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  • BIM Update - June 2015
    of CIMCIG explores this in his article for RIBA Insight and whether the industry is on the right path to achieve this If you still feel left in the dark when it comes to BIM then the future publication Building Information Modelling for Dummies has now been given a release date BIM for dummies will be available from Amazon on November 6 th 2015 at a cost of 21 99 pre ordering is also now available Lauri Koskella Professor of Construction and Project Management at the University of Huddersfield draws parallels between BIM and Lean Construction Highlighting how BIM can be related to the four main principles of lean construction BIM is often cited as delivering significant cost savings over the life of a building when in use Kath Fontana Managing Director of BAM FM and chair of RICS FM PG board talks about the benefits BIM can bring to the Facilities Management sector in her article for Adjacent Government Interest in BIM by the water sector is growing as many see BIM as a way to meet efficiency targets says Jon de Souza of BIM4Water Andrew Turner Vice Chair of BIM4SME talks to RICS on why smaller business need to be involved with BIM looking at the challenges and importantly the advantages RICS have announced the shortlist for the BIM4SME Awards 2015 These awards showcase excellence promote best practice and recognise SME achievements in BIM At the other end of the construction scale Jon Kerbey Director of BIM at HS2 explains to Adjacent Government how BIM will be used on HS2 the challenges it faces and his views on what will make it a successful BIM project If you want to understand how a Revit manager can be different from a BIM manager then Steve Stafford of Revit OpEd

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  • Building Information Modelling | Competitive Advantage | Page 2
    by Product Manufacturers I decided to attend the BIM4M2 Panel discussion at Ecobuild I wanted to find out what information and advice the panel members would give manufacturers looking to adopt BIM On the panel were members Building Information Modelling Construction industry knowledge hub BIM update March Posted on March 11 2015 updated on January 18 2016 by Michael Prince Leave a comment This month at Ecobuild BIM was the hot topic with everyone wanting to learn more The main attraction was the BIM Theatre hosted by the NBS which saw many presentations and a wealth of information given out by BIM experts The NBS have written up the highlights of what happened at the BIM theatre The Building Information Modelling Construction industry knowledge hub BIM update February Posted on February 17 2015 updated on January 18 2016 by Chris Ashworth Leave a comment New research BIM Adoption by Product Manufacturers The headline story this month is the release of the BIM4M2 research BIM Adoption by Product Manufacturers Report 2014 This research conducted by Competitive Advantage on behalf of the BIM4M2 working group sets out to inform the process of helping manufacturers implement BIM In an article for Adjacent Building Information Modelling Construction industry knowledge hub Information resources for the manufacturer starting their BIM Journey Posted on February 10 2015 updated on January 18 2016 by Michael Prince Leave a comment Following the publication of new research by BIM4M2 and the recent Barbour ABI Twitter chat with Steve Thompson Chair of BIM4M2 many interesting points have been raised around the challenges of BIM adoption faced by construction product manufacturers The government s 2016 deadline is just around the corner The BIM4M2 research states just under 50 of respondents Building Information Modelling Construction industry knowledge hub How do you make your investment in BIM worthwhile Posted on February 8 2015 updated on January 18 2016 by Chris Ashworth Leave a comment Recent research by BIM4M2 with 188 product manufacturers states that over half who have BIM consider their investment to have been worthwhile So what can be learnt from product manufacturers that have already adopted BIM How can you make your investment worthwhile In this blog I take a look at the findings from the research Building Information Modelling Construction industry knowledge hub New Research into BIM Adoption by Product Manufacturers Posted on February 4 2015 updated on February 18 2015 by Helen Leave a comment BIM Adoption by Product Manufacturers is a 53 page report that takes an in depth look at manufacturers decisions around BIM including their reasons to invest timescales for those investments processes for developing BIM content and routes to market The survey of 188 UK organisations was conducted by Competitive Advantage between July and October 2014 on behalf of BIM4M2 Building Information Modelling BIM update January Posted on January 13 2015 updated on January 14 2015 by Chris Ashworth Leave a comment The BIM4M2 Working Group is soon to release the results of their manufacturer survey

