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  • Our Hens
    three Black Rock hens They were excellent egg layers and had beautifully coloured feathers They died of old age and we haven t ruled out keeping hens again in the

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  • New Page 1
    Caroline and David s Wedding 6th April 2002 Back to Caroline Crocker Originals

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  • Duck Links
    the intention of giving other people an idea of the fun they have had keeping ducks It is a lovely site with beautiful pictures and useful information British Waterfowl Association The BWA is an association of enthusiasts interested in keeping breeding and conserving all kinds of waterfowl including wildfowl domestic ducks and geese It is a registered charity The site is really informative The Wildfowl Wetlands Trust The Wildfowl Wetlands Trust is the largest international wetland conservation charity in the UK Founded in 1946 by the artist and naturalist Sir Peter Scott 1909 1989 WWT has 9 visitor centres around the UK The Coop This site is dedicated to people around the world who raise breed or show poultry waterfowl gamebirds and related species The classroom has forums where you can ask your ducky questions and share information Indian Runner Duck Association The Indian Runner Duck Association was created to look after the health and welfare of this unique duck and to help those people who keep breed and show pure Indian Runners FeatherSite An huge on line zoological garden of domestic poultry including photos video and information about various breeds of fowl such as chickens ducks geese guinea fowl

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  • Duck Links
    Cat Links The Cats Protection League The Cats Protection is the UK s oldest and largest feline charity in Britain Good for info and shopping Back to Links Home

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/links/cat_links.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Water
    in East Sussex near to Sissinghurst and Great Dixter The Garden House This fantastic garden is on the edge of Dartmoor National Gardens Scheme Website for the Yellow Book open gardens scheme R H S Website of the Royal Horticultural

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/links/gardenlinks.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Who is Who
    you can follow a day by day account of their first 8 weeks Scroll down for individual biographies Marty deceased This drake is my favourite boy From the moment he hatched he has been the calmest of the bunch and loves sitting on my hand or pecking at my clothes He has typical Grey or Mallard Call markings like his dad and is very handsome indeed His distinguishing features are a small black mark on the centre of his beak and his striped feet Named after my Dad Martin he will always be a very special little chap Sadly we lost Marty to a fox in 2013 Click to go to Marty s Photo Album D deceased This duck was intended to be Donald Duck after David s dad but she turned into a beautiful little lady so she is known simply as D duck After her angel wing troubles when she had to be taped up for a few days she is not very fond of human contact and in fact often steals a lone swim or nap when the other ducks are busy elsewhere Sadly we lost D to a fox in 2013 Click to go to D s Photo Album BQ deceased BQ was named after the DIY superstore of that name following a superb unassisted hatch but the initials may as well stand for Be Quiet as she has to be one of the noisiest of the bunch If a duck is rushing about quacking madly for no particular reason it is likely to be her She is similar in size and colouring to Sheldon but her distinctive dark patterned beak tells her apart She is a lively busy duck who enjoys foraging Sadly we lost BQ to a fox in 2013 Click to go toBQ s Photo Album Bruiser deceased Bruiser has never thrown his weight about in an aggressive way but he was always the biggest and seemed to bumble along not noticing if smaller ducklings were in his path hence his name He and Marge Man had lovely yellow fluff as ducklings and they share some unusual adult feathering Apart from differences in their feet he is set apart by a white line which breaks up his chestnut tummy and has a broader beak than Marge Bruiser is quite a friendly duck and will sometimes wait around to be petted He has a gentle lovable nature Bruiser lived with my parents until a fox attack in 2013 Click to go toBruiser s Photo Album Marge Man deceased Marge s margarine like colourings gave him his name which I have tried to make a little more butch for him now we know he is indeed a drake Like Bruiser he has interesting black and white feathers on his back and a pure white behind but his longer beak and a little squiggly pattern on his left foot mean that I don t get them muddled This handsome duck has never been one for cuddles

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/pet_pages/who_is_who.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Sheldon
    biographies Click here to us Click on the duck prints for the next section of my diary Click to go back to my Later Diaries Index Click to go back to my Diary Index Click here to sign Sheldon s Guestbook or click below to find out about her free Back to Sheldon s Story Click here to read about my hatch see me swim or meet my seven brothers

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/sheldon_pages/sheldon_diary_2008.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Not everyone who views this page will have the chance to meet Sheldon in the flesh
    Sheldon you can write in her Guestbook see link below or if you would rather just have your name included e mail me just give me your name and preferably your location e g city country and I will add you to her Fan Club list Note I will not send you any junk mail or give your details to anyone else but you can ask to be kept updated

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