed would be available per user The breakdown of wholesale prices for the 110Mb broadband are pretty much the same as they are for the 100Mb broadband from BT so it would make sense that BT are probably just going to replace the 100Mb broadband with their 110Mb offering The wholesale prices from BT Openreach for the 110Mb fibre broadband are 21 54 per month 258 per year plus a 75 vat connection charge The major advantage that Virgin Media have currently over BT is the fact that they already have around half of the UK covered instead of a relatively small amount that BT have on their FTTH P Fibre to the Home Premises On the war of fastest broadband it is not to be forgotten that Virgin Media are already looking at technology to be able to offer broadband speeds up to 200Mb The trials of this new 110Mb fibre broadband form BT are underway in Highams Park in North London and Bradwell Abbey in Milton Keynes Filed under Fibre broadband News Tags 100Mb fibre broadband from BT next year 110Mb fibre broadband BT fibre broadband BT to offer 110mb broadband fastest broadband Author Tony 10 22 am Comments 3 October 19 2010 UK broadband to hit capacity crunch The UK broadband network could soon hit the capacity crunch according to research done by the University of Southampton In the paper written by David Richardson of the University of Southampton s Optoelectronics Research Centre he detailed laboratory results which showed the data rates at more than half the ultimate limit that fibre optic cables can achieve and goes on to say that there is an urgent need for research and development of higher bandwidth fibre optic cables to be made Speaking to BBC News here Mr Richardson said The thought that the current fibre technology has infinite capacity is not true we are beginning to hit the fundamental limits of the current technology We need to be looking at the next big breakthrough to allow us to continue to scale as we have traditionally done He said there are more increases to be had for instance in the way the light signals are encoded but that radical gains will likely come from changes in the fibres themselves If you gain a factor of two in bandwidth by developing a whole new amplifier technology that s perhaps two or three years of capacity growth To get radical changes to get factors of 100 or 1000 it s going to be extremely demanding It s likely we re going to have to go right back to the fundamentals of the optics the actual light pipes And if you want to develop the next generation of cable you want to be doing that 10 years in advance not for tomorrow In the last 10 years we have massively seen the way people use the Internet change it is now classed as a standard part of peoples day to day lives and more and more high bandwidth applications are getting supplied via our broadband connections such as streaming movies or live TV through the iPlayer or YouTube for starters Another interesting thought

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  • 2010 September
    Slow rural broadband speeds Author Mark 10 49 am Comments 0 September 15 2010 Unbundled broadband hits 7 million as prices drop The UK now has more than 7 million unbundled lines where rival companies offer their services over BT s network In 2005 this figure stood at just 123 000 unbundled lined in the UK when BT and Ofcom came to an agreement that would see BT set up a new division called BT Openreach that would be used to allow competitors access to BT s network and take control of the line to customers homes to offer their own services Now the UK has over 19 million broadband lines and more than 70 of these are provided by other companies than BT which includes over 30 companies who are offering broadband services which are unbundled With so much competition out there the result has meant that broadband connections have gone up and the price of broadband has come down The study by Ofcom found that in the last quarter of 2005 the average price excluding VAT that customers were paying for broadband was 23 30 per month with the same service today costing just 13 31 meaning quite a substantial saving Companies who make use of the LLU Local Loop Unbundling and use BT s copper network include companies such as Sky TalkTalk BT are currently investing 2 5 billion in their new fibre broadband BT Infinity that will be able to deliver broadband speeds up to 40Mb Filed under Home Broadband Tags BT Openreach LLU Local Loop Unbundling Unbundled broadband Author Mark 10 52 am Comments 0 September 13 2010 Ofcom look to make switching broadband easier Ofcom are looking to change the process for switching broadband providers to make it easier and more hassle free for consumers Ofcoms research found that 45 of consumers with a broadband or landline think that switching their broadband or telephone provider is too much hassle Of those people who have switched broadband provider by using the Migration Authority Code MAC 39 of them felt that it was too much hassle when going the change 22 of those who switched broadband providers by using the Notification of Transfer process felt that this was too much hassle What Ofcom are proposing is that the broadband or communications provider who will be gaining the new customer should take the lead role in switching would give better results for customers as it would be in the interest of the gaining provider to get the switch done as quickly and smoothly as possible however there would need to be measures in place to stop slamming occurring which is where customers get switched with out their consent Other factors which make it an even more complex process now is that half of consumers have more than one service in a bundle with one provider Filed under Home Broadband Tags Change broadband Ofcom Ofcom to change broadband switching process Switching broadband Author Mark 10 08 am Comments