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  • November construction market overview
    pace of growth remains weaker than seen on average in 2014 but the latest result is still above the pre election low of 54 2 seen in April 2015 Commenting on the latest ONS figures the Construction Products Association say that although construction output has fallen in Q3 2015 medium term prospects still remain bright this fall in output is the first annual fall since Q1 2013 and skill shortages have been a key issue recently hindering construction growth Global Construction Perspectives have published their report Global Construction 2030 The report predicts that the UK construction market will become the world s 6 th largest by 2030 but to do so 6 2 trillion needs to be spent on UK construction over the next 15 years Worldwide output is predicted to increase by 85 into 2030 driven by growth in China India and the US Reinforcing the often stated view that London construction is separate from the remainder of the UK Deloitte have published a report Supporting Development Enabling Growth which shows that in 2013 there were 11 central London boroughs which contributed 7 of total UK construction Savills have released their latest Total Commercial Activity Index The research shows that on balance 12 of commercial developers reported growth in September 2015 compared to August 2015 which points towards commercial activity growth picking up The Key Note Market Report which evaluates the housebuilding industry in the UK over a 5 year review period between 2010 and 2014 has been released Total value of new housing output in Great Britain grew by 30 4 in the review period showing that recovery in UK housebuilding is now underway The Nationwide House Price Index reports that in October 2015 house prices increased by 0 6 with annual house price growth increasing to 3 9 in October 2015 up from 3 8 in September 2015 The Halifax House Price Index reports that in October 2015 house prices increased by 1 1 and house prices in the last 3 months August October were 2 8 higher than the preceding 3 months With the government s spending review this month the chancellor has committed 100 billion in infrastructure spending by 2020 which includes launching the National Infrastructure Commission and full funding for the 15 billion Roads Investment Strategy The review is also to include nine new prisons across England and Wales to replace outdated Victorian jails which will be sold off to free up space for around 3 000 homes and raise funds to pay for the building programme Skanska UK have reported Good performance and a strong order book by recording an operating profit of 24 8m in the first 9 months of 2015 and 1 299 5m of orders being booked in the same period Atkins UK have released their financial results for the 6 months to 30 th September 2015 which shows that they have delivered good results They report operating profit to have increased 11 3 from 53 0m in 2014 to

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  • Forecasting Private Housing Repair, Maintenance and Improvement – guest blog by Noble Francis | Competitive Advantage
    variables that are easy to measure early indicators Given that private housing rm i is primarily done by homeowners we use variables that are related to the sources of finance for households which enable the private housing rm i spending and then incentives for the spending Our model red line explains 87 of the change in private housing rm i blue line over time using property transactions car registrations house prices and the savings rate A 1 increase in property transactions leads to a 0 8 increase in private housing rm i three quarters later Essentially 6 9 months after a property is purchased you have rm i work on the property House price inflation representing wealth and savings are the sources of finance for rm i work So it is not a surprise that the coefficient is negative as it is using wealth and savings that enables private housing rm i expenditure Car registrations need some explanation It obviously does not have an impact on private housing rm i activity It is what we call a proxy variable It represents something we can t directly measure in this case household expenditure on large big ticket items Car registrations picks up expenditure that when there isn t much money around may be just essential repairs and general maintenance to keep things going whether for your car or home And when the economy is reasonably good finance is available and people feel relatively safe in their job a person may purchase a new car Or do significant improvements work The model predicts growth in private housing rm i over the next four years 2 4 in 2015 3 2 in 2016 2 4 in 2017 and 2 2 in 2018 due to rises in property transactions and house prices albeit at slower rates than previously and falls in savings rates as both UK economic activity and consumer spending rise The model can t take account of changes in government policy on the economy such as the Green Deal but it is a good guide to the direction of travel for the sector Since the model predicts growth over four years it will be interesting to look back after 2018 and see whether the model actually predicted what happened Guest blog by Noble Francis Economics Director at The Construction Products Association With a Masters Degree and PhD in applied economics Noble has over 10 years of experience producing economic forecasts As Economics Director of the Construction Products Association Noble has overseen all the Association s economic publications including the Construction Industry Forecasts that have featured regularly in the Financial Times in addition to radio appearances on the BBC Radio s Today programme and television appearances on BBC News and Sky News He also writes a regular column for Construction News in addition to an Economist s Blog for Building magazine www constructionproducts org uk Further reading Using construction forecasts to maximise your opportunities 5 Simple actions to better understand construction markets Understanding

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  • October construction market overview
    in transport projects and a fall of 2 8bn in housing projects Although all other industry figures point to a slowdown in construction growth the Construction Product Associations State of Trade Survey Q3 2015 shows construction product manufacturers sales increasing for the 10th consecutive quarter with manufacturers remaining optimistic for prospects over the next 12 months The Markit CIPS UK Construction PMI also registered an increase in September to 59 9 from 57 3 in August still well above the neutral value of 50 0 This was the fastest increase in output levels since February 2015 overall representing a seven month high for construction output growth The NHBC Foundation have released their new research Tenure Integration in Housing Developments Which finds that house prices are not reduced on developments successful in integrating social and private housing and integrated housing is also found to increase social cohesion Lloyds Commercial Banking have launched their inaugural survey of the UK housebuilding industry indicating an overall positive outlook for housebuilding yet with a number of challenges for the future This as Minister Brandon Lewis announces the intention to build a million new homes in Britain by 2020 to alleviate the housing crisis and the House Building Federation welcomes the governments offer to independently deliver an extension to the Right to Buy The Nationwide House Price Index reports that in September 2015 house prices increased by 0 5 with annual house price growth increasing to 3 8 in September 2015 up from 3 2 in August 2015 On the other hand Halifax House Price Index reports that in September 2015 house prices fell by 0 9 And house prices in the last 3 months July September were 2 0 higher than the preceding 3 months Galiford Try have released their annual results statement for the

