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  • Construction Sales and Marketing Roundup - August 2015
    Pauley Creative Hinge Marketing also provide guidance on connecting with your audience with LinkedIn showcase pages Simply Measured have issued a Facebook Industry Report 2015 and an eBook on The Complete Guide to Twitter Measurement While Construction Marketing Ideas ask does Twitter matter for construction marketing Google have announced it is separating Google profiles from its other services Client agency relationships Marketing Magazine referencing research write about the troubled client agency relationship with the main concern being a lack of understanding of the clients business Pauley Creative provide Tips to get the Most out of Your Construction Marketing Partners Our blog How to choose the Construction Market Research provider that s right for you also provides guidance Marketing Zoom Info have released an eBook on The Top 5 B2B marketing Myths such as email blasts are effective Hubspot debate plain text versus html email drawing on research findings They have also released a series of how to videos for marketers by marketers Copy blogger give six tips on how to adapt your writing for content marketing Anna Hern of Ridgemount PR argues the role of the PR writer is increasingly important The Content Marketing Institute provide some content marketing revelations from 2015 Hinge marketing present the cost and benefits of market research a subject close to our heart here at Competitive Advantage A quick reminder that now is the time to put together your entry for the Construction Marketing Awards as the entry deadline is just around the corner Finally CIMCIG have managed to secure a limited number of free tickets for Brighton SEO Sales Salesforce have interviewed thought leaders in the sales section and presented the findings in an infographic on tips to become the most successful salesperson On the flip side Allin Networking present 7 fatal errors sales

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  • Construction Sales and Marketing Roundup - July 2015
    then take a look the blog from Fieldman Creative What social media tactics are most effective How we gather information and use social media for work has changed dramatically in recent years The Construction Media Index 2015 research due to be released at the end of September provides specific information for the construction industry we plan to present a preview of the findings on the 17th September via a webinar How Key Decision Makers in Construction gather Information and use Social Media register now to avoid disappointment as places are limited Cost to attend is 45 incl VAT with all participants being offered a 25 discount off the final report Marketing The latest MECLABS Quarterly Research Digest has been issued with case studies and how to articles that will teach you new tactics that you can use and test to see if they help improve your KPIs For content marketing ideas James Mello provides a collation of blogs on the power of visual storytelling If you are looking for inspiration for your marketing strategy this blog by Firas Kittaneh may provide some food for thought 5 innovative ideas for engaging your audience As all good marketing strategy starts with the customer in mind we are proud of our newly revised eBook A how to guide for market research in the construction industry This eBook contains over 80 pages of content that highlights the benefits of research provides guidance on how to write a comprehensive brief shows how to choose appropriate methodology and monitor your research project Priced at just 20 VAT Finally with Ecobuild announcing its plans for 2016 Ross Fraser asks are trade shows giving visitors what they want challenging the need for trade shows in the age of the internet Inbound 2015 approach this challenge by providing a

