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  • Chalk The Sun » It’s all in a name….
    drawing in the air muttering Book thing With names Big pen thing For writing on the big square white thing Indeed teachers and teaching seem to be totally unvalued by anyone except the poor fee paying punters College Left Wanting is only interested when an inspector looms and it is necessary to parade before him a teacher who can string two grammatically correct sentences together and whose students don t doze off in class The rest of the time quality teaching is just an empty slogan and we oppressed academics are on the bottom of an hierarchical heap there to serve the whims of the car park men porters print room admin team finance clerks IT nerds Marketing Quality HR Compliance Unit and above all the Principal Our Great Leaderene Woe betide us if we can t remember the punch code for the classroom door because we each have three different door codes photo copy codes and log in codes to remember at three different sites No one will let us in You interview a Portuguese teacher when you should be on annual leave because otherwise there ll be no tutor next term and you ll have to deal with a dozen disaffected students whinging and asking Por que or not as the case may be You point this out to your boss who seems oblivious to your personal sacrifice Not taking your full annual leave entitlement could be detrimental to your well being and thereby constitute a breach of Health and Safety policy she reminds you sternly You mutter A simple thank you would suffice Forgotten your ID pass Got fifteen students waiting Been working here for twenty years Tough Go home and get it this is zero tolerance And never mind that the Kosovan security guy enforcing this

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  • Chalk The Sun » finalist_fullbanner468x60
    workshops Distance learning Creative Writing Holidays in Italy Manuscript editing Customised courses Community Corporate Creative Writing Courses in Spain Newsletter Email address Please send me Monthly Newsletter Student Information Latest Tweets ChalktheSun January 11 2016 https t co ORaoJHDuuB ChalktheSun January 11 2016 Had real Hunan food at Chinatown s Oriental Dragon last night fab https t co oT7HQQZq23 View photo Hide photo ChalktheSun January 11 2016 Is it just

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  • Chalk The Sun » Italian Writing Retreat
    bottle of wine ACCOMMODATION Shared twin double rooms in the main house The rooms are light and elegant simply furnished and air conditioned with en suite wet rooms Towels are provided The bedrooms open onto the shady colonnade with views of the garden and olive groves There are two well equipped kitchens to prepare breakfast and snacks and a TV den with English DVDs and books We plan to arrange rooms so that people share with another student of the same sex but if you really want a room of your own there will be a supplement of 200 00 Only one single available each trip The fresh water pool is large and built into the rock The grounds are extensive with pergolas and arbours hammocks and sun loungers There is also a roof terrace for Bellinis at sunset Italian electricity supply is at 220 volts You will need an adaptor from your plug to a two pin continental socket if you want to bring your laptop There is a reasonable wi fi connection at Masseria Impisi Hairdryers are available There s a washing machine and iron in the laundry room for your use FEES FLIGHTS The fee of 950 will include accommodation in shared twin rooms food and drink and tuition for 7 days Breakfast and lunch are self catered A home cooked three course dinner using locally produced organic ingredients with wine from the Ostuni growers co op is provided every day On the final Saturday when we have an optional trip to Ostuni market students can try one of the many local restaurants for lunch or stay home and self cater Cocktails are served every evening before dinner Vegetarians and special diets catered for on request There are two fully equipped kitchens for preparing breakfast and snacks You will need to book your own flight and arrange travel insurance Most participants will be taking the British Airways morning flight Gatwick Bari Group airport transfers from to Bari are included in the cost transport at other times or from other locations must be arranged yourself The residential course can accommodate eight students only You can secure your place for 250 non returnable deposit payable by bank transfer or cheque Balance payable by 1st August 2016 LOCATION Just 3 kilometres from Impisi is the ancient town of Ostuni one of the most stunning towns in Southern Italy The maze of winding streets makes for a fascinating stroll and there are wonderful views of the sea and hills A visit to the pre historic cave where The Mother of Ostuni a 28 000 year old woman was discovered recently is a must On the Adriatic coast there is the tiny port of Villanova as well as rock hewn villages and sandy coves crystal clear water The beach is an easy cycle ride away there are bikes to borrow free of charge or you can book a taxi to drive you to the beach or town Between Bari and Brindisi with

