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  • 2010 February
    fastest mobile broadband provider in the UK with Vodafone found as the fastest for downloading web pages Although the test were commission by O2 they were performed by an independent contractor with the results being independently verified by the British Approvals Broad for Telecommunications BABT The tests were performed by Siroda who tested the mobile broadband speeds of the mobile broadband providers at the 20 largest UK cities during January which included London Bristol Edinburgh Leeds Liverpool Newcastle and Sheffield Music files were downloaded and the speed measured and also the time it took to load web pages with the tests taking place between 10am and 10pm Monday to Sunday over a 60 day period Of the 20 cities that the tests were performed at O2 Mobile broadband was fastest at 12 of these locations and second in 4 of the other locations In London O2 Mobile broadband on average took 1 7 seconds to download a web page which was 30 fastest than the slowest operator It was quite an even spread overall for the web page download speeds for the 20 cities tested Below shows the mobile broadband operator and how many cities they were quickest at loading web pages at with Vodafone just topping the charts O2 4 Orange 4 Three 3 Vodafone 5 T Mobile 4 The results for the fastest for downloading music files are as follows O2 12 Orange 0 Three 1 Vodafone 5 T Mobile 2 Towards the end part of 2009 O2 installed 40 new masts around London in a 30 million investment in its network infrastructure and with London being one of the places that O2 came top in this investment will have helped them with their mobile broadband speeds What we need is this same investment to be taken in other locations around the UK to help build on the mobile broadband speeds that other parts of the country can receive Filed under Mobile Broadband Tags Fastest mobile broadband O2 Mobile O2 mobile broadband Author Rob 11 56 am Comments 0 February 22 2010 Virgin Media Travel Passes launch for mobile broadband and Internet access abroad Virgin Media have launched a range of Travel Passes for those who want to use the Internet abroad The Virgin Media Travel Passes are designed to offer mobile Internet and mobile broadband access for users to get online anywhere in the EU The new Travel Passes will offer an Internet connection for users while away abroad but take out the risk of running up huge bills and getting a Bill Shock Bill Shock is the term used for unexpectedly large bills caused by using mobile Internet and mobile broadband Only earlier today we reported a story of a student who ran up a 8 000 mobile broadband bill in just over a month while away in France The Virgin Media Travel Passes come as either a Mobile Internet pass to a Mobile Broadband Pass The Mobile Internet EU Travel Passes on offer are available are either a one hour pass that costs 4 or a 24 hour pass for 6 To activate the EU Mobile Internet Travel Pass users simply need to text BUY pass name e g 24HR or 1HR to the short code 23456 The Mobile Broadband EU Travel Passes come with 4 different options A one day costing 10 for 10Mb 3 days costing 15 for 15Mb 7 days costing 30 for 30Mb or the option of a 30 day travel pass costing 60 for 60Mb To activate a Mobile Broadband Travel Pass users simply need to text BUY pass name e g 1DAY or 3DAY to short code 23456 The countries that the Virgin Media Travel Passes are available to be used in within EU EEA zones include Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus excluding Turkish Northern Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France including French Guinea Guadeloupe Martinique Reunion Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal including Azores Madeira Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain including Canary Islands Sweden Switzerland Iceland Norway Virgin Media are the largest UK fibre broadband provider and are a quad play provider who offer broadband TV phone and mobile Filed under Mobile Broadband Tags Mobile broadband abroad Virgin Media Mobile Broadband abroad Virgin Media Mobile Internet abroad Virgin Media Travel Pass Virgin Media Travel Passes Author Mark 2 34 pm Comments 0 8 000 mobile broadband bill for student who went to France A university student who went to Paris to study has been left with a mobile broadband bill of almost 8 000 William Harrison aged 22 went into an Orange store and asked the assistant about mobile broadband and using it in France He was advised by the staff in the Orange store that mobile broadband would be fine to use in France and recommended him a short term contract that offered him 3Gb usage and told him that this would be perfectly ample for what he needed it for His usage was often to use Skype for phone calls and he didn t download or watch videos or other applications that used allot of data William regularly used Skye back home to make free phone calls over the Internet and thought that he would be able to save money by doing so when in France What William was unaware of was that the data transfer was not able to be used outside of the UK and that Orange were charging him 2 94 per Mb for using the dongle abroad After his first month of using the mobile broadband dongle abroad last September he received his first bill for a whopping 6 101 56 Upon receiving this he straight away queried the bill and got the mobile broadband dongle blocked so he could not rack up any more charges however in the meantime between receiving his bill and the dongle getting blocked he racked up a further 1 547 21 and took his total bill up to 7 648 77