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  • Guidance on selecting a Construction Market Researcher
    on their members but bear in mind their membership is not definitive If you are already using a construction consultancy for communications training or business development for example they may well offer additional integrated services such as market research Shortlisting your Market Research Providers what to consider Their expertise in your sector of the market The Construction Industry is unique requiring thorough understanding of its dynamics players and interrelations with its own language Your researcher representing you needs to be able to converse effectively with all echelons in the sector from board members of large housebuilding and architectural groups through to the man in a van Their experience in working with a company of your size and budget Smaller agencies are more familiar with achieving good results with small budgets but may be over faced by sizeable quantitative research To help filter down your choice of providers compare your research needs with their services Many companies focus on specific types of research or industry Conversely if you need advice on the most appropriate forms of research to achieve your objectives you may prefer to work with a multi discipline Market Research company rather than a specialist who will tend to recommend their own type of research Choosing the construction Market Research Provider that s right for you You need to circulate a brief outlining your construction research objectives construction company background construction product range construction target markets and if you can approximate budget to your shortlist of companies See blog How to write a comprehensive market research brief In return request a proposal detailing what they can deliver proposed research methods timescales costs proof of expertise in your business sector and examples of relevant past research projects Be aware that some larger companies may charge for writing a proposal It s a good idea to meet with the prospective bidders with the most attractive proposals Meeting face to face provides the opportunity to get a better feel for who the company actually is whom you will be dealing with and how you get along The successful Market Research Provider will become a temporary part of your team so relationships and compatibility shouldn t be overlooked Try to avoid comparing proposals on cost alone Base your decision rather on who has the best grasp of your construction research objectives and can clearly demonstrate how they will extract the information This cannot be overemphasised for the construction industry where generalists may fail to perceive the sector s unique characteristics A company keen for your business should be able to work with you to value engineer their proposal without compromising the outcome too much Finally what are you expecting the Market Research Provider to do with the data obtained Provide analysis alone or interpretation and recommendations too If you need help implementing the recommendations you need a fully integrated marketing consultancy that has an understanding of construction Conclusion It may seem like a minefield but it needn t be Remember the following points

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  • CONSTRUCTION MARKETING | Competitive Advantage | Page 2
    inform strategy so contributing to the success of your company In this blog we detail the essential research that every construction product manufacturer should be conducting to inform their business strategy 1 Construction industry knowledge hub Marketing in construction Understanding your customer Marketing round up March Posted on March 17 2015 updated on March 17 2015 by Helen Leave a comment CIMCIG recently hosted a group of senior marketers from manufacturing The group met to discuss how the marketing needs of the industry are changing A write up of the CIMCIG Round Table has been written by Chris Ashworth Rick Osman in his article for RIBA Insights considers the importance of marketing material to manufacturers in the specification Construction industry knowledge hub Marketing in construction 5 reasons your market research is flawed Posted on March 3 2015 updated on March 17 2015 by Helen Leave a comment Conducting regular research into construction markets gives insight into the specifier s decision making process and the influences on product specification In this blog we review the do s and don ts when conducting research to help you use research effectively to inform your decisions and ultimately contribute to the growth of your company 1 You have Construction industry knowledge hub Marketing in construction Understanding your customer Marketing round up December Posted on December 9 2014 updated on December 10 2014 by Helen Leave a comment Marketing strategy With the end of the year approaching many of you will be reviewing your marketing strategy and considering your goals for 2015 Here is a summary of the articles we have come across Hubspot review setting proper goals to get results and budget templates Also drawing on their findings from the 2014 State Marketing in construction How to effectively interpret and implement research findings Posted on November 11 2014 updated on November 11 2014 by Chris Ashworth Leave a comment At Competitive Advantage we are strong believers in applying research findings Yes conduct research and stay in touch with changing market dynamics learn what your customers think how you compare to the competition but importantly take the time to use your research information effectively Having conducted a survey the process of developing competitive advantage can Construction industry knowledge hub Effective specification strategies Marketing in construction Understanding the construction industry Understanding your customer Marketing round up November Posted on November 10 2014 updated on January 18 2016 by Helen Leave a comment Top news is that the Chartered Institute of Marketing have rebranded with the aim of becoming a more relevant and engaging organisation Sales top tips Stuart Ganis via LinkedIn provides 6 great tips sales people can implement today Pauley Creative remind us of 13 Scary ways your competition are sucking the blood out of your sales pipeline And continuing Marketing in construction Marketing round up October Posted on October 16 2014 updated on October 16 2014 by Helen Leave a comment The common thread through this months marketing round up is inbound or content