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  • 2010 August
    fixes problems using the latest cutting edge remote control technology Malware doesn t just affect computers it can affect lives It s time for ISPs to go beyond the basics and do whatever they can to help protect their customers from this growing problem Customers may think they are protected but with the ease by which malware can infect a computer even just by visiting a innocent looking website we re going to do whatever we can to help defend our customers from serious consequences such as identity theft and even banking fraud Virgin Media will be working with organisation and groups such as The Shadowserver Foundation who monitor the spread of malware around the internet Those customers who Virgin Media are informed are likely to be infected with malware will be sent a letter from Virgin Media which will tell them how to scan their computer and also remove viruses They will also be given the details for how to sign up at a cost to Virgin s home support service which is able to access customers computers remotely to remove malware Filed under Fibre broadband Home Broadband Tags Free malware protection from Virgin Media malware spyware Virgin home support service Virgin Media Virgin Media malware defence campaign viruses Author Mark 2 25 pm Comments 0 August 13 2010 Are BT installing Fibre optic broadband near me With BT aiming to have 66 coverage of the UK with fibre optic broadband by 2015 many people who are yet to be moved onto the faster next generation broadband may be wondering if they are getting close to having fibre broadband services turned on BT do release lists of which towns and areas they are going to be covered and update this as and when new towns are put on it however just so you know what to look out for we have been out and grabbed you a picture of what you need to be looking for as the tell tale sign that you are getting close to receiving fibre broadband The picture below is of two BT street side cabinets The smaller cabinet on the right is the old cabinet that the will probably be currently supplying your telephone and broadband services through This is connected to the telephone exchange via copper wires The larger green cabinet on the left of the image is one of the new BT cabinets that will be supplied with fibre optic cable from the main telephone exchange For most of us from here the broadband will then be delivered to us from the existing copper wires that currently supply us This is the set up that the majority of the country will be receiving from BT and is known as Fibre To The Cabinet FTTC Filed under Fibre broadband Tags BT fibre broadband BT fibre cabinet When will I get fibre broadband Author Mark 2 32 pm Comments 1 Fibre broadband through Bournemouth sewers flushed down the pan The plans by Fibrecity to

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  • 2010 July
    95 of the population Filed under Mobile Broadband Tags 3 Mobile 3 Mobile broadband Best mobile broadband Mobile Broadband Three Mo Three mobile broadband Author Mark 9 51 am Comments 0 July 19 2010 BT to increase line rental and call costs BT are putting the cost of line rental up by 50p per month starting October and telephone call costs are also due to rise The cost of BT s line rental will now cost 13 29 per month or for those customers who pay by direct debit an dare e billing customers it will cost 12 04 per month Daytime calls are also going to rise with the price going up from 5 9p per minute to 6 4p per minute What could well be a co incidence is that it was October that Labours Broadband Tax of 5op per month was due to be introduced this was subsequently scrapped by the Conservative Lib Dem government The broadband tax was due to help raise funds to help fund the roll out of next generation broadband across the country For anyone who doesn t have a landline and is looking at taking one out and is willing to pay the landline fee as an annual subscription can make a big saving if they sign up before the 29th October if they do they will be charged 113 88 9 49 per month instead of the new price which will be 159 48 for the annual fee after October BT will be writing to all it s 12 5 million customers to tell them about the price rises in the coming weeks although it is thought that around half of BT s customers are on the unlimited UK landline calls package and as such the call charges won t affect these customers BT recently announced that they would be investing an extra 1 billion in deploying fibre optic broadband making their total investment to be around 2 5 billion they also recently started to offer Sky Sports channels to customers however it is though that due to Sky changing the wholesale price of these channels that BT are actually going to be losing money on each one of these that they sell Filed under News Tags BT day time calls cost BT line rental cost BT line rental going up BT to increase line rental and call costs Author Mark 11 16 am Comments 0 July 16 2010 Be Broadband look to offer fibre broadband services BE Broadband are looking to offer even faster broadband speeds by offering fibre optic broadband but admit that they can t afford to lay down it s own fibre network down In a post in the official Be Broadband Blog Tom Williams the managing director of Be Broadband had