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  • BT Home Hub from BT Broadband
    Wi Fi together Digital TV from BT Vision What is included when I order a BT Home Hub 1 BT Home Hub 1 Broadband cable grey ends 1 converter green end 1 power cable 1 ethernet cable yellow end 1 USB cable blue ends 2 Microfilters The BT Home Hub is free when you sign up for BT Total Broadband Options 2 and 3 or at a cost of 30 if Option 1 is ordered Other than the standard Home Hub a BT Hub Phone can also be attached to the front of it as seen in the image below This BT Hub Phone costs 49 99 when BT Broadband Options 1 and 2 are ordered or it is included free with Option 3 providing BT Broadband Talk is also opted into Image taken from the BT Broadband site I want a Limited Edition Black BT Home Hub In the above image you can see what the new Limited Edition Black BT Home Hub looks like The standard colour for the Home Hub is white The black Home Hub is only available for online orders and not available over the phone How to Set up the BT Home Hub A more detailed guide can be found here 1 All devices in your home that connects to the telephone line needs to have a microfilter attached to it This includes telephones answering machines digital TV boxes freeview sky fax machines extension bells alarm systems 2 Open the back of the Home Hub by pinching the two clips on the back 3 Plug the broadband cable the one with grey ends into the Home Hubs broadband socket and then the other end into the microfilter that should be plugged into the telephone socket 4 Plug power cable into the Home Hub and

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/bt-home-hub.php (2016-02-10)
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  • BT information, British Telecom
    BT is one of the leading communications providers in the world and not just the UK Formed in 1849 the British Electric Telegraph Company BT serves more than 20 million business and residential customers in the UK and has more than 4 million broadband customers using their BT Broadband service with over 11 5 broadband customers connecting via the BT network For details about BT Broadband deals please visit the

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/bt.php (2016-02-10)
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  • BT Broadband reaches 4 million broadband customers milestone
    4 million broadband customers milestone 4th September 2007 BT Broadband reaches 4 million broadband customers milestone BT Broadband has reached the four million customers mark for it s Retail broadband division This makes BT the first UK broadband provider to reach this milestone in this highly competitive market In the UK BT say there are 15 million broadband connections with 11 5 million of these broadband connections running over BT s network The growth of broadband in the UK can be seen by looking back to June 2002 when BT had just 172 000 broadband customers in the space of just over 5 years they have take it up to 4 million This works out at 2000 new customers a day with on average a new customers every 40 seconds If you then try and factor in all the other broadband providers with these figures it will soon show that the number of connections per day across the UK will be far higher than this and connections will take place much more often than every 40 seconds The UK has 99 8 broadband coverage with over half now having a broadband connection in their home so there are still plenty

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/news/040907-191 (2016-02-10)
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  • BT Broadband top performance chart again
    19th July 2007 BT Broadband top performance chart again Epitiro the UK s Customer Experience Management provider for internet services has published it s latest results for Q2 2007 and has shown that BT are yet again top for the 5th quarter on the trot for technical performance for broadband providers Overall Ranking Q1 2007 Q2 2007 1 BT BT 2 Demon Demon 3 AOL Tiscali 4 Pipex Pipex 5

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/news/190707-165 (2016-02-10)
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  • Actual broadband speeds less than half the advertised speed
    broadband speeds less than half the advertised speed 13th May 2009 The actual broadband speeds UK broadband users receive is less than half of the advertised Up To speed provided by broadband providers The average broadband speed that those of us in the UK receive is less than half of the advertised up to speed from broadband providers The broadband comparison website Broadband Genie found that on average we receive just 45 8 of the advertised up to broadband speed The broadband providers who topped the chart were Virgin Media and Talk Talk although this was caused because customers who had thought they were on 1Mb or 2Mb broadband speed deals were actually receiving much better connections Virgin Media customers who had thought they were receiving a 1Mb connection on average were receiving 2 9Mb which works out at just under 3 times faster Virgin broadband deals has seen free broadband speed increase for customers in recent time in 2007 those on 10Mb broadband were boosted up to 20Mb last year those on 4Mb were upgrade to 10Mb and this year those on 2Mb will receive an upgrade to 10Mb which are big increases on what customers originally subscribed too The big losers in the advertised to actual speeds customers receive were from BT broadband AOL broadband and Orange broadband which each of them providing on average just 33 of the advertised speed This difference in actual speed to advertised speed can cause great confusion to customers who are expecting much greater speeds without realising that the broadband speed they receive is largely affected by the distance they are form the telephone exchange the further away they are the slower the broadband speed tends to be Anyone can test their broadband speed by using a broadband speed test Hopefully though

