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  • June construction market overview | Competitive Advantage
    risen by 0 7 making them 11 1 higher than in May 2013 The Halifax House Price Index reported May house price rises of 3 7 In The Federation of Master Builders State of the Trade survey for Q1 2014 SME workloads grew but at a slower pace than in Q3 2013 The survey predicts that in the coming few months output prices wages and material costs will all rise Around 79 of the survey respondents anticipate these rises with no firms expecting a decrease in costs This recover is finding its way to bottom lines with brick manufacturers Michelmersh outlining the current market conditions in their AGM statement They say that volumes for the brick industry increased by 26 with average price rise of 13 as heavy side building materials remain in short supply Similarly MACE has just announced a 14 rise in pre tax profits for last year with turnover up to 1 18 billion These latest figures taken from Barbour ABI s Economic Construction Market Review make interesting reading for the health construction sector in the UK with the North West accounting for nearly two thirds of the total value of medical and health construction contracts in the UK in April Newly released research by CNinsight and Glenigan highlights the competitive pressures faced by the UK s biggest contractors it reports that contracts awarded across the industry in 2013 fell 6 to 48 1 billion despite an 8 rise in the number of projects awarded This is due to a fall in larger value schemes The sharpest falls were observed in the community amenity and civils sectors Glenigan conclude that l ooking ahead the construction pipeline is anticipated to grow firmly over the next two years Construction industry knowledge hub Construction market activity CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITY CONSTRUCTION MARKET

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  • Become an expert and stand out from your competitors | Competitive Advantage
    should not be forgotten that the end result is energy efficient buildings making them more comfortable to live and work in and cheaper to heat Benefits for both owners and occupants In terms of design while traditional construction methods can be modified there are a raft of new construction techniques available Things for contractors to consider For the contractor this means that you need to be up to speed with the latest offerings available from manufacturers So take the opportunity to learn about the new systems and products available In addition to details on manufacturer websites many trade associations and industry organisations are running seminars to inform about the options available One example is a free event being organised by the Green Construction Board on the morning of 3rd July at Nottingham University This will explain some of the changes to Document L and then give a tour of the demonstration houses at the university If you are based in the area why not come along and learn more about the details of sustainability You can register at http www gcbnottingham2014 eventbrite co uk And when you have gained a good understanding of solutions present you organisation as an expert Publish case studies about projects you have completed with quotes from satisfied clients Perhaps write a blog commenting on your experiences installing different systems And if you have been certified to install specialist systems make sure this is clearly shown on your website prequalification documents proposals and bids Present your organisation as experts when you have gained a good understanding of solutions present you organisation as an expert Publish case studies write a blog and if you have been certified to install specialist systems make sure this is clearly shown on your website prequalification documents proposals and bids Construction industry

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  • May construction market overview | Competitive Advantage
    industry is expected to grow 18 by 2017 adding an extra 20bn to the UK economy The Construction Trade Survey shows four consecutive quarters of growth in activity for the first time in six years although it also raises concerns about rising costs and skills shortages The growth of the construction industry is supported by the April Markit CIPS Construction Managers Purchasing Index falling slightly from 62 5 in March to 60 8 in April which is still significantly higher than the threshold of 50 0 and remains above the survey average of 54 3 The survey also indicates that housing activity growth is approaching a 10 year high The Nationwide House Price Index has reported that house prices increased by 1 2 in April 2014 making them 10 9 higher than April 2013 which means annual house price growth is in double digits for the first time since April 2010 Yet the Halifax House Price Index reported a fall in house prices of 0 2 in April 2014 although their annual house price index still reports a growth of 8 5 With house prices rising so quickly they are starting to pose a problem for first time buyers According to The Economist house prices are not yet unsustainable but could become so in the near future This return to growth has caused construction firms to be the most confident they have been since the start of the recession yet some are warning of a supply shortage in the near future and bloating land costs posing a hindrance to recovery To identify potential opportunities and avoid threats then consider our tailored market forecast contact us to find out more Construction industry knowledge hub Construction market activity Post navigation Previous Next Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not

