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  • CE
    Home Featured Collections Satchels Classics Accessories Info About Materials Colours Catalogue CE Home Featured Collections Satchels Classics Accessories Info About Materials Colours Catalogue Menu Prev Next

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  • Toldbol — CE
    Toldbol Toldbol 250 00 Small rounded shoulder bag clutch size 25cm x 25cm x 8cm approx with a shoulder strap to wear it on your hip Available in a variety of colours and made to order so choose chrome or brass finish buckle extra long shoulder strap and can be initialled Place your order and I will confirm with you all the options to make sure you receive your perfect

    Original URL path: http://www.ce-leathergoods.co.uk/products/satchel (2016-05-01)
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  • Satchels — CE
    the satchel s internal dividers or add a front pocket Carry more with an extra deep satchel Do you carry rolled up plans or maybe an umbrella The solution base straps just buckle that brolly on Comfortably carry everything with a shoulder or backpack straps I can add a shoulder support to ensure the strap stays put with no digging in Perhaps add a carry handle at the top grab

    Original URL path: http://www.ce-leathergoods.co.uk/satchels/ (2016-05-01)
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  • Classics — CE
    easy fit for any occasion The box bags are only decorated with contrast stitching cut out handles and sometimes punched detail A chrome or brass finish stud closes the bag The names reflect Scandinavian inspiration from a trip to Copenhagen Lyngby Trykken Mynti The chrome or brass finish on the limited edition buckle of the triangular handbag provides a contrast to the leather The large box bag has a shoulder

    Original URL path: http://www.ce-leathergoods.co.uk/classics/ (2016-05-01)
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  • Accessories — CE
    or a wallet are stitched with the same care as my satchels and bags Pick your leather from amongst the choice of leather colours so you don t mix up your keys with his Simplicity and bold design the purse a mini bag for your money has a chrome or brass stud fastening Protect your cards and hang on you your cash in a beautifully stitched wallet Where do you

    Original URL path: http://www.ce-leathergoods.co.uk/accessories/ (2016-05-01)
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  • About — CE
    that they can pass on through generations Where are you based at the moment Catherine At the moment and probably for the foreseeable future I m based in the small West Yorkshire Pennine Town of Hebden Bridge I have a fantastic little workshop all to myself in Brooklyn Studios within Hebden Bridge itself right in the center of Hebden Bridge I work with 13 other artists and arty people mostly print makers and fine artists We have a purpose built gallery within our studio group and where we can put on our own exhibitions which we do actually twice a year We have a Hebden wide event called Open Studios which allows the public the general public to actually come in and have a nosey around our studios We re normally closed to the public so twice a year every year everybody gets to come and see what we do day to day and get to be able to buy straight from us pieces of work I work with 13 other arty people doing very creative and original things Fiona Fantastic You find being in a studio with lots of artists you find that inspirational Catherine Actually that is what inspires me I would say that almost above anything else it s the relationship that you have with the people you work with and those around you and the fact that they re all kind of doing very creative and original things And just their sort of take on different aspects of your work as well can be quite inspirational Fiona Tell us CE Leathergoods and a little bit about what you do i work with a customer to produce the bag that they want specifically tailored for their needs Catherine Yes of course I make handmade leather satchels bags and accessories I ve also made luggage They tend to be kind of slightly heavy and larger products so maybe for more formal use I do make day bags things like that less formalwear but what seems to go particularly well and what works really well for me are the satchels and the briefcases and the laptop bags that kind of thing I make a range of accessories as well which kind of match the bags which add a really nice sideline and also make really nice gifts for people and it means that people can own a little bit of Catherine Edwards even if they didn t have to invest hundreds of pounds in a huge piece of luggage I do quite a lot of commissions and take on a lot of customers through word of mouth Quite a lot of time I ll have somebody coming to me saying my friend has bought a bag or I ve seen a bag that somebody was carrying on a train going to Leads I want to know where I can get one Can I get one like it I work with a customer to produce the bag that they want specifically tailored for their needs Fiona Have you ever had any strange requests Catherine Oh God all the time Not really strange but certainly people a dog carrier that s probably the strangest I ve had Fiona Oh that d be lovely Catherine It was good It was a gorgeous dog carrier but it was a dog carrier which was kind of strange Fiona But I think because your leather is so sturdy and actually saying it lasts a lifetime and also it gets better with age Catherine I think the structure is perfect for keeping a little doggy Fiona Oh that s lovely I love that I love that image When you come to first design a bag what s the first thing you do Catherine Quite a lot of time I ll be working from something that already exists so I might change the dimension I might change the strap length handle design Possibly sometimes it will start with the leather If I get a new piece of leather in I haven t had before and it is particularly beautiful I think it will suit a particular design and I ll just tweak it to make it look its absolute best Quite often I ll see bags I ll be out somewhere and I ll see something and I think that s actually a really clever way of doing whatever it is sewing up a side seam or making a buckle work and I ll incorporate that into a new design The inspiration comes kind of in various different places Quite often you ll just be flicking through a magazine and you ll see something and that s fantastic Maybe it ll even just be a colour and that will inspire me to make i ll tweak it to make it look its absolute best Fiona Yes I delight your place You ve got quite vibrant colours You got the standard obviously black and brown and things like that but often you ll come out with these gorgeous reds and mustards Catherine Which is quite a new introduction actually The more vibrant colours are very much a new direction for me I always try to stick to very natural colours because there s a particular way of dying the leather that meant there wouldn t be vast amounts of chemical runoff which is good for the environment However I have discovered a new source of leather which uses transfer printing which means that just literally the surface of the leather is coloured and it s coloured as if you were sticking a transfer on the back of it That means there s absolutely no chemical wastage whatsoever coming from that It means it s ethically aware and it s ecologically sound Fiona Oh good I like that So have you done The Art Market before Catherine Yes I ve actually done it twice before This will be my third time Fiona Wow Catherine Yeah which is fantastic It

    Original URL path: http://www.ce-leathergoods.co.uk/about/ (2016-05-01)
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  • Materials — CE
    experience to choose individual hides checking for quality and finish but also investigating the provenance of each from an animal welfare standpoint For this reason I only work with the highest standard of British leather gathered from a select handful of tanneries Leather is a natural and evocative material that will gain character as it ages with a little care and the occasional feed I use a special blend of

    Original URL path: http://www.ce-leathergoods.co.uk/materials/ (2016-05-01)
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  • Colours — CE
    Catalogue Menu Rich selection of coloured leathers Familiar leather browns from natural which is the lightest to ebony brown a deep rich colour Also coal black milk white wine red and bottle green are included in the colour range too

    Original URL path: http://www.ce-leathergoods.co.uk/colours/ (2016-05-01)
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