the following to say We really want to offer you a fibre solution We want to keep providing faster and faster speeds However we can t afford to lay our own fibre network unless of course Alex agrees to sell his collection of antique Happy Meal toys Right now we re looking at the wholesale products available If we do this then there s likely to be some initial restrictions on what we can offer in terms of speed support and the general customer experience But for many of you it will be faster Whatever we offer it won t be perfect straight away though it will improve over time We want to get your input while we re investigating the options we want to build the BE fibre product around you as much as possible Be Broadband will be making use of the fibre network that BT are installing around the country On the main part it is Fibre To The Cabinet FTTC that BT are installing which will offer broadband speeds up to 40Mb for a few lucky people there will be Fibre To The Premises Home FTTH but this is mainly going to be installed in new build areas that will be able to offer much faster broadband speeds up to 100Mb BT are investing 2 5Bn in rolling out next generation fibre broadband over the next few years which should be available to around two thirds of the UK once completed It will be this large fibre network that BE Broadband will be utilising on a wholesale level to provide fibre broadband deals for customers BE currently have an offer running offering 2 months free broadband from BE Filed under Fibre broadband Home Broadband Tags Be Broadband fibre broadband Be Broadband look to offer fibre broadband services BE fibre broadband Wholesale fibre broadband Author Mark 12 48 pm Comments 0 2 months free broadband with Be Broadband Customers can get 2 months free broadband from Be Broadband in a limited time offer with their latest promotional code The offer runs until the end of July so potential new subscribers only have a couple of weeks to make sure they get their free broadband which is available on either the Unlimited or Pro packages When signing up customers simply need to enter the Be Broadband promo code FREEMONTHS A special landing page has been set up at www bethere co uk Filed under Home Broadband Tags 2 months free Be Broadband Be broadband BE Broadband promotional code Author Mark 11 55 am Comments 0 July 15 2010 Broadband Summit taking place to sort out UK broadband A Broadband summit is taking place today in London to talk about ways to get fast broadband out to every part of the UK A pledge to make Britain the fastest broadband nation in Europe by 2015 has also been made and that a minimum broadband speed of 2Mb should be available to every home in Britain However the Government are not likely to be offering the broadband industry big pots of money to help fund the roll out there is still the 175 million left over from the digital switchover that is to be used

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  • 2010 June
    and as such BT are offering headline speeds of40Mb for their fibre broadband however Virgin offer their fibre broadband direct to the house and as such are able to offer faster speeds as their whole connection is done with fibre Only a few selected places mainly new build locations are where BT will be installing fibre directly to the house but for the majority of people it will just be FTTC Virgin Media currently only cover around half of the UK but are looking at extending this with the use of using existing telephone cables to help reach other parts of the country with it s fibre broadband an estimated 1 million homes around the country in more rural areas could be reached from doing this Filed under Broadband Speeds Home Broadband Tags 400Mb broadband Virgin Media Virgin Media 400mb broadband Virgin Media fibre broadband Author Sheri 3 30 pm Comments 1 June 23 2010 England v Slovenia World Cup game watch online Those interested in watching Englands final World Cup group stage game can do so online with their broadband connection The England v Slovenia game kicked off at 3pm and those wanting to watch it online can do so on the BBC iPlayer www bbc co uk iplayer Filed under News Tags England v Slovenia England World Cup game online Watch England v Slovenia online Author Mark 2 26 pm Comments 0 Broadband Tax for fibre broadband scrapped in emergency Budget Yesterdays emergency budget by the new Government has finally confirmed that the broadband tax that Labour wanted to bring in has been scrapped Labours 50p per month broadband tax was to be charged to every phone line in the UK with the money raised used to help fund the roll out of fibre optic broadband across the UK The new Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said I am happy to be able to abolish this new duty before it is even introduced Instead we will support private broadband investment including to rural areas in part with funding from the digital switchover under spend within the TV licence fee The broadband tax would have cost those with a phone line around 6 per year with those with more than one telephone lines having to pay for each line they have Labour figured it would raise between 175m 200m per year to help fund the roll out of Next Generation fibre broadband however the Conservatives are going to use the extra money that has been left over from the digital switchover to help fund getting this fibre broadband out into rural areas where it is not financially feasible for companies such as BT to fund the deployment themselves It is estimated that there is around 300 million left in the digital switchover fund with many not believing that this will be enough to make sure all rural ares get broadband There will be a slight rise potentially on broadband prices with VAT rising 2 5 up to 20