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  • Are you getting the most from your specification activity? | Competitive Advantage
    or modify the specification at development design stage and 91 during technical design stage Understand how types of specification influence product choice In my training I explain that the type of specification an architect uses is determined by a number of factors and may even vary on the same project This is confirmed by the research which reports that 81 of specifiers use different types of specification performance descriptive proprietary for different types of project It also shows that 69 use generic product specifications This surprises me as I would have expected most architects to use these when the circumstances were right NBS point out the hazard of re using specifications as they may not be accurate and up to date Of course their solution is for the specifier to use the NBS service Another alternative would be to ask a sales man they trust to review the specification This is an opportunity to make sure your products have a good chance of being selected NBS identify a trend to use more performance specifications 2011 80 2012 61 2013 75 my own opinion is that the type of specification used is driven more by the contract types being worked on and the type of products specified Help architects specify your product correctly A fact that most people involved in the specification process already know is that architects re use their specifications thanks to the miracle of cut and paste In this survey this habit is quantified with 75 of specifiers saying that they re use specifications significantly higher than a RIBA survey of a few years ago But importantly 71 said they collect information from manufacturers and 52 ask manufacturers to write specifications for them So it is important to offer a comprehensive range of information including standard specifications This also shows how important the service of a specification salesman offering to review a specification is to the architect Something you should be doing on a regular basis The need for this service is further supported by the research which shows that 87 of respondents have experienced difficulty when producing or using specifications Typical problems include the drawing and specification contradicting each other 52 inaccurate or incomplete technical data 49 necessary clauses omitted 30 So get out there and help those architects to specify your products correctly Conclusion NBS are to be congratulated for making useful information of this nature freely available so why not take advantage of it and download the full report NBS Specification Survey 2013 and make sure you are up to speed on the latest developments For my part I will be updating my training module The Specification Process which forms part of the Specification Strategy series available as an in house training course or as an open course If you want to develop your company s specification strategy then contact us for more details Further reading Managing your specification strategy What is KAM Effective CPD An essential part of becoming a Trusted Advisor Managing your

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  • Managing your Specification Strategy – Getting to know the design team | Competitive Advantage
    whose role is increasing in importance This is because of the growing complexity of the legislation which is pushing almost every aspect of a building s design causing architects to rely even more on the engineer Very often they will focus on performance specifications leaving the specialist contractor to decide on the materials to be used They will however continue to oversee the work and ensure that items perform as planned So they also have an influence on product selection Like architects what engineers want is good quality technical advice It is also important to remember that specifiers in general are short on time and will not respond well to spin What specifiers want is technical information and advice they will be happy to deal with a manufacturer or supplier who can provide good quality comprehensive information on demand The Main Contractor The role of the main contractor will vary depending on the type of contract selected to deliver the project If Traditional then the main contractor s role is to build what the architect designs if Design Build or PF2 then the Main Contractor will also have responsibility for design In both cases the Main Contractor influences product selection In the case of Traditional this will take the form of advice to the Architect But in D B or PF2 the Main Contractor may even provide the Architect with a list of approved materials to select from In this case it will be the Design Manager who will understand the Client s needs and then brief the Architects With earlier engagement from Contractors there will be earlier procurement with greater activity at the front end of the construction process David Philp Head of BIM Implementation Cabinet Office Although every commercial organisation has an eye to profit within the Main Contractor organisation there are other influencers who have other priorities The Estimating Department want to know about the compatibility and availability of products the Contract Manager will be interested in sub contractor familiarity and minimising disruption to the build programme And the Design Manager will be interested in the most efficient solution to provide a first class outcome By understanding these needs and offering solutions which represent value it is possible to reduce the influence of price As with all specifiers Contractors do not want to be sold to They want to deal with technically competent people They are looking for design advice that is accurate and reliable The Contractor is looking for quality price availability and then technical support Other Influencers not to ignore Most organisations specification sales effort tend inevitably to focus around those most visible when it comes to product selection The other members of the team receive much less attention For example what about the specification writer There are specialist organisations who take on this role on behalf of the architect They focus on the detail of specification writing to produce robust and unambiguous specification documentation allowing the architect to concentrate on design Another important role

