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  • Ducky People
    Claire and her family live in Birmingham in the UK They have a pair of white Campbells Gerald and Gemima They wanted general ducky information Joanie wrote from Hawaii to ask about imprinting and angel wing Anastasia or Anie is a mallard duckling who was brought to her sister s doorstep by Buckwheat the cat Her middle name is Lucky Click here to view Anie s website Moira Leitch from Lincolnshire England wrote after the sad loss of her lovely duck Dandi Beaky her Call duck is currently waiting for a new friend Click here to see them both Francesca Capel from Surrey England wrote to ask for feeding advice for the abandoned Aylesbury duckling she had taken in Click here to see pictures of Quacker Rebekah wrote for advice when she and her friend Alex found a duckling on its own by the side of the road It is now safe in a rehab centre but I am sure she will always remember it fondly Click here to see it Joe Salvatore wrote from the US to say he had enjoyed the site Click here to meet his ducks and visit his website on which sells duck eggs to

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/sheldon_pages/fan_club/ducky_people.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Just Ducky
    Ducks which is performed at 11am and 5pm each day 365 days a year has been taking place for over 76 years in the Lobby of The Peabody Memphis Click to read about the Peabody Ducks I found a duck was the first global online offline duck race Launched by Christian Cook the author of the novel Broken eggshells in 2001 the first race saw 500 small ducks race across

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/sheldon_pages/just_ducky.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Fan Club
    Beth There are great animations on Beth s page Click to see Kylie Fear Nick and Claire 13 5 03 Linda Germain Sarah Young 16 5 03 Dave and Jane 17 5 03 Steve and Helen 18 5 03 Christine Cope 22 5 03 Glynis Griffiths Mary Bolingbroke 23 5 03 Becky Miles 24 5 03 Helen Jeffery 25 5 03 Isobel and John 27 5 03 Kevin and Jasmine Rosemary 30 5 03 Sue and Emily Vanda and George 4 6 03 Jan 6 6 03 Madeline 8 6 03 Sharon Heeley 15 6 03 Sue and Zara 17 6 03 Maria with Kevin and Jasmine on their second visit Mike Griffiths with Glynis 19 6 03 Mel McDonagh 20 6 03 Cathy and Robbie Wilson 21 6 03 Matt Nath and Tom 26 6 03 Cheryl 27 6 03 Jill and Geoff Mary and Hannah Bolingbroke with their aunt Mary on her second visit 28 6 03 Julie Cater 30 6 03 Janet with Jane on her second visit 3 7 03 Sam and Pat Robins 5 7 03 Bryony Hanlon 7 7 03 Michaela 9 7 03 Jo and Grace with Kate Beth and Madeline 13 7 03 Heather and Jake 17 7 03 Peter Bryant 23 7 03 Amy Glastonbury 21 8 03 Angela King 26 8 03 Laura with her cousin Beth and Aunty Kate 29 10 03 Sue Dennis 9 9 03 Isobel Alford 23 9 03 Pete with Isobel on her second visit 27 9 03 Jan and Phil 2 10 03 Nicola Griffiths with Glynis on one of her visits 3 11 03 Tom Alford and Jack Slater 27 11 03 Alison Collins 29 12 03 Sarah and Chris Barrett 28 2 04 Penny and James McGrand 6 3 04 Sally Mick

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/sheldon_pages/fan_club/fan_club.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • BQ
    Diary now see her as an adult Conversation New Year sunshine Hanging out with her sister BQ Sheldon is in the tub BQ is on Caroline s foot Catching the drips under the hose pipe Gorgeous girl Preening To whichever

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/sheldon_pages/The_ducklings/Sheldon_album.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Water, water everywhere!
    be persuaded to swim On the evening of day 10 I gave in and had an underwater swim in the tray I was rewarded with a trip upstairs to the bathroom for a proper swim By the time I was 11 days old I was an old hand and can be seen here posing on the ramp between swims Drying off was still my favourite activity by the time I was 12 days old I did much more of this flapping and preening than was strictly necessary but it seemed popular with my fans By day 15 the paint roller tray was too shallow so I was allowed a washing up bowl in my paddling pool Now I ve got this water stuff sorted It s day 22 and I have my drinker and my paint roller tray on hand in the new pen everyday Also I get taken upstairs for swims in the baby bath On Day 40 Waggle Daddy duck chased me into the pond and I had quite a good swim The next day Caroline sat on the edge of the rill and tempted me into the nice clean water I didn t stay in long but I might go back in another day This is where I do my swimming when I am in the run Here I am preening but I also like to float or paddle round in circles I have discovered that water is fun I particularly enjoy playing in the pond and rill after they have been cleaned out The water rushes in from the hose in swirls and I can play on the bottom of the pool Look at me I was 10 weeks old yesterday and here I am swimming with the grown ups We swim in the big pond

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/sheldon_pages/Water_water_everywhere.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Not a Feather
    fluffy down as soon as they hatch and from then on as our feathers grow they need constant care and attention especially after we have been swimming The Art of Preening by Sheldon Anytime anywhere See how I preen These two preening pictures are from the days when my wings were still growing Preening on David s hand Standing on one leg It s getting technical now Mustn t miss

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/sheldon_pages/Not_a_hair_.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Eat
    be Bigger I may only be a little duckling but I know how to eat My every need is catered for I enjoy foraging for food pellets Back to Sheldon

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/sheldon_pages/eat.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Angel Wing
    starting to stick out from her body instead of lying flat At this stage there wasn t enough wing to tape so we waited a few days We removed her from the others and soon identified Diddy as the bully as he then started to peck at the others Look at the left hand side of the photo You will see D s wing is growing out from her body This condition is called angel wing From the rear view you can see the extent of the problem Notice the position of the other wing which is much nearer to where it should be Here is D after being taped up We used medical micropore tape taking care to tuck the poorly part of the wing in under the rest of the wing feathers where it should be See the Longshadow Farm site in my duck links for more information You need Daphne s FAQs page She tapes each wing separately which gives the duck more freedom of movement but as novices we found it easier to wrap it right round the body It took D a moment or two to find her balance and get used to walking again If they can t walk with the tape on you can apparently snip the tape near the legs to allow more movement After three days D s wing has grown visibly and can be seen sticking out from under the tape During this time we kept her from the others in a separate pen to prevent them pecking at her but she was in sight of the others to prevent her getting distressed When she was unsupervised she just had a little pot of water to dip her beak into but not so much that she could get the tape

    Original URL path: http://www.carolinecrockeroriginals.co.uk/sheldon_pages/The_ducklings/angel_wing_condition.htm (2016-04-29)
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