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  • Carbon UK - Business Carbon Footprint Calculator Energy Savings and Offsets
    legal duty to conform to the emissions regulations What are our carbon emissions our Carbon Footprint Do I feel a moral duty to comply Am I controlled by the Climate Change Levy CCL How do I buy carbon quota How does it all work If you need information or advice Contact us What is your Carbon Footprint Carbon footprint is a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide or CO 2 emitted through the combustion of fossil fuels in the case of an organization business or enterprise as part of their everyday operations in the case of an individual or household as part of their daily lives or a product or commodity in reaching market A Simple Carbon Footprint Calculator Click Here Carbon Offsetting Carbon Offsetting can be voluntary part of a carbon neutral business style and has gained appeal among many of the energy consumers in western world In simple terms you can buy Carbon Credits from projects involving renewable energy or afforestation In the UK we are becoming increasingly aware of the negative effects of our energy demanding business styles are having on the environment and the increasing popularity of voluntary Carbon Dioxide CO 2 Offsets among companies has established a need a more organised approach Offsets are not an option to reducing your energy consumption and in our view every effort should be made to reduce your emissions both as a way doing your part as well as saving money on your energy requirements If you need information or advice Contact us Carbon Trading facts in brief The UK are members of the European Union Emission Trading Scheme EU ETS is the largest multi national greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme in the world and was created in conjunction with the Kyoto Protocol It commenced operation in January

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  • Carbon Uk - Directory of Sites relating to Carbon Footprinting, Carbon Offsets and Energy Saving
    Business Carbon Emissions more Energy Performance Certificates More energy laws coming into force in 2008 more Business Carbon Footprint Carbon Offsetting Save Energy Footprint Facts FAQs Carbon News Carbon Trading Directory General Carbon Trading Links Carbon Trust The EU Emission Trading Scheme DEFRA Carbon Reduction Commitment Environmental Agency Protocol for quality Compost Environmental Agency Composting Protocol WRAP Environmental Agency Protocol for quality Compost Business Directory Free to use and free

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  • Carbon UK - Carbon Trading
    Emissions trading Scheme ETS has the overall goal of reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases GHG to a predetermined and lowering target in order to help combat global warming This allows governments to set an overall cap on emissions around Europe and the World and to give companies the flexibility to determine how where and when the emissions reductions can be achieved Because emissions trading uses markets and companies to make the decisions on how to deal with the problem of pollution it is often touted as an example of effective free market environmentalism The cap is set by a political process individual companies are free to choose how or if they will reduce their emissions Companies will choose the most cost effective way to comply with the pollution regulation creating incentives that reduce the cost of achieving a pollution reduction goal Companies are allocated quota allowances in tonnes of the relevant emission in this case carbon dioxide equivalent Trading in the emissions quota allows companies to emit in excess of their allocation of allowances by purchasing allowances from the market Equally so any company that emits less than its allocation of allowances can sell its surplus allowances The environmental

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  • Carbon UK - Your Business Carbon Footprint Facts
    Greenhouse Gases and others to oppose it for whatever reasons The fact is that the actions of the human race are damaging the earth in many ways SEMI ONLINE BUSINESS CARBON FOOTPRINT Click Here Your Carbon Footprint is a measure of how your business activities are affecting the environment in terms of the amount of green house gases you produce per year measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide What we do will not be significant in World Terms but reducing our carbon emissions and offsetting the remainder of our Carbon Footprint is a proactive way of helping the world We are planting woodlands and growing Bio Fuels to offset our Carbon Footprint plus we have Offsets available for you to buy to offset your Carbon Footprint Our joint actions will also make other people aware of the effects of their actions Human activity increases the greenhouse effect primarily through release of carbon dioxide but human influences on other greenhouse gases can also be important Some of the main sources of greenhouse gases due to human activity include burning of fossil fuels and deforestation leading to higher carbon dioxide concentrations livestock and paddy rice farming land use and wetland changes pipeline losses and covered vented landfill emissions leading to higher methane atmospheric concentrations Many of the newer style fully vented septic systems that enhance and target the fermentation process also are major sources of atmospheric methane use of chlorofluorocarbons CFCs in refrigeration systems and use of CFCs and halons in fire suppression systems and manufacturing processes agricultural activities including the use of fertilizers that lead to higher nitrous oxide concentrations The seven sources of CO 2 from fossil fuel combustion are with percentage contributions for 2000 2004 Solid fuels e g coal 35 Liquid fuels e g petrol 36 Gaseous fuels

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  • Business Carbon Footprint Calculator - Carbon UK
    All on one page and at the end you will have a good idea of your CO 2 impact SEMI ONLINE BUSINESS CARBON FOOTPRINT Click Here A Carbon Footprint Calculation is not an exact science We try to make it as simple as possible to give you an idea but most companies will need a more in depth study so please follow this link for details of our semi online service Enter the number of persons in your business Then enter the information in the boxes that apply to you and your energy type etc Work down the page an click the Submit button at the bottom To recalculate press clear and start again To calculate your flights car or train transport separately fill in the numbers of persons and then the relevant information and click Submit It s as easy as that Number of persons Annual Energy used per Year Unit Usage Tonnes CO 2 Electricity in Kilowatt Hours Kwh Kilowatt Hours Gas in Kilowatt Hours Kwh Kilowatt Hours Gas in Thermal Units Btu Therms Gas per Cubic Metres Cubic Metre Low Pressure Gas Kgs LPG Kilograms Heating Oil in Litres Litres Coal in Kgs 1000kg 1 tonne Kilograms Wood in Kgs 1000kg 1 tonne Kilograms Total Domestic Emissions Tonnes CO 2 Travel Per Year Unit Usage Tonnes CO 2 Car Miles per year Info Miles Train and or Bus Miles per year Miles Total Car Bus Travel Emissions Tonnes CO 2 Number of Return Flights Info Per Year There and Back is one unit Short Haul Return Flights Example London to Paris Edinburgh to London Medium Haul Return Flights Example UK to Cairo UK to Majorca Med to Long Haul Return Flights Example UK to South Africa or Japan Long Haul No of Return Flights Example UK to

