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  • 6th January 2016 - The Struggling Pound
    in the UK is that the month of December has not been as fruitful as first anticipated on the high street High street retail giants Next have reported a much below par festive period with other main retailers rumoured to follow suit These slumps in sales over the Christmas period as well as struggling supermarket sales from Tesco Morrisons Sainsbury s and ASDA could result in a further decline in the Pounds trading and will test the UK s resilience at such an early stage of the year With such a major effect on the World Economy it would be wrong not to mention the growing fears and concerns stemming from China at present With so many eyes on Chinas next move it is a situation that remains very unstable GBP EUR 1 3625 GBP USD 1 4622 GBP CHF 1 4775 GBP JPY 173 42 GBP AUD 2 0658 GBP NZD 2 2046 GBP CAD 2 0612 GBP ZAR 23 032 GBP NOK 13 093 GBP SEK 12 586 EUR USD 1 0725 All rates are indicative of interbank rates GBP EUR GBP USD EUR USD 09 15 EUR Markit Services PMI Dec 56 4 56 7 13 30

    Original URL path: http://www.centralfx.co.uk/component/k2/item/436-6th-january-2016-the-struggling-pound?tmpl=component&print=1 (2016-04-25)
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  • 5th January 2016 - A Turbulent Start to 2016
    a positive bearish tone going into 2016 These hopes were dashed at the first hurdle yesterday as fears over the health of the Chinese economy wiped nearly a trillion dollars from the global stock markets It was weak manufacturing data that snow balled a 7 drop in the Blue chip index triggering a halt to daily trading across the Chinese markets Investor s confidence was further tangled by rising tensions in the Middle East as Saudi Arabia and a few of its allies cut ties with Iran accusing the country of Dangerous Meddling The Price of oil swung by 4 until resting back at 37 a barrel All in all a struggling start for the world economy which is sure to contribute to a volatile January GBP EUR 1 3603 GBP USD 1 4712 GBP CHF 1 4772 GBP JPY 175 42 GBP AUD 2 0412 GBP NZD 2 1853 GBP CAD 2 0432 GBP ZAR 22 887 GBP NOK 13 063 GBP SEK 12 521 EUR USD 1 0808 All rates are indicative of interbank rates GBP EUR GBP USD EUR USD 08 55 EUR German Unemployment Rate Dec 6 3 09 30 GBP PMI Construction 56 0 55

    Original URL path: http://www.centralfx.co.uk/component/k2/item/435-5th-january-2016-a-turbulent-start-to-2016?tmpl=component&print=1 (2016-04-25)
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  • 23rd December 2015 - A re-cap on 2015… What does 2016 have in store?
    with the announcement from the ECB that it was introducing a large scale bond purchase scheme aimed at steering the Euroland economy away from deflation The fall out from the announcement of a monthly 60bn worth of Quantitative Easing from the ECB for the foreseeable future sent the Pound rate hurtling northwards towards 1 45 Looking ahead with global oil prices continuing to bottom their multi year range during the past few days it would appear likely that the spectre of deflation will prove hard for the depressed Eurozone economy to shrug off into the medium term The upshot is likely to see the ECB further loosen its already ultra loose monetary policy next year Such an occurrence is forecast to send the Pound Euro exchange rate to a fresh 8 year high above the 1 5000 GBP EUR level in the middle part of 2016 Please be advised this will be the last newsletter until the 4th of January 2016 GBP EUR 1 3582 GBP USD 1 4835 GBP CHF 1 4692 GBP JPY 179 58 GBP AUD 2 0510 GBP NZD 2 1762 GBP CAD 2 0641 GBP ZAR 22 551 GBP NOK 12 961 GBP SEK 12

    Original URL path: http://www.centralfx.co.uk/component/k2/item/434-23rd-december-2015-a-re-cap-on-2015-what-does-2016-have-in-store?tmpl=component&print=1 (2016-04-25)
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  • 22nd December 2015 - Mixed signals from a struggling high street
    rose this month according to GfK who stated that this is the first time since the index started in 1974 that confidence has stayed positive for an entire calendar year However this confidence has clearly not translated into sales according to the Confederation of British Industry s Distributive Trades Survey which disappointed Researchers were expecting a figure in the region of 31 but in fact saw only 19 in terms of those who showed growth against those businesses that showed contraction Elsewhere concern is growing in Spain as three of the four parties in with a chance of forming a coalition government following last week s general election have promised voters to convince the European Commission to ease Spain s budget limit Europe will be keen to avoid another situation like the Grexit in 2016 especially considering Spain is one of the larger members of the Eurozone GBP EUR 1 3636 GBP USD 1 4889 GBP CHF 1 4786 GBP JPY 180 25 GBP AUD 2 0547 GBP NZD 2 181 GBP CAD 2 0741 GBP ZAR 22 457 GBP NOK 13 004 GBP SEK 12 6446 EUR USD 1 0909 All rates are indicative of interbank rates GBP EUR

