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  • Birdlife we see on the Croft Grazings
    Livestock for Sale Gaelic Names for Highland Cattle NEW Media Birds Contact Links Birdlife we see on the Croft Grazings A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Slideshow A B Blackbird Lòn dubh Always looking for the next juicy worm they nest here too Blackbird Lòn dubh Male bathing in a puddle Blackcap Ceann dubh C Collared Dove Calman coilearach Crossbill Cam ghob This poor fellow was found after crashing into the garage window on 27 June 09 we have occasionally seen a Crossbill before Crossbill Cam ghob Crossbill Cam ghob D E F Fulmar Fulmair G Greenfinch Breacan daraich A colourful all year round visitor which is becoming more common H Hooded Crow Starrag ghlas Not the crofter s friend a ruthless killer of newly born bogged down or injured stock House Martin Gobhlan taighe Spot the House Martin leaving nest House Martin Gobhlan taighe House Sparrow Gealbhonn Always busy and think the byre was built for them Heron Corra ghritheach I J K L M N O Oyster catcher Trilleachan Raises a brood every year on nearby moorland despite

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  • Contact Brue Highlanders
    West Side 2007 Carloway 2007 North Harris 2007 West Side 2006 Carloway 2006 North Harris 2006 West Side 2005 Carloway 2005 North Harris 2005 Perth 2005 West Side 2004 Carloway 2004 West Side 2004 Carloway 2004 West Side 2003 West Side 2002 Gallery Monthly Galleries Brue Fold Tom Buidhe Slideshow Gallery 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Web View Visits Produce for sale 2015 Livestock for Sale Gaelic

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  • Highland Cattle Links
    West Side 2006 Carloway 2006 North Harris 2006 West Side 2005 Carloway 2005 North Harris 2005 Perth 2005 West Side 2004 Carloway 2004 West Side 2004 Carloway 2004 West Side 2003 West Side 2002 Gallery Monthly Galleries Brue Fold Tom Buidhe Slideshow Gallery 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Web View Visits Produce for sale 2015 Livestock for Sale Gaelic Names for Highland Cattle NEW Media Birds Contact Links Links Other Pedigree Folds Cladich Fold Kintore Castle Fold www highland coos com www janett ch Highland Cattle Society Highland Cattle World Scottish Crofting Foundation SCF Scottish Agricultural College SAC Scottish Executive Agriculture The Macaulay Institute Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs DEFRA Quality Meat Scotland QMS Training MacLeod Driver Training MDT Stornoway for cars trailers and lorries Places to go holiday travel Spa Coaches Strathpeffer Inverness shire Kilda Cruises Visit St Kilda Tarbert Isle of Harris Arnol Motors Isle of Lewis Arnol Isle of Lewis Mackinnon Plant and Vehicle Hire Stornoway Isle of Lewis Places to stay enjoy good food 40 North Foods Bragar Isle of Lewis Isle of Harris Hotel Tarbert Isle of Harris Inn Tarbert Borve Country House Hotel Borve Isle of Lewis Beul na

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  • Highland Cattle Monthly Gallery - January 2016
    Shows Shows Info West Side 2011 Carloway 2011 West Side 2010 Carloway 2010 North Harris 2010 West Side 2009 Carloway 2009 West Side 2008 West Side 2007 Carloway 2007 North Harris 2007 West Side 2006 Carloway 2006 North Harris 2006 West Side 2005 Carloway 2005 North Harris 2005 Perth 2005 West Side 2004 Carloway 2004 West Side 2004 Carloway 2004 West Side 2003 West Side 2002 Gallery Monthly Galleries Brue

