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  • Fagor Ovens, Gas, Electric
    Is Always Kept Down To Suitable Levels To Protect The Surrounding Kitchen Cabinets Easier and Safer Handling Of Food Removable Shelves Total Access Totally Removable Total Accessibility At Any Height With Fagor s New System Taking Food Out Of The Oven Is Easy and Convenient The Shelf Comes Right Out Of The Oven Giving Complete Access And More Importantly The Shelf Stays Completely Stable For Absolute Safety While Cooking The Most Convenient Way Of Reaching The Food Easily and Safely Whether The Oven Is In An In Column Unit Or Under The Worktop This New Total Extraction Shelf System Can Be Placed On Any Of The Four Levels Of The Oven Giving Even More Choices Of How To Cook It Also Allows Deep Shelves To Be Used To Cook Food With Large Quantities Of Sauce Or Liquids For Your Safety The Shelves Are Completely Stable And Do Not Wobble Pull System Only The Shelf Required Is Pulled Out Not The Whole Set This Ensures That The Interior Temperature Is Kept More Constant This System Is Easy To Use Both In Ovens Built In Under The Worktop and In Column Units Fagor s Pull System Allows Deep Dishes To Be Used To Cook Food With More Sauce Or Liquid In The Cooking Pan Self Cleaning Ovens Pyro System The System That Ensures Cleaner Safer and More Economical Cooking This Function Allows The Oven To Be Left To Clean Itself Completely Automatically After Use All The Dirt Is Converted Into Ash Which Can Easily Be Removed With a Damp Cloth New ECO Pyro System Functions Total Cleaning In Less Time When The Oven Is Not Very Dirty The ECO Function Also Carries Out Pyrolytic Cleaning At a Far Lower Temperature With Consequent Energy Savings New Super Pyro System Function For When The Oven Is Very Dirty The Shelves Are Always Clean Fagor s Pyro System Lets The Pyrolytic Cleaning Take Place With The Trays Inside The Oven Completely Safe The Combination Of Three Glass Panes And The Reinforced Door Design Help Create Insulating Air Chambers Between Them Which Substantially Reduce The Temperature Of The Oven Exterior Also The Door Is Locked Automatically During The Pyrolysis Process Pyro System Function Savings Even On Cleaning The Cost Of Cleaning By Pyrolysis Is As Little As 23 Pence If We Add The Saving In Cleaning Products Fagor s Pyrolytic Ovens Are The Most Economical To Use As Well As Being The Cleanest Interior Design Soft Interior Design Everything Is Designed To Make Cleaning Easier Very Easy To Clean The New Interior Structure The Frame And The Inside Of The Door Of Fagor s ACG Ovens Have Been Designed With Soft and Rounded Lines To Make Them As Easy To Clean As Possible Cleaner Surfaces Compact Door Design The Interiors Of Fagor Ovens Have Been Treated With A Special Enamel That Food Doesn t Stick To Making Them Easier To Clean Since It Is Vitrified It Is Less Affected By Heat And More Resistant To Acids

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  • Fagor Microwaves, Built In, Compact
    Microwave Ovens Please Click Here To View The Range Of Fagor Microwave Ovens Fagor Microwave Ovens Large Solutions In a Compact Appliance 20 and 30 Litre Built In Models Make Better Use Of Kitchen Space These Two Models Incorporate a Standard Built In Recessing Frame For Fitting Into Kitchen Furniture To Take Maximum Advantage Of The Available Space A Choice Of Two Decorative Stainless Steel Doors Designed For Combining With

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  • Fagor Hoods Specifications and Features
    and Fitness Ice Makers Ice Cream Makers Sinks and Taps Small Appliances Accessories Home Page Search This Site Terms and Conditions View Basket Site Map Square Deal Fagor Hood Features Please Click Here To View The Range Of Fagor Hoods Fagor Chimneys and Cooker Hoods Fagor Chimneys and Cooker Hoods To Help You Enjoy The Cleanest and Most Pleasant Atmosphere At Home New More Innovative Design Fit In With The Most Modern Surroundings Fagor s Innovation Chimneys Incorporate A New Exterior Design With Straighter Lines and a Cleaner Style To Fit In Perfectly With The Most Modern Kitchen Environments Modular Filters Clean on The Outside Clean on The Inside These Filters Consist Of Various Layers Of Metal Meshing Designed To Last Indefinitely They Are Easy To Remove and Thanks To Their Size Can Be Washed In The Dishwasher A Pilot Light Indicates When The Filter Needs Cleaning Silence Plus They Operate In Almost Complete Silence By Incorporating Much Quieter Motors Fagor Has Managed To Reduced The Noise Level Even Further In Its 3CFT 200 AL Models AF3 649 X B N and AF2 608 X B New Extra Flat Cooker Hoods Only One Person Is Needed To Install Them Once