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  • 2010 January
    those areas that have it enabled BT is installing FTTC Fibre To The Cabinet for most of it s fibre network with a few places getting FTTH Fibre To The Home which is even faster BT aim to have 10 million homes in the UK connected to it s BT Infinity network by the start of the London Olympics in 2012 The pricing for the services is very competitive with the BT Infinity Option 1 costing 19 99 per month plus a 50 activation fee For this users receive up to 40Mb download speeds and up to 2Mb upload speeds and 20GB monthly usage There is also a free BT Infinity Home Hub basic security and a free engineer installation BT Infinity Option 2 costs 24 99 per month with no activation fee This gives users up to 40Mb broadband download speeds and 10Mb upload speeds with unlimited usage fair use policy applies a free BT Infinity Home Hub Advanced McAfee security and a free engineer installation Filed under Fibre broadband Home Broadband Tags 40Mb broadband BT fibre broadband BT Infinity BT Infinity fibre broadband Fibre broadband Author Mark 2 40 pm Comments 1 January 20 2010 Virgin Broadband users have downloads monitored Virgin Media are starting to inspect the traffic that goes through their fibre broadband network to see how much of it could be illegal The Deep Packet Inspection DPI is being provided by Detica and currently does not take note of the IP address of the users it monitors and those who are downloading files illegally and so won t be used at present to target offenders The technology is reportedly able to see what type of files are being downloaded by users and file sharers and able to match them up to a database if they are illegal downloads for example of music or films or if they are just personal photo albums exchanged between family members At this stage it is just being used so Virgin Media can see how much illegal traffic is going through it s Virgin Broadband fibre network although there is nothing ruling out that in future it being used to target those guilty of Internet piracy Filed under Fibre broadband Home Broadband News Tags Deep Packet Inspection Illegal File sharing Virgin broadband Virgin Media Author Rob 11 50 am Comments 0 January 15 2010 O2 Broadband and home phone bundles to launch O2 are to start offering broadband and home phone bundles as of March The O2 bundles will be available on their Standard Premium Pro and Access broadband packages and can be coupled with an Evening Weekend calls to UK landlines package for 9 50 per month or an Anytime calls to landlines and international calls for 12 50 per month O2 Broadband has regularly won awards and praise for the broadband services it provides has now stepped into offering home phone services to new and existing O2 Broadband customers This makes the cheapest combined broadband and phone package

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  • 2009 December
    month down to 7 50 per month this includes 1Gb of data use per month and is available on either an 18 or 24 month contract and also comes with a free USB modem The same deal is also available but with a MiFi Mobile WiFi device for a cost of just 9 50 per month Any usage over the 1GB limit is charged at 10p per MB so it is worth making sure that 1GB is sufficient Filed under Mobile Broadband Tags 3 Mobile broadband Cheap mobile broadband Cheapest mobile broadband Three mobile broadband Author Mark 11 01 am Comments 0 BT Chairman the only man with broadband in the village The chairman of BT Sir Mike Rake is the only person in his Oxfordshire villiage of Hambleden that has got broadband and as expected this has not pleased his neighbours The locals of the village have been waiting for around 5 years for broadband while Sir Mike only moved in around a year ago and has already got broadband His broadband connection is due to his participation in BT s trial of Broadband Enabling Technology BET which although is only a limited trial it is estimated that it costs around 3 000 for each line BET is designed to help deliver a stable broadband connection of 1Mb to locations that are 12km from the exchange and largely unable to receive broadband due to their remoteness these places are also known as not spots A local resident Mr Ashworth asked to be put on the trial but was told that no one would be added until next year BT said that they quite often use their own staff when running trials and this is nothing new The frustration and anger amongst locals is easy to