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  • BIM4M2 | Competitive Advantage
    created a number of videos perfect for those considering BIM implementation Top 10 BIM Acronyms Explained also summarised in an article for RIBA Insights Top 3 BIM Myths Dispelled and What Happens if I Don t do BIM Pheonix Building Information Modelling Construction industry knowledge hub BIM update September Posted on September 8 2015 updated on September 9 2015 by Michael Prince Leave a comment The NBS published Are you ready for BIM What your business needs to do before 2016 part 9 in which they review the best ways to make a BIM implementation plan They also published an NBS Toolkit update and how these provide a boost for manufacturers as they allow greater collaboration between professionals working on Building Information Modelling Construction industry knowledge hub BIM update August Posted on August 12 2015 updated on August 13 2015 by Michael Prince Leave a comment At the end of July BIM4M2 ran a 1 day seminar BIM for Manufacturers Help with the journey which provided an impartial perspective and some advice on the implementation of BIM Su Butcher has written a Storify of the day summarising all the tweets and discussions around the presentations The presentations from the day are Building Information Modelling Construction industry knowledge hub BIM update July Posted on July 14 2015 updated on July 15 2015 by Michael Prince Leave a comment Today saw a BIM4M2chat considering Is BIM right for me If you missed the opportunity to ask your questions then join the BIM4M2 LinkedIn Group or attend the seminar BIM for manufacturers help with the journey on the 28th July in London This seminar organised by BIM4M2 The CPA and CIMCIG aims to provide an impartial perspective Building Information Modelling BIM update June Posted on June 17 2015 updated on January 18 2016 by Michael Prince Leave a comment At the end of last month Barbour ABI hosted a twitter chat answering questions about Product Data templates with David Rich and Paul French of BIM4M2 A Storify of the chat highlights has been published The next BIM4M2 chat is scheduled for 14th July at noon join by using BIM4M2chat In an article for Adjacent Building Information Modelling Construction industry knowledge hub BIM update May Posted on May 12 2015 updated on January 18 2016 by Michael Prince Leave a comment Following the release of the NBS BIM Toolkit Ian Chapman of the NBS National BIM Library will be hosting a webinar reviewing what the Toolkit means to manufacturers RIBA Insight provide an overview of the Toolkit in their article What is the NBS BIM Toolkit and what does it mean for manufacturers And Darren Lester Building Information Modelling Construction industry knowledge hub Construction product specification your questions answered Posted on April 28 2015 updated on April 28 2015 by Helen Leave a comment To establish an effective specification strategy you need to know what is important to each decision maker how this will influence their product choice and then demonstrate the value of

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  • Housebuilders | Competitive Advantage
    Housebuilding Initiatives At the beginning of the year government announced radical plans to fast track construction of affordable homes on publicly owned land The policy is aimed at helping to deliver the commitment to create 200 000 starter homes over the next 5 years The government says this policy will lead to homes being built at a Building Information Modelling Construction industry knowledge hub Sustainability Construction industry update November Posted on November 11 2014 updated on January 18 2016 by Chris Ashworth Leave a comment The NHBC Foundation has published some guides to help interpret the requirements of Document L 2013 Also published by the NHBC Foundation is a new report on improving the prospects for small house builders and developers The Department for Communities and Local Government has published an update on progress with Help to Buy which has Understanding the construction industry Learn more about Building Information Modelling Communicating with the industry Construction market activity Effective specification strategies Marketing in construction Sustainability Understanding the construction industry Understanding your customer n Select by type n Blog News Article Report eBook Youtube Video Book Review Slideshare Infographic Event Twitter Chat Construction Sales Marketing eNews Get the latest in Construction Sales

