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  • Home Page
    ones did to me In 2016 I am enjoying much better health and we currently share our lives with 2 minature appleyards and 6 Black East Indians About Me and My Site Sheldon s Story Index page for all things duckling Includes handy hints for hatching and raising ducklings Duckling Diary Follow the first 100 days of a duckling s life and more Latest entry Duck Diary Meet our Black

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  • About Me and My Site
    a love of cats as our two hunters are inexplicably frightened of the little ducks and so don t consider them as a lunch option We seem to specialise in keeping barmy pets You can read about Sheldon our latest addition on this site I have always loved Art and was successful at A level I chose to study English Literature at degree level and somehow with the pressures of teaching and the pace of life generally I hadn t found time to draw since my school days In January this year after a particularly frustrating relapse in my condition I decided I had to find something that I could do with very little movement and energy I started by drawing my ducks and it has grown from there My dad has been particularly supportive and his encouragement has helped me tremendously I am sure it has helped my progress to have something creative to do as I am a notoriously busy person usually and so doing nothing was a nightmare This site also contains photographs of my garden I have always loved taking pictures regularly so that I can chart the progress of my plants but since we purchased a digital camera this has also really taken off Again I found that being able to take photographs even if I could only stand comfortably for a few minutes earlier in my illness leads to a great sense of achievement I am very grateful to my mum for all her hard work in my garden this year It would have been very hard to watch it get out of control whilst I can t work in it but she has kept it looking good I have now started to produce greetings cards from my garden images as well as my

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  • Sheldon's Story
    on Includes hatch photos Legs Legs Legs and cute individual photo albums Pip and Cheep The 2004 hatchlings Warning Very cute duckling photos Visit Anastasia Lucky Duck s website We are proud to host the website of this special Hawaiian duck Ducky Fans and Friends View Mallory s Gallery International Ducklings December 2004 with cute new ducklings Submit your duck s photo Ducky People Find out who has e mailed

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  • Sheldon
    video squeezing through it It was only just big enough so I had to do a little wriggle when I got half way through so I could shoot out the other end Day 6 Saturday 17th May I got to get out of the brooder today She s bought me something called a paddling pool There is no water in it but I can run around it and sometimes they sit in it with me Someone on the Poultry Forum suggested a mirror for me and it arrived in my brooder today I was scared of it at first and it made me jump every time I passed it In the end I decided I quite liked the duck I could see in it and now I like to sleep with my beak touching it Click here to see another reflective moment Day 7 Sunday 18th May My beak looks a bit big today but I m sure I ll grow into it I fell asleep in her hands today which seemed to go down well I think it is best to keep her sweet I don t know when to stop Today I ate too much and ran around too much I had trouble with my beak and was spluttering for a while I must try to keep calm in future Day 8 Monday 19th May I ate loads today I don t know why they were surprised as they had me out of the brooder for ages First I paddled in a little tub It was fun but then they plonked me in a bowl of water but I wasn t having that I much prefer sitting on her lap Oh yes I discovered I can jump Day 9 Tuesday 20th May Today I discovered there is more

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  • Sheldon
    brothers and sisters hatch Weeks 7 and 8 Find out about my first attempts at flight Week 9 and 10 Find out how I get on when I join the adult ducks W eeks 11 and 12 The babies move out to join me Weeks 13 and 14 My brothers and sisters have their wings clipped Weeks 15 to 31 A summer of fun The later Diaries 2004 2010 Caroline

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  • Sheldon
    the latest diary entry The images may take a while to download January Latest diary entry February Back to Sheldon s Story Click here to read about Sheldon s hatch see her swim or meet her seven brothers and sisters

