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  • Swirly tutorial3
    off Let the last added dye sink and then carefully lift and place the candle mould in the water bath and place a weight on top Take care not to allow any water into the candle it dont burn Once the outside has set you can remove it from the water if you want and treat like any other setting candle with regard to breaking the top skin and topping

    Original URL path: http://www.candlemakers.co.uk/cmproduct/Swirly%20Tutorial/swirlytutorial3.html (2016-04-26)
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  • By Appointment
    Wales Suppliers of Candles In 1997 Candlemakers Supplies became holders of the Royal Warrant having supplied candles to Kensington Palace since 1990 We are now officially by appointment to His

    Original URL path: http://www.candlemakers.co.uk/textile/byappointment.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Batik Kits
    5kg 45 95 Top Group Batik Kit Contains 3kg batik wax 100g of each of Brilliant Red Brilliant Blue Brilliant Yellow and Navy Blue 1kg Soda Ash 1kg Urea 1 bottle Metapex ND 6 assorted Tjantings 6 background brushes 6 fine brushes 6 pencils 6 booklets Code Packed Weight Price Sterling Group Batik Kit GK2 7 5kg 195 00 Top Related Batik Links Batik Wax Paraffin Wax Beeswax Beeswax Discs

    Original URL path: http://www.candlemakers.co.uk/textile/batikkits.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Batik Equipment
    14 Top Tjantings Wax pens for waxing fine lines and patterns on to the fabric A medium or large spout is recommended for beginners The width of the line can be controlled by the temperature of the wax Code Packed Weight Price Sterling Type A three sizes Small TAs 170g 9 50 Medium TAm 170g 9 50 Large TAL 170g 9 50 Type B three sizes Recommended for use in the Waxpot Small TBs 170g 9 50 Medium TBm 170g 9 50 Large TBL 170g 9 50 Type B only 2 spout TB2 170g 9 98 Type B only 3 spout TB3 170g 10 50 Top Javanese Tjantings Short handled with copper bowls Available in two sizes Code Packed Weight Price Sterling 1 or 2 JT1 150g 10 95 JT2 150g 10 95 Drawing Pencils Very soft for easy drawing on fabric DP 30g 0 60 Top Batik Frames A wooden frame that enables the fabric to be pinned and stretched 3 sizes that are adjustable Code Packed Weight Price Sterling 23 x 23 58 5cm x 58 5cm BF1 1kg 16 20 43 x 43 109cm x 109cm BF2 2kg 27 80 43 x 23 109cm x 58 5cm

    Original URL path: http://www.candlemakers.co.uk/textile/batikequipment.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Batik Waxes
    Packed Weight Price Sterling Paraffin Wax W1K 1040g 4 95 Top Beeswax If minimal crackle is desired use pure beeswax or mix with paraffin wax or batik wax Available in 500g packs Code Packed Weight Price Sterling Yellow Beeswax BWY 510g 12 50 Bleached white Beeswax BWW 510g 12 50 Beeswax Discs As above available in approx 28g discs State Colour BWD 30g 2 20 Top Microcrystalline Hard For severe