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  • 2010 May
    O2 Broadband O2 Broadband Niggles and Narks O2 Survey Slow broadband Slow broadband issue Author Mark 1 03 pm Comments 0 May 21 2010 Over half of workers plan to watch World Cup online in work Workers who plan to watch the World Cup games while in work are likely to put UK Broadband under a lot of strain according to broadband provider Eclipse Internet According to research by Eclipse Internet they found that over half of employees plan to watch World Cup games online while at work with 54 saying that they plan on doing this The biggest potentially troublesome day over here in the UK is Wednesday 23rd June when England play Slovenia at 3pm in a group stage game when workers are still likely to be in work The problems could arise if large number of employees all switch on live streaming websites to watch the football which could take up huge chunks of bandwidth and also impact a businesses internet connection Fortunately for employers this is only scheduled day so far that England are due to play a World Cup game during office hours however employers are being advised to make up plans and rules surrounding watching the football games online Obviously many employees will hope their boss isn t that computer savvy and doesn t block the websites where people can watch online such as the BBC iPlayer Eclipse Internet offer home and business broadband which includes fibre broadband which starts at 39 95 per month Filed under Business Broadband Tags Eclipse Internet Over Half of workers plan to watch World Cup online Watch World Cup online Watching England World Cup football online Watching World Cup in work time could affect businesses Author Ruth 11 08 am Comments 0 Ed Vaizey named new Broadband Minister As we reported earlier in the week see here Ed Vaizey has been appointed as the new broadband minister for the UK His role will include getting the Digital Economy Act DEA implemented and also next generation fibre broadband roll out across the country The government are to use part of the BBC s license fee that was set aside for the Digital Switchover to help fund next generation broadband to areas of the country where it is not financially viable for broadband providers to deploy to themselves this part of the licence fee is worth around 130 million Filed under News Tags Broadband Minister Ed Vaizey Ed Vaizey named new Broadband Minister Author Rob 10 15 am Comments 0 May 20 2010 30Mb broadband for half of Europeans by 2013 By 2020 half of European households will have 30Mb broadband speeds in a pledge done by the European Union The pledge is part of a range of parts in the European Union s Digital Agenda which is a five year plan that is aimed at improving Internet access The Digital Affairs commissioner Neelie Kroes announced the various proposals which also included making sure that broadband access is available to the whole of the EU by 2013 another proposal and aim is that half of EU residents will do their shopping online and use web based public services by 2015 The EU has reportedly invested 40 less than America in technology and that around one third of Europeans had never used the Internet with a staggeringly small 1 only having fibre broadband available to them EU member states are being encouraged to increase what they give for investment for technological research and development to make it up to 9 5 billion per year Filed under Home Broadband News Tags 30Mb broadband for Europe Digital Agenda EU Digital Egenda European Union Broadband Author Ruth 10 23 am Comments 0 May 18 2010 New Broadband Minister to be appointed this week The UK is to get a new Broadband Minister by the end of this week to be part of the Department for Business Innovation and Skills BIS Ed Vaizey the Culture Minister is rumoured to be one of the likely candidates for the position The position will be to make sure that the whole of the country is able to get a minimum 2Mb broadband connection by 2012 as part of the Universal Service Commitment and also to look at ways to get the remaining third of the country that won t have next generation fibre broadband to be wired up to it BT announced last week that they were going to spend an extra 1 billion to roll out a fibre optic network to 66 of the UK making their total investment around 2 5 billion Labour had hoped to use a 50p per month Broadband Tax to help fun the roll out of next generation broadband to rural areas that were not in places where it made it financially viable for companies such as BT or Virgin Media to roll out fibre to these places However the Conservatives had planned before the election on using money from the Digital Switchover which is raised from the BBC License fee to help with the roll out of fibre optic networks although this would not be available until after 2012 This new position would keep broadband as an important issue and is one that we feel is a key part to the UK and it s economy it may involve some heavy investment but it would also help with the recovery of the economy Filed under Fibre broadband Home Broadband Tags 2Mb minimum broadband Broadband Minister Next Generation Broadband Author Mark 1 40 pm Comments 1 May 17 2010 Virgin Fibre Broadband from 5 per month offer Virgin Media the UK Cable operator has brought in some online offers that gives customers fibre broadband at reduced prices for 3 months when taken with a Virgin phone line This means that the Virgin Broadband www virginmedia com L package which offers 10Mb fibre broadband is available for just 5 per month for the first 3 months there is also discounts on the 20Mb

