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  • Sustainable Construction | Competitive Advantage
    of the 2015 UK Performance Report at The Department of Business Innovation and Skills in London I wanted to understand more about the KPI s what they mean and how key influencers in construction interpret them The Report aims to map trends Construction industry knowledge hub Understanding the construction industry Sustainability update September Posted on September 8 2015 updated on September 9 2015 by Chris Ashworth Leave a comment There is continued criticism by the industry of the government s policies on climate action with concern that energy efficiency and renewables are being left entirely to market forces The Carbon Brief provide a useful assessment of the past green deal and why Amber Rudd has commission a review This review being carried out by Dr Construction industry knowledge hub Sustainability Sustainability Update June Posted on June 16 2015 updated on January 18 2016 by Chris Ashworth Leave a comment The latest take up figures for the Green Deal and Eco are now available The Green Deal energy efficiency scheme has exceeded 50m milestone with an average of 586 households applying each week At the same time the Independent reports The Green Deal no longer has a minister directly responsible for the programme and DECC s 3 3bn Construction industry knowledge hub Sustainability Sustainability update May Posted on May 12 2015 updated on January 18 2016 by Chris Ashworth Leave a comment In the lead up to the election a number of Peers wrote an open letter to the Times newspaper calling for home energy efficiency to be made a spending priority They argued that investment in energy efficiency is the most cost effective way to cut carbon emissions and provides a long term solution to fuel poverty Construction industry knowledge hub Sustainability Construction product specification your questions answered Posted on April 28 2015 updated on April 28 2015 by Helen Leave a comment To establish an effective specification strategy you need to know what is important to each decision maker how this will influence their product choice and then demonstrate the value of your offering In a recent Twitter Chat hosted by Barbour News I answered questions on how to establish effective specification selling amp amp amp lt a href storify com CompetitiveA effective specification target blank amp amp amp gt View the story Do you have Effective specification strategies Sustainability update April Posted on April 15 2015 updated on April 15 2015 by Chris Ashworth Leave a comment As part of his announcement on Planning update on 25th March Eric Pickles confirmed that the Code for Sustainable Homes has been withdrawn The Government has announced an extra 3m funding for low carbon heat networks will be awarded to 55 councils across England and Wales Heat networks are designed to provide heat to clusters Construction industry knowledge hub Sustainability Sustainability update February Posted on February 17 2015 updated on January 18 2016 by Chris Ashworth Leave a comment Jones Lang LaSalle sustainability boss and Building columnist Julie Hirigoyen has been

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  • Creating demand through specification | Competitive Advantage
    These modules are designed so we can share our understanding with your team in a way that suits your needs Options include a one day training course followed by a series of half day modules providing a deeper understanding of key areas This modular system allows you to integrate training with your sales meetings in the most effective way for you Who is the training for Although primarily designed for the construction sales team these modules are also beneficial for marketing and technical support teams The training provides practical advice at a sales level suitable for both those new to the construction environment and as a refresher for the experienced construction products sales person It also helps those in marketing to understand what support the construction sales team needs and how to use this effectively And it helps technical support understand how their role functions as part of the sales process and the ways that they can contribute to business development Download the course information Course modules include Effective specification selling Trusted advisor The specification process CPD and presentation skills Work smart Specification influences Communication channels Construction industry overview Negotiation Telephone skills Where possible the modules are interactive involving the team so they can take away actions I have talked to a number of my team and all said that they found the 2 days enormously helpful and that they learned a lot The notes are incredibly comprehensive and have already been referred to during inter departmental meetings Maria Simmonds Managing Director Lorient Polyproducts Ltd I found Chris really knowledgable he gave good examples from his personal experiences The training provided very useful tools to help me improve and help improve my internal support Makes me think more about what I can do and how to use my time more

    Original URL path: http://www.cadvantage.co.uk/home/what-we-do/construction-sales-and-marketing-training/in-house-training/creating-demand-through-specification/ (2016-02-12)
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  • Understanding the construction industry | Competitive Advantage
    sub contractors all working together to meet the needs of the client This team is brought together for each construction project working to meet the needs of the client and deliver buildings on time and within budget Legislation plays an important part in determining how this will happen often initiated by Government Some clients hold extensive property portfolios and are also extremely influential in this process This is an ideal introduction to the construction industry Learning outcomes Understand how the construction industry has evolved into its current structure Know how the industry is segmented Understand the different players in the industry and how they inter relate Learn how legislation is developed implemented and monitored Know the different supply chain alternatives Understand drivers for change Who should attend The course is designed for anyone new to the construction industry It requires no previous experience and is suitable for recent graduates or those who have previously worked in other industries It is suitable for those working in any of the industry s many categories Architect Engineer Surveyor Contractor Manufacturer or Supplier For sales and marketing staff the course acts as a checklist for issues which will need to be addressed in the sales and marketing strategy It could be used as the first stage in a development programme to be followed by courses Marketing in the Construction Industry or Creating Demand through Specification Course programme Brief History of the Industry 19th Century to current day International Influences Market Sectors Market Overview Sector Sizes and Trends Geographical Activity Industry Structure Client Professional Contractor Supplier Legislation Building Regulations Testing and Certification Planning Implementation Supply Chain Mechanics Traditional Design Build Management PFI Prime Drivers for Change Rethinking the Team Modern Methods of Construction Sustainability Cost savings Customer focus Project Management Construction 2025 Building Information Modelling

