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  • BTS
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    Home Seasoned hardwood Elm Alternatives to Oak Grown crooks Sapwood and Heartwood Why use local woods Identifying timber Discounts Contact us Firewood

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  • Main Heading Goes Here
    course supply timber for whatever you have in mind Together with our new sister company Wentwood Timber Centre we are well placed to supply a good range of native hardwoods both unseasoned and dried All our timber is locally sourced from sustainable forests For ethical and environmental reasons we do not import timber except occasionally some oak which comes from well managed forests in France If you would like a

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  • Seasoned hardwood
    20 2 10 3 15 3 90 4 50 4 95 Over 2 Limited stock please ask for a price This is beautiful local oak we have sawn and seasoned ourselves in the traditional way It is available in various different grades the above prices are for high quality stock suitable for cabinet making and joinery It will contain some knots and some pieces will contain sapwood On request we

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    The large majority of Britain s elms were killed in this period but there are certain areas where it still grows well including Brighton thanks largely to the management policy of the council and Cornwall especially the Isles of Scilly and parts of Scotland In most areas it still regenerates in hedgerows from roots which survived the original attack but before it becomes a mature tree the Dutch Elm Disease fungus kills the young saplings Elm has especially beautiful grain and character but it has many other properties useful to the woodworker Elm can be bent when fresh and unseasoned in much the same way as oak It is a strong and tough timber with particular resistance to splitting hence traditional chair bases were made of elm as other local woods could never have been cut to a width of 16 inches or so without a strong likelihood of splitting For the same reason elm was the wood used for the hubs of cartwheels A simple kitchen chair showing the typical elm base Elm is also highly durable when permanently wet which led to it being used for boat keels lock gates pilings even water pipes In 1926 a length

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  • Contact us
    Sweet Chestnut Oak Raised flower bed Western Red Cedar Sweet Chestnut Oak Bending for any purpose Oak Sweet Chestnut Ash Beech Yurt almost all of the timbers BTS supplies are suitable for a yurt it really depends on what is most important to the yurt builder weight grain patterns strength aroma cost ease of workability etc Traditional timber frame building Sweet Chestnut Oak Larch Boatbuilding is not mentioned in the list above as it includes a whole host of different timbers for different parts of a boat and depending on how and where the boat will be used Suffice to say there are a number of different woods that can be used for different boat parts Please ask for specific guidance Locally grown woods can be used for almost any purpose there is really no reason to use tropical hardwoods which may be from illegally logged woodlands the other side of the world Teak mahogany greenheart and a host of others are wonderful timbers but they simply aren t growing fast enough to be used all over the world when locally grown woods will do the job just as well Gavin Hyatt the proprietor of Boatbuilding Timber Supplies is an expert on the properties of woods and will be only too pleased to offer his advice But what do they look like Here are some pictures of the timbers mentioned above Sweet Chestnut this is a beautiful timber that to the untrained eye looks very similar to oak It is a similar colour and has a very similar finish Ash similar in many ways to oak but lighter Sometimes there will be dark olive streaking but otherwise fairly plane Western Red Cedar a lovely aromatic timber very light and soft Highly durable more so than oak even Greenhouses and sheds

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  • Grown crooks
    can buy from the foresters and landowners so please enquire with your requirement Often it is helpful to have a paper template you can send us or a photograph or drawing to show the type of curve Here are some examples of what we may be able to supply These two lovely knees now form the stem knee and stern knee of a historic Tenby Lugger being built by Pembrokeshire College in Milford Haven Just a little of our bendy stock in the round waiting a use This good size sweet chestnut log had a fair gentle curve and was converted to form boat deck beams Sadly crooks like this are all too rare This little knee and the others like it in the boat were made from a crook supplied by us and give a much nicer and stronger finish than making a knee with a half lap joint Tim Loftus Boatbuilder of Bristol built this boat and gave his permission to use the photo Tell us what you need and we will try to help To give you an idea of cost crooks like these two below usually work out at around 30 or 40 each and in

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    rot if allowed to stay wet So if you are constructing something that will be exposed to the elements such as a garden structure you should not use any sapwood On the other hand most beams used inside buildings where they will not get wet do include sapwood Some woods do not have the same distinction between heartwood and sapwood For instance ash is pretty much all sapwood and it

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