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  • What Our Customers are saying
    and tatties better known as the Glasgow Caviar the Brue mince adds a little something to the caviar Glasgow The Highland Beef is amazing the flavour and tenderness is wonderful Stornoway Lewis Just wanted to say thanks again for the beef We had the sirloin steak last night with dauphinoise potatoes it was brilliant Glasgow Everyone is happy with the meat thanks Eyemouth Had the sirloins and did a fantastic pot roast with some silverside we were just saying that we think it is the best meat we have ever had so well done Inverness Thanks for the Highland Beef Had friends for dinner on Monday night they almost licked their plates Stornoway Lewis The Beef was excellent Corpach Had the first taste of this autumn s Brue Highlander beef and it was absolutely delicious My wife s comment was that was as good a beef fillet as I ever tasted and I totally agree Keep up this excellent standard Barvas Lewis Just to say that the beef has just been delivered and we were delighted with it Once again the beef looks great and we re looking forward to a steak and greenery for tea Leurbost Lewis Parcel arrived safe and sound today and in good order Many thanks for keeping in touch about delivery much appreciated Inverlochy Looking forward to it the mince tastes like no other mince i have ever tasted superb Newvalley Lewis Meat is all excellent We are pretty much now in winter mode here Aberbeen Ordering and delivery Excellent Preparation and packaging Excellent Presentation and quality Excellent Thank you East Kilbride Very nice beef Had a couple of sirloin steaks last night and just the right level of maturity Thoroughly enjoyed absolutely excellent quality North Bragar Lewis Just dropping you a message to let

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  • International Cattle Breeders Visit
    plus pedigree Highland Beef which 40 North rear on their own croft and use in their Bragar shop which opened in 2011 Cakes and shortbread were supplied by Nevis Bakery Corpach Fort William where Stornoway owner and master baker Archie Paterson uses only pedigree Highland Beef from Brue Highlanders for his gold star award winning steak pies Lunch was followed by a talk and presentation providing an overview of how Highland Cattle have been used and developed since 2000 by a group of Lewis breeders who have been working together using top breeding lines premium cattle health and quality assured production standards Discussing land use and cattle systems at 19 Brue 18 19 Kirkibost 42 Gress and 40 North Bragar was of great interest to the visiting breeders who were very knowledgeable about the breed with a number of them having over 100 head of Highland Cattle on their own farms Tour guide Dr Mary MacLeod Rivett of MacLeod Archaeology Carloway then took the coach party around the West Side s historical sites and onto Leverburgh to catch the evening ferry to Berneray and North Uist Said Kenny Matheson of Brue Highlanders Finland and Estonia are neighbouring northern European countries separated by a two and a half hour ferry trip across the Gulf of Finland which connects their respective capital cities of Helsinki and Tallinn They are beautiful countries with friendly people Even in the short time we had with them it was fascinating to hear how successful Scottish Highland Cattle have been for them They are very knowledgeable about cattle but still eager to learn and find out more They were really interested to see Highland cattle at their best in their natural Hebridean environment It was also interesting to see the relatively young age range of the group They are technologically advanced and positive in outlook with most of them in addition to their native tongue fluent in English too Estonia regained its independence in 1991 from the former Soviet Republic and became a member of the European Union in 2004 Though the climate in both countries is more continental than ours with warmer drier summers but colder winters depending on how far north or inland you are the west side of Lewis would greatly benefit from the natural shelter and forest cover they have for wintering their stock Talking to them was inspirational and we look forward to developing links with them and their Highland Cattle Societies I m sure we will continue to learn a lot from their visit which I think was mutually worthwhile Day 2 gave the visitors a different perspective of Highland Cattle breeding in the islands with a visit to the long established Ardbhan Highland Fold of Ena Macdonald and her son Angus at Bayhead North Uist After a local seafood lunch at Lochmaddy Hotel the visitors were taken over to the picturesque island of Vallay near Sollas at the north end of North Uist Vallay is only accessible at low tide

