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  • Early Days
    Day 4 Tuesday 1st June Today I woke up and I went to look at the ducklings The ducklings raced around their drinker when we had loud music on Then they wiggled their bottoms when we turned it down Eddie said they were dancing Later we put the ducklings in the sink again Eddie didn t want to lift them because he said they were poopy Then after their bath I put them back in their box and Daddy carried them back to the sitting room I had a cuddle with the ducklings on a towel They stayed on my legs until they were tired Here is Gem in my hands Day 5 Wednesday 2nd June Tonight when I was asleep Gramps came over to my house Gramps cleaned out the ducklings box and Mummy gave them a bath Day 6 Thursday 3rd June Today we put the ducklings in a baby bath for their swim Daddy kept on squirting us with the hose Eddie wanted to clean the cage but it was too messy I couldn t see my favourite at first because they have all grown so much Gem is still the smallest though Day 7 Friday 4th June Today we did their swimming on the patio again I lifted the first one out of the cage but Daddy had to do the rest because that one jumped out of the box we carry them in Eddie saw one try to jump out of the baby bath It was lucky Perdi Paws our cat wasn t there Day 8 Saturday 5th June Today Aunty Liz came for lunch and we cuddled the ducklings Eddie and I said they are looking cute and we all thought they have grown as they have very long legs Later we invited Freda

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/sheldon_pages/2010%20Ducklings/Jess_diaries.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Duckling Antics
    Of course I continue to update their individual Photo Albums so you can also catch up with them there Latest news There has been another hatch Click to meet the 2004 hatchlings Look at BQ Obviously that is what patio tables are for Patio Games Coldest night of the year outside Click here to find out more Whose egg Click here to find out more Ducks or drakes Click here

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/sheldon_pages/The_ducklings/duckling_antics_latest.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Duckling Antics
    the same Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 See the first swim in the duck pond Week 5 See them playing on the patio Week 6 Final indoor photos Week 7 See them foraging in the garden Week

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  • Marty
    cutest moments day by day Sheldon Meets the New Ducklings Legs Legs and More Legs New improved indexed Photo Albums Check the progress of your favourite duckling D s Angel Wing Trouble Duck or Drake Is that duck a girl

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/sheldon_pages/The_ducklings/marty_crew.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Marty
    P ip and C heep The 2004 Hatch The Hatch Early Days For Fun Their New Home Back to Sheldon s Story Back to Our Ducks Home

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/sheldon_pages/Pip_and_cheep/Pip_and_Cheep.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Anie: The Younger Days
    lots of the corn mash and I am about twice as big as when you saw me last I have one problem that I haven t been able to solve so maybe you have some suggestions When I fall over and end up on my back I can t get myself on my feet again I lay there and kick my webbed feet in the air and it does me no good Someone has to come along and help me turn over Other than that I am fine Here is a picture of me with Dad below This is the way I travel when we go out of the house I then get a car ride and get to spend the day at Dad s office I run to look at myself in the mirror and then run over to the window so I can see Manoa Valley where I was born I have grown so many down feathers that I don t get cold anymore and don t need a heating pad to get through the night Yesterday on the way to Dad s office I got so warm in his pocket that I jumped out and found a cooler place in the back seat of the car I was so hot I started panting so we had to go to McDonald s drive through and get some water I just fit inside a McDonald s coffee cup with a little water in it and I cooled off in no time I m including a picture below of the green and white box I sleep in I discovered I can jump up to the handle holes and squeeze out of the box I woke up early one morning squeezed out of the hole in the box and went all

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/Anie/lucky.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Ducks we Know
    Puck Does your duck watch Sheldon on the net Puck and Ruck do A Ducky Friend Click here to meet Mallory Ducklings Click here to meet some International ducklings Would you like your ducks to be international web stars Submit

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/sheldon_pages/ducks_we_know.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • International Ducklings
    This gorgeous three week old lives with Diane in Canada Click here to see who he hangs out with Discover the wonderful story behind these little fellows who live with Helen Taylor in Somerset England Click here Disco the duckling is one of seven little ones who belong to Sharon Rentz and her family from Connecticut Click here to meet them This is Freddie She lives in Cumbria England Click here to meet her Rachel Mozeika wrote to say how helpful this site has been in hatching and looking after her duckling Aspen Click here to meet the little one This is Meep She is now two and a half years old but you can view her duckling pictures here This is Heather Wilsher s Harlequin duckling Click here to see it with its friend Kristin Flores wrote for advice when hatching this little duck Hughie Click here to meet him This gorgeous duckling is Willy He turned out to be a she and you can see some really adorable earlier pictures of her here Would you like your ducks to be international web stars Submit their photos Laurie Coyne of the Four Seasons Farmers 4 H Club Wiscasset Maine

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/sheldon_pages/fan_club/international_ducklings.htm (2016-04-29)
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