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  • Fagor Hobs Specifications and Features
    a Metal Pan And Adapt To The Size Of The Pan So The Cooker Soon Pays For Itself Cold Touch Heat Easier To Clean The Surface Of The Induction Hob Remains Cold at All Times Because Only The Pan Heats Up This Makes The Hob Much Easier To Clean To Clean It Simply Wipe It With a Damp Cloth and Apply The Cleaning Product Recommended By Fagor Rapid Heat Function More Free Time When This Function Is Selected The Hob Works For Several Minutes At Maximum Power Before Reducing To a Lower Previously Selected Cooking Temperature Hob Plus This Ring Enables You To Concentrate The Power Of Two Rings In One This Doubles The Heat Available And Makes Heating Twice As Fast Booster Function The Power Of The Ring Increases For a Specified Period When That Period Has Finished It Changes To The Pre Selected Lower Power Level Safety Lock In All Induction Models When The Safety Lock Is Activated The Selected Programmes Cannot Be Changed And The Hob Will Not Switch On If It Has Been Turned Off Automatic Safety Cut Off If The Hob Remains On When Cooking Has Finished It Will Automatically Switch Off After a Certain Time Depending On The Power Selected Programmable Cooking Time It Notifies The User When It Has Finished Cooking Cooking Time Can Be Programmed On Any Of The 4 Rings Of The Hob Residual Heat Indicator All Induction Hobs Have Built In Residual Heat Lights Which Remain Lit While The Hob Is Still Hot After Being Switched Off Multi Key Safety An Alarm Will Warn You If A Pan Is Standing On The Controls Or If Any Liquids Have Been Spilt On Them The Hob Will Automatically Switch Off If This Happens Fagor Automatic Cooking Hobs Fagor s Smart Kitchens Automatic Cooking Consists Of The 2VFT 212S AU Vitroceramic Hob Plus The Elegance Rapid Pressure Cooker Which Are Connected To One Another By a Radio Frequency System The Cooking Settings Selected By The User Are Transmitted Between The Hob and The Cooker When This Process Has Finished The Set Switches Off By Itself If You Prefer Not To Pressure Cook Food Fagor Also Offers The Option Of Using This Set With a Vitroceramic Hob and Fagor Silver Saucepan Minimum Cooking Power A Cleaner Smell Free Energy Saving Kitchen Automatic Cooking Always Keeps Energy Consumption o a Minimum This Also Prevents Foods From Sticking Or Smells and Fumes From Filling The Air In The Kitchen Making Cleaning Easier 5 Types Of Cooking A Kitchen With More Alternatives Automatic Cooking Offers 5 Different Programmes One For The Elegance Rapid Pressure Cooker Pressure Cooking And Four More For The Silver Saucepan No Pressure Heating Bain Marie and Maintenance Foods Maintain All Their Properties Tastier and More Economical Cooking Another Huge Advantage Of Always Cooking With Minimum Power Is That Foods Do Not Dry Out and Retain All Their Nutritional Properties Fagor Vitroceramic Touch Hobs Plates Which Respond To Touch Oval Ring For Cooking With

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  • Fagor Washing Machines Specifications and Features
    For Users The Shortest Washing Times On The Market With Turbo Time Plus The Option Of More Intensive Washes Allows Users To Delay The Start Of The Washing Programme According To Their Needs Turbo Time Plus This System Reduces Washing Times Even Further So That You Can Enjoy More Free Time Its a Unique Washing System That Allows You To Improve Wash Results While Reducing Washing Times Intensive Wash Maximum Washing Efficiency Even In Cold Wash Programmes Intensive Cold Wash Programmes For Very Dirty Garments Improving Wash Efficiency Compared With Higher Temperature Programmes Delayed Start So You Can Organise Your Time Better and Also Save Money By Taking Advantage Of Cheap Rate Electricity In Models With LCD Displays Up to 24 Hours Selecting The Time When You Want The Wash To Finish Digital Display Range Up to 24 Hours Selecting In This Case The Start Time Fagor Washing Machines Continuous Update On The Progress Of Wash Programmes Multi Functional LCD Full Control Of The Washing Process The User Can View Detailed Information On The Selected Wash Programmes Before During and After The Washing Process Including Programme Type Wash Phases Spin Speed and End Of Programme Time Programme Selection Is Much Easier Thanks To The New Continual and Smooth Rotational Dial When The User Turns This Control Dial The Different Programmes Appear On The Liquid Crystal Display 45 Tilting Display Angle All The Information In Front Of Your Eyes The Tilted Angle Allows Users To View The Washing Phases Quickly and Comfortably On The Display Programme End Time Selection Choice Of 12 Languages Selected Programme and Wash Phase Help Messages Advanced Balanced System Exclusive To Fagor This System Is The Only One That Electronically Controls and Distributes Clothes Evenly Within The Drum During The Spin Phase Eliminates Vibrations Reduces Noise Increases

