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  • Reaping the Benefits of BIM – An interview with John Tebbit | Competitive Advantage
    can be translated accurately into Autodesk Revit Graphisoft ArchiCAD Bentley Building Suite etc The manufacturer does not want to be faced with producing their objects several times over to accommodate software discrepancies The other barrier to adoption is manufacturers seeing BIM as drawings rather than structured data BIM is not about the drawing but about the object s information it is about the data and how you manage the data As companies start on a BIM implementation process they will look at their information strategy and will potentially save money with greater efficiencies being adopted by the manufacturer as the product data is managed centrally from one system Finally the standard concerns that come with change still play a part such as unfamiliarity and worry about cost This is where manufacturers can learn from others reviewing the lessons learnt by the early adopters and hearing case studies Q In your opinion what are the main benefits of BIM for the building product manufacturer The early adopters may see some advantage initially but as BIM becomes the standard and everyone is using it there will be no clear advantage or competitive edge In the medium term I see the manufacturer benefiting from the restructuring of internal information systems allowing for greater efficiencies Long term I see the advantage being the designers not just the architect but all those on the design team being more connected with the manufacturer BIM will allow for a direct line between designer and manufacturer It could bring the Architect back to the role of master mason reconnecting the designer with the build Manufacturing has been digital for decades and now designers are preparing for a digital age Manufacturers have existed on a digital island in a sea of analogue data Designers will now be on their digital island and although we may occasionally still need to swim through a sea of shark infested analogue water BIM provides an opportunity to build a bridge between the islands BIM will fundamentally change the construction industry Construction is the last big industry to go digital Music print retail much of manufacturing is already digital Not checking data you receive because you know it is right and uncorrupted imagine what this could do to the construction industry This is where manufacturers need to be confident that when a file is shared it is received correctly with no corruption to data We could also potentially see changes in payment If the as built model is updated by the sub contractor and the client knows this then why pay him via a main contractor why not just pay the sub contractor directly I truly believe we have no comprehension how the industry will change over the next decade My father in law was a printer when that trade changed in less than a decade to being digital By the end of the change he said that there were whole trades that not only weren t needed anymore people had already forgotten what

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  • April Construction Market Overview | Competitive Advantage
    by just 0 3 and construction output fell by 8 1 The Construction Products Association has released its State of the Trade Survey for Q1 2013 which indicates that sales of construction products fell in Q1 2013 with poor weather conditions considered a major contributing factor With the improving weather there is hope that construction product sales will begin to pick up in the second quarter A bit of good news is that The Construction Enquirer has reported that the number of construction firm insolvencies fell by 5 during Q1 2013 The Nationwide House Price Index showed prices have remained very flat throughout March with no change against February however house prices compared to March 2012 were up 0 8 in March 2013 The Halifax House Price Index reported a 0 2 rise in house prices in March 2013 following a 0 5 increase in February showing that house prices in the first 3 months of 2013 were 1 2 higher than the final 3 months of 2012 To compliment this slight rise in house prices Bellway PLC have announced their half year results to 31st January 2013 with a profit increase of nearly 50 and revenue up by 9 6 One other bit of good news is that according to CNinsight there were 8 5 billion contract wins listed for March 2013 compared to only 274 Million wins in March 2012 Construction industry knowledge hub Construction market activity Building Product Manufacturers CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITY CONSTRUCTION MARKET CONSTRUCTION OUTPUT CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION CONSTRUCTION RESEARCH HOUSING MARKET OFFICE OF NATIONAL STATISTICS PRODUCT MANUFACTURERS Post navigation Previous Next Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Name Email Website You may use these HTML tags and attributes a href title abbr title acronym title

