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  • Celtic Orbis, mp3 tunes
    Fiddle with moog The Pursuit of Diarmid and Grainne mp3 Uilleann Pipes Fiddle Guitar The Red Branch mp3 Uilleann Pipes Sarsfeld s Flight to Dublin mp3 Fiddle Moog Fields of Blue mp3 Guitar Fiddle Uilleann Pipes Hazel Over The Well mp3 Uilleann Pipes Low High Whistle Mandola Hawk on the Glove mp3 Mandola Guitar Low Whistle keyboards Farewell to Alba mp3 Low whistle Uilleann Pipes The Castle of Arianrod mp3 Uilleann Pipes Low Whistle The Dagda s Cauldron mp3 Uilleann Pipes Church Organ Electric Guitar Click for Celtic Orbis iTunes Stream or download tracks from iTunes or Spotify or Amazon 26 Tracks from The Dagda s Cauldron can be downloaded as CD or single tracks More MP3s Here are some full length mp3 traditional tunes played on Uilleann pipes and or Fiddle You may not use or embed any of these tunes on your site without the express permission of the copyright owner Boys Of Ireland mp3 Air Uilleann pipes Gander in the prattie hole mp3 Jig uilleann pipes mp3 She Moves Through The Fair mp3 Air uilleann pipes mp3 Old Pipe On The Hob mp3 Jig uilleann pipes mp3 Breton Wedding March mp3 Wedding March uilleann pipes mp3 Song

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  • Celtic Orbis, Tracks Info
    K McAlea An air featuring concert set Irish Pipes and a B whistle Celtic goddess famous for her beauty The mother of Dylan The Borealis is Caer Arianrhod in Welsh Arianrod Or Arianrhod and her three sisters appear in Malloryâ s story of Lancelot falling asleep under an apple tree from which unforeseen consequences always follow and is then enchanted by the three queens The Bull of Conflict Ed Deane Ed on guitar and Ashley on fiddle A Hornpipe After the Battle of Moytura K McAlea Pipes bouzouki low drum button accordion electric guitar Maigh Tuireadh Moytura is the site of two great battles documented in a 12th century manuscript The events described probably took place thousands of years ago Pivotal battles between Light and Darkness in Celtic mythology Some of these stories are echoes of the arrival of new peoples on the shores of Ireland like the Oâ Sullivans descendants of King Milesius of Spain Hazel Over the Well K McAlea Harp bouzouki tabla low drum low whistle and Uilleann pipes The Dagda s wife was Boann At the end of their garden was a magic well where none should go Betrothed to a God as she was woman and all curiosity got the better of her and she went where none not even the God s should go to the magic well now Trinity Well The Salmon of Knowledge lived there feeding on the crimson hazelnuts from the nine hazel trees that hung over the well The moment she looked upon the water they rose up in a great torrent becoming there and then the source of a river So it was that the River Boyne came into being Fionn mac Cumhail Finn MacCoul caught one of the salmon some time later He was thus empowered with all knowledge and possessed of supra natural powers but that s another story As told in the Book of Leinster Castle Hackett K McAlea Pipes and whistles harp harpsichord Hawk on the Glove K McAlea Pipes low whistle electric guitar bouzouki low drum On Saoirseâ s gloved hand the hawk waits still as the stillest night as though cast in stone infinitely patient ready to strike at any moment eye clear cloudless as dew on the morning grass And Saoirse waits too eyes skyward Carolan s Stile Ed Deane Nylon string guitar fiddle Crossfades to a reprise with fiddle and Uilleann pipes Chicago Ceilidh Ed Deane A reel Ceilidh style on fiddle and piano O Sullivan looked up and down the length of the bar Outside the hustle of Chicago seemed a long way off The goblins shrieking sprites and air demons have been following him around all day and all night and now right in his face screaming furiously O Sullivan is paying them no attention whatsoever which surprises him as much as it does them Over in the corner a fiddle and piano strike up a reel the Chicago Ceilidh The Colin Glen Reel K McAlea A Reel on