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  • UK Construction Sustainability Update - September 2015
    the review due March 2016 DECC have also issued a consultation on the review of the Feed in Tariff scheme The measures include revised tariffs and the potential closure of the scheme for new applicants as early as January 2016 The technologies covered include anaerobic digesters hydro electric power photovoltaics wind power and small scale gas powered combined heat and power Reza Shaybani the chair of the British Photovoltaic Association has published an account of his meeting with government on solar subsidy cuts in which he says Energy secretary Amber Rudd told him the impact on jobs was not part of the consultation Friends of the Earth are campaigning against the cuts asking people to ask your MP to save solar Friends of the Earth are in the headlines as they also seek to take the government to court over the solar subsidy cuts Meanwhile the Committee on Climate Change have issued their 2015 Progress Report to Parliament covering both progress towards meeting carbon budgets and progress on adaptation to climate change A Leaderboard Report issued by Navigant Research examines the strategy and execution of 12 smart thermostat manufacturers and software providers rating them on 12 criteria The Future of Energy Conference and Exhibition on the 4th of December at Salford University will examine Government policy and the direction that the UK as a nation must take to ensure a secure and stable energy supply Cardiff University together with the University of Florida and the University of Indonesia have been awarded a research grant to investigate green infrastructure The project will review how making urban areas greener can transform water and flood management increase sustainability and reduce the ecological footprint of buildings and cities Construction industry knowledge hub Sustainability Climate change DECC Energy Efficiency Solar Sustainable Construction The Green Deal

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  • UK Construction Sustainability Update - August 2015
    2016 Due to low take up and concerns about industry standards there will be no further funding to the Green Deal Finance Company These changes are detailed here Meanwhile Construction News report that the government could be taken to court by Green Deal providers after its decision to axe the scheme The Guardian list the 9 green policies killed off by government The Under Secretary of State at DECC says these drastic changes were needed to drive down consumer bills Following research into the energy efficiency and retrofit sector the Construction Products Association have Launched a Five Point Plan energy efficiency smarter together The document looks to pull together common themes from the 120 active agencies bodies organisations or formal groups working in the sector A new edition of CIBSE Guide A which provides guidance on the environmental design of buildings has been published Zero Carbon Hub have released the Builders Book The book helps builders improve site processes to deliver better performing homes and reduce the risk of condensation and mould growth excessive heat loss and failure to meet building regulations Zero Carbon Hub have also issued a report Assessing Overheating Risk evidence review Inkling provide an overview of the report called Overheating the hot topic in housing pun intended The Construction Products Association have published Water Efficiency the contribution of construction products which looks at how construction product manufacturers influence water management The Carbon Trust are calling for businesses to pilot a new product water footprinting scheme The scheme will help businesses to demonstrate their leadership in sustainability by certifying the life cycle water use of their products to an international standard Finally the Green Alliance have posted a blog by Matt Prescott that reviews the idea of corporate collaboration in sustainability and asks is collaboration outcompeting competition

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  • UK Construction Sustainability Update - July 2015
    an Ecobuild article called Retrofit Low expectations The management team from the the UKs largest urban regeneration programme is in the early stages of liaising with manufacturers and distributors of construction products to understand how they can help achieve the project s ambitions 10 of the world s most energy efficient offices are detailed in a blog by 2degrees On the residential side a new partnership between Cambridge City Council and leading house builder Hill named Virido has seen work begin on 208 homes one of the biggest zero carbon housing projects Zero Carbon Homes have published their report Overheating in Homes The Big Picture The report shows that many in the industry are still at the very early stages of their journey into the complete issue of overheating while others have started to embed processes into their businesses to minimize the problem Meanwhile George Osborne s Productivity Plan confirms that the government is dropping the zero carbon buildings policy It states The government does not intend to proceed with the zero carbon Allowable Solutions carbon offsetting scheme or the proposed 2016 increase in on site energy efficiency standards but will keep energy efficiency standards under review recognising that existing measures to increase energy efficiency of new buildings should be allowed time to become established See para 9 17 penultimate bullet page 50 of the document It also means that there will be no further changes to Part L in any form in 2016 Government also intends to end new public subsidies for onshore wind farms by legislating to close the Renewables Obligation for new onshore wind generating stations from 1 April 2016 So it is not surprising to see another call from the construction sector urging government to make energy efficiency a priority The Aldersgate Group of influential business