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  • Highland Cattle - Film & Advert work
    the three heifers were soon en route to their new home in Tschlin in eastern Switzerland with their journey starting with a 30 day stay in quarantine in the Scottish Borders They were then collected in an air conditioned cattle lorry sent from Germany Two drivers accompanied the animals so that the journey could continue non stop with just one overnight stay en route They join the Janett s 45 cattle on the Alpine farm and due to a webcam in their shed Lesley is able to keep an eye on her girls It s great that we ve been able to see them she said They call them the three beauties and I know they will be well looked after Brue Highlanders also have webcams in their shed where cattle lovers can keep an eye on the activities on the Lewis croft The Highlanders in Tschlin will enjoy balmy summers with pastures at 2 200 above sea level nearly twice the height of Ben Nevis and will have the option to spend much of the winter indoors as the temperature falls to lower than 15C with thick snow in the mountains When the animals left Lewis Lesley was hopeful that the two older ones were in calf and indeed the pedigree of the cows was something that the Janetts in Switzerland were interested in Describing more about his passion for Highland cattle Jon said We visited Lesley and Kenny in 2010 and we admired their animals As we saw on their website that they had three heifers for sale we did not take long to consider We want Highland Cattle from the country where they come from He added From the transport to Switzerland we had to fill in many forms and get permits Because Switzerland is not an EU country and without the help of the Swiss Highland Cattle Society the import would not have been possible The Janetts have 45 cattle on their farm with around half being Scottish Highland cattle The rest are Braunvieh which is a Swiss race Limousin a French breed and also Aberdeen Angus Since 2000 we have had Scottish Highland cattle and we fell in love with these beautiful animals They are the most beautiful cattle under the sun He said this had been the first time they had imported cattle from Scotland and that they were hoping to return to Lewis again In Switzerland the number of people keeping Highland Cattle is growing according to the Swiss section of the Highland Cattle Society Mara Simonetta Secretary of the Society said they had been established in 1995 and now had 221 members She said the Scottish breed fitted in well in Switzerland and that 75 per cent of members were hobby breeders meaning it is not their full time job She said This breed is interesting because it is perfect for our mountain regions or the Alps where many pastures are abandoned She said previously milk breeds were kept in these areas

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  • Highland Cattle - Una of Borve
    35 DOB 18 May 2000 Sire Stepdancer 2nd of Glengorm Sire ID UKAR066000006 Sire Colour Red Dam Una 15th of Millerston Dam ID A789184H Dam Colour Red Note 2003 04 1st calving 2004 05 2nd calving 2005 06 3rd calving Bull Angus 4th of Dunvegan Lachlan 2nd of Auchnacraig Pìobaire Ruadh of Dunvegan Ear Tag UK501401200018 UKAR048600137 UK501401300054 Bulling Date 10 June 2003 10 September 2004 17 July 2005 Calved 19 March 2004 17 June 2005 27 April 2006 Calf Name Sine a Ghlinne of Brue Magaidh a Ghlinne of Brue Bella a Ghlinne of Brue Sex Female Female Female Colour Yellow Yellow Yellow Ear Tag UK505302 300002 UK505302200008 UK505302 400004 Gestation 9 months and 9 days 9 months and 7 days 9 months and 10 days Note Sine a Ghlinne of Brue was sold with 2nd calf at foot to Worcestershire in May 2009 for 1 600 Kept for breeding Sold for prime beef 2006 07 4th calving 2007 08 5th calving 2008 09 6th calving Bull Pìobaire Ruadh of Dunvegan Pìobaire Ruadh of Dunvegan Pìobaire Ruadh of Dunvegan Ear Tag UK501401300054 UK501401300054 UK501401300054 Bulling Date 6 July 2007 31 May 2007 21 April 2008 Calved 19 April 2007 8 March 2008 4 Feb 2009 Calf Name Càsgro a Ghlinne of Brue Màiri a Ghlinne of Brue Cailin a Ghlinne of Brue Sex Male Female Female Colour Red Red Red Ear Tag UK505302 600012 UK505302 100014 Gestation 9 months and 13 days 9 months 8 days 9 months 14 days Note Sold for prime beef Kept for breeding Kept for breeding 2009 10 7th calving 2010 11 8th calving 2011 12 9th calving Bull Calum Ruadh of Brue Calum Ruadh of Brue Calum Ruadh of Brue Ear Tag UK505302 100007 UK505302 100007 UK505302 100007 Bulling Date 18 April 2009

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