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  • The Dogs Nose
    Cleaver www JuliaCleaver com I am Lucy How can my nose sniff cancer I am Magic How do I sense blood sugar levels Why do I have a slit at the side of each nostril If you do not know the answers read on All mammals possess five senses TOUCH HEARING TASTE SIGHT and SMELL The majority of humans use sight as their main sense to assess the world around them The smell sense is subsidiary and the human nose is unlikely to be able to smell cancers BUT A dog s nose knows In the dog the sense of smelling the olfactory system is the main special sense and it is extremely sensitive and efficient Possibly 30 of their brain is dedicated to analysing odour It is estimated that the percentage of a dog s brain devoted to analysing odours is 40 times larger than that of a human 1 I can detect an odour diluted 1 2 parts per trillion To give an example of this dilution factor Alexandra Horowitz in her book Inside of a Dog 2 has written We might notice if our coffee s been sweetened with a teaspoon of sugar a dog can detect a teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water two olympic sized pools full How is the dog s nose structured to enable it to be so efficient The structure of the Dog s nose is important The nose is formed by bones muscles and soft tissue and includes a blood supply of arteries and veins plus nerves which are connected to specialised areas in the brain The combined functioning of these tissues is shown in this short home video of a labrador showing the constant movement involved in sniffing Note how the dog wriggles its nostrils which it

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  • Animal welfare
    Events Challenge Events Canter for a Cure Media Coverage FAQs CONTACT US How to find us Speaker Request Event Attendance DONATE Animal Welfare Our Dogs Welfare FAQ Welfare of our Medical Detection Dogs We take the welfare of our Medical Detection Dogs extremely seriously From the moment they come to us as puppies we ensure the highest standards of care for our dogs We have a strict no kennel policy and all our dogs live in the homes of our staff or fantastic local volunteers where they are loved and cared for as part of the family Our dogs love their work because they are doing what comes naturally to them using their amazing scent detection skills We have pioneered the most positive clicker training techniques in the world with a food or toy reward geared to the preference of the dog which we are constantly developing The health and welfare of each dog is individually monitored and their work patterns and rewards are tailored accordingly Our dogs work only for short twenty minute periods followed by free running exercise and rest When they are ready to our dogs retire with their foster family or in another dog loving home

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  • Animal Wefare FAQ's
    be indicative of the dog being too cold Make sure they always have space to stretch out and are not in a draught Let them sleep let them dream and get their rest What are the main dog welfare issues in Britain at present Research from the Royal Veterinary College has highlighted the most urgent issues that need to be addressed for the improvement of dog welfare in Britain These include owners lack of awareness of welfare needs inherited disease or exaggerated physical features intensive and unregulated puppy rearing a lack of appropriate provision for behavioural needs and poor health due to the animal being overweight What is obesity and why is it an issue in dogs Far from being comical obesity in our dogs is a welfare issue and rightly so All dogs pets or otherwise deserve the best care possible and our Medical Detection Dogs absolutely require good care We depend on them for the services they provide and they depend on us to keep them free from pain and discomfort Obesity can be defined as an excess of body fat that is enough to impair health welfare and quality of life Fat excess in dogs is attributed to several factors including genetic pre disposition reproductive management and dietary exercise human management There are also some diseases that can cause excessive weight Too much weight is a serious welfare issue in pets because it can cause unnecessary suffering and can be extremely disabling to dogs It can also affect the dog for long periods or in some cases cause health problems for their whole life What problems can arise if a dog is obese Problems which have a direct link to obesity can include orthopaedic disease arthritis joint pain diabetes mellitus abnormalities in circulating lipid profiles cardio respiratory disease urinary disorders reproductive disorders neoplasia mammary tumours and transitional cell carcinoma dermatological diseases and anaesthetic complications German 2006 What affect can these obesity related issues have on a dog These conditions not only shorten the expected lifespan of the affected animals but also reduce their health related quality of life so weight problems in dogs have considerable potential to cause suffering One questionnaire based study German and others 2012b tried to assess the health related quality of life of dogs following weight loss A clear correlation was found between a reduction in weight and fat mass and an increase in vitality It was also found that dogs showed fewer signs of being emotionally disturbed and of being in pain following a successful weight loss programme Why is it so difficult to recognise when my dog is overweight In the Veterinary Record s series on One Health Peter Sandøe and colleagues argue that the relationship between obesity in people and in companion animals is closer and more complex than previously thought and the owner s perception of normal weight may be reflected in the weight of their dog There are issues of owners under classifying the condition of their dog

