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  • Understanding the different players in the industry – Architects | Competitive Advantage
    are selected and installed correctly The first stage of a project will be to secure outline planning permission At this stage the design is a concept but with the key criteria confirmed Planning approval will be granted based on this concept often with a series of negotiations between planners and the architect The architect will then develop the buildings design taking the client s brief and combining it with the advice of the consultants At this time he may take advice from consultant and or contractor on detailed aspects of design and possibly product selection Working with the architect will be engineers responsible for structural mechanical and electrical design The architect is probably the most important member of the design team distilling the requirements and advice of the other members He starts with the client s needs in terms of how the building is to be used and how the client wishes to be perceived This then has to be developed to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations and increasingly sustainability Finally there will be the quantity surveyor main contractor and specialist sub contractors proposing alternatives very often as cost savings Out of more than quarter of a million professionals within the UK construction industry there are more than 60 000 Architects and Architectural Technicians The Royal Institute of British Architects has more than 28 000 members worldwide and more than 3 000 registered UK practices Communicating with Architects Over three quarters of the RIBA chartered architects practices in the UK have fewer than 10 staff and more than half have fewer than five Therefore Architects are time poor and consequently hard to get hold of So how do you introduce your products You need to find a way of getting the architect s attention and then reassuring him that your product ticks all of the right boxes Online methods are increasingly accepted but companies need to ensure they present the appropriate information in an easy to access format and keep in touch with new developments At the same time do not neglect the traditional media such as magazines and literature they still have an important role to play A good approach to opening doors is to use CPD seminars These should be well written and thoughtfully compiled Done properly a CPD seminar can establish the sales person as a trusted advisor and raise the importance of your products in the mind of the architect Our research report entitled Construction Media Index identifies key media used by Architects looking at electronic and hardcopy communication channels including trade titles actually read The 2013 report due for release in June 2013 indicates that Architects use a mix of journals and directories to source their product information There is a trend to use search engines less to locate products than in previous years Social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn are increasingly seen as a work tool video and webinars remain popular and the QR code has shown rapid adoption Su Butcher

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  • Construction Market Outlook – preparing for future challenges | Competitive Advantage
    3 4 In the most recent forecast this also has been downgraded with a new forecast seeing an increase of just 1 9 which is also from a lower base Another disappointment in 2012 was private housing where increases were expected but did not happen In 2012 the CPA spring forecast estimated a rise of 3 0 but the actual figures show a fall of 4 3 As a result the CPA has downgraded its 2013 forecast from an estimated increase of 6 0 to just 2 0 Public housing did not perform as badly as expected Last Spring the expectation for 2012 was a drop of 20 0 The actual fall was 18 4 In summary the disappointment of 2012 s worse than expected performance has seen 45 66 billion of expected construction activity evaporate for the period 2012 to 2016 In the recent past we have seen construction output fall by more than 8 since 2011 the point at which the Coalition published its Plan for Growth Last year was extremely disappointing for the construction industry given the frequent government announcements on boosts to housing and infrastructure says Noble Francis Economics Director at the Construction Products Association he goes on to say This year is likely to be just as challenging with further austerity cuts and private commercial the largest construction sector expected to fall 7 in 2013 Private housing and infrastructure should be boosted by previous government policies feed through but the risks are still on the downside especially following a poor first quarter to the year The other leading industry forecaster Experian described 2012 as a very bad year for construction while prospects for this year are not good They do expect overall construction performance to improve up to 2017 but by less than 1 with patchy performance and further declines in output from the public sector In the long term they do not expect construction output to exceed the highs of the last decade until 2023 or later All of this makes life very difficult for companies trying to plan their business Just offering the lowest prices you can or cannot afford will lead to disaster Companies need to adopt a strategy which allows them to focus on the sectors which offer the best opportunities Part of that process should include accurate forecasting so it is possible to identify the trends and opportunities in this uncertain market Conducting regular forecasting can help you to Clearly identify the future demand for goods and services Identify trends in the market ahead of competitors Benchmark your performance against competitors Evaluate market size and opportunities To help companies Competitive Advantage has developed a personalised forecasting model based on reliable data published by the CPA but personalised to reflect the business profile of each client By analysing the nature of your business and correlating this with industry forecasts we can help you to reduce uncertainty and so improve your business planning by indicating trends showing the potential value of each

