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  • Christmas Cards
    Media Coverage FAQs CONTACT US How to find us Speaker Request Event Attendance DONATE Support Us Donate Puppy Sponsorship Puppy Naming Raise money for us Recycling Challenge Events Sponsor a puppy starter kit Legacy Vale Lottery Christmas Cards 2015 Christmas cards Each pack contains 10 cards and all profits from the sale of these cards goes directly to funding our work The greeting message inside each card says With Best

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  • pup_spons_slider

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  • Volunteer News
    to find us Speaker Request Event Attendance DONATE Volunteer Puppy Socialisers Fundraisers Administration Speakers Regional Groups Apply to volunteer Contact us Volunteer news Your November 2015 volunteer news is ready for you to download now Please click on the button below Download Newsletter You will need your password to open this Charity leaflets To order more information leaflets please click on the button below Download Leaflet request for volunteers form

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  • the_sniff_issue_8
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  • The Sniff Spring/Summer 2013
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    Original URL path: http://www.cancerdogs.co.uk/sniff_sring_2013/the_sniff_spring_2013.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Karen and Coco
    condition known as Addison s disease that causes the adrenal glands to malfunction and not produce enough of the steroid hormone known as cortisol Karen s condition was exacerbated due to tumours being found on her adrenal glands that had to be surgically removed This has meant that Karen has no cortisol reserve in her body at all The symptoms are unpleasant enough but if the cortisol levels become dangerously low the patient s condition becomes critical and can lead to death if not treated quickly Karen contacted Medical Detection Dogs to see if they could help No dog had been used to detect cortisol levels before but the organisation was willing to give it a try and with Karen s determination to take on a challenge Coco was successfully trained to be the first dog in the world to assist an Addison s disease sufferer Karen has very little time from the time of feeling unwell to a full blown crisis but now Coco who carries her injection kit with him in his vest will warn her when the cortisol levels are dropping and will persist until he gets the message through People have already noticed that I am

    Original URL path: http://www.cancerdogs.co.uk/karen_and_coco.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Gemma and Polo
    throughout the day and night As her parents we often set the alarm clock up to 3 times throughout the early hours to measure and prevent night time hypoglycaemia as Gemma never wakes when she is having night time Hypos When Gemma first read about Medical Alert Assistance Dogs she was very excited to think how this would make such a difference to her daily life and how a dog with this training could keep her safe and healthy We soon completed an application We explained to Gemma to try and not to get her hopes up too high we knew the Charity was in its infancy and we could only imagine the demand that was being put on them A year or so on we were really excited to get a call from the charity we were invited up for an interview When Gemma learned that she had been accepted onto the waiting list we were all over the moon A few weeks passed and then we received an email to say that they had a possible dog for Gemma a black Labrador called Polo Polo is one of the family Not only does he alert to Gemma s blood glucose levels but he is great fun to be around A really important date was when Polo alerted during the night to Gemma having a hypo He came into our bedroom and came up to me I knew he was telling me there was a problem we tested Gemma s blood and she was 3 6 Gemma describes having Polo He is my new best friend I love him so much We have great fun running through puddles and playing ball He makes me feel safe and confident I can t imagine life without him There have been times

    Original URL path: http://www.cancerdogs.co.uk/gemma_polo.html (2016-02-16)
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