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  • 2010 April
    lost their broadband connections after the copper cables have been stolen by thieves On Wednesday thieves cut six cables in five places and stole the copper cable which is the second time in a year that this has happened in this area The total length of copper cable to be replaced is around 2 miles and everyone is hopefully due to be back online by the end of today Monday A statement from BT to the BBC said It is a very complex and time consuming repair job We are doing all we can to restore services as quickly as possible Up to 2 000 customers were affected and services have now been restored for nearly half of them We hope to have completed the work by end of Monday Copper is highly sought after as it s price has shot up in recent years which makes it a target for criminals to make money on Filed under Home Broadband News Tags Copper cable theft Faringham Faringham broadband not working Author Mark 10 26 am Comments 2 Sky broadband free speed upgrade to 20Mb Sky is to offer all it s Sky broadband customers a free broadband speed upgrade to 20Mb from 1st June The move will also co incide with Sky streamlining it s broadband offers to just 2 options either the Everyday Lite which is free to Sky TV customers who also have Sky Talk or 5 if it is a customer who only takes the broadband but is capped at 2GB of data transfer per month or the Unlimited plan which costs an extra 7 50 per month but does not have any restrictions in place and is supposedly fully unlimited with no traffic management or fair use policy s The 20Mb broadband will be using ADSL2 technology and like with current standard ADSL the broadband speed you actually receive will depend on your distance from the telephone exchange and the quality of the line Both the broadband deals are available on a 12 month contract New subscribers online can currently also receive a free 25 M S voucher of they sign up to a Sky TV package online at www sky com Filed under Home Broadband Tags Free Sky broadband speed increase Sky Broadband Sky Broadband 20Mb Sky broadband free speed upgrade to 20Mb Author Mark 9 56 am Comments 0 April 22 2010 BT to add 150 more exchanges to ADSL2 BT are set to upgrade 150 telephone exchanges in the UK which would increase the broadband speed available for those people connected to these exchanges up to 24Mb broadband The upgrade will be applied to the selected 150 exchanges so that they are on the Wholesale Broadband Connect WBC service which offers ADSL2 technology BT are aiming to have ADSL2 available to 75 of UK homes and business by the spring of 2011 which will hopefully benefit 16 8 million UK homes and businesses BT are currently also investing in their own fibre optic network which will be able to offer broadband speeds of up to 40Mb Filed under Home Broadband Tags BT 24Mb broadband BT ADSL2 BT Wholesale Broadband Connect Author Mark 9 28 am Comments 1 April 20 2010 TalkTalk to increase fibre broadbanf network TalkTalk are set to increase their own network by unbundling even more exchanges and giving them 90 coverage of the UK in the next year and to also get customers onto fibre broadband TalkTalk currently have 1700 exchanges in the UK unbundled and plan to add an extra 300 which would take them over 2000 in total around the UK On the TalkTlak blog it said the following We ve currently unbundled just over 1 700 phone exchanges around the UK meaning that our customers near these exchanges are on our own fibre network rather than on BT s legacy infrastructure This gives us coverage for about 80 of the UK population but our aim is to increase this over the next year We re planning to unbundle a further 300 exchanges taken us to over 2 000 in total and pushing us to coverage of nearly 90 of the population We re also upgrading the capacity of our network in anticipation of ever higher internet usage The industry expectation is that consumption of data online will increase by a whopping 50 year on year over the next few years We re enhancing our network to cope with this explosive rise in demand This upward trend is being boosted by the rise of online TV and video services like BBC iPlayer ITV Player and of course YouTube Soon these will be joined by Canvas the online TV service we are a part of which will provide an iPlayer style catch up service on your TV set while also giving you additional content and features Lats month TalkTalk also announced that all it s customers would receive a free upgrade to their 24Mb broadband speeds offered by ADSL2 Filed under Fibre broadband Home Broadband Tags TalkTalk broadband TalkTalk fibre broadband TalkTalk unbundling Author Rob 9 18 am Comments 0 April 14 2010 Villagers raise 3 000 to install fibre broadband The village of Lyddington Rutland has moved into the broadband fast lane with the installation of fibre broadband available to the 200 homes It may be surprising that a village of just 200 homes would already be having fibre optic broadband installed ahead of much larger towns and cities but the super fast next generation broadband was done and funded by themselves 11 local businessmen each put in around 3000 to help raise the 37 000 needed which they have used to create Rutland Telecom and who then used a local ITC company that resells BT s broadband to have their new cabinet installed and fed with a fibre optic cable Being in a rural area meant that the village was quite a distance from the local telephone exchange and it would also put them towards the bottom