understand they have been waiting for broadband for years yet when the chairman of BT moves in he gets broadband very quickly Filed under Home Broadband Tags Broadband Enabling Technology BT Broadband Hambleden Broadband Author Sheri 10 44 am Comments 2 December 3 2009 UK adults spending 3 days per month on the Internet A survey has found that UK adults spent around 68 hours a month using the Internet and over 7 hours on the phone each month The 68 hours online equates to just short of 3 full days using the Internet each month To show even more how important the Internet is 59 of adults said that they would feel like they were cut off from the world if they didn t have an Internet or phone connection 26 felt that they would miss out on things if they didn t have the Internet or a mobile phone and 14 said they wouldn t know how to keep in touch with family an friends if they didn t have their mobile or Internet access These statistics alone show how important broadband Internet connections are and how fast reliable broadband connections are more and more expected by society Going forward the importance

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  • 2009 November
    they should need to give it up for their merger to be approved Three Mobile only have a 15MHz share of the 1800Mhz spectrum which at present is only able to transmit 2G GSM technology but that is soon to be changed So The T mobile Orange company will have 37 of the mobile customers in the UK but almost half of the 1800Mhz spectrum to play with There is also the fact that Vodafone and O2 have hold of the entire 900MHz spectrum between them so it looks like a bit of a stale mate with neither majority holders of each of the spectrums likely to give any up unless the others also do Filed under Mobile Broadband Tags 1800MHz mobile spectrum Mobile broadband spectrum T Mobile Orange merger T Mobile and Orange broadband Author Mark 12 08 pm Comments 0 November 17 2009 Fibre broadband could come to Plymouth for 40 million Fibre optic broadband could be coming to Plymouth in a 40 million project Plymouth City Council are in talks with H2O Networks about a 40 million fibre broadband network to be installed in the city that will allow business and consumers to get next generation super fast broadband access David Parlby who is the local Chamber of Commerce chief executive said that We need this to deliver growth If we don t do it the local economic strategy is not going to happen It s fundamental if we re serious about being the finest European waterfront city increasing jobs by 42 000 by 2026 We have to find a way H2O Networks would absorb the costs of installing the fibre network but need to be sure that there is sufficient demand in Plymouth before they invest in doing the roll out H20 Networks install fibre optic cable by utilising waste water sewer networks to avoid expensive road digging Filed under Fibre broadband Tags Fibre broadband Fibre broadband in Plymouth Fibre in sewers H20 Networks Plymouth broadband Author Tony 2 43 pm Comments 0 November 16 2009 Half Price phone line installation offer for PlusNet Broadband customers PlusNet are extending their offer of phone line installations for just 49 99 until January 31st 2010 PlusNet broadband subscribers are able to make use of the offer which would mean a new phone line for half the price of what the wholesale cost is to PlusNet PlusNet are owned by BT PlusNet say there is no catch all that is required if a ten day notice period if any subscribers want to cancel their subscription Filed under Offers Tags Half price phone line New telephone line offer Plusnet broadband Author Mark 4 30 pm Comments 0 O2 Mobile Broadband Half price Pay as you go dongle offer Those who want to get a Pay as you Go mobile broadband dongle can get one half price until tomorrow if they choose O2 mobile broadband O2 have halved the price of their mobile broadband pay as you go dongle from 29

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  • 2009 October
    Media Virgin Media 50Mb broadband Author Mark 5 23 pm Comments 0 October 28 2009 UK should use Three Strikes rule like in France for illegal downloaders The UK is being called to tackle illegal downloading with the three strikes policy by Jean Bernard Levy the CEO of a French Broadband provider and content maker Vivendi He also says that if the UK do not clamp down then we will damage our economy because of it In France a law has been passed that illegal downloaders will receive two warnings about their activity and if these warnings are ignored then they could have their Internet access cut off for up to a year In the UK broadband providers such as BT Broadband and The Carphone Warehouse don t believe that it is their job to police the Internet or their customers Jean Bernard Levy told a British government sponsored forum on creative industries At Vivendi we are in the content business we are in the telecom business and there is no internal debate The priority is not to grow traffic on the ISPs The priority is that creators people who develop content should find