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  • My Experience Of M.E
    when I wake perhaps it is a necessary part of the healing process My duckling Sheldon hatched on the 12th Although I don t have the energy to entertain her for more than half an hour or so at a time she is great fun and raising a duckling is something I have wanted to do for years so I am very excited June 2003 I have noticed that I have to be very careful what I plan to do If I try to do too much or for example go out to more than one or two shops chauffeur driven and often dropped near the door by David or Mum of course I can usually push through the pain but I always pay for it afterwards or the next day with a total exhaustion which makes me feel so desperate that I often find I burst into tears This frustration is short lived these days as I have trained myself to think of the positives and either sleep or find something to do sitting down until the worst of it passes Mostly though I am pacing myself successfully I am desperate to be better so I can go back to work in September and do the things I really miss like proper gardening and T ai Chi but I know that taking each day as it comes is the best option at the moment I have bad days and better days but although progress is slow I am definitely on a general upward trend If people come round to see me and I really need them to for me not to feel isolated I must appear quite lively and normal but when they go I invariably collapse and sit very still for an hour or so before continuing with my move a bit rest a bit strategy It is easy to feel frustrated but I have to keep reminding myself that I now have the energy to walk up the garden with them to play with Sheldon for half an hour or to stand while waiting for the kettle to make them a cup of tea without totally exhausting myself July 2003 Unfortunately a few days after writing the June section I woke up one morning feeling much much worse There was no particular reason for it and such relapses are particularly hard to take If I have tried to go somewhere or do something more energetic than normal I know to expect trouble but to be worse for no reason is tough Suddenly going up the garden and going upstairs were things to be considered much more carefully again I decided I would have to get David to let the ducks out each morning again so that on better days I could wander up in my own time later to see Sheldon Even going up once can set my joints off If my hips and or knees seize up it is painful and exhausting meaning that I have to sit very still or sometimes when the pain is intense sleep it off for a few hours My website has expanded rapidly in the last month or so It is something I can do sitting down that uses relatively little energy and is very rewarding I have been getting e mails from duck keepers across the world It is fun to chat with them and I feel much less isolated when I am in touch with people during the day I am also given a real boost when people sign my guestbook I have had a few harder weeks recently but was starting to pick up again I then chose to go out for lunch at someone s house and met up with friends some of whom I hadn t seen for 10 months I was tired but felt better than expected and so attended a second get together that evening Again I felt ok whilst I was there but later that night the pain increased and by the next morning I was feeling incredibly weak and suffered a fair bit I didn t stand up much at either house so it must have been the energy involved in sitting chatting to people that has exhausted me I don t regret going because I wanted to see people and I enjoyed myself but I know I will have to pace myself for a week or so to get back on track A few days on even a visit to the doctor for which my dad dropped me at the door of the surgery was too much for me today I hold myself together when I have to go somewhere but the pain has intensified since this morning and even a three hour sleep hasn t done the trick Oh well I did manage to sit outside with the ducklings for a while earlier Luckily the other ducks brought themselves down to the house because I don t think I could have gone to see them today I will content myself with some sitting down things for a few days I know it will pass again and get back to a bearable level and as my husband keeps reminding me if I ignore these bad patches the overall trend in my condition still seems to be an upward one August 2003 By early August I was strong enough to let the ducks out every morning and still managed to get back to the top of the garden later in the day to spend some quality time with them My days became busier as I had the strength for more little household chores and even managed to water my patio plants properly myself for the first time in almost a year I found that if I kept movement or standing to about 10 minute bursts I could achieve more The general pattern at this time was that I could do much more during most days but by the evening the pain in my knees and hips was so intense that it would make me sit still If the pain built up during the day an hour of complete rest sometimes even sleep if the pain was particularly great was often enough to ease the problem We had a holiday cottage booked so we decided to go and see how I was The same principle of short bursts of activity worked well and we had a lovely week I joked that I could bring out a book called The Benches of Gloucestershire since that was how I managed to go out and about sitting briefly at almost every bench we passed The energy I usually spent on visiting my ducks at the top of the garden was used to go a duck farm and waterfowl centre amongst other things I made two great new friends in August which has really given me a boost Firstly I found an e mail friend and fellow duck owner Nancy who lives in California We have lots in common and enjoy a good gossip It is another example of the good that has come from this difficult time Secondly my doctor introduced me to another M E sufferer Isobel who lives just a couple of roads away We get together each week if we are well enough and it is so good to talk to someone who understands exactly how I feel With my husband and dad both being teachers and having friends who work in school too the summer holiday was a good time for company The sunny weather also meant I could spend lots of time with the ducklings as they got used to their lives outside in the garden The joint pains were not particularly improved by the good weather in fact the hottest days were often the worst but being able to take a rest in the sunshine with ducks clambering over me was certainly a bonus September 2003 I found it difficult to sit at home and watch as people went back to work Of course I missed the company but more than that I wanted to be well enough to start the new term myself The anniversary of my illness beginning was a tough point too but I soon realised that positive thinking was the way forward My school are keeping my post open for a year and the best thing I can do for myself is to keep positive and just enjoy what I can of each day I threw myself into my website my ducks and enjoyed e mailing Nancy The weather remained good and I was able to do little bursts of sit down gardening with my trusty cushions Analysing this illness constantly doesn t work It is unpredictable and has peaks and troughs whatever I do The hardest thing is to keep to a steady pace because I do get more energy at times and I get tempted to do too much I am pleased that recently I have mostly avoided the extremes of the boom and bust pattern that you can easily fall into with this illness I am getting better at reading the signs and stopping before I exhaust myself By the end of September even I could see I was stronger than I was a