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  • Specification – how to deliver an epic blockbuster | Competitive Advantage
    to write long clauses Disadvantages Great care is required in describing the design intent to provide a complete and understandable specification Otherwise it can be ambiguous and open to misinterpretation This tends to be both wordy and time consuming Bids are harder to evaluate more quality control and supervision is necessary during construction and the requirement is harder to enforce All of this may be too elaborate for small projects Finally the contractor is responsible for how the performance is achieved and can generally be expected to work to a minimum acceptable standard Specifications can just comprise reference standards but this may lead to specifying to the lowest common denominator Nominated Forms of Specification The final specification option is to name a product or brand with a product reference This could be Closed naming just one brand or Open where 2 or more brands are named or the terms Or Equal or Or Equivalent are used Advantages This approach has a number of benefits for the Specifier It permits very precise control of product selection especially when only one brand is named It is quick as it is only necessary to write a short description but at the same time imply a precise specification based on manufacturer information It indicates exactly what the Specifier requires probably based on past experience and simplifies the bidding process as the contractor knows precisely what is intended Disadvantages The principal disadvantage is that it reduces competition It is for this reason that it is not permitted to name brands when writing specifications for government projects So that contractors can retain an element of competition the Specifier will often add the clause Equal Or Approved or Or Equivalent While in common conversation these would be considered to have the same meaning they have very different implications in a specification clause Equal Or Approved means that the product used must be the same as that nominated and the Specifier must approve the choice Keeping the final decision concerning product selection with the specifier Or Equivalent leaves the decision to the Contractor as well as the liability should the wrong choice be made In both cases it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine what makes two products the same Taking an extreme example sustainability requirements measure the embodied carbon of a product Consequently an identical manufacturer s product produced in two different European factories would not be the same because of the different amounts of carbon required to deliver it to site Conclusion How to help the Specifier deliver their blockbuster A great film is enhanced by having a great cast So why not help the Specifier by providing standard descriptive and performance specification clauses for products This way they are poised to select an all star cast Epic blockbusters deliver entertainment that wins over the audience With specification selling do not overtly promote your product instead provide good reason for proposing an approach this way you will position yourself as a trusted advisor with the Specifier

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  • Making sense of the construction industry – a marketer’s guide | Competitive Advantage
    to decide to support a specific bidder perhaps offering special prices to secure an order Once the specialist contractor is appointed close monitoring must continue to ensure the specification is not changed If the specialist contractor is an established user of your products there is a good chance he will tell you if the specification is threatened If there is no strong relationship then the specification is more likely to be switched and needs to be more closely monitored Use once the project is completed It is time to gather more information A good reason to contact each member of the team is to confirm that your company and product met their expectations in terms of customer satisfaction If not corrective action will need to be taken to avoid the problem in the future This contact is also an opportunity to ask which project they will be working on next hence identifying new opportunities which will require their own action plan and the process can start all over again Communicating with construction professionals The construction market is complex with many influences and drivers As a product manufacturer it is often hard to know where to start when trying to get your product specified Getting the right communication channels to focus your efforts on is critical our new report Construction Media Index provides some pointers here are some snippets for our 2012 report There has been an increase in online readership for construction journals Readership of trade journals whether online or hardcopy across all sectors is still strong with Architects being the most well read If you are communicating with Architects and Interior Designers then product directories should be part of your communications mix There is a marked increase in the use of social networks or work with many companies relaxing their restrictions on the use of networks such as Twitter Quantity Surveyors have seen the greatest growth in the usage of Twitter at work Interior Designers like video and enews this can also be said of architects so providing a visual medium is of importance and the use of video and podcast could be set to grow over the coming year If you re communicating with Interior Designers then consider an enewsletter as 100 of respondents read this medium For full details of the 2012 Construction Media Index click here It is also important to remember that specifiers architects engineer interior designers are short on time and will not respond well to spin What specifiers want is technical information and advice they will be happy to deal with a manufacturer or supplier who can provide good quality comprehensive information on demand Your marketing should use benefits to demonstrate value it should be backed by technical expertise and significantly provide benefit to your audience To put it more succinctly keep it relevant I hope this blog has given you a clearer view of the complex construction industry how the different members of the project team work together and how you can

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  • June Construction Market Overview | Competitive Advantage
    private housing sector No doubt helped by the Help to Buy Equity Loan Scheme which the Home Builders Federation said got off to a very good start with 4000 people reserving homes through the scheme since its launch on 1 April Housing output is expected to increase significantly with 400 builders now registered with the scheme across the UK However The British Chambers of Commerce said the Help to Buy scheme should have been accompanied by a house building programme which would increase its effectiveness and avoid sharp increases in house prices The Nationwide House Price Index has reported that house prices rose by just 0 4 in May bringing them 1 1 higher than in May 2012 The Halifax House Price Index also shows that house prices increased by 0 4 in May also showing that in the 3 months to May house prices were 1 5 higher than the preceding 3 months However some contractors are still feeling the pain Willmott Dixon has announced a fall in 2012 pre tax profit of 26 describing it as the toughest year throughout the current economic cycle Unfortunately the Green Deal has still to deliver on the government s promises of increased work for the industry with Enact Energy going into administration with suggestions that this was due to delays in the role out of the programme Construction industry knowledge hub Construction market activity CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITY CONSTRUCTION MARKET CONSTRUCTION OUTPUT CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION HOUSING MARKET OFFICE OF NATIONAL STATISTICS UK ECONOMY Post navigation Previous Next Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Name Email Website You may use these HTML tags and attributes a href title abbr title acronym title b blockquote cite cite code del datetime em i q cite

