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  • Bond Street London Immersion Language Training, Spanish, French, German, Italian
    the teaching was First class Imaginative engaging personalised humorous fun and very clear Peter Cleland 16 01 2015 Business Consultant Spanish CLICK IMAGES BELOW FOR MORE ON OUR COURSES Read our press reviews To see why our one to one language courses are so successful Find us on YouTube An introductory video of BSL Interlenguas and a few samples of one to one specialised training are available here in our YouTube channel Tailored and individual 8 or 12 hours per day courses in major European Languages The very best language immersion using the communicative method course options 5 to 20 days Read our press review and client reviews and read more on how you could benefit from our courses Read below on how our courses can benefit you We have been providing our courses since 1994 STRUCTURED LANGUAGE COURSES IN LONDON Bond Street Languages has run language courses in London since 1994 Our intensive full immersion courses are offered in six different languages English French German Italian Russian and Spanish Our language courses consist of a series of 8 and 12 hour days They are structured based on the direct and immersion method Tuition is strictly one to one with a choice of 5 10 15 and 20 days Corporate and private clients come to us when they have a serious need to improve their language skills They need to be able to communicate in their chosen language When there is a real need to live or work in another country simply going through the motions of learning a language is not enough The investment in mastering a language such as French or Spanish is great That is why there can be no short cuts when going beyond asking for directions or enquiring as to the dish of the day

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  • Bond Street Languages
    pen and tell you to get on with it Most of all you needed to communicate to function and survive Only later on were your skills honed and refined by teachers at your first formal schooling This is the successful formula you need plus immersion Therefore if your goal is achieving a working fluency in another language think carefully of the investment and sacrifice that this in reality will take A great many of our clients already speak another language apart from their mother tongue They have more recent experience of mastering another language Our courses are demanding They are for people who need to speak their chosen language rather than simply have an abstract idea that speaking another language is interesting We don t go so far as saying no pain no gain but if mastering a new language were easy you wouldn t need the services we offer The structure of our language courses maintains this enthusiasm and commitment If you have the right motivation to start with we don t allow this to wane Improve your language skills for your business To be a useful business tool you need to be accustomed to function in the targeted language for more than short packets of time Perhaps your overseas associates work to the convenience of your attention span perhaps not If our client goes to Rome or Madrid for business he or she rarely needs to perform for an isolated hour or so The client is required to use their language skills for their typical working day of 12 hours This requires experience and practise before the results become vital Or do you simply expect to default to your mother tongue after the pleasantries Our clients appreciate that they will be required to use these language skills in

    Original URL path: http://www.bslinterlenguas.co.uk/language_immersion_london.html (2016-02-08)
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    Original URL path: http://www.bslinterlenguas.co.uk/language_training_in_london.html (2016-02-08)
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  • BSL Interlenguas Language Courses - Client List
    Client List BT Coca Cola BP GE Capital Allianz Insurance Sellafield Sites Halliburton Cemex McKinsey Co Grosvenor Estate Astra Zeneca Carluccio s De Longhi Avent Johnson Matthey TESCO Kenwood Chevron Nomura SERCO Sky Save The Children Diocese of Shrewsbury VeriSign Home Office Ministry of Defence Avis Triumph Williams F1 The Roux Scholarship Baker Hughes Cassidian Red Bee Media Bakkavor IVG Asticus Sony Ericsson AIG National Air Traffic Control Services Eurogroup

    Original URL path: http://www.bslinterlenguas.co.uk/client_list.html (2016-02-08)
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  • BSL Interlenguas Language Courses - Press Reviews
    from a long week at work and in no mood to talk in English let alone in German at 9am on a Saturday morning the prospect of eight hours of German and grammar exercises terrifies me The interlenguas method even if you re starting from scratch is absolutely no English Dagmar my tutor gets me achieving what I had hoped for in 16 hours in about three The pace is fast with no time to get bored Just as your mind is curdling from recounting your life history in another language you move on to reading a short story just as you begin to tire of comprehension exercise there s a respite with pronunciation fine tuning sensing fatigue and hunger it s out for lunch By this time it seems almost natural to be chatting in German about men coffee and films The brain simply adapts to finding simpler words or different ways to express something When we move on to a gallery and lapse into silence looking at paintings I realize I am thinking in German Back to work at the Interlanguas South Molton Street office and we re reading and discussing newspaper features by which time my brain