    Original URL path: http://www.cadvantage.co.uk/home/what-we-do/construction-sales-and-marketing-training/in-house-training/understanding-the-construction-industry/ (2016-02-12)
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  • Developing effective sales skills for the construction sector | Competitive Advantage
    course is for designed for sales professionals working in the construction industry It covers all of the core skills necessary to be effective in both external and internal sales roles The course looks at the nature of selling sales skills and the concept of the sales funnel It considers the different types of customer selecting those that are right for the business the customer s perspective and the process of building relationships Solutions to problems are key to selling and the process of identifying needs presenting relevant benefits and delivering value are examined Another key element of the sales process is the sales meeting and this process both face to face and by telephone is examined Finally some strategies for managing sales activities are suggested Who should attend This course is specifically for construction sales professionals for those new to sales and as a refresher for the established construction sales person as well as for those working in customer facing roles Learning outcomes Understand the sales process Know how to understand your customer Be able to Identify your customer needs Know features and benefits Be able to build effective relationships Develop effective telephone techniques Participate effectively in meetings Know how to manage the sales process Programme The Sales Process What is Selling Sales Skills The Sales Funnel Customers Who are our Customers The Customers Perspective Customer Types Selecting and Targeting Solutions to Problems Identifying Needs Features and Benefits Delivering Value Competitors Building Customer Relationships Customer Lifetime Value Cross Selling Behavioural Styles The Sales Meeting Pre call Planning Communication Telephone Techniques Appointment Setting Questioning Setting Objectives Handling Objections Buying Signals Closing and Review Managing Sales Activity Customer Strategies Implementation Risks and Priorities Action Plan Course duration 1 day Further information See our other in house course topics Understanding the Construction Industry

    Original URL path: http://www.cadvantage.co.uk/home/what-we-do/construction-sales-and-marketing-training/in-house-training/developing-effective-sales-skills-for-the-construction-sector/ (2016-02-12)
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  • Case study: Enhancing CPD presentation material to optimise leads | Competitive Advantage
    The Objectives To review the existing Knauf Aquapanel Exterior CPD and make it more engaging for Architects to identify ways to maximise the opportunities for Knauf and its product to produce a CPD that would pass RIBA s guidelines for certification The Methodology Competitive Advantage facilitated a number of workshops with the Knauf sales team to review the CPD seminar s content The first step was to define the seminar objectives These included informing the audience about key features of the product raising awareness of the consequences of not specifying correctly facilitating an introduction for the company and providing opportunity to identify sales leads Following the setting of these objectives an outline was developed which tracked the story we wanted to tell against each individual slide The next step required the careful review of each slide This is more than graphic design as every phrase and word must be composed with care and complementary imagery selected Competitive Advantage drew on their wealth of construction sales and marketing experience to ensure the technical and sales messages were combined in a visually stimulating format a format that would be acceptable to the certification authority and appealing to Architects After this thorough review and once the presentation was considered satisfactory it was road tested with a number of friendly architects Their comments were noted and incorporated into the content After all of this was complete it was then submitted to the certification body for approval which it received without any query The Benefits Knauf now have a RIBA approved Aquapanel Exterior CPD seminar which addresses an area of concern to specifiers is enjoyable to watch and helps them to deliver their key product messages We were very satisfied with the level of assistance guidance and professionalism we received from Chris Ashworth during the

    Original URL path: http://www.cadvantage.co.uk/home/why-choose-us/case-studies/case-study-enhancing-cpd-presentation-material-to-optimise-leads/ (2016-02-12)
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  • Case study: delivering CPD to architects | Competitive Advantage
    as trusted advisor to Architects design experts so making them the Architects choice for rooflights The Methodology Following an initial face to face meeting with the Rooflight Company Competitive Advantage submitted a proposal outlining tasks and responsibilities Agreeing this enabled us to work in partnership on delivering a successful seminar Competitive Advantage drew on their industry knowledge to source an additional speaker to compliment the Rooflight content The Saint Gobain Innovation Centre was recommended by Competitive Advantage not only for its location but as an inspirational venue that would suit the seminar objectives Competitive Advantage proposed the agenda wording and event title and developed the email invitations An invitation list of just over 400 Architects was source by Competitive Advantage to broaden the reach of the seminar beyond the Rooflight Company s existing contacts This list incorporated Architects active in the industry sectors of importance located in the London and Southeast area An online registration site was created by Competitive Advantage and the communications around registrations was managed by the team at Competitive Advantage The email invitations created by Competitive Advantage were provided to the Rooflight Company to send The Rooflight Company also were active on social media to raise the profile of the event During the project Competitive Advantage stayed in regular email contact with the Rooflight Company and hosted regular conference calls On the day of the event Competitive Advantage managed the registration desk and hosted the speakers ensuring the smooth running of the seminar Following the event all email communications were provided to the Rooflight Company to send on to delegates Competitive Advantage collated the delegate feedback and provided a comprehensive seminar report detailing promotion registration and attendance figures The Benefits The team at Competitive Advantage was able to bring their understanding of the construction industry to