a way to be rewarded Back in June the Digital Britain report done by Lord Carter it was suggested that repeat offenders should have their broadband speed reduced although no Lord Mandelson is looking at taking this further with temporary disconnection of broadband services for these offenders Filed under Home Broadband News Tags Illegal File sharing Illegal Music downloading Three Strikes Author Tony 2 14 pm Comments 0 October 26 2009 Broadband Tax won t deliver high speed Internet in every home according to the Conservatives The 50p per month broadband tax that is to be used to help fund next generation fibre optic broadband in the UK has been criticised by The Conservatives who say that it will fail to deliver high speed broadband to every home Jeremy Hunt the shadow Culture Secretary and Nick Herber the shadow Environment Secretary wrote a column in the Daily Telegraph The incentive for operators to invest is destroyed as everyone focuses not on consumers but how to get more state handout The tax has been earmarked to encourage investment in modern fibre optic networks but telecom operators will have no incentive to make any investment of their own if there is the chance to tap into subsidy They belive that the technology providers will just want handouts from the giovernment to help fund the new technology instead of investing in it themselves Filed under News Tags Broadband Tax high speed broadband Author Mark 5 14 pm Comments 0 Mobile Internet to put strain on networks The continuing growth and popularity of mobile broadband and people using their mobile phones to access the Internet is set to send mobile data transfer to rise 25 fold by 2012 The problem for the mobile operators is that in the same period of time the revenues from those using the services is

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  • 2009 September
    at 18 of what they were advertising The actual average broadband speeds between the mobile broadband providers was very close although T Mobile offered the slowest speed of 0 9Mb Vodafone will have a lot of work to do as they have recently started deploying technology that they say will be able to provide mobile broadband speeds up to 14 4Mb If they continue on with how they have performed in this test then the average speed that users will receive is 2 6Mb Also with MiFi Mobile WiFi being introduced there is even more need for the mobile broadband providers to get their broadband speeds faster to make the use of MiFi more usable You can test your broadband speed by using a speed test Filed under Mobile Broadband Tags broadband speed test Broadband Speeds Mobile Broadband Mobile broadband speed Vodafone mobile broadband Author Mark 11 07 am Comments 0 September 21 2009 Be Broadband to use Twitter for status updates BE broadband have created a new profile on Social Network site Twitter that they will use to announce any service status reports BE do try to send emails when there is any outages but in the instance where they are unable to BE Broadband users will be able to check on Twitter for any updates BE Broadband customers should check or bookmark http twitter com BEStatus for any status updates This is a very simple but extremely useful support and information method to offer to customers and it is hoped that other broadband providers will follow suit as it s free and quick to get any messages out when the usual methods of communication may not be working Filed under Home Broadband Tags Be broadband BE Broadband status Be Broadband Twitter http twitter com BEStatus Twitter Author Mark 1 55 pm Comments 0 Hidden broadband charges affecting 8 million A study has found that an estimated 8 million people have been stung by hidden charges by their broadband providers which is costing on average 44 per year to those affected The charges come as a result of different things for the 1 in 6 people who are affected 44 of those affected is because of having paper billing 24 are through people not using direct debit payments while technical support lines and excess usage over download limits both affect 17 The research was done by MoneySupermarket com who also compiled a table of what some of the broadband providers charge Broadband Provider Non Direct Debit Payment Paper Billing Activation Charges BT 1 50 per month 4 50 per quarter 1 25 n a Sky 0 50 per month n a 25 if no active BT line Talk Talk Direct Debit payments only 1 25 29 99 Tiscali n a n a 30 if taking free line rental offer Broadband Phone Virgin 5 1 25 n a Filed under Home Broadband Tags Hidden broadband costs hidden charges Author Rob 1 47 pm Comments 0 September 17 2009 BT to

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  • 2009 August
