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  • Nottingham and Derby dog training puppy training behavioural classes
    Dog and Puppy training obedience and socialisation classes at all levels We also offer private behaviour counselling private obedience and agility tuition rehabilitation for dog and people aggressive dogs dog owner and pre dog ownership education We run education evenings public talks clicker training demonstrations tuition and a variety of one off training courses instructors advanced techniques etc Our services CLIENT COMMENTS we have more fun together and he is a happier more relaxed dog a huge thanks to CaDeLac and all that work there they have saved me and my dog from a lot of heartache I would recommend this training and have already told colleagues about it CaDeLac s outstanding achievements and commitment to canine welfare sets the benchmark for the industry Class locations Dog and puppy training classes are held in our purpose built indoor outdoor training venues Canine Academy in Tollerton Nottingham at Darley Abbey Village hall Darley Abbey Derby Other classes are held around the East Midlands when demand dictates Class venues Denise Mcleod s depth of canine understanding and flexible approach places her among the country s foremost dog trainers Who we are Denise Mcleod owner and founder of CaDeLac dog training Nottingham and

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  • CaDeLac - The services we offer - Dog and puppy training, behioural problems
    provide a range of services which are detailed below The following services are all provided by CaDeLac Obedience and socialisation classes Classes Private training in Derbyshire Nottinghamshire Leicestershire Private behavioural advice and counselling Group walks for social rehabilitation Group walks Pre ownership education for those considering buying a dog or puppy Dog to dog aggression work Denise is often asked to do talks on dog behaviour and is available to

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  • CaDeLac - Who we are and what we do
    wondering how they came to be the way they were and why they did what they did She smiles again with a hint of embarrassment It wasn t until I was much older that I became aware that not everyone taught their dog to climb trees carry logs play hide and seek pretend to be dead find dropped gloves and walk along the walls of peoples gardens I just thought that s what people did Maybe I m not that normal after all Denise has been fascinated by all animals for as long as she can remember She began training problem dogs at the age of six and horses at ten Unable to own a dog of her own because of a family illness she began walking and training all the dogs that lived on her street She remembers At the age of six I swapped my bike for my friends boxer dog called Butch When the friend rode off the dog followed dragging me along the floor behind and breaking my collar bone Even back then I remember thinking there must be a way to get this dog to want to be with me so I set out to find one Having acquired her first dog Cassie from the RSPCA in 1990 Denise and her beloved companion soon had a good deal of success on the agility circuit winning many prizes from her very first show onwards She recalls People have always come to me for help with their animals and obedience and behavioural problems have always fascinated me agility came later as I had success at the shows I just love seeing a dog s behaviour change and improve and the relationship between a dog and its handler flourish After her success at agility Denise began running formal

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  • CaDeLac - Description of our training classes
    to CaDeLac s Dog training mission which is very simple To keep dogs in happy well educated lifelong homes Dog and puppy training classes CaDeLac offers training and socialisation classes for all dogs and puppies at their class venue Canine Academy Tollerton Notts and in Darley Abbey Village Hall Darley Abbey Derby What will we learn in the classes The basic controls of sit down stand wait heel recall leave retrieve handling techniques and basic manners An understanding of dog behaviour canine communication and body language How to have fun with your dog Simple techniques to enjoy your dog more at home and keep your home safe from bored dogs More advance and adventurous training for those wishing to continue training long term All classes include question and answer sessions Back Classes Experienced trainers and a fun atmosphere All CaDeLac instructors have significant dog training behaviour and ownership experience with a wide variety of breeds CaDeLac s methods are always kept up to date and we regularly attend training courses with other top trainers and behaviourists from the UK or around the world Between us we have experience of obedience agility sheep dog training clicker training heelwork to music people

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  • CaDeLac - Training venues

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  • CaDeLac - Events being held
    choking eyes dog attacks bee stings foreign bodies vomiting and diarrhoea bloat blocked bladder pyometra abdominal masses cancers dehydration toxicity anaemia allergies lameness road traffic accidents eye problems and issues with rabbits and wildlife Held at Canine Academy Tollerton Nottingham NG12 4GB Contact Denise by email for further information denise cadelac co uk To be confirmed 2015 Recall Training workshop Are you scared to let your dog off lead because he she wont come back when called Does your dog just ignore you when you call Does your dog run off at any opportunity Does your dog prefer other dogs joggers cyclists sheep to you Then this workshop is for you and your dog This 3 hour session will teach you to understand why your dog doesn t come back We will show you fun and effective ways of getting your dog to come back happily when called Using a variety of kind modern methods that you and your dog will both enjoy At the end of this workshop you will have Significantly Improved your recall or you get your money back A better relationship with your dog A better understanding of your dog and how it learns Be familiar with a myriad of kind effective ways to teach your dog to come when called Have enjoyed the day and met some lovely people and dogs CaDeLac Dog training is one of the UKs biggest and most experienced dog training and Behaviour organisations All of our team have significant dog training and behaviour experience and we have a qualified veterinary nurse and canine nutritionist available to help with medical or dietary problems All at Team CaDeLac will extend a warm welcome to you and your dog and ensure that you are provided with the latest kind effective dog training methods tailored to suit you and your dog Early booking is recommended for this sought after training event Held at Home of CaDeLac Dog Training Canine Academy Tollerton Lane Tollerton Nottingham NG12 4GB To be confirmed 2015 Heelwork training workshop Is walking your dog a nightmare Is He She straining at the lead or pulling your arm off Are you in danger of being pulled over Is your dog injuring his or herself and gasping for breath because of pulling Would you like a dog that trots alongside on a loose lead Then this workshop is for you and your dog This 3 hour session will teach you to understand why your dog pulls on the lead We will show you fun and effective ways of getting your dog to walk nicely at your side in a variety of situations Using a variety of kind modern methods that you and your dog will both enjoy At the end of this workshop you will have Significantly Improved your dogs heelwork or you get your money back A better relationship with your dog A better understanding of your dog and how it learns Be familiar with a myriad of different ways to teach

    Original URL path: http://www.cadelac.co.uk/events.html (2016-02-08)
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  • CaDeLac - Articles by Denise Mcleod
    dogs and some breeds in particular have become more and more unhealthy Read article 2 Preventing and stopping puppy biting mouthing and inappropriate chewing All puppies chew and or bite things socks trouser legs your washing on the line hands table legs carpets childrens toes carpets floor tiles the TV remote each other other dogs toys their bowls your best slippers your sons ipod your husbands favourite model aircraft magazine Etc etc Some are more persistent than others but all puppies can be directed to appropriate eating chew tug or play items with a bit of understanding encouragement and training Read article 3 The Death of Pack Structure Now before you switch off because you don t believe in pack structure theory previous explanations or experiences or indeed you are totally pro pack structure thinking and don t want to hear anything said against it before you decide in advance what your view is I implore you please read this Read article 4 Clicker training Clicker training is a possibly the most modern and pro active method of training a dog It is incredibly powerful and can convert even the most reluctant canine student into an ardent learner Read article

    Original URL path: http://www.cadelac.co.uk/articles.html (2016-02-08)
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  • CaDeLac - Collection of videos
    mac com Nottingham and Derby dog and puppy training obedience socialisation and agility classes Behaviour counselling and obedience Education evenings public talks demonstrations Full range of services Home About Us Services Dog behaviour Classes Class venues Events Articles Videos Gallery Contact Hydrotherapy Links Video library Interview with Denise of CaDeLac Denise Connor learning to be a sheepdog Potentially harrowing viewing please consider your breed with care Group walks Aggressive dog

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