    Original URL path: http://www.centralfx.co.uk/component/k2/item/433-22nd-december-2015-mixed-signals-from-a-struggling-high-street?tmpl=component&print=1 (2016-04-25)
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  • 21st December 2015 - The run up to Christmas
    placed upon the retail sales in the festive season to gauge the public s will to spend and this will likely set the tone to early 2016 for the Pound This should be cause for concern for Sterling sellers going into January despite those that argue that a larger share of shopping has been done online Brent Crude continued its slump to the lowest level since mid 2004 after the US lifted a ban on oil exports on Friday The oil price shows no sign of slowing in its decline either as analysts speculate that a battle is waging between the Middle East and the US for the larger share of the oil market resulting in over supply As we know the oil price has a significant domino effect on many markets and volatility here will result in volatile currency markets GBP EUR 1 3713 GBP USD 1 4892 GBP CHF 1 4822 GBP JPY 180 85 GBP AUD 2 0779 GBP NZD 2 2052 GBP CAD 2 0733 GBP ZAR 22 3825 GBP NOK 13 0666 GBP SEK 12 7381 EUR USD 1 0854 All rates are indicative of interbank rates GBP EUR GBP USD EUR USD 11 00

    Original URL path: http://www.centralfx.co.uk/component/k2/item/432-21st-december-2015-the-run-up-to-christmas?tmpl=component&print=1 (2016-04-25)
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  • 18th December 2015 - Fresh 8 month low for GBP/USD
    decline was accentuated as a result of lower wages and a lower inflation outlook for the UK further diminishing the odds of the bank of England raising rates next year This resulted in a fresh eight month low on Thursday of 1 4865 The Bank of Japan took investors by surprise this morning as they announced a change to their monetary easing programme in the form of additional purchases of exchange traded equity funds resulting in an aggressive rally It may be a reasonably quiet day today with the absence of any crucial fundamental data releases for the US UK and the Eurozone For any clients with exposure to Canadian Dollar volatility it would be advisable to pay attention to the markets at 1 30 pm when their Core Consumer Price Index which will be publicised Speculation over this key measure of inflation can distort the underlying trend GBP EUR 1 3347 GBP USD 1 5412 GBP CHF 1 4845 GBP JPY 181 60 GBP AUD 2 00845 GBP NZD 2 2225 GBP CAD 2 0740 GBP ZAR 22 6590 GBP NOK 13 0675 GBP SEK 12 7275 EUR USD 1 0825 All rates are indicative of interbank rates GBP

    Original URL path: http://www.centralfx.co.uk/component/k2/item/431-18th-december-2015-fresh-8-month-low-for-gbp-usd?tmpl=component&print=1 (2016-04-25)
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  • 17th December 2015 - Yellen gets the ball rolling
    Reserve raised its benchmark interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point Market analysts saw a hawkish tone in the unanimous support Fed officials gave Yellen for the hike and the fact that their short term projected target rate for 2016 remained at 1 375 percent implying a possible four quarter point hikes next year The question in the UK now is When will we Hike a question that is very hard to answer considering our inflation level is a long way off of the 2 target Some are hinting that now you could see as early as May but If the Federal Reserves reverse in sentiment this year is anything to go by then it would be unwise to place a bet GBP EUR 1 3745 GBP USD 1 4935 GBP CHF 1 4862 GBP JPY 182 72 GBP AUD 2 0732 GBP NZD 2 2131 GBP CAD 2 0615 GBP ZAR 22 256 GBP NOK 13 142 GBP SEK 12 743 EUR USD 1 0861 All rates are indicative of interbank rates GBP EUR GBP USD EUR USD 09 30 GBP Retails Sales YoY Nov 3 0 3 8 10 00 EUR Labour Cost Q3 1 6

    Original URL path: http://www.centralfx.co.uk/component/k2/item/430-17th-december-2015-yellen-gets-the-ball-rolling?tmpl=component&print=1 (2016-04-25)
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  • 5th November 2015 - Super Thursday
    22 GBP AUD 2 1558 GBP NZD 2 3323 GBP CAD 2 0233 GBP ZAR 21 513 GBP NOK 13 2987 GBP SEK 13 2575 EUR USD 1 0861 All rates are indicative of interbank rates GBP EUR GBP USD EUR USD 11 00 GBP BoE Asset Purchase Facility 375B 375B 11 00 GBP BoE Interest Rate Decision Nov 5 0 5 0 5 11 00 GBP Bank of England Minutes All rates shown are indicative of interbank rates and should only be used for indication purposes only It is important to note that foreign exchange rates fluctuate and that rates may vary depending on the amount and the base currency that is purchased or sold Rates are correct as of 8 00am UK time CentralFX are not responsible for the rates shown Last updated 05 November 2015 Daily News Super User 25 Apr 25th April 2016 Rate hike in June unlikely as Yellen emphasises downside risks Read more Super User 22 Apr 22nd April 2016 Retail sales report rekindles concerns over potential UK slowdown Read more Super User 21 Apr 21st April 2016 Dreary Draghi Due Read more Sign up to our newsletter Please complete all required fields Please tell us your name Please use only alpha numeric characters Please use only alpha numeric characters Your Email Please let us know your email address Business Personal Business Personal Invalid Input Please tell us a telephone number you can be contacted on Please use only numbers and hyphens Get in touch CentralFX 2 America Square London EC3N 2LU 44 0 207 265 7979 info centralfx co uk We trade currency here You can trade currencies too Why not try our currency calculator and use our currency chart and currency economic calculator Currency is everything here We trade currency here You

    Original URL path: http://www.centralfx.co.uk/component/k2/item/400-5th-november-2015-super-thursday (2016-04-25)
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