    Original URL path: http://www.candlemakers.co.uk/textile/batikwaxes.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Textile Dyes
    black dye but gives a subtle browning effect when used as a final dye over fibre reactive dyes Code Packed Weight Price Sterling Small 25g BSs 55g 5 80 Large 100g BSL 155g 17 50 Top Soda Ash Cleansing agent for removing all natural oils and dressing from fabric before it is dyed to allow full penetration of the dye Wear rubber gloves Code Packed Weight Price Sterling 500g Packs SA 510g 3 10 2kg Packs SAL 2020g 8 60 Urea Reactive dye dissolver Use luke warm water to dissolve 500g Packs U 510g 3 10 2kg Packs UL 2020g 8 60 Top Metapex ND Solution Liquid cleansing agent for removing the excess dye from the fabric Code Packed Weight Price Sterling Small 250ml MSs 300g 4 09 Medium 500ml MSm 615g 6 46 Manutex RS Thickener used with resist salt and urea in the fibre reactive printing paste Small 25g MXs 55g 2 80 Medium 100g MXm 155g 7 00 Top Manutex F As RS above but used for finer fabrics and silk screens Code Packed Weight Price Sterling Small 25g MXFs 55g 2 80 Medium 100g MXFm 155g 7 00 Resist Salt L Liquid Preservative for printing paste Code Packed Weight Price Sterling Small 25ml RSs 55g 2 80 Medium 100ml RSm 155g 7 00 Top Fabric Dyes Deka L Dyes A very popular dye suitable for batik or tie dye on natural fabrics Available in 33 colours in 10g sachets which will dye 250 500g material 71 Lemon 88 Russian Green 72 Yellow 89 Dark Green 73 Pink 90 Salmon 74Antique Rose 91Copper 75 Scarlet 92 Old Gold 76 Ruby Red 93 Beige 77 Crimson 94 Fawn 78 Wine Red 95 Mode Brown 79 Light Blue 96 Chestnut 80 Cornflower Blue 97 Deep Brown 81 Brilliant Blue

    Original URL path: http://www.candlemakers.co.uk/textile/textiledyes.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Fabrics
    cm x 28cm 5mm SH1 30g 1 65 28cm x 28cm 8mm SH2 30g 2 27 65cm x 65cm 5mm SS1 30g 4 76 90cm x 90cm 5mm SS2 35g 5 69 90cm x 90cm 8mm SS3 35g 6 10 28cm x 114cm 5mm SS7 30g 3 62 140cm x 140cm 8mm SS11 60g 16 04 40cm x 150cm 5mm SS8 40g 4 65 40cm x 150cm 8mm SS12 60g

    Original URL path: http://www.candlemakers.co.uk/textile/fabrics.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Silk Painting (Steam fixed)
    IndianBlue Flesh Turquoise Apricot Duck Egg Blue Sunshine Yellow Emerald Old Gold Jade Salmon Viridian Coral Spring Green Mandarin Orange Salad Lettuce Green Tango Nile Green Orange II Bright Green Poppy Moss Green Scarlet Pine Green Clear Red Lime Green Geranium Reseda Cherry Bottle Green Ruby Sienna Rose Hazelnut Dahlia Tortoiseshell Rhodomine Terracotta Raspberry Rust Azalea Warm Brown Fuchsia Brandy Brown Grenat Dark Red Havana Brown Giroflee Wallflower Chestnut Chataigne Cravate Shrimp Marron Glace Bordeaux Wine Red Caramel Violet Light Purple Indian Brown Parma Violet Dark Brown Violene Tobacco Brown Prune Antique Brown Amethyst Mouse Grey Prunelle Bilberry Steel Grey Midnight Blue Grey Air Force Blue Black Jet Black Ebony Deep Black Navy I Navy II Navy IV Kniazeff Silk Paints Steam fixed Quantity Code Packed Weight Price Sterling 50ml KN50 70g 4 40 100ml KN100 140g 8 40 250ml KN250 500g 13 40 500ml KN500 700g 21 20 1 litre KNLT 1500g 32 20 Top Diffusant Fondnet For diluting Kniazeff Silk Paints and stops Newton Rings Quantity Code Packed Weight Price Sterling 125ml DFKm 180g 6 40 1 litre DFKL 1500g 33 20 Anti Fusant Retards the flow of Kniazeff Silk Paint When painting directly onto silk and not using gutta 250ml AFKm 300g 6 40 1 litre AFKL 1500g 22 80 Epaissisant Thickening agent 250ml EPT 350g 6 40 Top Lavnet Good affinity detergent for the colourings To avoid fading during washing and to stop any colour running Ideal for perfect white backgrounds After fixing rinse fabric in cold water with one soupspoon of Lavnet to each litre of water Quantity Code Packed Weight Price Sterling 50ml LAV 120g 6 40 Top Surfix Reinforces fixing in case of colour overloading After steam iron fixing wash silks with Lavnet then soak them in a bucket of water with Surfix

    Original URL path: http://www.candlemakers.co.uk/textile/silkpainting%28ste.html (2016-04-26)
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