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  • Silk Painting (Iron)
    water based gutta as an outline Whatever fabrics used allow one week before the first wash White Turquoise Lemon Yellow Sea Green Chrome Yellow Bright Green Golden Yellow Veridian Skin Nile Green Apricot Olive Green Mandarin Moss Green Clear Red Rust Scarlet Brandy Brown Cherry Indian Brown Bordeaux Wine Red Marron Glace Lilac Antique Brown Rose Dragee Dark Brown Lavender Steel Grey Violet Mouse Grey Amethyst Ebony Navy I Fluorescent Red French Blue Fuorescent Yellow Ultramarine Fluorescent Orange Azure Fluorescent Green Sky Blue Quantity Code Packed Weight Price Sterling 50ml KC50 70g 3 41 100ml KC100 180g 5 53 250ml KC250 375g 10 24 Top Deka Silk Painting Dyes Water based dyes that are fixed by ironing Colours are highly fade resistant 751 Lemon 766 Sienna 783 Pastel Yellow 752 Yellow 767 Dark Brown 784 Mandarin 753 Orange 768 Black 785 Flamingo 754 Pink 770 Turquoise 786 Poppy 755 Scarlet 771 Salmon 787 Rose 756 Carmine 772 Rosewood 788 Cyclamen 757 Wine Red 773 Lavender 789 Claret 758 Violet 774 Aubergine 790 Amethyst 759 Azure 775 Smoke Blue 791 Plum 760 Blue 776 Jade 792 Ice Blue 761 Ultramarine 777 Pistachio 793 Cornflower 762 Light Green 778 Olive 794 Petrol 763 Green 779 Rust 795 Opal 764 Dark Green 780 Mid Brown 796 Mint 765 Ochre 781 Silver Grey 797 Leaf Green 798 Sand Deka Silk Mediums 750 Anti Spread Apply to unpainted silk with a broad brush let dry and then paint with Silk paint The colours will not spread and outliner will not be required 769 Mix White Can be mixed with any colour to create pastel shades 782 Clear Mix for silk colours to improve diffusion of paint on silk and will improve fixing of diluted shades 799 Opaque White for touch in detail Deka Silk Painting

    Original URL path: http://www.candlemakers.co.uk/textile/silkpaintiron.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Silk Painting Accesories
    sizes and include picot nails and all fixing washers and bolts Code Packed weight Price Sterling 60cm x 60cm SSF1 3kg 158 00 60cm x 110cm SSF2 4kg 165 00 110cm x 110cm SSF3 5kg 175 00 Top Silk Pins 3 pronged pins are used prevent silk being dragged or split when stretching it Code packed weight Price Sterling Packet of 10 SPs 15g 0 65 Packet of 100 SPm 75g 4 95 Claw Pins For use when painting silk with rolled hems or awkward shapes Code packed weight Price Sterling Each SCPs 10g 0 68 Packet of 12 SCPm 50g 6 80 Top Brushes Flat brushes suitable for silk painting Code packed weight Price Sterling No 6 SPB6 15g 3 95 No 8 SPB8 15g 4 50 No10 SPB10 15g 4 80 No 12 SPB12 15g 5 00 Fabric Marker Pen Fades after 14 days FMP 20g 3 20 Embroidery Transfer Pencil Embroidery Transfer Pencil ETP 20g 3 40 Top Foam Mops For background washes Code packed weight Price Sterling 25mm FMs 15g 2 00 50mm FMm 20g 2 60 75mm FML 30g 3 10 100mm FMXL 50g 3 25 Mouth Spray atomiser A simple tool for spraying dye or paint producing results similar to airbrushing Masking off allows selective areas and fine lines to be achieved Code packed weight Price Sterling MA 50g 7 40 Signature pen Signature pen SIP 30g 4 00 Effect salt Effect salt 250g SES 350g 3 25 Top Steamer Steaming Service For those who do not do enough silk painting to justify purchasing a steamer or do not wish to undertake the pressure cooker method we will happily steam your fabric The cost per metre is 3 00 Minimum 2 metres Please despatch to us by recorded delivery and we will return the