    Original URL path: http://www.cadvantage.co.uk/home/why-choose-us/case-studies/case-study-delivering-cpd-to-architects/ (2016-02-12)
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  • 3 stages to becoming a Trusted Advisor | Competitive Advantage
    the design challenges they can solve Understand the legislation that can be influenced by your products Look to develop your presentation and telephone skills and master time management Take the time to learn about the construction industry through training industry events and trade publications 1 Take advantage of the tools at your disposal Today there are a number of tools that enable you to stay in touch with your key contacts A CRM database is helpful in scheduling and managing your interaction with key prospects Social media not only allows you to communicate it also allows you to listen learning of the design challenges specifiers face allowing you to step in with useful advice and solutions And of course the tools such as samples CPD BIM objects case studies are a great way of demonstrating the value of your product The specification salesperson that utilises these tools is in a good position to provide valuable useful advice at the right time Take advantage of social media to stay in touch Use your tools such as samples CAD images BIM objects and CPD as a door opener and then to stay in touch Use tools such as CRM to manage relationships 2 Understand your customer Understanding your customers is essential to good business The first step is understanding how your customers select their products what they have used before and how they source product information The next step is to understand relationships identifying preferred partnerships Also important to know is what type of projects your key contacts tend to work on Who are their clients and who are their competitors Complete desk research on your customer s business Know your customers preferred partners Map the relationships on each project Consider researching what Architects Engineers and Contractors like about your product 3 Learn from your mistakes and build on your success It is important to take the time to review lost and won projects and so identify ways to improve As well as maintaining existing relationships you also need to allocate time to generating a list of new target clients to build new relationships with As well as monitoring projects to identify opportunities As Trusted Advisor it is important to keep the momentum and keep relationships alive Review lost and won specifications to make improvements going forward Continue to monitor projects and make contact with key contacts at the correct stage Generate a list of target clients Conclusion In a nutshell the Trusted Advisor needs to Listen Be Useful and Be Found What specifiers want is technical information and advice they will be happy to deal with a manufacturer or supplier who can provide good quality comprehensive information on demand Specifiers do not want to be sold to They want to deal with technically competent people Design advice on demand accurate and reliable Further reading RIBA Insight Engaging and building relationships with specifiers Effective CPD An essential part of becoming a Trusted Advisor Specification Strategy 5 steps to building strong relationships with

    Original URL path: http://www.cadvantage.co.uk/3-stages-to-becoming-a-trusted-advisor-2/ (2016-02-12)
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  • Seven Tools of Specification Selling | Competitive Advantage
    offering to visit practices to review and update samples removing any that are out of date or surplus to requirements Such a visit will also provide a valuable insight into the competitor products being considered by the specifier 3 CPD seminars are an effective tool for creating a new relationship or enhancing an existing one with a practice Most professionals are required to complete 35 hours of CPD Continuing Professional Development each year CPD seminars are a proactive way to introduce your company and demonstrate technical competence This has the benefit of meeting many specifiers at one time and can often end with a discussion about a specific project But to be effective the seminar should have good impartial technical content be approved by one of the certification bodies and be well presented 4 Visits and networking is an important way of staying in touch and keeping a visible profile Attending industry events gives you an understanding of the challenges our specifiers face and the topics that are of concern to them It is also an opportunity to re establish current contacts and make new ones As with industry events scheduled visits can also provide an opportunity for greater understanding of the challenges facing the specifier but on a more individual basis giving the opportunity to provide bespoke solutions 5 Technical literature is an important item for your sales portfolio In this day and age though it does not need to be just an expensive printed brochure which requires storage and which quickly falls out of date Today there are many channels that can be used to communicate your product information starting with your website and an online brochure or by the production of a short video for YouTube or images on Flickr or Pinterest or indeed an App There are many opportunities to be creative with how you provide your technical product information making it accessible in many formats and formats that customer friendly up datable and cost effective 6 Standard specification clauses provide a means of saving the specifier time and ensuring that a product is correctly described With thought these can also be written to minimise the opportunity for specifications to be switched Companies can create their own clauses or work with organisations like NBS who will promote product specifications as part of their service to specifiers 7 Sales leads detailing the stages of a project from outline planning approval to completion are an important sales tool However they tend to be underused by many companies Typically an organisation will receive details of a new project and immediately contact the specifier Often the timing is wrong and the specifier is not ready to discuss that particular product More critical is the fact that most of the companies subscribing to such services will be making contact at the same time Consequently the specifier will be inundated and will not be receptive to calls Project data can be used more effectively to segment the market and identify those specifiers

    Original URL path: http://www.cadvantage.co.uk/seven-tools-of-specification-selling/ (2016-02-12)
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