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  • Construction market activity | Competitive Advantage | Page 4
    last year was up 0 2 when compared with Q3 2013 Output in December 2013 is also 2 0 higher than the previous month With UK construction output showing growth Construction industry knowledge hub Construction market activity Sustainability update March Posted on March 9 2014 updated on June 10 2014 by Helen Leave a comment The government isextending its cashback scheme in support of the Green Deal from 31 March to 30 June 2014 Some home owner rebates have also been increased Up to 4 000 is now available for solid wall insulation from 650 up to 1 000 for room in roof insulation from 220 up to 650 for double glazing from Communicating with the industry Construction industry knowledge hub Construction market activity Sustainability Understanding the construction industry Construction Industry Update March Posted on March 9 2014 updated on January 18 2016 by Helen Leave a comment As part of the government s move to reduce pressure on consumer bills they are to review the ECO and have issued a consultation document on ECO which ends on 16 April 2014 To learn more or participate see Edward Davey s speech at Ecobuild The Renewable Heat Incentive Roadshow visited Ecobuild 2014 and has a nationwide Construction industry knowledge hub Construction market activity Understanding the construction industry February Construction Market Overview Posted on February 13 2014 updated on January 18 2016 by Helen Leave a comment The Construction Products Association has released its latest Construction Trade Survey This survey shows that in Q4 2013 Construction activity rose by a substantial amount making it the first time in 5 years the industry has seen growth over 3 consecutive quarters In contrast to this GDP figures released by the ONS show the UK economy Construction industry knowledge hub Construction market activity Construction Industry Update February Posted on February 9 2014 updated on January 18 2016 by Helen Leave a comment The United Nations report on UK Housing has been released The report concludes that we are facing a critical situation in terms of availability affordability and access to adequate housing No great surprise yet it is hoped the report will act as a wake up call for politicians The Homes and Communities Agency has launched their latest Affordable Construction industry knowledge hub Construction market activity Understanding the construction industry January Construction Market Overview Posted on January 21 2014 updated on January 18 2016 by Helen Leave a comment Once again we can report a positive outlook The ONS has released its latest construction output figures for November 2013 These figures show that estimated construction output in November 2013 fell by 4 when compared with October 2013 But output is estimated to have risen by 2 2 in November 2013 when compared to November 2012 Construction industry knowledge hub Construction market activity Construction Industry Update January Posted on January 9 2014 updated on April 9 2014 by Helen Leave a comment The government is consulting on a proposed new model for English Heritage and

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  • Communicating with Construction Industry Decision Makers: An Integrated Strategy | Competitive Advantage
    activities are less expensive when compared to traditional hard copy DM versus email marketing As well as affecting budgets digital has also had an effect on clients as they require enhanced evidence which digital manages very well of returns on investment There is also a timescale issue Digital does have the perception of instantaneous results in some cases but as such it needs to be managed carefully to ensure that digital activities are part of a plan rather than knee jerk responses Finally there is a creative issue as digital has to work on so many different levels and there is a greater need to think of the journey and also integration with other activities Q Our research shows a decline in the use of product directories hardcopy journal readership and the use of search engines to source product information In your experience what channels complement each other to maximise results Is there still a case for traditional channels Firstly there is very much still a case for traditional channels and in terms of traditional I m talking PR direct mail advertising etc All of these channels complement each other and digital activities such as social media email marketing and video complement the traditional channels further However to make them really work together you need to understand what part each contributes to an overall campaign how different channels may require different content or message and how each part can be measured I can understand the decline of printed product directories why walk to the book shelf in your office when you have Google at your fingertips Some product directories were widely used in site offices but now that internet connectivity is so widely available they are virtually nowhere to be seen I also understand that hard copy journal readership may have also declined although I would have thought this will have been replaced with online news readership However I find the decline of search engines somewhat surprising I believe there is still a hunger to search for information and search engines are the first port of call although users patience has shortened if it s not on the first or second page of Google people assume it doesn t exist I think most people will be very surprised at how many times they visit Google on an average day try counting it one day I m sure you will be amazed Q In these austere times and with the advent of digital channels is there still a requirement for large marketing budgets Depends on your definition of large What is large for one company is small to another We work with clients that have budgets of all sizes The consistent theme however is that you must see a value and return on investment It is possible to get great results from small budgets see the Celotex app campaign that won the best mobile campaign at the 2012 Construction Marketing Awards fantastic results from a small budget you just need to