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  • Carbon UK - Carbon Offsets
    actions and we must act now Use our Carbon Footprint Calculator to establish your Carbon Footprint Once you have established your Carbon Footprint you should have some idea of the impact that you your family or your businesses are having on the environment in units of tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emitted You can offset some or all of those emissions through our Carbon Offsetting Projects Carbon UK has two project sectors Renewable Energy Projects based in the Third World and vital to producing Renewable Energy in developing countries and reducing the need to use fossil fuels Woodland Projects give you a way to return something to the UK We are planting large numbers of traditional protected broadleaf trees in order absorb Carbon Dioxide through sequestration throughout their lives Whether you sponsor one Tree Ten Trees or Twenty Trees you are taking part in a project which over the next eight or nine decades will absorb many tonnes of Carbon Dioxide CO 2 which in turn will extract the carbon and release the oxygen back into the atmosphere Plus it will give vital habitat to wildlife and access to you and the public to enjoy The more trees you sponsor the more we will plant An average carbon footprint per person in the UK is about 11 tonnes If you wish you can offset some or all of your emissions here EVERY BIT HELPS Order your Carbon Offsets here Tick the box or boxes of your choice and alter if necessary then click Buy Now All prices are inclusive of VAT Sponsor a Tree Info for 9 50 each Trees Cost Sponsor a CO 2 Offset Info for 11 50 per tonne Tonnes Cost The numbers below have come from the Carbon Footprint Calculator Cost per Tonne of Carbon Dioxide CO

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  • Carbon UK - We must Save Energy
    and carbon emissions For an Energy Survey Click Here Just look at these amazing Amazing Pictures from NASA and how we are lighting up the world Why There are many ways of reducing your emissions and saving money Some cost varying amounts of money and are longer term others are simple and will save you money Simple Things to do Today Only heat the rooms that are occupied using background heat elsewhere Look at the fabric of the building Reduce room temperatures by as little as one degree Question the need for Air Conditioning Turn off all lights when leaving a room or fit sensor switches Fit air locks or curtains in factories or warehouses Localised heating for personnel Turn off all appliances at the wall and do not leave anything on standby Heat the canteen well with direct heat turn off when empty Repair dripping taps Fit low energy light bulbs The list goes on Not so Simple Things to do Tomorrow Fit low energy light bulbs if you didn t do it yesterday Review your heating and AC needs Have a Turn Off Policy Lag all pipes Switch to an high efficiency boiler if possible Fit Double glazing or secondary glazing if possible Look for appliances with a low energy logo Insulate wall cavities You should start to see a difference in your energy usage So check you energy usage at the metre become aware of what you should be using and look for reductions on electricity oil and gas bills Extra Things to Consider Why not generate your own Renewable Energy If you live on the sunny side of a hill or in a windy area there are realistic options for you to consider The options available are Click Here Solar Energy Click Here Wind Generation Click

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  • Carbon UK -  Glossary of Terms Used
    CO 2 emission for the 6 billion people is 2 tonnes per head of population and that is assuming the population remains constant So at the UK s rate of pollution we would need 5 worlds to sustain us Whatever you make of the statistics we need to achieve much now Every little helps Back to Carbon Footprint Calculator Industry and Lifestyle Emissions Some explanations towards understanding Industry and Lifestyle Emissions This part of the calculator is very complex and has to be seen as an informed assessment A large amount of work has been carried out by a variety of industry and governmental bodies to assess the individual impact without duplication with other usage calculations We have used three tonnes per capita as an average which is most probably lower than the actual Read below for more explanation if you wish The National Energy Foundation states that around half UK CO 2 emissions come from industry and commerce supporting our everyday lifestyle www natenergy org uk comment htm This means producing our food clothes consumables and maintaining our national infrastructure National average annual CO 2 emissions per capita are 10 tonnes so our average industry and commerce emissions share is 5 tonnes each Part of industry commerce provides infrastructure and resources that benefit everyone and part of it provides the goods of consumerism We may all take a share of the CO 2 produced by the former and the latter can be shared out according to consumption which is largely linked to income Public services and essential industries including health education defence agriculture and construction produce 23 of industry commerce CO² emissions Domestic consumption including cars recreation electrical goods clothing and consumables account for 40 of industry commerce emissions Trade including wholesale garages showrooms and computer activities accounts for 7 And heavy industry including mining and the material production accounts for 30 In our estimations we have already accounted for 3 tonnes of the 5 tonnes of CO² per person in our personal carbon footprint calculations So in the interest of not double counting we have allocated the remaining 2 tonnes to the employers Having read the above please therefore make the estimations you feel happy with However in a society where most products and services are provided with the help of fossil fuels it may be surprising how close the correlation is between income or more accurately expenditure and CO 2 emissions The aim of this calculator is to aid in reducing emissions Simply being aware of CO 2 factors associated with industrial products should help toward this end Back to Carbon Footprint Calculator Sequestration Carbon dioxide is incorporated sequestration Literal Meaning Removal or separation a withdrawal into seclusion into forests and forest soils by trees and other plants Through photosynthesis plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere store the carbon in sugars starch and cellulose and release the oxygen into the atmosphere A young forest composed of growing trees absorbs sequesters carbon dioxide and acts as a

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