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  • Fagor Washer Dryers Specifications and Features
    This Site Terms and Conditions View Basket Site Map Square Deal Fagor Washer Dryer Features Please Click Here To View The Range Of Fagor Washer dryers Fagor Washer Dryers Packed with Features to make life easier Turbo Time Shorter Programmes So You Can Enjoy More Free Time The Duration Of The Normal and Delicate Programmes Provides A Substantial Reduction In Washing Time While Standard Programmes In Washing Machines With Similar Characteristics Can Last Up To 2 Hours 30 Minutes Fagor s Washer Dryers Reduce This time By 30 percent 6 Kg Capacity In Just One Hour With Class A Washing Efficiency This Enables Large Quantities Of Clothing Or Large Garments To Be Washed The Great Washing Capacity and Efficiency Of Fagor Washer Dryers Means Fewer Washes And At The Same Time Huge Savings In Washing Time Water Electricity and Detergent Advanced Balance System This Eliminates Vibrations Reducing Noise and Lengthening The Life Of The Washing Machine This System Exclusive To Fagor Is The Only One That Electronically Controls and Distributes Clothes Evenly Inside The Drum This System Adapts To The Exact Amount Of Clothing Loaded Into The Machine Unlike Other Washer Dryers That Operate On The Basis Of Theoretical Load

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  • Fagor Dishwasher Specifications and Features
    The Weight Of The Panel Always Opens Perfectly Double Fixing Kit Totally Stable Dishwashers 20mm Shallower More Room For Manoeuvre During Installation Fagor Dishwashers Designed To Offer Perfect Results Features Express Programme In 15 Minutes For When There Are Only a Few Dishes and You Don t Want To Wait Front Perimeter In Stainless Steel Quality Details That Make a Difference Duo Zone Two Dishwashers In One Wash Time Reduction To Save Time With Any Programme Variable Load They Adjust Their Water and Power Consumption According To The Machine Load Programmes For All In One Detergent Tablets Prepared To Work With The Most Demanding Products Ecosensor They Save Up To 25 Water In Each Wash Double Intensive Programme To Remove Even The Toughest Dirt Perfect Drying This Eliminates The Clouds of Steam Vapour At The End Of The Wash Cycle A Consumption Of Only 12 Litres Savings Even While Your Washing Hygienizer Programme Healthier Dishes Super Silent System They Operate In Almost Complete Silence 12 1 Place Settings With Greater Capacity Than Normal Dishwashers Self Diagnosis They Detect and Warn The User Of Any Anomaly Upper Basket Super Easy Basket The Interior Can Be Adapted To The Requirements Of Each Wash Telescopic Runners Allowing Basket To Be Slid Smoothly and Gently The Height Of The Cup Holder Can Be Adjusted Two Different Heights Ergonomic Handles Making It Easier To Grip and Manoeuvre The Baskets Moveable Bar 4 Possible Positions To Accommodate Different Sized Glasses Lower Basket Basket Pulls Out Completely Easier To Load and Unload Dishes Fold Down Supports Enable Space To Be Adapted For Dishes Pots Pans Oven Trays etc Pulling Out The Basket Is Safer and More Convenient Smoother Perfectly Aligned Removal Of The Lower Basket 2 In 1 Cutlery Holder Can Be Divided Into Two Separate Parts

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  • Fisher and Paykel Ovens, Built in and Under, Single and Double
    Taps Small Appliances Accessories Home Page Search This Site Terms and Conditions View Basket Site Map Square Deal Fisher and Paykel Ovens Fisher and Paykel Ovens If you do not get the results you expected try broadening your search criteria for example leave out the colour or fuel type and search again Alternatively click here for a fast free email quote Make Colour Fuel Type Type Additional All All All

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