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  • Medical Alert Assistance Dogs
    Cure Media Coverage FAQs CONTACT US How to find us Speaker Request Event Attendance DONATE Medical Alert Assistance Dogs How our dogs help Personal stories Children Team Dogs Owner Trained Dogs How to apply Eligibility Criteria Cerys and Wendy Steven and Molly Karen and Coco Courtesy of ITV Claire and Magic Photograph by Emma Jeffery Medical Alert Assistance Dogs These dogs are trained to assist individuals who manage complex medical

    Original URL path: http://www.cancerdogs.co.uk/medical_alert.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Cancer Detection Key Messages
    Carousel Demonstration video The Open University video C Courtesy of Channel 4 Embarrassing Bodies footage Photograph by Emma Jeffery Cancer Detection Our Cancer Advisory team Iqbal Anjum Professor Russell Cowburn Mr Giles Cunnick Dr Alan Makepeace Karol Sikora First and foremost Medical Detection Dogs can advance research into the early diagnosis of cancer It is well known that early diagnosis would save countless lives and so benefit the public hugely Research is the only way of finding an answer When conducting research you can never be sure that a particular line of investigation will produce the results you are hoping for However research is warranted when there is sufficient motivation to find an answer and a reasonable belief that a particular line of investigation may provide answers Both of these premises are clear with this work If the answer is a negative that is that dogs cannot in practice help doctors with early diagnosis the research completed will nevertheless be beneficial to overall research into cancer Our cancer work has two aims A To assist scientists through our research into the development of electronic systems E noses that will assist in the early detection of cancer through cheap non invasive

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  • Support Us
    Our News Supporter News The Sniff Magazine Events Challenge Events Canter for a Cure Media Coverage FAQs CONTACT US How to find us Speaker Request Event Attendance DONATE Support Us Donate Puppy Sponsorship Puppy Naming Raise money for us Recycling Challenge Events Sponsor a puppy starter kit Legacy Vale Lottery Christmas Cards 2015 Photograph by Emma Jeffery Please support us DONATE SPONSOR OUR PUPPIES NAME A PUPPY RAISE MONEY FOR

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  • Donate
    Support Us Donate Puppy Sponsorship Puppy Naming Raise money for us Recycling Challenge Events Sponsor a puppy starter kit Legacy Vale Lottery Christmas Cards 2015 Donate Our work is funded solely by donations so whatever you can give makes such a difference to our work and the people whose lives we can help save If you would like to support us by making a donation you can by virginmoneygiving com is a fundraising website that helps charities and fundraisers raise more money online without taking a penny in profit We have teamed up with JustGiving the UK s leading online fundraising website so you can donate and raise funds for us online By phone Make a single donation now by using a debit or credit card It s quick easy secure and you ll be making a difference today Telephone 01296 655888 By Post Set up a monthly standing order or make a one off donation by post Please download and complete our Donation and Giftaid form Support us with a text Support Medical Detection Dogs by texting a donation Simply send SNIF11 3 to 70070 to make a 3 donation Amazon Wish List You can help us by buying

    Original URL path: http://www.cancerdogs.co.uk/donate.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Sponsor our puppies
    Cards 2015 Click here to watch the video Please Sponsor our puppies in training By sponsoring our puppies you make a real difference by helping to support their care and training which enables them to change and save lives Dogs are donated to us from breeders rescue and welfare charities or just because they need a new home They are chosen for their ability which allows us to work with a variety of breeds It can take up to 18 months to train a puppy and costs 11 200 to care train place and support a dog and his owner for life During their training they live with volunteer socialisers and their families For as little as 5 00 a month you can help us create lots more life saving Medical Alert Assistance Dog partnerships We need to ensure that the Charity can continue growing to meet the ever increasing demand for a Medical Alert Assistance Dog and to reduce the time applicants need to wait for their dog That means we need to secure funds to train more puppies and dogs every year Donate from 5 a month or 60 00 for a year Donate from 5 a month or 60 00 a year you ll receive Certificate On going updates on our puppies and Our magazine Sponsor monthly Sponsor annually Donate from 10 a month or 120 00 for a year Donate 10 per month or 120 00 a year you ll receive All the above plus A cute soft toy puppy Sponsor monthly Sponsor annually Soft toy puppy may vary from that depicted in photograph With all sponsorships you will be invited to meet some of our puppies and dogs at our training centre in Great Horwood Buckinghamshire Sponsor by post If you would prefer to sponsor

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