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  • Celtic Orbis Irish and Scottish Tunes Collection
    Misfortune Jig Come West Along The Road Reel Spellan s Fiddle Hornpipe Bill Collin s Jig Touch Me If You Dare Reel Dublin Streets Slip Jig The Scattery Island Slide The Athlone Jig Billy Brocker s Reel Sir Roger de Coverley Slip Jig The Maid Of The Spinning Wheel Jig Pigeon On The Gate Reel Ballingarry Jig Off to California Hornpipe The Silver Tip Reel the Humors of Comer Jig the Sligo Maid Reel Cronin s Hornpipe the Salamanca Reel Grandfather s Pet Jig the Highlander Jig a Highland Pibroch the Yellow Wattle Jig Kitty got a Clinking comin from the Races Reel Jenny Picking Cockles Reel Miss Wallace Reel Kerry Cow Polka Tom Sullivan s Polka Willie s Polka Denis Murphy s Polka Oh Those Britches Full Of Stiches Polka Scarterglen Polka Pretty Peg Polka John Ryan s Polka Maggie in the Wood Polka Marie s Wedding Polka or March Song of the Chanter March the Queen s Shilling Reel the Kilfenora Reel Old Hag in the Kiln Slide Single Jig Paddy Whack Jig Jerry s Beaver Hat Jig A Trip to the Cottage Jig the Flags of Dublin Reel Hag By The Fire Reel Loves Young Dream Single Jig Will you come down to Limerick Slip Jig Over the Bridge to Peggy Reel Turkey in the Straw Reel The Dingle Regatta Jig The Hileantora Kneebuckle Reel The Smith s a Gallant Fireman Strathspey The Duke Of Gordon Strathspey John McAlpine Strathspey Braes Aboon Bonaw Strathspey Kafoozalum Strathspey Cock O Bendy Strathspey Stirling Castle Strathspey Big Kirsty Strathspey The Flowing Bowl Reel The Fermoy Lasses Reel My Love Is In America Reel The Dukes Dang Ower His Daddy Jig Italian Monfrina Country Dance Jig Tomorrow Morning Reel Hornpipe Moll Roe in the Morning Slip Jig Open the Door Slip Jig Banks of the Nile Hornpipe Maid Behind the Bar Reel Woo d and Married and A Slip Jig Carolans Draught Planxty Beauty in Tears Planxty Planxty Hewlett Planxty Mrs O Conor Planxty O Kelly Planxty Browne The Generous Woman Planxty Planxty Irwin Thomas Leixlip the Proud Planxty Planxty Lady Athenry The Heather Breeze Reel Roaring Jelly Jig The Rambling Pitchfork Jig Colliers Reel Tear the Calico Reel All The Way To Galway I Loe Na A Laddie Jig Con Casey s Jig Lomanach Cross Reel Nell Flaherty s Drake Jig The Woodcock Jig Willie Walsh s Jig The Carrick Races Jig Miss Langford Reel Stagger the Buck Jig the Wedding Reel The Snowy Breasted Pearl Slow Air Baltiorum Slip Jig The Humours of Schull Reel The Humours of Derrykrosane Slip Jig I Have a Wife Of My Own Slip Jig An Gliomach Reel Annamaculeen Reel The Bashful Maid Jig The Cameronian Rant Highland Reel The Canty Old Man Jig The Foot Of The Mountain Jig The Dark Haired Youth Highland Air Church Hill Jig Girls Will You Take Him Reel A Hundred Pipers March Is The Big Man Within Set Dance Roll Her On The Hill Reel Jenny s

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  • Celtic Orbis Artist Information
    Bush Kirsty MacColl Clannad Seal Roy Harper Pino Danielle Enya Polystyrene Richard O Brien Dr Feelgood Bees Make Honey Barbara Dixon Barclay James Harvest Kim Wilde and others He has written music for film TV and songs for Pearson education He wrote the lyrics for Nena s 99 Red Balloons On the Celtic Orbis sessions he plays Keyboards Uilleann Pipes whistles guitars and Irish bouzouki Ashley Reed Fiddle Ashley Reed studied violin from an early age Attending master classes by amongst others Yehudi Menuhin He has toured and recorded with the Albion Band and his own group the Savage Rabbits and has played with the likes of the Fairport s Dave Swarbrick There are some fine examples of Ashley s playing on Sarsfeld s Flight to Dublin White Horse of the Peppers Chicago CÃ ilidh the Bull of conflict the Pursuit of Diarmaid and Grainne Farewell to Alba and Carolan s Stile Ed Deane Guitars Dublin born guitarist Ed Deane played the superb slide and acoustic and electric guitars on the music track for the movies Stormy Monday and Leaving Las Vegas directed by Mike Figgis He has toured and recorded with Nick Lowe Dana Gillespie and Frankie Miller His

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  • Pipers From Times Past, Celtic Orbis
    1864 This is in the National Gallery of Ireland Dublin The Piping Boy Nathaniel Hone 1718 1784 This is in the National Gallery of Ireland Seamus Ennis being recorded by Jean Ritchie winter 1952 53 Photo courtesy of James Hardiman Library NUI Galway From the Ritchie Pickow collection NUIG John Wayland founder of the Cork Piper s Club 1898 Mollie Morrissey c 1905 Al Purcell in 1938 Willie Clark Denis

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  • Celtic and Irish best listening
    slow air Anach Chuin the Old Pipe on the Hob jig the reel Kiss the Maid Behind the Bar Finbar and Bob create some unique settings for the tunes Difficult to find this but other Finbar Furey albums are available Tommy Keane the Piper s Apron Great whistle on Boys of the 25 and he plays the less well known alt version of the Gold Ring Paddy Keenan Na Keen Affair Poirt An Phiobaire Another contender for the King of the Pipers crown With Arty McGlynn Paddy is a superb piper and essential listening for pipers everywhere Willie Clancy the Minstrel from Clare Spailpin A Ruin a beautiful air from the Minstrel from Clare One of the last great Minstrels His Waterford gaeltacht legacy survives through the Willie Clancy summer school Leo Rowsome King of the Pipers Teacher of some of today s great players Also a great Pipe maker Davy Spillane Pipedreams Outstanding track Midnight Walker a wonderful Air Davy uses some contemporary settings for the tunes Great sounding pipes He makes them Matt Molloy Shadows on Stone the best Irish Flute player you will hear Makes a magical sound The slip jig A Fig For A Kiss is

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  • Celtic Orbis Links
    HTML5 Audio element Na Pà obairà Uilleann Uilleann Pipers club Dublin Ed Deane s site with info on his new CD SLIDESHOW Johnny Duhan Cork Pipers Club Cumann na bPà obairà Corcaigh the oldest pipers club in the world Ceolas Celtic Music Archive Traditional Gaelic Song and Singing Sean Nos Ross s Music Page Howard Music Official Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann Web Site Fiddler Magazine Folk Icons www uilleann com Seth

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  • Celtic Orbis,Gallery
    Listening Links Contact us Your browser does not support the HTML5 Audio element image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image 7 image8 image9 image10 image11 image12 HOME Tracks Info Tunes

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