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  • Building Information Modelling – Marketing the Benefits | Competitive Advantage
    operating a building of interest to developer and tenant When promoting your company s BIM capability you might focus on the following benefits Provides a clearer idea of what the building will look like and how spaces can be used allowing easy planning of space utilisation and avoiding expensive variations Greater certainty and predictability of time cost and quality Lower design fees as a result of better understanding and spatial coordination Lower construction costs as a result of better construction and project management Building operating costs reduced through improved data availability allowing better managed assets leading to reduced costs When promoting that same feature of BIM capability to a contractor while some benefits would be similar others would be different Better visualisation of designs at an early stage helpingto get the design right first time andavoid clashes on site Better construction and project management build it once virtually then build it for real Quicker more consistent and easier coordination of design documentation Remove the need to check or re key data Improved data availability enabling better informed early design Improved coordination of contractor design information reducing costs Delivery of coordinated information to the construction team enabling better work face coordination productivity and Health Safety Earlier accurate complete procurement data smart BoQs elimination of waste and rework There are two key rules to follow when promoting benefits Don t assume people know about the subject spell it out and Make the statement more than once When scanning through an article or an advert people will miss points so make your benefits obvious At the launch of the Construction Strategy on 2 nd July this year Peter Hansford made it clear that BIM is and will remain a central element of the government s procurement policy This has been supported by leading representatives of the design and contracting fraternity and our recently completed report Adoption of BIM 2013 suggests that the value of UK construction projects using BIM will increase by a factor of 14 between now and 2016 Manufacturers who make BIM objects available will be helping with the design process confirming product benefits and the value they represent By providing off the shelf designs they will help ensure compatibility with other systems saving time for the project team Further Reading Reaping the Benefits of BIM an interview with Rebecca De Cicco Reaping the Benefits of BIM An Interview with David Philp Reaping the Benefits of BIM An interview with John Tebbit Incorporating BIM into your Sales Strategy Communicating with Architects an interview with Su Butcher Understanding the different players in the industry Architects Construction Research Adoption of BIM 2013 Building Information Modelling is a hot topic with government and the construction industry shouting its benefits The problem for the manufacturer with hard pressed budgets is will I get a return on my investment Adoption of BIM has been researched and written to help answer that question and then make the right implementation choices Building Information Modelling Communicating with the industry

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  • Understanding the different players in the industry – Building Services Engineers | Competitive Advantage
    in new or existing buildings These services cover areas such as lighting heating air conditioning energy supply security systems etc In summary they are responsible for the engineering of the internal environment of the building And with sustainability firmly on the construction agenda Building Service Engineers play a significant role in ensuring a building s performance is ecologically sound They work closely with architects structural engineers and quantity surveyors having a strong influence on the product choice in relation to sustainability and energy demand With the advent of BIM this influence can only be set to increase The design team are already experts at modelling many aspects of the built environment including daylight lighting ventilation and energy to name but a few BIM will see this modelling taking place on a larger more integrated scale BIM goes beyond 3D modelling it includes building fabric modelling for example which looks at the embodied carbon and accessibility and will incorporate maintenance and operational information for building components The Engineer will play a key part in developing these early stage models for projects BIM will also bring a step change to the monitoring of buildings in use information can be drawn on to enhance the way a building is used and inform future design practice Communicating with Building Service Engineers Our research into the communication channels used by Building Service Engineers shows that a third do not read hardcopy journals with qualitative feedback indicating a move away from this publication format At the same time there has been an increase in companies allowing the use of social networks at work Over three quarters of Building Service Engineers said they were a member of a social network such as Facebook Twitter or LinkedIn with nearly half saying they have used Twitter to assist them with work With this in mind it is increasingly important to include digital channels in your communications mix Tina Cardy then Head of Communications at CIBSE now with IStructE gave these pointers Most people s lives are heavily influenced by the web so anyone researching anything pretty much starts with Google From a marketing perspective this means of course that manufacturers must have a robust digital and SEO strategy Documentation and information should be easy to find and simple to access Choose carefully which content you decide to ask people to register for as this can become a barrier to engagement Not many of us enjoy unsolicited approaches by sales people so the use of social media is no different in this regard Providing information to help the specifier is always a way forward so for example joining technical and construction groups on Linkedin are a good way to watch and only take part when you have something worthwhile to add e g not to be brand specific Recommendations from peers which is often what social media is about has far more gravitas than a direct sell Conclusion Have a robust SEO strategy to ensure you can be found online

    Original URL path: http://www.cadvantage.co.uk/understanding-the-different-players-in-the-industry-building-services-engineers/ (2016-02-12)
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  • Using Benefits to Demonstrate Value | Competitive Advantage
    there are many benefits which are taken for granted or overlooked by the salesman It is important to thoroughly review what benefits are available and how they can deliver value for each decision maker architect engineer contractor There are three components of value Functional Benefits Emotional Benefits Costs Functional Benefits are the most obvious some are must haves such as meeting legislation Others are important but perhaps ignored such as technical support To identify all of these requires a thorough understanding of your product how it is installed and used Often there are small points which the manufacturer might not be aware of but an installer knows Emotional Benefits may not be acknowledged by the decision maker but are also important If using a product for the first time people will be more prepared to take a risk if it is a well known brand Similarly a specialist contractor can gain kudos and credibility from being an approved installer for a leading manufacturer or supplier Cost is not just about the price paid There are many costs the time and energy required to source a product hidden costs such as hire of scaffolding which can be reduced as a result of a different installation process or shorter installation time the emotional strain of worrying if a product being delivered from abroad will be late causing the contractor to incur penalty charges All of these factors need to be identified and presented as relevant benefits which deliver value By presenting these effectively the salesman can overcome concerns and demonstrate how his product or service will deliver value to the decision maker and the project Chris Ashworth Chris is founder of Competitive Advantage Consultancy which specialises in market research and training for the construction industry He is also a member of the

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