    Overall it topped the charts with 87 Close behind were O2 85 Utility Warehouse 81 and BE Broadband 80 who all scored above 80 However BT TalkTalk Tiscali and Virgin Media all scored less than 60 being as these are the big 4 broadband providers in the UK it does go to show that perhaps sometimes paying slightly more with a smaller company can yield better customer satisfaction Zen are obviously building their business around the customer satisfaction stakes which can go a long way to keeping customers with them The 5 companies that faired the worst were AOL 31 Karoo 38 Pipex 36 Orange 32 and Tiscali 39 that scored and showed that customers lacked the satisfaction with the service they received from these broadband providers The full Which report on the board can be viewed here Filed under Home Broadband Tags Add new tag Customer satisfaction Which broadband Zen Broadband Zen Internet Author Tony 12 06 pm Comments 0 August 20 2009 BT to double Wi Fi hotspots to 1 Million The number of Wi Fi hotspots in the UK that BT operates is set to double to 1 million in the next 6 months despite it taking 7 years for BT to reach 500 000 hotspots With the demand for Internet available wherever we are due to more and more laptops and primarily smart phones such as the iPhone and Blackberrys BT is looking to tap into this demand as social networking has meant that people are Facebooking and Twittering all day long to communicate with friends Dave Hughes who is BT s Retail director told the Times newspaper The real revolution is the handheld device People are perfectly happy to get these devices out of their pockets in the street to update their social networking sites or check their emails which isn t the case with laptop BT will look to add the extra Wi Fi hotspots via it s BT Openzone network they already have Wi Fi hotspots installed into Starbucks and Caffe Nero along with hotels such as the Hilton Ramada Jarvis and Thistle hotels BT Broadband customers can access the hotspots for free and those who are not are still able to access the network at a cost of 0 5p per minute Filed under News Wireless Internet Tags BT Openzone BT Wi Fi Hotspots Wi Fi Wi Fi Hotspots Author Ruth 2 21 pm Comments 0 August 19 2009 Brits not comparing cost of broadband 69 of Brits do not review their broadband package on a yearly basis meaning that they could be missing out on making huge savings according to the results of a survey done by price comparison site MoneySupermarket 11 of those who do not look at other packages regularly said it is simply because they can t be bothered to switch which shows why broadband providers fight very aggressively to try and entice customers to them 61 of broadband customers are happy with their broadband provider and as

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  • 2009 July
    worth getting for anyone who wants to try mobile broadband To get your hald price O2 Mobile broadband dongle visit www shop 02 co uk mobilebroadband Filed under Mobile Broadband Tags Half price O2 mobile broadband dongle O2 mobile broadband O2 mobile broadband dongle offer Pay Go mobile broadband Per pay mobile broadband Author Mark 4 23 pm Comments 0 Average broadband speed in UK is 4 1Mb Ofcom has revealed it s findings on broadband speeds that we are receiving in the UK and has found that the average speed we receive is 4 1Mb They recorded over 60 million readings from broadband speed tests that were performed in 1 600 homes from November 2008 to April 2009 and allowed Ofcom to compare the results of the 9 largest UK broadband providers The results from April 2009 showed that the average broadband speed in the UK was 4 1Mb which was lower than the average advertised up to speed which was at 7 1Mb Of those who were on an up to 8Mb service only 9 of them received a broadband speed over 6Mb and 19 received below 2Mb As is no surprise those broadband users living in urban areas received faster broadband speeds than those living in rural areas with those in urban areas receiving on average 4 6Mb and those in rural areas 3 3Mb The results for the broadband providers tested were as follows AOL up to 8Mbit s 3 3 to 3 9Mbit s BT up to 8Mbit s 3 8 to 4 2Mbit s O2 up to 8Mbit s 4 1 to 5 1Mbit s Orange up to 8Mbit s 3 8 to 4 5Mbit s Plusnet up to 8Mbit s 3 8 to 4 9Mbit s Sky up to 8Mbit s 4 0 to 4 7Mbit s Talk Talk up to 8Mbit s 3 8 to 4 6Mbit s Tiscali up to 8Mbit s 3 2 to 3 7Mbit s Virgin Media up to 10Mbit s 8 1 to 8 7Mbit s Data for O2 and Plusnet should be treated with caution as sampled sizes were smaller than for other ISPs Filed under Home Broadband Tags broadband speed test Broadband Speeds Ofcom Author Mark 3 53 pm Comments 1 July 27 2009 Karoo disconnect Illegal file sharers without warning in Hull The only broadband provider in Hull Karoo broadband has changed it s policy on suspected copyright violations using it s service It emerged that users who were suspected of copyright violation on their network were having their broadband service disconnected without any warning and then been made to sign a form promising not to repeat the offence without the chance to appeal or put their own view or facts across before they would be reconnected The biggest problem for residents of Hull is that they have no other choice of broadband provider to choose from unless they get mobile broadband as BT has no telephone lines installed in Hull Kingston Communications are

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