    Original URL path: http://www.bslinterlenguas.co.uk/press_reviews.html (2016-02-08)
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  • London Intensive Courses Booking, Weekday & Weekend Language Course Booking
    opposite TIMES PRICES From May to September 2015 Option 1 5 DAY COURSE 2 300 VAT 8 hour per day course 9 30 5 30pm 40 hours Option 2 5 DAY COURSE 3 450 VAT 12 hour per day course 9 30 9 30pm 60 hours Option 3 10 DAY COURSE 4 400 VAT 8 hour per day course 9 30 5 30pm 80 hours Option 4 10 DAY COURSE 6 600 VAT 12 hour per day course 9 30 9 30pm 120 hours Option 5 15 DAY COURSE 6 480 VAT 8 hour per day course 9 30 5 30pm 120 hours Option 6 15 DAY COURSE 9 720 VAT 12 hour per day course 9 30 9 30pm 144 hours There are further options of 20 and 25 days and combinations of 8 and 12 hour days in the same week CONTACT US Our scheduling is based upon your availability Courses can be arranged at short notice but we usually require a minimum notice period of 7 days Days can be taken consecutively or non consecutively including weekends To obtain the earliest date you could start your course please contact us by email or telephone Tel 44 207

    Original URL path: http://www.bslinterlenguas.co.uk/londonintensivecoursebooking.html (2016-02-08)
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  • Intensive German Courses, Learn German Language in London
    speaking German A German course in London with us consists of a series of 8 or 12 hour one to one training days Our London German courses can be taken on dates to suit your diary Learning German or any language is the same as mastering any new skill You need good training for sure but you also need the will to succeed Without both in combination you have little chance of fulfilling your goal We specialise in providing the best language training that ensures success but our clients must also be motivated to succeed Everyone is motivated by success If success doesn t come quickly enough then there is a risk that this initial motivation can fail Concentrating the learning process is not just efficient it is a necessary component in the successful mastering of a language To master any skill passive tuition is not sufficient A novice requires to engage in the targeted activity and practise that skill until it is acquired Practise is mostly about making mistakes and learning from these mistakes and consolidating from this experience This requires repetition of the skill until it is mastered It means concentrating on your weaknesses and overcoming these This

    Original URL path: http://www.bslinterlenguas.co.uk/intensive_german.html (2016-02-08)
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  • Learn French Language in London, Intensive French Course Training, Language Immersion Courses London
    Web is not the appropriate medium for this Business French Courses Many of our clients need to improve their French for business purposes We have many clients who also take our courses because they have close personal connections with a French speaking country Our clients need to communicate with colleagues and clients They need to enhance their language skills Some are posted abroad to take up a new position Others might simply wish to renovate a house in Provence and naturally realise their wish to improve their language skills Our French language training takes place in central London and can be taken on dates to suit your diary Our courses comprise week long training of 8 and 12 hour days of one to one immersion in the language Usually clients take ours courses on consecutive weekdays but we can also offer our courses at weekends Many of our clients come to us because they need to acquire French for a business purpose or relocation to a French speaking country Many others come to us because the attainment or improvement of their French language skills can greatly assist in their business relationships Many clients refer us to their colleagues who might have similar language improvement needs They give personal testimonial of their experience and our focus upon tangible improvement We specialise in providing the best language training that ensures success but our clients must also be motivated to succeed Everybody s time is valuable and we aim to obtain the maximum result in the shortest possible time This does require commitment from the learner Everyone is motivated by success If success doesn t come quickly enough then there is a risk that this initial motivation can fail Concentrating the learning process is not just efficient it also can be key to

    Original URL path: http://www.bslinterlenguas.co.uk/business_french_course.html (2016-02-08)
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