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  • Sue and Casper
    apply Eligibility Criteria WATCH VIDEO WATCH VIDEO Sue and Casper My blood sugars were always difficult to manage I would often be very high and then drop dangerously low I managed as best as I could however following a bad infection in 2006 I lost all of my hypo awareness symptoms I had no idea what my blood sugars were at all I started to collapse more frequently without any warning My blood sugars were often below 2 0mml I spent years with help from the diabetic specialists trying to stabilize my diabetes and I was in hospital for weeks at a time Eventually I was put on an insulin pump This helped to control some of my higher blood sugar readings but I was still experiencing up to 5 hypos a day I suffered broken bones and other injurys with many of my collapses requiring paramedic call outs As time passed my health was affecting my family as I could not be left alone or go out anywhere by myself Work was suffering and after a consultation with Occupational health it was decided that I could not be left alone or supervise groups of students without another adult present The prospect of losing my job was becoming a reality Then in June 2011 I received the telephone call I had been waiting for I was to receive a Medical Alert Assistance Dog Casper a miniature poodle I bonded with him instantly and he has fitted right in with the family Everyone that meets him says he is the most laid back dog they have ever seen Casper attends school with me and takes the attention of 1900 pupils in his stride He sits next to me or follows me around the classroom always keeping me in sight Casper is

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  • Yasmine and Nano
    as a nut allergy dog Yasmine who has been allergic to nuts since childhood recalls her first serious reaction A few years ago whilst on a business trip to China I had to be hospitalised after eating nuts by mistake This was my first experience of an anaphylactic shock and just three weeks later I was back in hospital after a similar episode at a festival in Germany Yasmine was immediately referred by her GP to an allergy clinic in Birmingham where she was diagnosed with a severe allergy to peanuts also known as ground nuts and other common tree nuts that we eat in Britain As sufferers know too well these types of nuts and their traces can be present in many places and products often with no easy way to spot them from a distance For Yasmine it is difficult enough navigating her way around such a minefield at work and in public without experiencing the apathy of others People often perceive you as overreacting or being difficult she says worried that without precautions she is more likely to come into contact with nuts Shaken from her two terrifying experiences Yasmine was desperate for a way to minimise the risk of further reactions Research pointed her to Medical Detection Dogs seemingly the only option in Europe for this kind of work and it wasn t long before her application was accepted as a trial study Nano took beautifully to his training programme developed by the charity Thanks to trainer Colin he is now a fully qualified allergy alert dog Nano shows off his scent recognition skills alerting Yasmine to the presence of nuts in various environments such as detecting nuts on her colleagues desks and in drawers Nano s Medical Detection Dogs jacket is also having an effect

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  • Cherry and Zeta
    the first Diabetic Hypo alert Dog in Britain At six weeks old she came into our home a small black bundle of naughtiness Unfortunately or fortunately she developed elbow dysplasia at eight months and had to take medication Eventually at eleven months she was declared not fit enough to be a Guide Dog and we decided to keep her as our pet Meanwhile my husband Cherry who has been an insulin dependent diabetic since he was 29 began to lose his hypo glycemic warning symptoms I was so worried whenever he went somewhere on his own I had heard about Diabetic Alert Dogs and I searched the internet and found that such dogs existed in Australia and North America I emailed the organisations concerned for help as I had no idea how to train Zeta to alert but they would not give me any instructions After many days of phone calls I found Claire Guest She was so enthusiastic about helping and she came to stay with us for a few days She taught me how to train Zeta to alert when Cherry s blood sugar was low and amazingly Zeta caught on very quickly The first time Zeta alerted I became very emotional and cried because I did not really believe that alerting was possible At first we thought she was making errors then realised that she was catching highs and also rapid drops in his blood sugar levels Zeta just got better and better at alerting Claire told us to stop giving her treats but unfortunately Zeta does not work without treats and who can blame her She has changed our life completely making us both feel more secure My husband who is quite shy enjoys using her as an ice breaker He is amazed at how many

    Original URL path: http://www.cancerdogs.co.uk/cherry_zeta.html (2016-02-16)
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  • The Downings
    Dogs Owner Trained Dogs How to apply Eligibility Criteria WATCH VIDEO WATCH VIDEO The Downings and Roots Roots a Working Cocker Spaniel has become the first Medical Alert Assistance Dog to alert two type 1 diabetics to dangerous drops in their blood sugar levels Neil Downing and his son Jack are the first people to share a Medical Alert Assistance Dog Roots has been specially trained to sniff out drops in Neil and Jack s blood sugar long before they begin to experience any ill effects so they can treat themselves before their condition escalates to a medical emergency Both Neil and Jack were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when they were just two years old and have been relying on Neil s wife Sarah to spot the signs of an oncoming hypo We have always tried our best not to let diabetes stop us doing anything but we ve always had to be careful as we are not always aware when we are getting low blood sugar says Neil This has always been particularly hard on Sarah as she is constantly on alert She is very good at spotting the signs but it is hard work when there are two of us It is harder for Jack to control his diabetes because of his age going to a friend s house for tea is very difficult and sleepovers are out of the question Roots divides his working day between Neil and Jack he sometimes goes to work with Neil or spends the day at home with Sarah Before Roots moved in with the Downings Neil and Jack could collapse with very little warning Sometimes Sarah would go downstairs in the night wondering why the TV was on so late to find Neil unconscious on the sofa Neil says Now

    Original URL path: http://www.cancerdogs.co.uk/the_downings.html (2016-02-16)
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