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  • Construction Sales & Marketing round-up
    decision makers are using social media And Sales for Life provides a look into the future of social selling Cockpit Content provide some useful points from DMX dublin that can be used as a checklist to ensure you are on track with your marketing efforts Ross Sturley writes for Glenigan on Brand in a digital age reviewing the recent CIMCIG seminar For a new way to use Twitter perhaps at your next live event take a look at the Hubspot article 5 Quick Tips for Using Periscope Twitter s New Live Video Streaming App SEO for your construction website There have been a number of pieces on the new mobile algorithm update by Google Cyber Duck provide guidance on how to prepare for it were as Construction Marketing Podcast ask should we care If you are looking for something less challenging then Surepayroll provide an easy to follow infographic on the anatomy of an optimised web page Content marketing for B2B Rachel Forster provides some advice on effective B2B content marketing practices in her blog for the Content Marketing Institute Acrolinx have released their Global Content Impact Index in this retail businesses exceeded the benchmark for content quality on average scoring 73 2 followed by B2B tech with an average of 71 2 An overview of the report is provided Ann Handley in her article the science behind quality content Construction Marketing Awards open for entries This year there are a number of new categories including Best use of Content Marketing Best PR Agency and Best use of Research Insight To see a full list of categories and learn how to enter via the new online form visit the CMA website Deadline for entries is Friday 25th September the Gala Dinner is being hosted on Wednesday 9th December Construction industry

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  • SPECIFICATION SELLING | Competitive Advantage | Page 2
    to seek to become their design partner helping solve problems and create quality buildings This blog reviews the behaviour that positions the Communicating with the industry Construction industry knowledge hub Effective specification strategies Understanding your customer Three steps to win green construction specifications Posted on July 14 2014 updated on July 16 2014 by Chris Ashworth Leave a comment The UK is the sixth largest green construction sector in the world Whether it s called sustainability or energy efficiency the drive to improve the design of our new buildings and upgrade the UK s existing stock is very much centre stage Here are just three examples announced in the first week of July Lord Deighton Commercial Construction industry knowledge hub Effective specification strategies Sustainability The Decision Making Unit understanding specification influence Posted on June 26 2014 by Helen Leave a comment The construction sector s Decision Making Unit DMU is far more complex than many business to business markets This is because the team responsible for designing selecting purchasing and installing products is usually created for a single project employed by different organisations and then disbanded To further complicate matters the nature of the relationship between the members of Building Information Modelling Construction industry knowledge hub Effective specification strategies Understanding the construction industry Recruiting a Specification Salesperson Posted on May 6 2014 updated on May 6 2014 by Chris Ashworth Leave a comment With the UK construction industry strengthening we have been asked by a few of our clients how they go about recruiting more sales staff Identifying a candidate with the myriad of skills required to specification sell is a challenge When recruiting an established Specification Salesperson you will expect him or her to have a network Construction industry knowledge hub Effective specification strategies Are you getting the most from your specification activity Posted on May 1 2014 updated on May 14 2014 by Chris Ashworth Leave a comment NBS have just published their latest Specification Survey and it provides some invaluable information about the evolving specification process as well as some clues for improving specification sales activity Here are a few points for you to think about Get involved in projects at an early stage An important finding is that specification creation is Construction industry knowledge hub Effective specification strategies The Advantages of Benchmarking your Brand with Key Specifiers an interview with Jenny Smith Andrews from H H Posted on February 7 2014 updated on January 4 2016 by Helen 1 Comment The Net Promoter Score NPS is a loyalty metric developed by Fred Reichheld In his book The Ultimate Question NPS is presented as the most important metric for business Developed for consumer marketing the Net Promoter Score tracks how customers represent a company to their friends and associates Working with some of our clients Competitive Construction industry knowledge hub Understanding your customer Managing your Specification Strategy Getting to know the design team Posted on January 29 2014 updated on January 4 2016 by Helen Leave a

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