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  • 2010 March
    Virgin Media and BT are currently starting their roll out of fibre optic broadband BT Infinity that aims to have 40 of UK premises covered by 2012 Filed under Fibre broadband Tags Fibre optic broadband Labour next generation broadband Superfast broadband Universal super fast broadband by 2020 Author Mark 10 38 am Comments 0 March 18 2010 Virgin Media V HD Box at no monthly fee Virgin Media are to make watching HD TV channels available at no monthly fee for customers As from Monday 22nd March both new and existing Virgin Media TV customers will be able to get the new V HD box for a one off cost of 49 plus installation costs 35 and then this will be all they pay There will be no on going monthly subscription charges to receive HD channels To be eligible though customers need to be on the M TV tier or above to be able to receive the V HD Box Customers will not own their own box the ownership will be retained by Virgin Media this however means that should anything go wrong with the V HD Box then Virgin Media will come to fix it and there will be no charges to the customer for warranties or have to pay expensive call out fees or replacement or repair fees on the box Cindy Rose Virgin Media s executive directory of digital entertainment said We want to make the best High Definition TV available to more people at affordable prices and without the additional monthly subscription fee If you really love telly you ll probably want our V HD box because then you can then record programmes on up to two channels while simultaneously watching another Our new V HD Box is ideal for anyone who wants to experience the power of HD without the extra monthly fee We think our superb range of TV content gives our customers a real choice and makes Virgin Media the best value TV offering available Virgin Media customers who are on the XL TV package can receive even more HD channels which includes National Grographic HD LIVING HD MTV HD and ESPN HD which will mean that Premier League football can be watched in HD too Also HD channels soon to launch with Virgin Media include I TV Eurosport Discovery SCI FI E4 and Film4 Filed under Broadband Bundles Tags No monthly fee High Definition TV V HD Box Virgin Media HD TV Virgin Media V HD Box Author Ruth 9 58 am Comments 0 March 16 2010 Free 50 M S voucher for new Sky broadband customers New subscribers to Sky TV will receive a 50 M S voucher in a short term offer if they join Sky online The offer is available to new Sky TV subscribers sky com or those who take out a Sky TV bundle with broadband and or telephone Sky have a regular offer of a 25 M S voucher available to new subscribers but until the 25th March 2010 this has been doubled to an impressive 50 Sky have recently started making every new sky box they send out a Sky HD box ready for all the HD channels that are available and will become available The headline offer of a triple play service of Sky Broadband TV and calls can be taken for just 18 per month This deal includes a free standard set up 49 for a SKY HD box if the HD pack is not taken free broadband that offers up to 2Mb broadband speeds and a 2GB monthly usage plus calls evening and weekend landline calls and a free 50 M S voucher To receive the Sky HD box free customers need to sign up for the HD pack which costs 10 per month and will make available currently 37 HD channels so combined with the cheapest deal customers could have Sky HD package for 28 per month New subscribers need to sign up online at www sky com by the 25th March and activate their viewing card by 25th April 2010 to receive their free 50 M S voucher Filed under Broadband Bundles News Tags Sky Sky Broadband Sky Offer Sky 50 M S voucher offer Author Rob 12 06 pm Comments 0 Eclipse Internet increase usage limits Eclipse Internet have boosted the download limits on its broadband packages and doubled what customers are able to use on both it s home and business broadband packages The Home Select broadband package is perhaps the one that has been given the biggest boost with monthly usage being upped from 10Gb per month to 50Gb It also offers up to 24Mb broadband speeds and a free router for a cost of 19 95 per month and is aimed at the general internet user The Home Pro broadband package has also seen a big increase in data usage limits jumping from 50Gb up to 100Gb and also having free overnight usage between 11pm and 9am This comes with a free wireless router and also free evening and weekend phone calls to UK landlines at a cost of 29 95 per month plus again providing ADSL2 has been enabled customers can receive up to 24Mb broadband speeds The business broadband packages see the Home Office Broadband having usage upped to 10Gb for 14 95 per month the Business Bronze Broadband getting 50GB usage for 19 95 per month and the Business Silver Broadband getting 100GB usage for 29 95 per month All these packages also receive unmetered usage between 11pm and 9am The Busienss Gold Broadband package has stayed the same as this already offers true unlimited NO fair usage policy for 49 95 per month all business broadband package prices ex VAT Here at BroadbandWatchdog co uk we always much prefer broadband providers who make their monthly usage clear and don t hind behind fair usage policys like so many do Eclipse Internet are one of the broadband providers who do make it

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