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  • Chalk The Sun » Stand In Love Project
    mental health problems as a result of the trauma they had lived through Despite this and constant visits to the Family Court Housing Departments Social Services agencies they created a collection of poems and prose which is moving funny and lyrical by turn During one exercise the group were writing ideas of where they d like to be in the future One woman said she d like to fall in love again to which another replied You should STAND in love not FALL in love This is where the name of the collection came from You can read some of this work here the writers have used pen names to protect their identity The Chalk the Sun tutors were so impressed by impact the project made on the women their increased confidence their satisfaction at seeing their experiences validated in print that they thought others could benefit from the specialised materials and teaching methods developed Chalk the Sun has widened the scope of the project to include a course on understanding and managing money with former financial sector consultant and Chalk tutor Anthony Cox The Stand in Love book is available from Chalk the Sun for 3 00 all proceeds go towards the project see Dates Rates page Chalk the Sun would like to thank Wandsworth Widening Participation Unit The Battersea Methodist Mission and the Mimosa Project for making Stand in Love possible Despite the women having been brought together by their experience of domestic abuse much of their writing celebrates life Click here to read some extracts Courses Creative writing weekly courses monthly workshops Distance learning Creative Writing Holidays in Italy Manuscript editing Customised courses Community Corporate Creative Writing Courses in Spain Recent Posts It s all in a name November 22 2011 Two years ago my Chalk the

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  • Chalk The Sun » Juliet Sellars
    it vigorously and squatted in front of the dog throwing the towel gently over its body and rubbing the small shaking form He felt his pocket vibrate and dropped the towel leaving the dog shrouded in wet wrinkled cloth He took the phone out of his pocket and quickly entered his pin code leaving damp fingerprints on the screen He tapped once and studied the new message The ice cream man leant further out of the window Instantly the rain wet the top of his head and the wind blew into his face making his eyes sting He looked slowly around the car park but saw no one He heaved himself back inside the van frowning lips pursed He squinted through the rear window towards the parked car but could see only the two shadowy figures inside He scratched his chin then reached forward to slide the heavy window closed muttering under his breath He listened to the seagulls overhead calling hoarsely to one another waiting for customers just as he was The surfer typed quickly biting his bottom lip in concentration After a few seconds he stopped thumbs poised and looked around him All his worldly goods lay scattered over the sand dog bag wetsuit surfboard He would have to leave two of them behind He scanned the cliff top and pressed send He put the phone back in his pocket and sighed He tucked his toe under the wetsuit and lifted it awkwardly Its arms and legs were stiff and uncooperative he hopped a few times to regain his balance He flung it against the surfboard where it stuck momentarily before sliding slowly down to the sand The surfboard wobbled slightly but remained defiant standing proudly bright yellow and tacky with wax He grabbed the long shoulder strap on the bag and hauled it up and over his head feeling it pressing cruelly against his heart He leant down and scooped up the dog tucking it under his arm squeezing it hard The dog let out a squeak of protest and looked up at him The surfer kissed the dog on its wet nose He set off in the direction of the footpath glancing over his shoulder at his board It stared back at him a luminous tombstone in the fading light As he walked he began typing again using his free hand the dog licking occasionally at his salty skin He came to the foot of the cliff then veered to his left to climb a steeper narrower path a short cut worn in the soft earth by single footprints She tried to open the passenger door but it was locked She turned towards her husband slumped in his seat and whispered his name She rested both hands on his forearm and he looked up She squeezed gently feeling her way through the soft layers of wool to the hard flesh beneath Please Jack Empty exhausted he looked down at her soft pale hands The opal ring

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  • Chalk The Sun » NOEL AND THE MOB
    your head Cole we say you re my agent do try BEING my agent A telegram came the next day Cole s figure was confirmed And they wanted a cabaret Ah a one man show A soiree one could say He sniffed an intriguing opportunity Their money came from oil he surmised Cole had suggested he didn t ask I see New Money then Ah Here lay ignominy and also temptation But taking the money would not necessitate losing artistic integrity These culturally starved well to do new millionaires were obviously looking for a touch of old world class and sophistication So what if it topped up the bank account and paid off the debts to boot well only P G Wodehouse would have something to say about it Old has been Sonny Farenti surveyed the photos of Frank Dean and Sammy on his office wall These were quality guys They showed up looked the part knew the score But Moe had told him to make room for this English guy Some Lord This would mean accommodations From the penthouse office he saw him arrive in the Lobby He hadn t been expecting a guy in his 50s Walked funny He dressed good though Maybe a bit over done for the time of day what was with the umbrella We re in the desert Sonny greeted him as he walked through the door Welcome to the Desert Inn Sir Coward He was taken aback by the cool limp hand he was offered in return Ah just Mister dear boy Sonny offered him coffee that had just been made but it seemed he wanted to get right down to some business Ah two shows per night Mr Farenti I m not your performing pony It s in the contract Mr Coward Talk to your agent Sonny noticed some very small spots of colour form on Noel s neck I have been here a week already I see Liberace is not doing two shows a night So this guy is comparing himself to Liberace already Unusual choice But sheesh who did he think he was Lee is in the Riviera Here we got 400 seats and cheaper tickets So we gotta pack em in Two sittings A dinner show and then at midnight Was this guy having trouble breathing You mean to tell me they will be supping on their fruit cup or chewing their T bones while I am on stage Oh dear God Sonny sat comfortably into the back of his leather desk chair He gazed at this tight ass perched on the edge of the opposite seat He obviously had some misgivings Well who didn t Ah now you have provided me with a young musician Peter to rehearse with But I m afraid he really is finding terribly difficult to simply play the music as I have written it These are classics Mr Feranti People will want to hear them as I intended them to be performed He