    Original URL path: http://www.candlemakers.co.uk/textile/silkpaintingacce.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Textile Painting
    Copper 424 Metallic Pink Code Packed Weight Price Sterling 20ml DKMs 35g 2 58 125ml DKMm 250g 7 76 500ml DKML 850g 19 66 Top Deka Fluorescent Fabric Paints For all types of light coloured fabrics Machine washable and dry cleanable once the back of the fabric has been ironed 6 colours 45 ml jars 491 Fluorescent Yellow 494 Fluorescent Red 492 Fluorescent Orange 495 Fluorescent Blue 493Fluorescent Pink 496 Fluorescent Green Code Packed Weight Price Sterling 45ml DFLU 120g 4 23 Top Setacolor By Pebeo Non toxic fabric paints in 58 colours which can be washed and dry cleaned after heat setting with an iron The colours can be mixed together and diluted with water Suitable for all fabrics including leather and nylon Setacolour can be used for painting spraying block and screen printing stencilling dyeing and batik There are two ranges of Setacolor 1 Setacolor Transparent in 25 colours including five fluorescent This is suitable for light colours light weight fabric and for printing on cotton using the unique heliographic method see printed leaflet Setacolor Transparent will not stiffen fabric 2 Setacolor Opaque And Nacre in 33 coverings and pearlised shades Setacolor Opaque is particularly suitable for painting on dark fabric canvas nylon and leather in one application Transparent Colours 11T Cobalt Blue 23T Orient Red 12T Ultramarine Blue 24T Cardinal Red 13T Buttercup 25T Raw Sienna 14T Velvet Brown 26T Vermillion 15T Emerald Green 27T Light Green 17T Lemon Yellow 28T Moss Green 18T Pernod Yellow 29T Parma Violet 19T Black Lake 30T Turquoise 20T Red Ochre 49T Fuchsia 21T Bright Orange 22T Bengal Pink Code Packed Weight Price Sterling 45ml STCs 150g 2 99 31 Fluorescent Yellow 34 Fluorescent Green 32 Fluorescent Orange 35 Fluorescent Blue 33 Fluorescent Pink 45ml FSTCs 150g 2 99 Opaque Colours

    Original URL path: http://www.candlemakers.co.uk/textile/textilepainting.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Ordering
    work out costs and email you Send cheque by post If you select t his option a copy of the order will be sent to you as well as us from the cart You must then send a cheque Pounds sterling payable to Candle Makers Supplies and sent to Gelligroes Mill Lower Gelligroes Pontllanfraith Blackwood Gwent NP12 2HY It is important that you write the shopper ID and or your details on the cheque so that we can link it with your order It would help us if you send a printed copy of the order with the cheque Any Item out of stock will be credited so please reorder Allow 10 days for goods by post UK Orders will be packed and despatched upon confirmation of payment Urgent orders can be sent by Datapost or by courier DHL or Federal Express Please tell us in the extra message field of the cart if you require urgent delivery service and choose Request Shipping in the Cart shipping options and we will notify you of costs and means of payment Shipping Costs are based on the weight of the order and are charged thus up to 1 24kg 5 00 over 1 24Kg up to5Kg 7 50 over 5Kg up to 30Kg 11 00 over 30Kg up to 65Kg 25 00 Over 65Kg 45 00 We have a minimum order level of 5 UK Pounds Top International Orders or Non UK Mainland Orders You can order online with our shopping cart but will need to select Request Shipping in the shipping options Use the cart to collect your order you can edit or change the contents of your order at any time and then click the recalculate button Select Continue Shopping to return to the page that you were last on

    Original URL path: http://www.candlemakers.co.uk/textile/ordering.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Contact
    catalogue Email mail candlemakers co uk Mail Order Te lephone 0207 602 4031 As of March 2010 we have now relocated to new shop premises Candlemakers Supplies Behind 102 104 Shepherds Bush Rd London W6 7PD 020 7602 1812 Entrance

    Original URL path: http://www.candlemakers.co.uk/textile/contact.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Snowball Candle Tutorial4
    4 Use the wicking needle to thread the wick through the centre of the ball Trim one end of the wick flush with the surface and leave about 1cm at

    Original URL path: http://www.candlemakers.co.uk/cmproduct/snowball/snowballcandleta.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Beeswax Sheet Tutorial3
    craft knife to give your candle a flat base You can use the two remaining triangles of beeswax sheet to make another exactly similar candle or you can reverse the colours for a nicely contrasting pair of Christmas candles Back

    Original URL path: http://www.candlemakers.co.uk/cmproduct/beeswax-sheet/beeswaxsheettuto.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Glitter Star Candle Tutorial1
    water and then gently press them into the desired positions around the candle Apply varnish to the sides of the candle painting over the paper stars be careful not the

    Original URL path: http://www.candlemakers.co.uk/cmproduct/Glitter-stars/glitterstarcandd.html (2016-04-26)
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