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  • UK Construction Sustainability Update - June 2015
    25 from the 1st of July while the bio methane will have a 5 reduction from the same date For domestic the biomass tariff will be reduced by a further 20 from 1 July The BBC have reported a rise in building on green belt land quoting figures from Glenigan A survey by the Royal Horticultural Society has highlighted the environmental impacts of the decline of the front garden The NHBC have issued an infographic on sustainable technologies and housing associations and the ONS have issued an infographics on renewables insulation waste water and waste management and the impact the economy has on the environment and some steps being taken to respond to environmental issues Renewable energy and jobs Annual review 2015 reports that more than 7 7 million people world wide are now employed by the renewable energy industry This is an 18 per cent increase from last year s figure A study of 48 non residential buildings Building Performance Evaluation Programme by Innovate UK highlights pitfalls in terms of design installation control and use Anyone working in the energy efficiency sector will find it useful reading Industrial Decarbonisation and Energy Efficiency Roadmaps to 2050 has been published This developed by the Government and industry provides guidance on how the eight most heat intensive industrial sectors can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency by 2050 Some of the construction industry big players are supporting the WWF open letter to the Prime Minister leading the call for a new approach to governance that places low carbon growth and the responsible management of natural capital at the heart of economic policy In Scotland the SNP have welcomed news that the Scottish Government is stepping up efforts to cut emissions with new investments across the energy environment and transport sectors

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  • UK Construction Sustainability Update - May 2015
    result means for sustainability in the built environment And Paul King also of the UK Green Building Council restates the case for investment in energy efficiency in his article for Adjacent Government The Insulated Render and Cladding Association INCA are also calling for the new government to implement energy saving improvements to homes with their External Wall Insulation manifesto INCA says external wall insulation as an energy efficiency measure protects consumers against rising energy prices and reduces carbon emissions in line with the UK s legal obligations Ian Hutchcroft Head of Local Delivery at the Energy Saving Trust asks Energy efficiency and housing what next for Local Authorities in his article for Adjacent Government Bristol is seeking to become the most sustainable city in the UK To achieve this they have launched Warm Up Bristol which focuses on improving home energy efficiency They are also seeking to establish their own energy company and are investing in renewable energy Last year the UK installed more new solar power than any other European country The UK is forecast to remain the leading installer in Europe this year yet overall Europe s solar market has declined by 30 The Department for Energy and Climate Change has issued an update to the figures for Green Deal and the energy company obligation ECO These show during February 2015 the lowest level of uptake in 20 months Green construction is growing worldwide according to a report on World Green Building Trends It also indicates a strong green construction market here in Britain saying that UK firms include some of the most dedicated to green 45 report doing at least 60 of their work green and this number is expected to increase by 51 over the next three years indicating a strong future market Construction industry knowledge

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  • Update on Sustainability in Construction
    map has shown the potential heat energy available in over 4 000 rivers estuaries canals and coastal sites According to the government at least one million homes and businesses across England could benefit from clean renewable heat via waterways Phillip Gullett chief operating officer at Battersea Power Station is considering using a water source heat pump BRE s Centre for Resilience is calling for a new approach to dealing with the risks of flooding along with investment and the development of innovative technologies to improve flood resilience UK consumed construction materials are responsible for 10 of elemental resource depletion Jane Anderson Principal Consultant at thinkstep formerly PE International in an article for NBS provides an overview of The embodied impact of construction materials referencing research completed by thinkstep A storify of the Green BIM event held on the 1 st April in Leeds can be viewed Popular were the YouTube videos from Climate Reality on Cost of carbon and The Price of Carbon Colin Pearson Head of Condition Monitoring at BSRIA details the benefits of smart meters to customers and energy providers Toshiba provide a youTube video on Building a smart community with sustainable solutions that look at wind power solar energy and electric transportation A 57 storey Chinese building is in the news for being constructed in 19 days as well as speed of construction they are claiming environmental advantages They report the tight construction techniques provide 99 9 pure air inside the structure and the energy efficient blocks are estimated to save 12 000 tons of CO2 emission compared to a similar building Construction industry knowledge hub Sustainability BIM Building Information Modelling Building Product Manufacturers CONSTRUCTION RESEARCH Green Construction Sustainable Construction Zero Carbon Post navigation Previous Next Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be

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