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  • Chalk The Sun » In the Deep End
    crawl anyway A few more laps so they see Then I swim on my back again view of the ceiling sounds of the little kids splashing around in the small pool got to remember not to hit my head There and back again that s twenty I go back to the breast stroke again with my head above the water for a few laps Mum s playing with her hair Why is she doing that Her short chestnut curls don t need any more curling Chestnut s a funny name for a colour but that s what it said on the box I turn around and swim under water watch the blue and white tiles listen to muffled screams of the small kids playing Someone jumps in like a bomb and sets off hundreds of bubbles rising around them On to the crawl for a while just in case they see I turn around push away from the side of the pool and go back to the breast stroke for a few laps Mum is laughing now Why is she laughing What s so funny about my exam Proper breast stroke now head under and out new breath taken with each stroke a comfortable rhythm I keep this up for a while There and back I ve done fifty These big kids are just splashing around too I m doing some serious warming up here I dive and listen to the world through the deep water Can I hold my breath the whole length I m close I ll give it a try again later I do the back stroke it s supposed to count as rest just need to remember not to hit my head Turn around again There s only a little bit of tea left in the glasses They should be finished soon Why is the instructor holding mum s hand though Is he telling her something serious about my exam Is that why he s looking into her eyes like that I skip the crawl They re not looking anyway My head goes under and up again and under and up again Cut everything out cut them out Just breathe and count laps There and back is one lap Under water again I try to reach the other side Done it I glance towards the table They re gone They ve gone off somewhere and left me alone I swim back in a furious breast stroke I ll have to wait for them to come back What else can I do I can swim really quickly in a breast stroke I ll stick to that now I reach the side of the pool and feel and arm on my shoulder when I try to turn around That s quite enough says the instructor how many laps have you done Seventy two I answer and realize I m panting Seventy two And that s counting there and back again as one Yes I say Why is he

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  • Chalk The Sun » Rob West
    cloud of smoke is for me a mystery There is a blank space in my memory around it all It took a while for me to work out that I was surrounded by a motley group of revellers including a bald fat man who was smoking something unpleasant just above me He was speaking As he spoke he rolled his hips from one side to another as if shifting his weight around to maintain balance I heard him growling out a tedious monologue about the corruption of capitalism how the world was doomed how lumps of rock would fall into the sea and wipe out civilisation etc It went on relentlessly pounding all the wiped out snorted out by standers into narcoplepsy His speech was a jumble of clichéd opinions and half digested science I ached with boredom as his dull oration crashed on At last I could bear no more I stirred from the chiffon blankets on the bed and banged a table That s enough I cried We re trying to enjoy ourselves He turned towards me slowly seeing me for the first time His cheeks wobbled angrily Oh are you He said in an unpleasant tone Am I stopping you Well yes I replied You are Well please go and party he said Don t trouble yourself on my behalf I would like to I said but you re talking a helluva lot Might I ask he asked who invited you here And as he said this I realised for the first time that a good number of eyes were fixed on me Something inside me made me think I had said the wrong thing that I had crossed the wrong man On my left hand shoulder a presence loomed above me a solid gold chain glinting from his neck He wore black His eyes drilled into me Can I see your invitation said this new person in an Italian or possibly East European accent I I don t think I have one I stammered I was someone s guest My voice trailed away in a gargle Somehow my vocal chords melted into my throat Well may I suggest he responded that you do not abuse Mr Kominski s hospitality any longer A chill ran through my spine Something told me to get out of that room to move as fast as my wobbly legs could carry me I fumbled through the curtains and found myself in what seemed like a broom cupboard It smelt of something an animal maybe I stood there shivering for what felt like half an hour but could have been 2 minutes I tried to figure out what to do next but my mind was fuddled with the contents of the evening I fixated on a nail in the wall thoughts of crucifixion drifted through my brain The door opened and a large figure fell in almost on top of me I felt some hair against my cheek A wave of panic

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