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  • May Construction Market Overview | Competitive Advantage
    performed badly partly due to poor weather the housing sector is starting to show signs of recovery with starts up 7 in Q1 helped by the various government initiatives However this recovery is taking place mainly in the South East The CPA forecasts that this year onwards will see steady growth in housing from a very low base The Nationwide House price Index has reported that there was very little change in average house prices during April with a 0 1 decrease which brings house prices to just 0 9 above April 2012 The Halifax House Price Index shows that in April 2013 house prices increase by 1 1 following a rise of just 0 4 in March house prices in the 3 months to April were 2 0 higher than in the same 3 months a year earlier With the housing market showing mild signs of recovery Crest Nicolson have announced a 9 increase in housing completions in the 6 months to April compared to the same period in 2012 However it is not all good news as Balfour Beatty have announced a 23 drop in construction revenue so far this year The Education Funding Agency announced that it is to raise 1 75 billion for privately financed schools work through a PF2 funding model However the EFA have also said that it will take 15 months for the funds to reach financial close meanwhile 700m of capital funded development has been announced for work on 78 schools Construction industry knowledge hub Construction market activity CONSTRUCTION OUTPUT CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION HOUSING MARKET OFFICE OF NATIONAL STATISTICS UK ECONOMY Post navigation Previous Next Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Name Email Website You may use these HTML tags and attributes

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  • March Construction Market Oveview | Competitive Advantage
    the last quarter of 2011 were also down by 2 5 the lowest level since 1980 As with output the largest growth was in Infrastructure up 41 6 and new Public Housing fell by 26 6 In the last month there have been a spate of results declared Despite the low housing outputs builders have performed well in 2011 Barratt revenue up 8 6 profit up 40 5 Galiford Try revenue up 30 profit up 89 Bovis revenue up 22 profit up 35 Persimmon revenue down 2 profit up 55 Taylor Wimpey revenue up 2 2 profit up 81 and Crest Nicholson revenue up 12 2 profit up 19 have all show dramatic improvements The launch this week of the government s NewBuy scheme also promises an increase in demand from new home buyers with Barratt reporting that nearly 20 000 potential homebuyers have pre registered their interest This strong peformance continues with other sectors for contracting Balfour Beatty announced their results which showed an overall increase in profits of 22 despite a fall in construction operating profit of 16 Construction revenue was up although the order book was down 23 In manufacturing Kingspan announced strong performance with revenue up 14 and profit up 24 after allowance for acquisitions Finally for the supplier sector Travis Perkins announced that turnover was up 6 on a like for like basis and profits were up 37 Construction market activity Chris Ashworth CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITY CONSTRUCTION MARKET CONSTRUCTION MARKETING CONSTRUCTION OUTPUT CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION HOUSING MARKET MARKETING IN CONSTRUCTION OFFICE OF NATIONAL STATISTICS UK ECONOMY Post navigation Previous Next Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Name Email Website You may use these HTML tags and attributes a href title abbr title acronym title b

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  • November Construction Market Overview | Competitive Advantage
    fall has slowed when compared with Q2 just 0 2 down Within these figures new work performed worse and non housing Repair Maintenance better than the average The latest RICS Housing Market Survey reported that prices have continued to fall everywhere except London However the number of transactions increased with positive expectations Against this background Bovis Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon reported positive trading results RIBA s Future Trends Survey also shows fragile confidence amongst architects for the next quarter Adrian Dobson RIBA Director of Practice said Overall demand for architects services continues to be very weak in some sectors anecdotal evidence from the survey suggests that niche markets such as high end bespoke housing conservation works and certain healthcare sectors remain resilient An initiative announced by the Government to try and stimulate the economy via construction activity is the Growing Places Fund with 500 million available for a range of projects that can help facilitate economic growth jobs and housebuilding in the local area The poor state of the economy means that the industry has been making representations to the Chancellor in the hope that he will announce measures to revive the economy via investment in construction when he makes his Autumn Statement Announcing plans for two new power stations creating 1150 jobs Mr Cameron has suggested that there will be such initiatives to aid the recovery Construction market activity Architects CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITY CONSTRUCTION MARKET CONSTRUCTION MARKETING CONSTRUCTION OUTPUT HOUSING MARKET repair maintenance UK ECONOMY Post navigation Previous Next Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Name Email Website You may use these HTML tags and attributes a href title abbr title acronym title b blockquote cite cite code del datetime em i q cite s strike strong Learn more about

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