couple of months before I had also put on a stone in weight with the help of the Chinese herbs strengthening my digestive system something I needed to do and had been trying to do for a couple of years October 2003 I am still having cranial osteopathy and taking traditional Chinese herbs and overall my condition is improving I now accept that I have to go with this condition If you fight it by carrying on whatever your physical symptoms or energy levels it just gets worse and stops you in your tracks Pacing yourself and going with it is the ONLY way forward I get up no later than 8 a m every day helped by having ducks quacking to be let out even if I feel like lead Occasionally I have to give up and go back to bed mid morning or in the afternoon if the overpowering sleepiness takes over but mostly I can keep going at a steady pace I never sleep for more than an hour or so in the daytime and aim not to at all I find that my limbs are often very heavy in the morning so I take this into account with my routine After I let the ducks out I often start the morning by e mailing Nancy and other friends or working on the site and then try to move about more as the day goes on I always have in mind what I would like to do whether it be gentle household chores or duck duties but if my condition is worse than expected I will just adapt these ideas and take it easy I enjoy Isobel s company and although I don t drive at the moment because it is physically too draining we get together once a week Other friends pop in too and David and I have been to friends houses for dinner on several occasions It is good to have the strength for sitting down socialising without suffering the next day Phone calls are not usually tiring anymore either On days when I have a medical appointment or other pre planned event I can usually find the strength to cope and I don t always suffer afterwards as I used to I have to be careful where I go though Sometimes I insist on tagging along with David to the supermarket just to get out of the house and do something normal but such places don t have benches and I usually land up on my feet for too long As well as joint pains this extended walking or standing results in a strange weaknesses and sometimes nausea The good thing is that it reminds me why I am being careful and makes it easier to be good for a few days I also find that sitting still for too long is not helpful either so when I am hurting I try moving about a bit to see if that is what is needed I had a few weeks with much less pain and although it is worse again at the moment it gives me more hope for a return to full health I am determined to stay positive and have started drawing again which is a very rewarding way to make me sit still I have also resolved to make sure I get some fresh air every day even as the weather pulls in Despite the bad days I am definitely getting stronger and Mum has said that I move about more normally now whereas for months every step looked an effort and I hadn t the strength to hold myself up easily On good days I can sometimes keep going all day pacing myself but not having to stop totally in the evening Sometimes I find I have walked up the garden briskly or nipped up the stairs I usually feel it afterwards and slow down but just the fact it happens at all is a sign of progress November 2003 This was a difficult time with an Incapacity Benefit form to fill in which I found both physically and mentally exhausting My arms were very painful after all the writing involved and it required me to focus on my illness and explain my symptoms in detail As my usual tactic is to keep positive and think of nicer things such a focus on my condition was very depressing Pains in my knees and hips continued and a short walk to and from the doctors was enough to leave me with flu like symptoms I had to sleep for an hour or so in the afternoons quite often and nausea and headaches were an increasing problem as the month went on I started some abstract painting work this month which was a very positive step I also heard from someone who teaches at the same college as me Alison and I have a mutual interest in arty things and I am happy to have gained yet another friend through this time I was beginning to do much more this month but at the same time pain and tiredness levels were high December 2003 Lead like limbs and tiredness marked the start of the month with my knees often very painful and heat pads needed to relieve some of the symptoms My new cranial osteopath Bridgit McKay tried a new treatment based on the ethmoid bone in my nose I felt a wave of energy move throughout my body during this treatment and the strength I gained in my legs has never left me since The next day was a very heavy healing day but the next few were strange because I had a huge burst of energy and was very restless despite the fact that it meant very painful limbs By about the fifth day I still felt energetic but was physically weak After another few days I began to really feel the benefit of the treatment and was definitely at a new level of energy I was happy to be able to survive more little trips out driven to the door to one or two shops at a time and to visit family and friends locally Most trips resulted in very painful knees and hips but my energy was lasting much more effectively I was able to put up my Christmas decorations slowly over a period of about a week and was SO EXCITED to be able to go out on December 19th for a pub meal with David to celebrate fourteen years together By the 22nd I was very bad again with stomach pains awfully painful knees general aches and heaviness and nausea A couple of more restful days meant I was feeling much better by Christmas Day and we had a lovely time visiting David s parents in the morning and celebrating with Christmas dinner at mum and dad s We had friends and family round for visits and meals for the next few days and by New Year s Eve I was strong enough to cook David a three course meal all by myself January 2004 Our socialising continued into the first week of the New Year and I seemed to be coping with it by sleeping when I needed to in the daytimes and making sure I didn t stand for longer than about 15 minutes at any time Despite that painful knees were a big problem at this time I had to spend a lot of time sitting down again by the middle of the month so I used the time to write my page Handy Hints for Raising Ducklings for the website as well as updating the cats web pages With more strength however I found I could cook much more interesting meals for tea and I really began to enjoy my cooking At this time I tried to introduce new elements to my day including timetabled rest and activity slots but I found my condition was too variable for this to work One thing that has stayed from this new routine is that I now eat my breakfast at the table in the breakfast room every morning I still need cushions to sit on dining chairs but I have found that I can manage to sit there each morning instead of heading straight for the soft sofa I have also cut down on the amount of time I have the TV on in the background when I am on the laptop in the sitting room I have bought a round the neck timer too to help me time periods of activity and try to stop me sitting for too long at

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  • Baby Signing Main Page
    via speech alone In fact the benefits seem almost countless and the fun is endless as you will see from Jess Signing Story Our signing experience began with Adele Marshall s brilliant classes We have also used the Sing and Sign DVDs produced by another signing teacher and Jess has loved watching and learning from those Signing has been a HUGE part of our lives and I think it is

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