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  • CaDeLac - Choosing a healthy puppy article
    is no requirement for most breeds to have actually ever been tried or used in the role that its breed was originally created for For example a Border Collie The most common Sheepdog might look like it can run for hours working sheep up hills but it doesn t actually have to be physically able to do that or indeed to be remotely interested in sheep to win a Border collie show class Are Crossbreeds healthier The latest craze in dog breeding is the crossing of two pedigree breeds to produce the so called designer breeds labradoodle s cockerpoo s springerdoor s etc etc h It seems many people believe that the crossing of two breeds alone will mean that the offspring will be healthier This is not necessarily true Genetics is a very complex subject and I am not going to attempt to cover it in detail here but basically the theory of a bigger gene pool which is what you get when you cross two different breeds providing the potential to produce healthier animals in the future is fundamentally at a very basic level correct However what is crucial for any benefit to be got is that both parents are healthy and from healthy predecessors The health implications of crossing two breeds is as follows If unhealthy parents are selected and you cross breed A that has potential for inherited hip problems with Breed B which has potential for skin problems then the likelihood if the litter is big enough is that you will produce some puppies which carry the potential for both health problems some puppies will have one problem some will have the other problem and some luckily will have neither But how do you know which is which until the puppy reaches the age at which the problems manifest For reasons that I simply do not understand the price tags for some of these cross breeds which where sold only a few years ago as X Breed for about 10 in the local paper are often even higher than the price of the parental breeds This too I believe contributes to a potential buyer believing that somehow they are getting a better puppy The marketing of such puppies as rare unusual or a one off cross of Also appears to add to the attractiveness Actually they are not that rare I think that if you go to a few rescue centres you will see a variety of these rare X breeds at a fraction for the cost As with single breed pedigree dogs what matters when it comes to health is that the predecessors are healthy and that all relevant health checks are performed on breeding stock and puppies And where a dog consists of two breeds that means that both breeds health checks should have been done Dog aggression and short nosed heavily skinned breeds Increasingly we are seeing more and more aggression directed at or coming from breeds with shorter than average noses and those that have more than average skin folds or heavily extended droopy lips These include boxers pugs shar peis some mastiffs bulldogs and similar It is my belief that because of the unusual expression created by additional folds of skin or very shortened muzzles or droopy lips many dogs find it difficult to recognise or read the facial expressions of such dogs Often these types of dogs will become the receivers of unprovoked attacks from other dogs who appear to see such faces as being unfriendly or aggressive Dogs which regularly get attacked for no real reason sometimes understandably take a I ll get you before you get me approach in later life toward other dogs instigating aggression themselves Being aware of this potential is crucial when choosing a life long companion So what can you do to help pedigree dog health improve Be aware that having a pedigree or what someone else might call a good pedigree is not an indication of health As with any market place and be assured that for some breeders the production and selling of puppies is just that a market place same as for cars apples nails or computers DEMAND for a certain breed dictates SUPPLY to some degree Just like cars and computers if we stop buying a certain breed of dog because it is considered unhealthy or unlikely to lead a long and healthy life then production and sales of these breeds which have hereditary problems will surely reduce The rate of puppy production in the UK is not entirely due to the pet market much of it is due also to the current popularity of breeds for showing working agility obedience or other dog disciplines But in my view most puppies are brought as PETS The PET market is the single biggest driver behind the production of puppies Check out your breed and check its hereditary issues Most breeds have a Breed Club and depending on the breed this can be a good starting point for establishing what hereditary problems exist with the breed you are considering and what health checks can be done to improve health Also the Kennel Club has a web site that offers advice on what problems each breed is likely to suffer from Be aware though that whilst the Kennel Club might suggest that breeders perform the health checks and tests on their breeding stock they do not enforce it for most breeds Be aware that the Kennel club accredited breeders scheme itself does not offer ay real assurance that the breeder is good and sound of ethics many puppy farmers are known to advertise and subscribe to the Kennel Club accredited breeder scheme How to identify a Good breeder The most pertinent question to ask any breeder is Why did you choose this particular pairing A breeder with a well thought out breeding plan will immediately respond detailing good temperament performance health or better breeding intentions Any breeder giving unclear delayed unethical financial

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  • CaDeLac - Preventing and stopping puppy biting, mouthing and inappropriate chewing
    determine what the reason is and remove it then the behaviour will likely cease How to prevent or stop mouth play on humans Biting chewing or pulling at clothes or skin It is normal for puppies and dogs to interact with one another using their teeth Biting nibbling or tugging at another dog will often incite play or at least get an annoyed older dog to chase creating fun for the puppy Puppies instinctively use their teeth to get attention and or incite or invite play Naturally they often do this with people too Using their teeth to grab fingers arms feet ankles or clothing the puppy sees clothing as an extension of the humans body If an owner reacts by pushing the puppy off shouting or squealing or even just looking at the puppy talking to the puppy or saying no or by pulling back trying to free the clothing or fingers from the puppies play bite then the puppy sees its actions as being effective The human is playing making excited noises and or playing tug or push Just what the puppy wanted a game Remember it is great that your puppy wants to play games with you in this way It is a great opportunity to develop your relationship and friendship with your young dog and its usually pretty easy to encourage him to play appropriately with appropriate play toys First get an APPROPRIATE play toy The type of toy you use with your puppy is crucial Avoid hard rubber wood or plastic toys To encourage your puppy onto a toy it has to FEEL nice in its mouth At CaDeLac we use fleece plaited tug toys They are inexpensive to buy or you can make them yourselves This training toy is not left out with the puppy to play with on its own It would be chewed up to smithereens in no time This toy is kept away from the puppy and brought out only when it is time for owner and pup to play In the same way that a game of chess is for two people and the sight of it indicates what two people are about to do In that same way the sight or smell of this particular training toy will help the pup think of tug and rough games WITH the owner A Sociable game Not a solitary game When your puppy is feeling playful whip the toy across the floor in front of the puppy ON THE FLOOR not in the air If your puppy chases or grabs the toy then make some excited noises and say something like Good boy get it get it At the same time pull on the toy with gentle yanks that equal but do not exceed the strength your puppy has to pupll Let your puppy set the pace of play If the puppy ignores the toy but grabs you or your clothing then make a loud ouch noise even if it didn t