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/news/130509-334 (2016-02-10)
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  • Broadband Britain is 10 years old
    best could get broadband speeds of 50kb As broadband started to take off in popularity it first seemed to appeal mainly to the nerdy stereotype of user but as broadband prices have continued to fall the availability of broadband has increased and the need for broadband in the home has also increased it has got to a stage now where broadband is considered an everyday necessity for many homes and business across the UK The need for Internet has grown so much now that it in effect is one of the most if not THE most important communications service in a persons home with broadband able to deliver not only everyday internet surfing and email uses but also TV radio music films VoIP online telephone it is now viewed as the hub of our communication lives an amazing feat in just 10 short years The following is a table from Point Topic com showing where the UK is at today with the broadband speeds that we can receive in different parts of the country Region of population in reach of 8Mbps 8Mbps of population in reach of 2 8 Mbps Out of range of 2mbps East Midlands 66 0 18 7 15 2 East of England 65 0 20 1 15 0 London 93 0 5 8 1 2 North East 63 5 20 7 15 8 North West 72 2 17 0 10 8 South East 66 0 20 6 13 5 South West 53 7 26 4 19 9 West Midlands 76 6 13 0 10 4 Yorkshire and The Humber 60 5 23 4 16 1 Northern Ireland 38 7 29 1 32 2 Scotland 57 4 27 0 15 6 Wales 38 4 34 7 26 9 Back in 1999 the average broadband user would be

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/news/250209-300 (2016-02-10)
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  • Tiscali start legal proceedings against BT Broadband
    July 2008 Tiscali are to bring legal proceedings to BT over a mail out sent to Tiscali customers Tiscali has started with legal proceedings against broadband rival BT for for defamation and malicious falsehood The move comes after some Tiscali Broadband customers received correspondence through the post from BT Broadband The headline read Tiscali chief plots sell off and underneath the next heading read You can be confident with BT Total Broadband Part of the letter then went on to read We can understand why you re wondering what might happen to your Tiscali broadband service And because no one really knows the answer just yet it could be a good time to look at an alternative broadband service Changing your provider to BT could be the right move if you re worried about the future of your broadband service Because BT Total Broadband is the UK s most complete and here to stay Many people wonder how BT got their information as to which customers used Tiscali Broadband although some people who have had no dealings with Tiscali or any of it s subsidiaries such as Nildram or Pipex have also received the mail BT say they used reputable

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/news/240708-263 (2016-02-10)
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  • UK Broadband subscriptions drop again
    subscribers in Britain looks like it will fall again marking a possible slow down in broadband take up New broadband subscriber numbers look like they will have fallen again in the last quarter between July and September 2007 Point Topic the market research experts estimate that there will have been no more than 470 000 new subscribers in this last quarter which is 40 000 less that the previous quarter of 510 000 new subscribers which again was a drop on the quarter before that Virgin Media are due to release their results today 7th November BT Broadband tomorrow One of the reasons for the slow down is the pool of dial up subscribers that ISPs have used to convert to broadband is now very low with many of those left on dial up reluctant to switch to broadband due to their minimal use of the internet It is estimated that there are now fewer than 2 million dial up Internet subscribers New home subscriptions are also not materialising as ISPs would like either with an estimated 10 million homes in the UK without any Internet access Broadband subscriptions in Britain are around the 15 million mark which leaves around

    Original URL path: http://www.broadbandwatchdog.co.uk/news/071107-218 (2016-02-10)
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