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  • UK Construction Market Activity and Forecasts
    rose in January and February 2015 The Construction Products Association have released their construction industry forecasts for spring 2015 In 2015 construction output is expected to increase by 5 5 this increase is greatly influenced by predicted growth in private housing commercial and infrastructure The CPA forecast growth to slow in the next 2 years due to an expected break in private and public investment because of election uncertainty causing a knock on effect on future construction projects Further concerns about economic uncertainty are expressed in a letter sent to The Telegraph signed by 103 business leaders this warns that a labour government could put UK recovery at risk The letter was sent just a day after figures show the UK economy growing faster than expected With the 2015 general election campaign underway Glenigan have produced a report on the impact the general election will have on Construction This summarises construction specific issues that will directly impact the industry and where the parties stand on other key issues The Construction Industry Council have published an Election Briefing The message conveyed is that construction is a key engine for UK Economic growth and that it is a vital enabling sector which can spread jobs and prosperity throughout the wider economy The Markit CIPS Construction Purchasing Managers Index registered 57 8 for March 2015 down from 60 1 in February 2015 and still above the neutral mark of 50 0 The latest reading points towards a strong rate of overall construction output growth with business confidence at its highest level in 9 years Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce has released its latest Construction Pipeline Analysis covering the whole of the North West The planning system has a total of 114 36bn of North West construction projects with 69 78bn expected to have a high degree of certainty of delivery Output between 2015 and 2018 inclusive is also expected to be 29 93bn with the driving factors being infrastructure and housing The Nationwide House Price Index reports that in March 2015 house prices increased by 0 1 with annual house price growth slowing to 5 1 from 5 7 in February 2015 The Halifax House Price Index reports that in March 2015 house prices increased by 0 4 compared to February 2015 They report that home sales rose for the 2nd consecutive month in February 2015 with a 2 5 increase compared to January 2015 However homes sales are still 8 lower compared to February 2014 The ONS House Price index reports that in the year to February 2015 house prices increase by 7 2 and that annual house price growth is showing signs of slowing across the majority of the UK Kingfisher Plc have released their preliminary results for the year ending 31st January 2015 showing that pre tax profit fell by 7 5 while their sales increased by 2 9 Following this Kingfisher announced that they would be closing 60 B Q stores across the UK in a re organisation to

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  • September construction market overview | Competitive Advantage
    could be in jeopardy if Scotland votes to leave the United Kingdom The ONS has released its latest Output in the Construction Industry July 2014 figures which state that output in the construction industry has showed continued year on year growth for the 14th consecutive month with an increase of 2 6 however this is at its weakest since November 2013 Yet this data also shows that new orders in the construction industry for Q2 2014 were estimated to be 3 8 higher than Q1 2014 This reported growth is also supported by the latest economic and construction market review form Barbour ABI This report shows that in July 2014 the number of construction projects in the UK increased by 9 8 in June 2014 and is now 19 1 higher than July 2013 with the majority of contracts awarded by value being in London and the South East The Nationwide House Price Index shows that house prices increased by 0 8 in August with annual price growth rising from 10 6 to 11 0 The Halifax House Price Index shows that house prices increased by 0 1 in August which means that house prices in the 3 months to August were 3 0 higher than house prices in the 3 months to May With rising house prices slowing down compared to previous months Housebuilders profits certainly are not Redrow have released their full year accounts to 30th July 2014 which shows a huge increase in pre tax profit of 91 from 64 9 million a year ago Redrow are also reporting an increase in turnover of 43 with a record turnover of 864 5 million which they say is hailed to the impact of the governments help to buy scheme Construction industry knowledge hub Construction market activity Post navigation

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  • Construction industry update: August | Competitive Advantage
    SME house building sector with the suggestion that government guarantees would be introduced to underpin certain loans which are handed to small and medium sized house builders London s first long term infrastructure plan has been launched by the Mayor he said This plan is a real wake up call to the stark needs that face London over the next half century New rules for maintaining schools have been announced by the Government to make construction and repair of school buildings easier and more cost effective Funding is still being allocated under the new rules with a further 5 billion to build new schools and extensions on existing buildings available Construction needs 185 000 new recruits over the next 5 yrs Skill shortages are still a concern and The Build Show talk to SpecifiedBy of their concerns Born to Build a new social media campaign has been launched by the UKCG And Business and energy minister Matthew Hancock has been urged to brief government leaders on the construction skills crisis after he was given a seat at the cabinet table as part of a major government reshuffle CIOB have launced a new online CPD portal for its members Construction industry knowledge hub Construction market activity Understanding the construction industry Post navigation Previous Next Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Name Email Website You may use these HTML tags and attributes a href title abbr title acronym title b blockquote cite cite code del datetime em i q cite s strike strong Learn more about Building Information Modelling Communicating with the industry Construction market activity Effective specification strategies Marketing in construction Sustainability Understanding the construction industry Understanding your customer n Select by type n Blog News Article Report eBook Youtube Video