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  • CaDeLac - Clicker training article
    Practice You will need to work on perfecting your timing and introducing your dog to easy exercises Choose a simple command that your dog already knows such as a sit or a down Ask your dog to sit and at the exact moment your dog s bottom touches the floor click and reward After repeating this process 10 times wait and see how your dog reacts he should automatically sit When he does give a jackpot reward and take a short break from training As your dog learns that it is his actions that make you click he will become more enthusiastic and you will be able to begin clicking and rewarding him for the faster or straighter sits Practice this with a couple of exercises your dog is comfortable with until your timing is perfect Dogs like people enjoy certain exercises and find others quite dull As your dog gets addicted to clicker training you can use it to liven up boring exercises Use lots of jackpots when your dog makes a little more than his usual effort Learning Something New When teaching your dog a new trick or exercise with a clicker you can either help your dog by luring or you can wait for your dog to do the behaviour you want For example if you choose to train your dog to look to one side begin by having your dog sat in front of you Waiting Eventually your dog will look away from you at the moment your dog s head moves click and treat Set your dog up again and wait for your dog to repeat the action At first you might click for small head movements or glances in the direction you want your dog to look and very gradually build up to more exaggerated moves This process might take some time but will allow your dog to work it out for himself Luring The alternative is to help your dog You can do this by having a helper stand to one side slightly behind your dog and quietly and calmly say your dog s name As your dog turns to look at the helper click and treat Repeat this process until your dog is beginning to anticipate the call At this point ask your helper to remain quiet your dog will be expecting the call and will glance in the helper s direction Be ready to click the movement and reward your dog with a jackpot Adding Commands When training something new do not begin giving a command until your dog is reliably performing the behaviour you want When your dog will perform the exercise or trick to the standard you are happy with and will repeat it several times being clicked and rewarded each time then you are ready to add a command Choose a word to use as a command and as your dog does the action say the word You will need to repeat this many times until your dog

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  • CaDeLac - Food guarding article
    doesn t like it the owner shouts and causes him pain and fear and takes his food away Fido decides the best thing is to keep the owner well away from the food in an effort to relieve the tension and avoid the shouting and scruffing and food removal The next day owner places food on floor both dog and owner are now tense wondering what the outcome of today s feeding session might be Fido immediately goes into growl mode summoning up his courage he gives his best I m not happy with you being here stare and growls and curls his lips at his owner He hovers over his food standing stiff glaring menacingly Back off he growls Chill out about this food thing he wishes go sit in the living room he says As the owner takes a step closer he lunges teeth displayed and snaps at the air The owner now scared retreats Fido resumes his eating unnerved and worried that such tension arises at feeding time but relieved that the owner has left his food he is hungry The owner is horrified at this sudden display of aggression his cute puppy has turned into an ugly vicious dog He is outraged and has visions of what might happen if he ever marries and has children with this dog around He feels compelled to fix it Adrenalin rushing and determined to show his dominance over the dog he roars at the dog and reaches down once more for the dog s scruff The dog with reactions three times faster than that of a human interprets the owners move and desperate to avoid more scruffing or the removal of his survival resource bites the owner s hand before it reaches the bowl All is far from well now in Fido s world or his owners From the start of this story Fido has been progressively put in the situation where he feels it necessary to guard his food He needs food to live Fido feels that he has to be on his guard whenever he is eating He also understands that humans do not necessarily understand lip curling snarling staring stiffening or growling The only thing that really makes them back off is biting Whatever happens next to Fido he will never forget that human hands can and do sometimes take away his food when he is eating He is aware that he must be ever vigilant to the approach of humans He is now aware that most attempts to communicate growling snarling lip curling staring freezing lunging and air snapping all normal attempts to AVOID aggression or conflict in the dog world are not recognised and responded to by humans As many food guarders do Fido ends up in a rescue home Others find themselves immediately at the sharp end of a needle His owner ashamed at having such an aggressive dog but too embarrassed to seek help himself tells the home that he simply doesn

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  • CaDeLac - Top Tips article
    relax observe and enjoy Number 2 I m too stressed or busy to train my dog We hear this so often in class An owner is simply too stressed or too busy to take time to train their dog They feel that they have to dedicate a lot of time or succeed to have made the experience worthwhile I believe that often people view training the dog as a chore some kind of battle of wills that they need time and energy to win It is this view that drains them of their energy not the activity itself I would like to suggest that owners view even one minute dedicated to their dog whether it be stroking the dog or training the dog as stress relief not stress creation When you stroke your dog it lowers your blood pressure and heart rate You FEEL better for it It doesn t matter if you decide to train your dog and it doesn t go according to plan Simply spending the time with the dog will have benefited your relationship and improved your communication Enjoy your dog that is what you got him or her for You can let go of the stresses of the day and your busy life in the moment that you dedicate to your dog Dogs should be stress relief not stress creation Number 3 Toilet training your dog or puppy If your dog soils in the house then clean up the area with a solution of biological washing powder Dogs identify a toilet by the way that it smells and feels on their feet Only Biological washing solution actually removes all evidence of the smell This alone can sometimes resolve toilet training problems Number 4 Training with food Use high quality food to train your dog The

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