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  • September construction market overview
    growth public house building is expected to fall by 10 0 in 2015 5 0 in 2016 and remain flat in 2017 The Markit CIPS UK Construction PMI registered 57 3 in August an increase from 57 1 in July and still well above the neutral value of 50 0 This increase has been led by the fastest rise in commercial work for five months Overall this represents the longest period of sustained growth for seven and a half years Barclays published their Mortgages Home Improvement Report 2015 which states that over half of UK homeowners would prefer to spend their money on home improvement rather than moving to a new property UK homeowners claim to have added a collective 164bn to their properties through improvements while living in their current homes The ONS House Price Index reports that house prices increased by 5 7 in the year to June 2015 up from 5 6 in the year to May 2015 Also that on average prices paid by first time buyers were 5 1 higher in June 2015 compared to June 2014 The Nationwide House Price Index reports that in August 2015 house prices increased by 0 3 With annual house price growth slowing to 3 2 in August 2015 down from 3 5 in July 2015 Bovis Homes announced their half year results for the 6 months ending 30th June 2015 These results show an increase in half year revenue up by 9 to 350m due to record numbers of completions Also operating profit rose 6 from 51 2m to 54 3m Persimmon Homes also announced their half year results for the 6 months ending 30th June 2015 Their results show an increase of 31 in pre tax profit to 272 8m up from 208 9m with an increase

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  • UK Construction Marketing Activity August 2015
    greatly influenced by the loss of momentum in residential new build activity with the housing upturn being at its slowest since June 2013 The Homes Communities Agency has released their monthly housing market bulletin for July 2015 The bulletin states that although house prices remain strong they are increasing at a slower rate than the same time last year The bulletin shows that residential property transactions in England for June 2015 were 6 0 higher than in June 2014 The Nationwide House Price Index reports that in July 2015 house prices increased by 0 4 with annual house price growth increasing very slightly to 3 5 from 3 3 in June 2015 However the Halifax House Price Index reports that in July 2015 prices decreased by 0 6 yet home sales increased by 5 0 between May and June 2015 This has ensured that confidence in house price growth remains higher than at the start of the year The ONS have released The English Housing Survey a profile of England s housing stock for 2013 The key point of the report shows that the total number of dwellings in England increased from 20 3m in 1996 to 22 3m in 2013 due to a growth in private rented housing The report also shows that the number of council houses in England fell from 3 6m in 1996 to 1 7m in 2013 Also released by the ONS is the Housing Summary Measures Analysis which presents analysis of 15 housing summary measures forming part of the new ONS Housing Statistics Portal The report provides a broad overview of the availability and affordability of privately owned and social housing in England and Wales along with a view on the affordability of private rented housing Contractor Osbourne has posted its financial results for

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  • UK Construction Marketing Activity July 2015
    the 22 month low of 54 2 recorded in April 2015 The Construction Products Association published its latest State of the Trade Survey for Q2 2015 The survey indicates that construction product manufacturers sales increased for the 9th consecutive quarter this is driven by growth in all of the key areas of UK construction and a rise in export demand The CPA say that with construction recovery broadening beyond private housing increasing demand for construction products has led to a sustained period of growth among manufacturers The chancellor announced the Summer 2015 budget at the start of the month This budget appears to have minimal effect on construction but it could have a positive impact on future confidence and productivity in the industry but there are concerns that policies were lacking for incentivising home energy efficiency An infographic of the budget is also available With the summer budget the chancellor hopes to address the productivity puzzle The ONS have released a visual guide what is the productivity Puzzle They explain what has happened to productivity and the trends since the economic downturn also how UK productivity compares to other countries The Department for Communities and Local Government have published a Statistical Release for Housing which shows all the latest figures for the Right to Buy scheme including information for the sales receipts and starts for local authorities through the Scheme With a quarter of a million homes granted planning permission the DCLG say the latest figures show that the number of homes granted planning permission is now higher than before the 2008 economic crash This is set to be assisted with reforms to planning to grant quicker housing approvals for brownfield land The ONS have released House Price Statistics for Small Areas in England and Wales 1995 to 2014 this covers statistics on median house prices and sales for local authority regions across the UK The report shows that in 2014 the region with the largest median house prices was Kensington and Chelsea and the lowest house price was Blaenau Gwent The Nationwide House Price Index reports that in June 2015 house prices fell by 0 2 with annual house price growth slowing to 3 3 down from 4 6 in May 2015 However the Halifax House Price Index reports that in May 2015 prices increased by 1 7 making it the fourth consecutive monthly rise Housebuilder Barratt have released a trading update stating that they expect their pre tax profit to increase by 45 to 565m when their annual results are announced in September this is up from 390 6m in 2014 Bovis Homes have also released a trading update ahead of its half year results due in August 2015 The update states they are expected to increase their interim dividend for 2015 by 14 to 13 7p per share compared to 12 0p per share in 2014 This increase comes as they announce a record half year for volume of completed new homes Finally The Construction Enquirer have

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