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  • August construction market overview | Competitive Advantage
    Survey also reports that firms are upbeat about the next quarter with expectations for total new orders growth at their strongest since 1977 The NSCC State of the Trade Survey reports 57 of specialist contractors saw their orders increase in the second quarter of 2014 compared to 27 a year ago However the Glenigan Index shows a slowing in construction growth rate with the value of projects starting on site May to June 2014 being only 10 higher than last year falling from 15 recorded last month This is mainly due to a fall in new residential work and declining social housing work This is enhanced by the Markit CIPS Construction Purchasing Managers Index Showing a fall from 62 6 in June to 62 4 in July however this remains above the neutral mark 50 0 for the fifteenth consecutive month The Housing and Communities Agency has released its Housing Market bulletin for July 2014 This shows a summary of the housing market the economy and housing forecasts Included in the bulletin is that the Nationwide House Price Index has reported an increase of 1 0 in house prices during June 2014 and that the Halifax House Price Index has reported a decrease of 0 6 in June 2014 Rightmove House Price Index have revised their year end forecast announcing new seller asking prices will see an 8 annual increase at year end A bouyancy that builders are already enjoying as Taylor Wimpey released their half year results for period ended 29 th June 2014 These results show that Taylor Wimpey have increased pre tax profit by 63 7 from 109 0m to 178 4m They attribute this increase in profit to their focus on the security of supply of materials such as bricks in the first half of 2014

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  • July construction market overview | Competitive Advantage
    is anticipated to increase 1 8 percent a year in real terms from 2014 to 2016 The Nationwide House Price Index has reported house prices increased by 1 0 in June 2014 and have now passed far beyond their peak in 2007 Data shows London house prices are up 25 in a rise unequalled since 1987 something reflected by the ONS in their comparison of regional house price indices before and after the financial crisis And Berkley are pushing forward to build out all sites with planning At the end of June the Bank of England announced a mortgage cap to insure against a housing boom The Halifax House Price Index has recorded a fall of 0 6 for house prices in June 2014 Rightmove also report a cooling in house prices reporting prices in some areas especially in London may have hit an affordability cap Housing statistics on the supply of homes delivered by the Homes and Communities Agency have been released amid reports that millions live in overcrowded housing because of failure to build new homes The government has released sixth monthly figures for the Help to Buy Scheme which reflects the growth we have seen in the housing sector These figures show that in the first 14 months up to 31 May 2014 22 831 homes have been bought with the help of this scheme which has increase by 11 from the total as of 30 April 2014 Finally the recovery of the industry appears to be reaching the medium construction businesses outside housing as the contractors Osbourne announce a 28 growth in turnover and a 5 2m of pre tax profit in the year to 31 March 2014 after a loss the previous year And Glenigan report a post recession resurgence in hotel and leisure construction

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  • Construction industry update: June | Competitive Advantage
    Tweet New data shows that 74 of homes bought through the Help to Buy scheme are new build properties An interesting article by Building asks Is planning the root cause of England s housing market ills Referenced in the Queen s Speech the government has published its Infrastructure Bill The Bill would turn the Highways Agency into a Government owned company and allow for greater long term planning In the recent budget Chancellor George Osborne also committed a total of 450 million to flood relief In a recent article the NBS speculate whether this is enough The updated version of BES 6001 Responsible sourcing of construction products is now available The Approved Document Part L Conservation of fuel and power has been updated This means any projects granted planning permission after April 2014 need to incorporate new higher levels of energy efficiency Surveying the Future is a new campaign to attract more talent to the surveying industry And the Construction News Campaign Love Construction has now been running for one year so keep an eye out for activity around their one year anniversary Construction industry knowledge hub Construction market activity Understanding the construction industry CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITY CONSTRUCTION MARKET CONSTRUCTION OUTPUT Post navigation Previous Next Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Name Email Website You may use these HTML tags and attributes a href title abbr title acronym title b blockquote cite cite code del datetime em i q cite s strike strong Learn more about Building Information Modelling Communicating with the industry Construction market activity Effective specification strategies Marketing in construction Sustainability Understanding the construction industry Understanding your customer n Select by type n Blog News Article Report eBook Youtube Video Book Review Slideshare Infographic Event Twitter Chat Construction Sales

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